Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: acoustic

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Using multi-stream hierarchical deep neural network to extract deep audio feature for acoustic event detection  Y Li, X Zhang, H Jin, X Li, Q Wang, Q He, Q Huang
2017   Deep learning based threat classification in distributed acoustic sensing systems  M Aktas, T Akgun, MU Demircin, D Buyukaydin
2017   Discriminative Acoustic Features for Deployable Speech Recognition  A Faria
2017   In this study, we investigate the effect of tiny acoustic differences on the efficiency of prosodic information transmission. Study participants listened to textually …  B Chen, N Kitaoka, K Takeda
2017   Deep learning based multi-threat classification for phase-OTDR fiber optic distributed acoustic sensing applications  M Aktas, T Akgun, MU Demircin, D Buyukaydin
2017   Robust Acoustic Event Classification Using Deep Neural Networks  RV Sharan, TJ Moir
2017   Optimum Position of Acoustic Emission Sensors for Ship Hull Structural Health Monitoring Based on Deep Machine Learning  V Kappatos, P Karvelis, G Georgoulas, V Tzitzilonis 
2017   Discriminative Autoencoders for Acoustic Modeling  MH Yang, HS Lee, YD Lu, KY Chen, Y Tsao, B Chen
2017   Acoustic Features for Environmental Sound Analysis  R Serizel, V Bisot, S Essid, G Richard
2017   Investigation on acoustic modeling with different phoneme set for continuous Lhasa Tibetan recognition based on DNN method  H Wang, K Khyuru, J Li, G Li, J Dang, L Huang
2017   Learning soft mask with DNN and DNN-SVM for multi-speaker DOA estimation using an acoustic vector sensor  D Wang, Y Zou, W Wang
2017   Random forest regression based acoustic event detection with bottleneck features  X Xia, R Togneri, F Sohel, D Huang
2017   Learning Audio Sequence Representations for Acoustic Event Classification  Z Zhang, D Liu, J Han, B Schuller
2017   Enhanced Acoustic Echo Suppression Techniques Based on Spectro-Temporal Correlations  이철민
2017   14.4 A scalable speech recognizer with deep-neural-network acoustic models and voice-activated power gating  M Price, J Glass, AP Chandrakasan
2017   Recent progresses in deep learning based acoustic models  D Yu, J Li
2017   Unsupervised Iterative Deep Learning of Speech Features and Acoustic Tokens with Applications to Spoken Term Detection  CT Chung, CY Tsai, CH Liu, LS Lee
2017   FrameCNN: a weakly-supervised learning framework for frame-wise acoustic event detection and classification  SY Chou, JSR Jang, YH Yang 
2017   Personalized Acoustic Modeling By Weakly Supervised Multi-Task Deep Learning Using Acoustic Tokens Discovered From …  CK Wei, CT Chung, HY Lee, LS Lee
2017   An End-to-End Deep Learning Approach to Simultaneous Speech Dereverberation and Acoustic Modeling for Robust Speech Recognition  B Wu, K Li, F Ge, Z Huang, M Yang, SM Siniscalchi
2017   I-vector estimation as auxiliary task for multi-task learning based acoustic modeling for automatic speech recognition  G Pironkov, S Dupont, T Dutoit
2017   VPPAW penetration monitoring based on fusion of visual and acoustic signals using t-SNE and DBN model  D Wu, Y Huang, H Chen, Y He, S Chen
2017   Knock-Knock: Acoustic Object Recognition by using Stacked Denoising Autoencoders  S Luo, L Zhu, K Althoefer, H Liu
2017   An investigation of high-resolution modeling units of deep neural networks for acoustic scene classification  X Bao, T Gao, J Du, LR Dai
2016   Unsupervised Accent Classification for Deep Data Fusion of Acoustic and Language Information  JHL Hansen, G Liu
2016   Poster: MobiEar-Building an Environment-independent Acoustic Sensing Platform for the Deaf using Deep Learning  S Liu, J Du
2016   Graph-based Semi-Supervised Learning in Acoustic Modeling for Automatic Speech Recognition  Y Liu
2016   Multilingual, acoustic deep neural networks  VO Vanhoucke, JA Dean, G Heigold, M Devin
2016   Discriminatively trained joint speaker and environment representations for adaptation of deep neural network acoustic models  M Yin, S Sivadas, K Yu, B Ma
2016   Joint acoustic factor learning for robust deep neural network based automatic speech recognition  S Kundu, G Mantena, Y Qian, T Tan, M Delcroix
2016   A Comprehensive Study of Deep Bidirectional LSTM RNNs for Acoustic Modeling in Speech Recognition  A Zeyer, P Doetsch, P Voigtlaender, R Schlüter, H Ney
2016   Speaker-Aware Training Of Lstm-Rnns For Acoustic Modelling  T Tan, Y Qian, D Yu, S Kundu, L Lu, KC SIM, X Xiao
2016   Detection and Classification of Whale Acoustic Signals  Y Xian
2016   On the efficient representation and execution of deep acoustic models  R Alvarez, R Prabhavalkar, A Bakhtin
2016   Deep neural network acoustic models for multi-dialect Arabic speech recognition  NF Hmad
2016   Learning Filter Banks Using Deep Learning For Acoustic Signals  S Qu, J Li, W Dai, S Das
2016   Pairwise Decomposition with Deep Neural Networks and Multiscale Kernel Subspace Learning for Acoustic Scene Classification  E Marchi, D Tonelli, X Xu, F Ringeval, J Deng
2016   Active and Semi-Supervised Learning in ASR: Benefits on the Acoustic and Language Models  T Drugman, J Pylkkönen, R Kneser
2016   Deep Neural Network Bottleneck Feature for Acoustic Scene Classification  S Mun, S Park, Y Lee, H Ko
2016   Improvements in IITG Assamese Spoken Query System: Background Noise Suppression and Alternate Acoustic Modeling  S Shahnawazuddin, D Thotappa, A Dey, S Imani
2016   DCTNet and PCANet for acoustic signal feature extraction  Y Xian, A Thompson, X Sun, D Nowacek, L Nolte
2016   Combining State-level and DNN-based Acoustic Matches for Efficient Spoken Term Detection in NTCIR-12 SpokenQuery&Doc-2 Task  S Oishi, T Matsuba, M Makino, A Kai
2016   Recognition Of Acoustic Signals Of Induction Motors With The Use Of Msaf10 And Bayes Classfier  A GLOWACZ
2016   Hybrid DNN-Latent structured SVM acoustic models for continuous speech recognition  S Ravuri
2016   A Comparison between Deep Neural Nets and Kernel Acoustic Models for Speech Recognition  Z Lu, D Guo, AB Garakani, K Liu, A May, A Bellet, L Fan
2016   DNN-Based Acoustic Modeling for Russian Speech Recognition Using Kaldi  I Kipyatkova, A Karpov
2016   Acoustic scene classification using convolutional neural network and multiple-width frequency-delta data augmentation  Y Han, K Lee
2016   Acoustic Scene Classification Using Network-In-Network Based Convolutional Neural Network  A Santoso, CY Wang, JC Wang
2016   Deep Convolutional Neural Networks and Data Augmentation for Acoustic Event Detection  N Takahashi, M Gygli, B Pfister, L Van Gool
2016   A Temporal Coherence Loss Function for Learning Unsupervised Acoustic Embeddings  G Synnaeve, E Dupoux
2016   Dcase 2016 Acoustic Scene Classification Using Convolutional Neural Networks  M Valenti, A Diment, G Parascandolo, S Squartini
2016   Gearbox fault diagnosis based on deep random forest fusion of acoustic and vibratory signals  C Li, RV Sanchez, G Zurita, M Cerrada, D Cabrera
2016   Modulation recognition of underwater acoustic communication signals based on denoising & deep sparse autoencoder  H YANG, X YAO, S SHEN, J XIONG, X ZHANG
2015   Doubly Hierarchical Dirichlet Process Hmm For Acoustic Modeling  AHHN Torbati, J Picone
2015   Deep Learning for Acoustic Modeling in Parametric Speech Generation: A systematic review of existing techniques and future trends  ZH Ling, SY Kang, H Zen, A Senior, M Schuster
2015   Acoustic Modeling In Statistical Parametric Speech Synthesis–From Hmm To Lstm-Rnn  H Zen
2015   Acoustic Modeling of Bangla Words using Deep Belief Network  M Ahmed, PC Shill, K Islam, MAH Akhand
2015   Unified Acoustic Modeling using Deep Conditional Random Fields  Y Hifny
2015   Building DNN Acoustic Models for Large Vocabulary Speech Recognition  AL Maas, P Qi, Z Xie, AY Hannun, CT Lengerich
2015   2014 14th International Workshop on Acoustic Signal Enhancement (IWAENC)  L Drude, A Chinaev, DHT Vu, R Haeb
2015   Acoustic Model Structuring for Improving Automatic Speech Recognition Performance  A Gorin
2015   Data selection for acoustic emotion recognition: Analyzing and comparing utterance and sub-utterance selection strategies  D Le, EM Provost
2015   Exploiting Low-Dimensional Structures To Enhance Dnn Based Acoustic Modeling In Speech Recognition  P Dighe, G Luyet, A Asaei, H Bourlard
2015   Optimized multi-channel deep neural network with 2D graphical representation of acoustic speech features for emotion recognition  MN Stolar, M Lech, IS Burnett
2015   Deep Neural Network Acoustic Models for Spoken Assessment Applications  J Cheng, X Chen, A Metallinou
2015   Vowel mispronunciation detection using DNN acoustic models with cross-lingual training  S Joshi, N Deo, P Rao
2015   Integrating Acoustic and State-Transition Models for Free Phone Recognition in L2 English Speech Using Multi-Distribution Deep Neural Networks  K Li, X Qian, S Kang, P Liu, H Meng
2015   Ensemble of Deep Neural Networks Using Acoustic Environment Classification for Statistical Model-Based Voice ActivityDetection  I Hwang, HM Park, JH Chang
2015   Ensemble Acoustic Modeling for CD-DNN-HMM Using Random Forests of Phonetic Decision Trees  T Zhao, Y Zhao, X Chen
2015   Improving acoustic model for English ASR System using deep neural network  QB Nguyen, TT Vu, CM Luong
2015   Implementation of DNN-HMM Acoustic Models for Phoneme Recognition  S Romdhani
2015   Improved Mispronunciation Detection with Deep Neural Network Trained Acoustic Models and Transfer Learning based Logistic Regression Classifiers  W Hu, Y Qian, FK Soong, Y Wang
2015   Deep Neural Networks for Acoustic Modeling  V from Embeds, G Hinton, L Deng, D Yu, G Dahl
2015   An Acoustic Events Recognition for Robotic Systems Based on a Deep Learning Method  T Niwa, T Kawakami, R Ooe, T Mitamura, M Kinoshita
2015   Deep Recurrent Neural Networks for Acoustic Modelling  W Chan, I Lane
2015   Integrating Articulatory Data in Deep Neural Network-based Acoustic Modeling  L Badino, C Canevari, L Fadiga, G Metta
2015   DeepEar: robust smartphone audio sensing in unconstrained acoustic environments using deep learning  ND Lane, P Georgiev, L Qendro
2015   Deep learning in acoustic modeling for Automatic Speech Recognition and Understanding-an overview  I Gavat, D Militaru
2014   Recognition Of Acoustic Events Using Deep Neural Networks  O Gencoglu, T Virtanen, H Huttunen
2014   Environmentally robust ASR front-end for deep neural network acoustic models  T Yoshioka, MJF Gales
2014   Phonotactic language recognition based on DNN-HMM acoustic model  WW Liu, M Cai, H Yuan, XB Shi, WQ Zhang, J Liu
2014   Building an ensemble of CD-DNN-HMM acoustic model using random forests of phonetic decision trees  T Zhao, Y Zhao, X Chen
2014   Acoustic emotion recognition using deep neural network  J Niu, Y Qian, K Yu
2014   Improving Acoustic Model for Vietnamese Large Vocabulary Continuous Speech Recognition System Using Deep Bottleneck Features  QB Nguyen, TT Vu, CM Luong
2014   A General-Purpose, Energy-Efficient, and Context-Aware Acoustic Event Detection Platform for Mobile Devices  SMS Nirjon