Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: activity recognition

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Deep Learning For Human Activity Recognition  PP San, P Kakar, XL Li, S Krishnaswamy, JB Yang
2017   Activity Recognition based on a Magnitude-Orientation Stream Network  C Caetano, VHC de Melo, JA Santos, WR Schwartz
2017   A Comprehensive Review on Handcrafted and Learning-Based Action Representation Approaches for Human Activity Recognition  AB Sargano, P Angelov, Z Habib
2017   A Robust Approach for Human Activity Recognition Using 3-D Body Joint Motion Features with Deep Belief Network.  M Uddin, J Kim
2017   Automated Annotation of Sensor data for Activity Recognition using Deep Learning  M Benndorf, F Ringsleben, T Haenselmann, B Yadav 
2017   Improving Activity Recognition using Temporal Regions  JP Aires, J Monteiro, R Granada, F Meneguzzi
2017   A Robust Approach for Human Activity Recognition Using 3-D Body Joint Motion Features with Deep Belief Network  MZ Uddin, J Kim
2017   Impact of Three-Dimensional Video Scalability on Multi-View Activity Recognition using Deep Learning  JH Choi, M Cheon, MS Choi, JS Lee
2017   An Effective Deep Autoencoder Approach for Online Smartphone-Based Human Activity Recognition  B Almaslukh, J AlMuhtadi, A Artoli
2017   Latent feature learning for activity recognition using simple sensors in smart homes  G Chen, A Wang, S Zhao, L Liu, CY Chang
2017   Human activity recognition with inertial sensors using a deep learning approach  T Zebin, PJ Scully, KB Ozanyan
2017   Human activity recognition using combinatorial Deep Belief Networks  SN Gowda
2017   Fullie and Wiselie: A Dual-Stream Recurrent Convolutional Attention Model for Activity Recognition  K Chen, L Yao, T Gu, Z Yu, X Wang, D Zhang 
2017   Privacy-Preserving Collaborative Deep Learning with Application to Human Activity Recognition  L Lyu, X He, YW Law, M Palaniswami
2017   Deep Appearance and Motion Learning for Egocentric Activity Recognition  X Wang, L Gao, J Song, X Zhen, N Sebe, HT Shen
2017   A Comprehensive Study of Group Activity Recognition Methods in Video  SA Vahora, NC Chauhan
2017   Human activity recognition from accelerometer data using Convolutional Neural Network  SM Lee, SM Yoon, H Cho
2017   Human Activity Recognition Using Radial Basis Function Neural Network Trained via a Minimization of Localized Generalization Error  S Zhang, WWY Ng, J Zhang, CD Nugent
2017   A Framework for Activity Recognition Through Deep Learning and Abnormality Detection in Daily Activities  I Mocanu, B Cramariuc, O Balan, A Moldoveanu 
2017   Deep Neural Networks for Kitchen Activity Recognition  J Monteiro, R Granada, RC Barros, F Meneguzzi
2017   A Deep Neural Architecture for Kitchen Activity Recognition  R Granada, J Monteiro, RC Barros, F Meneguzzi
2017   Learning Deep and Shallow Features for Human Activity Recognition  S Sani, S Massie, N Wiratunga, K Cooper
2017   Convolutional and Recurrent Neural Networks for Activity Recognition in Smart Environment  M Geist, A Holzinger 
2017   A robust human activity recognition system using smartphone sensors and deep learning  MM Hassan, MZ Uddin, A Mohamed, A Almogren 
2016   Deep Convolutional and LSTM Recurrent Neural Networks for Multimodal Wearable Activity Recognition  FJ Ordóñez, D Roggen
2016   Human physical activity recognition based on computer vision with deep learning model  L Mo, F Li, Y Zhu, A Huang
2016   Human Centric Spatial Affordances for Improving Human Activity Recognition  DI Kim, E Martinson
2016   A weakly supervised activity recognition framework for real-time synthetic biology laboratory assistance  C Lavania, S Thulasidasan, A LaMarca, J Scofield
2016   LSTM Networks for Mobile Human Activity Recognition  Y Chen, K Zhong, J Zhang, Q Sun, X Zhao
2016   Robust Automated Human Activity Recognition and its Application to Sleep Research  A Sathyanarayana, F Ofli, L Fernandes
2016   Social Scene Understanding: End-to-End Multi-Person Action Localization and Collective Activity Recognition  T Bagautdinov, A Alahi, F Fleuret, P Fua, S Savarese
2016   A Depth Camera-based Human Activity Recognition via Deep Learning Recurrent Neural Network for Health and Social Care Services  SU Park, JH Park, MA Al
2016   Human activity recognition using deep belief networks  H Yalçın
2016   Human activity recognition with smartphone sensors using deep learning neural networks  CA Ronao, SB Cho
2016   Towards multimodal deep learning for activity recognition on mobile devices  V Radu, ND Lane, S Bhattacharya, C Mascolo
2016   Deep, Convolutional, and Recurrent Models for Human Activity Recognition using Wearables  NY Hammerla, S Halloran, T Ploetz
2016   Device-free wireless localization and activity recognition with deep learning  X Zhang, J Wang, Q Gao, X Ma, H Wang
2016   Short-time activity recognition with wearable sensors using convolutional neural network  M Sheng, J Jiang, B Su, Q Tang, AA Yahya, G Wang
2016   Deep convolutional feature transfer across mobile activity recognition domains, sensor modalities and locations  FJ Ordonez Morales, D Roggen
2016   Deep Learning for RFID-Based Activity Recognition  X Li, Y Zhang, I Marsic, A Sarcevic, RS Burd
2016   Deep Neural Network for RFID Based Activity Recognition  X Li, Y Zhang, M Li, I Marsic, JW Yang, RS Burd
2016   Wearable EEG-based Activity Recognition in PHM-related Service Environment via Deep Learning  S Sarkar, K Reddy, A Dorgan, C Fidopiastis, M Giering
2016   Video-based convolutional neural networks for activity recognition from robot-centric videos  MS Ryoo, L Matthies
2015   Learning features from Improved Dense Trajectories using deep convolutional networks for Human Activity Recognition  S Muralidharan, BC Burnaby, M Javan, QC Montreal
2015   Human Activity Recognition and Prediction  Y Fu
2015   Neural Network-Based User-Independent Physical Activity Recognition for Mobile Devices  B Kolosnjaji, C Eckert
2015   Comparative Analysis of Artificial Hydrocarbon Networks and Data-Driven Approaches for Human Activity Recognition  L Miralles
2015   Factored Four Way Conditional Restricted Boltzmann Machines for Activity Recognition  DC Mocanu, HB Ammar, D Lowet, K Driessens, A Liotta
2015   Deep Structured Models For Group Activity Recognition  Z Deng, M Zhai, L Chen, Y Liu, S Muralidharan
2015   A Deep Structured Model with Radius-Margin Bound for 3D Human Activity Recognition  L Lin, K Wang, W Zuo, M Wang, J Luo, L Zhang
2015   A Review of Human Activity Recognition Methods  M Vrigkas, C Nikou, I Kakadiaris
2015   Improving activity recognition with context information  L Zhang, X Wu, D Luo
2015   Depth Context: A New Descriptor for Human Activity Recognition by Using Sole Depth Sequences  M Liu, H Liu
2015   Real-time activity recognition via deep learning of motion features  K Konda, P Chandrashekhariah, R Memisevic
2015   Intelligent Human Activity Recognition Scheme For Ehealth Applications  G Chetty, M Yamin
2015   Deep Activity Recognition Models with Triaxial Accelerometers  MA Alsheikh, A Selim, D Niyato, L Doyle, S Lin, HP Tan
2015   Structure Inference Machines: Recurrent Neural Networks for Analyzing Relations in Group Activity Recognition  Z Deng, A Vahdat, H Hu, G Mori
2015   A Hierarchical Deep Temporal Model for Group Activity Recognition  M Ibrahim, S Muralidharan, Z Deng, A Vahdat, G Mori
2015   Improving Human Activity Recognition Through Ranking and Re-ranking  Z Lan, SI Yu, AG Hauptmann
2015   Qualitative and Quantitative Spatio-Temporal Relations in Daily Living Activity Recognition  J Tayyub, A Tavanai, Y Gatsoulis, AG Cohn, DC Hogg
2015   Sensor-based Human Activity Recognition System with A Multilayered Model Using Time Series Shapelets  L Liu, Y Peng, M Liu, Z Huang
2015   Deep Convolutional Neural Networks On Multichannel Time Series For Human Activity Recognition  JB Yang, MN Nguyen, PP San, XL Li, S Krishnaswamy
2015   Human Activity Recognition using Binary Motion Image and Deep Learning  T Dobhal, V Shitole, G Thomas, G Navada
2015   Human activity recognition with HMM-DNN model  L Zhang, X Wu, D Luo
2014   Proposal for a Deep Learning Architecture for Activity Recognition  R Glatt, JC Freire Jr, DJBS Sampaio
2014   Convolutional Neural Networks for Human Activity Recognition using Mobile Sensors  M Zeng, LT Nguyen, B Yu, OJ Mengshoel, J Zhu, P Wu