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Year TitleAuthor
2017   Improving Long-Term Learning of Model Reference Adaptive Controllers for Flight Applications: A Sparse Neural Network Approach  SA Nivison, P Khargonekar
2017   Overview of Adaptive Dynamic Programming  D Liu, Q Wei, D Wang, X Yang, H Li
2017   Adaptive Depth Computational Policies for Efficient Visual Tracking  C Ying, K Fragkiadaki
2017   Deep Adaptive Image Clustering  J Chang, L Wang, G Meng, S Xiang, C Pan
2017   Distributed deep learning on edge-devices: feasibility via adaptive compression  C Hardy, EL Merrer, B Sericola
2017   Guest Editorial Special Issue on New Developments in Neural Network Structures for Signal Processing, Autonomous Decision, and Adaptive Control  YD Song, FL Lewis, M Polycarpou, D Prokhorov
2017   A novel adaptive fault detection methodology for complex system using deep belief networks and multiple models: A case study on cryogenic propellant loading …  R Hao, C Yi, J Qu, Y Xin, T Qiu 
2017   Combining Domain Knowledge and Deep Learning Makes NMT More Adaptive  L Ding, Y He, L Zhou, Q Liu 
2017   Adaptive pedestrian detection by predicting classifier  S Tang, M Ye, P Xu, X Li
2017   Adaptive Compressive Tracking based on Locality Sensitive Histograms  S Chan, X Zhou, J Li, S Chen
2017   Automatic Magnetic Resonance Image Prostate Segmentation Based on Adaptive Feature Learning Probability Boosting Tree Initialization and CNN-ASM Refinement  B He, D Xiao, Q Hu, F Jia 
2017   Adaptive Noise Cancellation Using Deep Cerebellar Model Articulation Controller  Y Tsao, HC Chu, SW Lan, SH Fang, J Lee, CM Lin
2017   Adaptive Measurement Network for CS Image Reconstruction  X Xie, Y Wang, G Shi, C Wang, J Du, Z Zhao
2017   From source to target and back: symmetric bi-directional adaptive GAN  P Russo, FM Carlucci, T Tommasi, B Caputo
2017   Hastening Deep Boltzmann Machines Using Adaptive Temperatures  LAP Júnior, KAP Costa, JP Papa
2017   Deep learning assisted robust visual tracking with adaptive particle filtering  X Qian, LHY Wang, M Ding
2017   On efficient downlink channel aggregation in adaptive wireless push systems  P Nicopolitidis
2017   Time-aware adaptive tweets ranking through deep learning  C De Maio, G Fenza, M Gallo, V Loia, M Parente
2017   Convolutional Networks with Adaptive Computation Graphs  A Veit, S Belongie 
2017   Multi-scale adaptive representation of signals: models and algorithms  C Tai
2017   Pre-training the Deep Generative Models with Adaptive Hyperparameter Optimization  C Yao, D Cai, J Bu, G Chen
2017   DeepCodec: Adaptive Sensing and Recovery via Deep Convolutional Neural Networks  A Mousavi, G Dasarathy, RG Baraniuk
2017   Adaptive Deconvolutional Networks for Mid and High Level Feature Learning (阅读)  MD Zeiler, GW Taylor, R Fergus
2017   Domain Adaptive Computational Models for Computer Vision  HKD Venkateswara
2017   Learning to Forecast Videos of Human Activity with Multi-granularity Models and Adaptive Rendering  M Zhai, J Chen, R Deng, L Chen, L Zhu, G Mori 
2017   Convolution on Graph: A High-Order and Adaptive Approach  Z Zhou, X Li
2017   Adaptive Activation Functions in Convolutional Neural Networks  S Qian, H Liu, C Liu, S Wu, H San Wong
2017   The Marginal Value of Adaptive Gradient Methods in Machine Learning  AC Wilson, R Roelofs, M Stern, N Srebro, B Recht
2017   Deep Object Recognition Across Domains based on Adaptive Extreme Learning Machine  L Zhang, Z He, Y Liu
2017   Normalized Gradient with Adaptive Stepsize Method for Deep Neural Network Training  AW Yu, Q Lin, R Salakhutdinov, J Carbonell
2017   Object detection using ensemble of linear classifiers with fuzzy adaptive boosting  K Kim, HI Choi, K Oh
2017   Single Image Super-Resolution via Adaptive Transform-Based Nonlocal Self-Similarity Modeling and Learning-Based Gradient Regularization  H Chen, X He, L Qing, Q Teng
2017   Adaptive Laplace Mechanism: Differential Privacy Preservation in Deep Learning  NH Phan, X Wu, H Hu, D Dou
2017   Rotation Adaptive Visual Object Tracking with Motion Consistency  L Rout, GR Manyam, D Mishra
2017   Large-Scale and Adaptive Service Composition Using Deep Reinforcement Learning  H Wang, M Gu, Q Yu, H Fei, J Li, Y Tao 
2017   Adaptive Markov Random Field Model for Area Based Image Registration and Change Detection  H Jagadish, J Prakash
2017   Learning Policies for Adaptive Tracking with Deep Feature Cascades  C Huang, S Lucey, D Ramanan
2017   Embodied Artificial Intelligence through Distributed Adaptive Control: An Integrated Framework  C Moulin
2017   Deep Sequential Recommendation for Personalized Adaptive User Interfaces  H Soh, S Sanner, M White, G Jamieson
2017   Adaptive Parallel Elm With Convolutional Features For Big Stream Data  A BUDIMAN
2017   Cross-subject recognition of operator functional states via EEG and switching deep belief networks with adaptive weights  Z Yin, J Zhang
2017   Rolling bearing fault diagnosis using adaptive deep belief network with dual-tree complex wavelet packet  H Shao, H Jiang, F Wang, Y Wang
2017   A texture-based rolling bearing fault diagnosis scheme using adaptive optimal kernel time frequency representation and uniform local binary patterns  H Chen, J Wang, J Li, B Tang
2017   Adaptive learning method of recurrent temporal deep belief network to analyze time series data  T Ichimura, S Kamada
2017   Topology adaptive graph convolutional networks  J Du, S Zhang, G Wu, JMF Moura, S Kar 
2017   Deep Adaptive Feature Embedding with Local Sample Distributions for Person Re-identification  L Wu, Y Wang, J Gao, X Li
2017   Deep Boltzmann Machines Using Adaptive Temperatures  LAP Júnior, KAP Costa, JP Papa
2017   Real-Time Adaptive Image Compression  O Rippel, L Bourdev
2017   Language Adaptive Multilingual CTC Speech Recognition  M Müller, S Stüker, A Waibel
2016   Voice recognition based on adaptive MFCC and deep learning  HS Bae, HJ Lee, SG Lee
2016   A Novel Adaptive Architecture Pruning Algorithm for Madalines  S Ji, P Yang, S Zhong, J Wang, JU Kim
2016   Real-time UAV weed scout for selective weed control by adaptive robust control and machine learning algorithm  L Li, Y Fan, X Huang, L Tian
2016   Adaptive Transferred-profile Likelihood Learning  SN Tran, AA Garcez
2016   Supplementary Material For: Adaptive Cascaded Regression  E Antonakos, P Snape, G Trigeorgis, S Zafeiriou
2016   Discrete-Time Nonzero-Sum Games for Multiplayer Using Policy-Iteration-Based Adaptive Dynamic Programming Algorithms  H Zhang, H Jiang, C Luo, G Xiao
2016   Toward situation awareness: a survey on adaptive learning for model-free tracking  XL Liao, C Zhang
2016   Robust Image Restoration Based on Adaptive Multiple Columns Generative Model  Y Wang, X Li, L Zhao
2016   An adaptive deep learning approach for PPG-based identification  V Jindal, J Birjandtalab, MB Pouyan, M Nourani
2016   Adaptive Methods for Managing Heterogeneity in Smart Spaces  M Asikainen, L Väätäinen, A Suomalainen, M Toivanen
2016   Novel applications of deep learning hidden features for adaptive testing  B Xiao, J Xiong, Y Shi
2016   Vehicle type classification via adaptive feature clustering for traffic surveillance video  S Wang, F Liu, Z Gan, Z Cui
2016   Deep Adaptive Network: An Efficient Deep Neural Network with Sparse Binary Connections  X Zhou, S Li, K Qin, K Li, F Tang, S Hu, S Liu, Z Lin
2016   DeepCham: Collaborative Edge-Mediated Adaptive Deep Learning for Mobile Object Recognition  D Li, T Salonidis, NV Desai, MC Chuah
2016   AdaNet: Adaptive Structural Learning of Artificial Neural Networks  C Cortes, X Gonzalvo, V Kuznetsov, M Mohri, S Yang
2016   DeepList: Learning Deep Features with Adaptive Listwise Constraint for Person Re-identification  J Wang, Z Wang, C Gao, N Sang, R Huang
2016   Attribute Recognition from Adaptive Parts  L Yang, L Zhu, Y Wei, S Liang, P Tan
2016   Hierarchical adaptive deep convolution neural network and its application to bearing fault diagnosis  X Guo, L Chen, C Shen
2016   Adaptive Convolutional ELM For Concept Drift Handling in Online Stream Data  A Budiman, MI Fanany, C Basaruddin
2016   Speaker Adaptive Training Localizing Speaker Modules in DNN for Hybrid DNN-HMM Speech Recognizers  T OCHIAI, S MATSUDA, H WATANABE, LU Xugang
2016   Cross-domain Image Localization by Adaptive Feature Fusion  N Bhowmik, L Weng, V Gouet
2016   Adaptive Neuron Apoptosis for Accelerating Deep Learning on Large Scale Systems  C Siegel, J Daily, A Vishnu
2016   Adaptive Visual Feedback Generation for Facial Expression Improvement with Multi-task Deep Neural Networks  T Kaneko, K Hiramatsu, K Kashino
2016   A novel Adaptive Fractional Deep Belief Networks for speaker emotion recognition  K Mannepalli, PN Sastry, M Suman
2016   PLATO: Policy Learning using Adaptive Trajectory Optimization  G Kahn, T Zhang, S Levine, P Abbeel
2016   NFLB dropout: Improve generalization ability by dropping out the best-A biologically inspired adaptive dropout method for unsupervised learning  P Yin, L Qi, X Xi, B Zhang, H Qiao
2016   Automated algorithmic trading: machine learning and agent-based modelling in complex adaptive financial markets  A Booth
2016   Deep Learning with Adaptive Learning Rate using Laplacian Score  B Chandra, RK Sharma
2016   A resolution adaptive deep hierarchical (RADHicaL) learning scheme applied to nuclear segmentation of digital pathology images  A Janowczyk, S Doyle, H Gilmore, A Madabhushi
2016   Face Alignment by Deep Convolutional Network with Adaptive Learning Rate  Z Shao, S Ding, H Zhu, C Wang, L Ma
2016   FAST-MDL: Fast Adaptive Supervised Training of multi-layered deep learning models for consistent object tracking and classification  N Doulamis, A Voulodimos
2016   Non-Parallel Training in Voice Conversion Using an Adaptive Restricted Boltzmann Machine  T Nakashika, Y Minami, T Takiguchi
2016   Adaptive Stacked Denoising Autoencoder for Work Mode Identification of Airborne Active Phased Array Radar  H Li, W Jin, H Liu, K Zheng
2016   Video Anomaly Detection Based on Adaptive Multiple Auto-Encoders  T Bao, C Ding, S Karmoshi, M Zhu
2016   Apparatus And Method For Adaptive Computer-Aided Diagnosis  HJ Kam, YH Kim, SC Chae, BK Kang, HY Kim, KY Lee
2016   C-brain: a deep learning accelerator that tames the diversity of CNNs through adaptive data-level parallelization  L Song, Y Wang, Y Han, X Zhao, B Liu, X Li
2016   VLSI Implementation of an Adaptive Block Partition Decision Object-Detection Design for Real-Time 4K2K Video Display  SL Chen, MC Tuan
2015   Deep Neural Programs for Adaptive Control in Cyber-Physical Systems  K Selyunin, D Ratasich, E Bartocci, R Grosu
2015   RMSProp and equilibrated adaptive learning rates for non-convex optimization  YN Dauphin, H de Vries, J Chung, Y Bengio
2015   Robust Adaptive LCMV Beamformer Based on an Iterative Suboptimal Solution  X GUO, L CHU, B LI
2015   Multiscale Adaptive Representation of Signals: I. The Basic Framework  C Tai
2015   Adaptive Road Detection via Context-aware Label Transfer  Q Wang, J Fang, Y Yuan
2015   Artificial Adaptive Systems to predict the magnitude of earthquakes.  PM Buscema, G Massini, G Maurelli
2015   Using Language Adaptive Deep Neural Networks for Improved Multilingual Speech Recognition  M Müller, A Waibel
2015   Pedestrian detection in thermal images using adaptive fuzzy C-means clustering and convolutional neural networks  V John, S Mita, Z Liu, B Qi
2015   An Adaptive Voice Activity Detection Algorithm  Z Zhigang, H Junqin
2015   Learning Compact Feature Descriptor and Adaptive Matching Framework for Face Recognition  Z Li, D Gong, X Li, D Tao
2015   Deep Adaptive Log-Demons–Diffeomorphic Image Registration with Very Large Deformations  L Zhao, K Jia
2015   Automatic facial attribute analysis via adaptive sparse representation of random patches  D Mery, K Bowyer
2015   Adaptive Decision-Level Fusion For Fongbe Phoneme Classification Using Fuzzy Logic and Deep Belief Networks  FAA LALEYE, EC EZIN, C MOTAMED
2015   Adaptive Cascade Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Face Alignment  Y Dong, Y Wu
2015   Adaptive WildNet Face Network for detecting face in the wild  DL Nguyen, VT Nguyen, MT Tran, A Yoshitaka
2015   ModDrop: adaptive multi-modal gesture recognition  N Neverova, C Wolf, GW Taylor, F Nebout
2015   Unsupervised domain adaptation via representation learning and adaptive classifier learning  M Gheisari, MS Baghshah
2015   Equilibrated adaptive learning rates for non-convex optimization  Y Dauphin, H de Vries, Y Bengio
2015   A Distribution Adaptive Framework for Prediction Interval Estimation Using Nominal Variables  A Eetemadi, I Tagkopoulos
2015   ARCH: Adaptive Recurrent-Convolutional Hybrid Networks for Long-Term Action Recognition  M Xin, H Zhang, H Wang, M Sun, D Yuan
2014   ADASECANT: Robust Adaptive Secant Method for Stochastic Gradient  C Gulcehre, Y Bengio
2014   Recognition of Facial Attributes using Adaptive Sparse Representations of Random Patches  D Mery, K Bowyer
2014   Ghent University-iMinds at MediaEval 2014 Diverse Images: Adaptive Clustering with Deep Features  B Vandersmissen, A Tomar, F Godin, W De Neve
2014   Statistically Adaptive Image Denoising Based on Overcomplete Topographic Sparse Coding  H Zhao, J Luo, Z Huang, T Nagumo, J Murayama
2014   Adaptive Information-Theoretical Feature Selection for Pattern Classification  L Avdiyenko, N Bertschinger, J Jost
2014   Deep Adaptive Networks for Visual Data Classification  S Zhou, Q Chen, X Wang
2014   Adaptive Systems: History, Techniques, Problems, and Perspectives  WS Black, P Haghi, KB Ariyur
2014   Adaptive Nonparametric Image Parsing  TV Nguyen, C Lu, J Sepulveda, S Yan
2014   An adaptive motion model for person tracking with instantaneous head-pose features  RH Baxter, MJV Leach, SS Mukherjee, NM Robertson
2014   Depth of field rendering via adaptive recursive filtering  S Xu, X Mei, W Dong, X Sun, X Shen, X Zhang
2014   An Adaptive Stacked Denoising Auto-Encoder Architecture for Human Action Recognition  DX Wu, W Pan, LD Xie, CX Huang
2014   An Adaptive Approach of Tamil Character Recognition Using Deep Learning with Big Data-A Survey  RJ Kannan, S Subramanian
2014   Adaptive learning in a compartmental model of visual cortex-how feedback enables stable category learning and refinement  G Layher, F Schrodt, MV Butz, H Neumann
2014   Racing to Learn: Statistical Inference and Learning in a Single Spiking Neuron with Adaptive Kernels  S Afshar, L George, J Tapson, A van Schaik
2014   Domain Adaptive Neural Networks for Object Recognition  M Ghifary, WB Kleijn, M Zhang