Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: active learning

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Training Deep Convolutional Neural Networks with Active Learning for Exudate Classification in Eye Fundus Images  H Müller
2017   A Geometric Approach to Active Learning for Convolutional Neural Networks  O Sener, S Savarese
2017   Optimizing labelling on radar-based grid maps using active learning  T Winterling, J Lombacher, M Hahn, J Dickmann
2017   Suggestive Annotation: A Deep Active Learning Framework for Biomedical Image Segmentation  L Yang, Y Zhang, J Chen, S Zhang, DZ Chen
2017   Deep Active Learning for Named Entity Recognition  Y Shen, H Yun, ZC Lipton, Y Kronrod, A Anandkumar
2017   Deep Active Learning for Civil Infrastructure Defect Detection and Classification  C Feng, MY Liu, CC Kao, TY Lee
2016   Synthesizing Technology Adoption and Learners' Approaches Towards Active Learning in Higher Education  K Chan, G Cheung, K Wan, I Brown, G Luk
2016   Neurosurgery Conference Experience Embedded within PCOM's Clinical and Basic Neuroscience Curriculum: An Active Learning Model  J Okun, S Yocom, M McGuiness, M Bell, D Appelt
2016   Flipping the Nursing Classroom: Where Active Learning Meets Technology  K Hessler
2016   Deep Active Learning for Autonomous Navigation  A Hussein, MM Gaber, E Elyan
2015   Emotional Engagement and Active Learning in a Marketing Simulation: A Review and Exploratory Study  A Kear, GR Bown
2015   Active Learning in Fiber Optic Course Using Applied Education Game  N Arsad, S Shaari, AAA Bakar, MSA Rahman
2015   Active Learning in Mathematics, Part II: Levels of Cognitive Demand  B Braun
2015   The Validation of the Active Learning in Health Professions Scale  R Kammer, L Schreiner, YK Kim, A Denial
2015   Motivation, ownership and the role of the instructor in active learning  L MIKALAYEVA
2015   Active Learning with Clustering and Unsupervised Feature Learning  S Berardo, E Favero, N Neto
2015   Active Learning Approaches to Integrating Technology into a Middle School Science Curriculum Based on 21st Century Skills  R Christensen, G Knezek
2015   Advancing the skill set of SCM graduates–An active learning approach  K Scholten, A Dubois
2015   Anchoring Knowledge in Biochemistry through Active Learning Strategies Aimed at Recall, Correlation and Integration  M Roche, AG Nayak
2015   How an Active Learning Classroom Transformed IT Executive Management  AJ Connolly, M Lampe
2015   Active learning techniques for improving note-taking skills  N Sandblom
2015   Towards a Flipped Cyber Classroom to Facilitate Active Learning Strategies  SW Turner, M Allison, Z Syed, M Farmer
2014   Flipping the classroom for English language learners to foster active learning  HT Hung
2014   Multi-level gene/MiRNA feature selection using deep belief nets and active learning  R Ibrahim, NA Yousri, MA Ismail, NM El