Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: algorithm

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Neuroevolution of Autoencoders by Genetic Algorithm  H Okada
2017   A mothed of improving identification accuracy via deep learning algorithm under condition of deficient labeled data  JG Wang, ZD Cao, BH Yang, SW Ma, MR Fei, H Wang
2017   Weight Initialization-based Partial Training Algorithm  JJ Kim, M Ryu, SH Cha, KH Cho
2017   A Novel Face Recognition Algorithm based on the Deep Convolution Neural Network and Key Points Detection Jointed Local Binary Pattern Methodology  W Huang, S Zhang
2017   Video De-Interlacing Algorithm based on Deep Learning and Motion Compensation  CC Chang
2017   Nondestructive Freshness Discriminating of Shrimp Using Visible/Near-Infrared Hyperspectral Imaging Technique and Deep Learning Algorithm  X Yu, L Tang, X Wu, H Lu
2017   A Deep Learning aided predictive Mining Algorithm for Subgraphs  L Servadei, C Möstl, F Bär, M Möhring, R Schmidt
2017   Through wall human detection under small samples based on deep learning algorithm  W Wang, Y Jiang, D Wang, M Zhang
2017   Enhancement Of Fast Face Detection Algorithm Based On A Cascade Of Decision Trees.  VV Khryashchev, AA Lebedev, AL Priorov
2017   Research and application of a hybrid wavelet neural network model with the improved cuckoo search algorithm for electrical power system forecasting  L Xiao, W Shao, M Yu, J Ma, C Jin
2017   Detecting anomalies in time series data via a deep learning algorithm combining wavelets, neural networks and Hilbert transform  S Kanarachos, SRG Christopoulos, A Chroneos
2017   Object Detection from a Vehicle Using Deep Learning Network and Future Integration with Multi-Sensor Fusion Algorithm  RS Dheekonda, S Panda, M Hasan, S Anwar
2017   OCT-based deep learning algorithm for the evaluation of treatment indication with anti-vascular endothelial growth factor medications  P Prahs, V Radeck, C Mayer, Y Cvetkov, N Cvetkova 
2017   Using Deep Learning Algorithm to Enhance Image-review Software for Surveillance Cameras  Y Cui
2017   Cardiovascular Risk Stratification Using Off-the-Shelf Wearables and a Multi-Task Deep Learning Algorithm  GH Tison, AC Singh, DA Ohashi, JT Hsieh
2017   15. An Optimized Colour Image Watermarking Algorithm and Performance Comparison of DWT  LI Shaohua 
2017   A review on optimization algorithm for deep learning method in bioinformatics field  SNM Yousoff, A Baharin, A Abdullah
2017   Deep Learning Algorithm  C Sears, R Tandias, J Arroyo 
2017   Image processing and understanding based on graph similarity testing: algorithm design and software development  J Kang
2017   Genetic Algorithm Based Deep Learning Parameters Tuning for Robot Object Recognition and Grasping  D Hossain, G Capi
2017   An efficient quantum algorithm for generative machine learning  X Gao, Z Zhang, L Duan 
2017   An Optimized Framework for Cancer Classification Using Deep Learning and Genetic Algorithm  A Sharma, R Rani 
2017   Superiority of PCA algorithm for Facial Expression Recognition  M Santosh, A Kumar
2017   A Novel Active Semisupervised Convolutional Neural Network Algorithm for SAR Image Recognition  F Gao, Z Yue, J Wang, J Sun, E Yang, H Zhou
2017   The Deep Ritz method: A deep learning-based numerical algorithm for solving variational problems  B Yu
2017   An Enhanced CIA tree Using String Matching Algorithm  S Renu, SHK Veni
2017   Sequence-based prediction of protein protein interaction using a deep-learning algorithm  T Sun, B Zhou, L Lai, J Pei
2017   A Bi-objective Genetic Algorithm Optimization of Chaos-DNA Based Hybrid Approach  S Suri, R Vijay
2017   Multipurpose Zero Watermarking Algorithm for Color Image Based on SVD and DBN  Z Yanxia
2017   Image Compression Based on Genetic Algorithm and Deep Neural Network  H Deng, H Liu, F Wang, Z Wang, Y Wang
2017   Deep learning for algorithm portfolios  A Loreggia, Y Malitsky, HC Samulowitz, VA Saraswat
2017   Multiple-Reservoir Scheduling Using β-Hill Climbing Algorithm  E Alsukni, OS Arabeyyat, MA Awadallah, L Alsamarraie
2017   Bilinear Manifold-based Self-organizing Information Deep Learning Algorithm  L Zhou
2017   A novel relocation method for simultaneous localization and mapping based on deep learning algorithm  J Cao, B Zeng, J Liu, Z Zhao, Y Su
2017   A Band Grouping Based LSTM Algorithm for Hyperspectral Image Classification  Y Xu, B Du, L Zhang, F Zhang 
2017   Malware detection based on deep learning algorithm  D Yuxin, Z Siyi
2017   Non-Linear Dimensional Reduction Based Deep Learning Algorithm for Face Classification  B Nassih, A Amine, M Ngadi, N Hmina 
2017   Replacement AutoEncoder: A Privacy-Preserving Algorithm for Sensory Data Analysis  M Malekzadeh, RG Clegg, H Haddadi 
2017   Trends in Computer-Aided Diagnosis Using Deep 2 Learning Techniques: A Review of Recent Studies on 3 Algorithm Development 4  BI Edwards, NHO Khougali, AD Cheok
2017   A Novel Model Based On Fcm-Lm Algorithm For Prediction Of Protein Folding Rate  L Liu, M Ma, J Cui
2017   A deep learning method for lincRNA detection using auto-encoder algorithm  N Yu, Z Yu, Y Pan 
2017   Deep Learning Approach for Prediction of Heart Disease Using Data mining Classification Algorithm Deep Belief Network  T Karthikeyan, VA Kanimozhi
2017   An Efficient Distributed Database Clustering Algorithm for Big Data Processing  Q SUN, L FU, B Deng, X Pei, J SUN
2017   Distributed training strategies for a computer vision deep learning algorithm on a distributed GPU cluster  V Campos, F Sastre, M Yagües, M Bellver
2017   A fast and memory saved GPU acceleration algorithm of convolutional neural networks for target detection  S Li, Y Dou, X Niu, Q Lv, Q Wang
2017   A pipelined Pre-training algorithm for DBNs  Z Ma, T Li, S Yang, L Zhang
2017   Credibility Evaluation Algorithm Based on Deep Learning  L Mengling, L Zhendong
2017   Deformable Object Matching Algorithm Using Fast Agglomerative Binary Search Tree Clustering  J Jeong, I Won, H Yang, B Lee, D Jeong
2017   A recommendation algorithm of we-media articles  F Sun, P Wang, X Liu, L Zhai
2017   Fusion Algorithm of Multi-focus Images with Weighted Ratios and Weighted Gradient Based on Wavelet Transform  W Chen, M Hu, L Zhou, H Gu, X Zhang
2017   A Crop Pests Image Classification Algorithm Based on Deep Convolutional Neural Network  RJ Wang, J Zhang, W Dong, J Yu, CJ Xie, R Li
2017   Edge Enhanced Traffic Scene Segmentation Algorithm with Deep Neural Network  W Liu, H Tian, J Hu, S Cheng, H Yuan
2017   A finger vein recognition algorithm based on deep learning  C Chen, Z Wu, J Zhang, P Li, F Azmat
2017   Short-term Wind Energy Prediction Algorithm Based on SAGA-DBNs  W Fei, WU Zhong
2017   DNA Cryptography and Deep Learning using Genetic Algorithm with NW algorithm for Key Generation  S Kalsi, H Kaur, V Chang 
2017   Big multi-step wind speed forecasting model based on secondary decomposition, ensemble method and error correction algorithm  H Liu, Z Duan, F Han, Y Li 
2017   Fine-Tuning Parameters of Deep Belief Networks Using Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm  MH Horng 
2017   A Real-Time Chinese Traffic Sign Detection Algorithm Based on Modified YOLOv2  J Zhang, M Huang, X Jin, X Li 
2017   Communication Network Time Series Prediction Algorithm Based on Big Data Method  T Wang, M Wang 
2017   Extraction of Major Features for Major Adverse Cardiac Events from KAMIR Dataset Based on Deep Learning Algorithm  H Park
2017   Deep-learning-based object recognition system and gridmap-based path planning algorithm for object tracking of swarm robots  H Kim, 김한근
2017   Smart pathological brain detection by synthetic minority oversampling technique, extreme learning machine, and Jaya algorithm  YD Zhang, G Zhao, J Sun, X Wu, ZH Wang, HM Liu
2017   Development of Fine-grained Pill Identification Algorithm using Deep Convolutional Network  YF Wong, HT Ng, KY Leung, KY Chan, SY Chan
2017   Research on Human Target Recognition Algorithm of Home Service Robot Based on Fast-RCNN  L Quan, D Pei, B Wang, W Ruan 
2017   58. A New Face Recognition Algorithm Based on Deep Learning and Paired Classification  H Chen 
2017   DANoC: An Efficient Algorithm and Hardware Codesign of Deep Neural Networks on Chip.  X Zhou, S Li, F Tang, S Hu, Z Lin, L Zhang
2017   A novel deep learning algorithm for incomplete face recognition: Low-rank-recovery network  J Zhao, Y Lv, Z Zhou, F Cao
2017   Using Deep Learning Method for Classification: A Proposed Algorithm for the ISIC 2017 Skin Lesion Classification Challenge  W Zhang, L Gao, R Liu
2017   Neural Network training model for weather forecasting using Fireworks Algorithm  S Suksri, W Kimpan
2017   Parallel Implementation of the Givens Rotations in the Neural Network Learning Algorithm  J Bilski, B Kowalczyk, JM Żurada
2017   A Hybrid Algorithm of Extreme Learning Machine and Sparse Auto-Encoder  Y Lin, Y Liang, S Yoshida, X Feng, R Guan
2017   Head pose estimation algorithm based on deep learning  Y Cao, Y Liu
2017   Direct detection of pixel-level myocardial infarction areas via a deep-learning algorithm  C Xu, L Xu, Z Gao, H Zhang, Y Zhang, X Du, S Zhao
2017   Quaternionic Flower Pollination Algorithm  GH Rosa, LCS Afonso, A Baldassin, JP Papa, XS Yang
2017   Optimizing Deep Learning Based on Deep Auto Encoder and Genetic Algorithm  S Abuelenin, S Elmougy, F Habeeb
2017   A joint deep-network-based image restoration algorithm for multi-degradations  X Sun, X Li, L Zhuo, KM Lam, J Li
2017   An evolutionary building algorithm for Deep Neural Networks  R Zemouri
2016   An Optimized Second Order Stochastic Learning Algorithm for Neural Network Training  SS Liew, M Khalil
2016   Research of Decision Tree Classification Algorithm in Data Mining  S Crash
2016   Research on the Natural Image Super-Resolution Reconstruction Algorithm based on Compressive Perception Theory and Deep Learning Model  G Duan, W Hu, J Wang
2016   A Finger Vein Recognition Algorithm Using Feature Block Fusion and Depth Neural Network  C Chen, Z Wu, P Li, J Zhang, Y Wang, H Li
2016   A Novel Adaptive Architecture Pruning Algorithm for Madalines  S Ji, P Yang, S Zhong, J Wang, JU Kim
2016   Real-time UAV weed scout for selective weed control by adaptive robust control and machine learning algorithm  L Li, Y Fan, X Huang, L Tian
2016   Design of a Processing Structure of CNN Algorithm using Filter Buffers  KH Lee, JM Jeong, JJ Park
2016   Toward an assessment algorithm for evaluating online collaboration to promote deep and useful understanding of conceptual material  SJ Derry
2016   Fast learning algorithm for deep evolving GMDH-SVM neural network in data stream mining tasks  Y Bodyanskiy, O Vynokurova, I Pliss, G Setlak
2016   Novel segmentation algorithm for identification of cell membrane staining in HER2 images  M Wdowiak, T Markiewicz, S Osowski, J Patera
2016   Face Detection Algorithm Based on a Cascade  A Lebedev, V Pavlov, V Khryashchev, O Stepanova
2016   An Effective Face Verification Algorithm to Fuse Complete Features in Convolutional Neural Network  Y Ma, J He, L Wu, W Qi
2016   New Algorithm for Evaluating the Green Supply Chain Performance in an Uncertain Environment  P Liu, S Yi
2016   Deep Learning Algorithm and Applications in Location Big Data Mining  FQ GAO, HX XIA
2016   A Convolutional Neural Network Based Chinese Text Detection Algorithm Via Text Structure Modeling  X Ren, Y Zhou, J He, K Chen, X Yang, J Sun
2016   TextProposals: a Text-specific Selective Search Algorithm for Word Spotting in the Wild  L Gomez
2016   A Novel Image Segmentation Combined Color Recognition Algorithm through Boundary Detection and Deep Neural Network  Y Liu, J Yang, B Guo, J Yang, X Zhang
2016   MapReduce Based Distributed Learning Algorithm for Restricted Boltzmann Machine  CY Zhang, CLP Chen, D Chen, KT NG
2016   Randomized Kd tree ReliefF algorithm for feature selection in handling high dimensional process parameter data  S Xu, X Li, WF Lu
2016   A Deconvolutional Competitive Algorithm for Building Sparse Hierarchical Representations  D Paiton, S Lundquist, W Shainin, X Zhang, P Schultz
2016   Image Descriptor Based on Edge Detection and Crawler Algorithm  R Grycuk, M Gabryel, M Scherer, S Voloshynovskiy
2016   Application of the Givens Rotations in the Neural Network Learning Algorithm  J Bilski, B Kowalczyk, JM Żurada
2016   Optimization of Convolutional Neural Network using Microcanonical Annealing Algorithm  V Ayumi, LM Rere, MI Fanany, AM Arymurthy
2016   Markov Chain Monte Carlo for Bayesian Inference-The Metropolis Algorithm  M Halls
2016   Development and validation of a deep learning algorithm for detection of diabetic retinopathy in retinal fundus photographs  V Gulshan, L Peng, M Coram, MC Stumpe, D Wu
2016   A novel denoising autoencoder assisted segmentation algorithm for cotton field  Y Li, Z Cao, Y Xiao, H Lu, Y Zhu
2016   Industrial IoT Mining Algorithm of Cloud Computing Research  SD Province
2016   A Structural Learning Method of Restricted Boltzmann Machine by Neuron Generation and Annihilation Algorithm  S Kamada, T Ichimura
2016   Local Invariance Representation Learning Algorithm with Multi-layer Extreme Learning Machine  X Jia, X Li, H Du, B Bhanu
2016   A Novel Anomaly Detection Algorithm for Hybrid Production Systems based on Deep Learning and Timed Automata  N Hranisavljevic, O Niggemann, A Maier
2016   A Deep Learning Based Fast Image Saliency Detection Algorithm  H Pan, H Jiang
2016   A Pairwise Algorithm Using Deep Stacking Network for Speech Separation and Pitch Estimation  X Zhang, H Zhang, S Nie, W Liu
2016   Convergence of Contrastive Divergence Algorithm in Exponential Family  TY Wu, B Jiang, Y Jin, WH Wong
2016   Reasoning and Algorithm Selection Augmented Symbolic Segmentation  M Lukac, K Abdiyeva, M Kameyama
2016   A Hybrid Spectral Clustering and Deep Neural Network Ensemble Algorithm for Intrusion Detection in Sensor Networks  T Ma, F Wang, J Cheng, Y Yu, X Chen
2016   Face Detection and Recognition Based on an Improved Adaboost Algorithm and Neural Network  H Zhang, J Xing, M Zhu, D Wu, Z Yang
2016   A pseudoinverse incremental algorithm for fast training deep neural networks with application to spectra pattern recognition  K Wang, P Guo, Q Yin, AL Luo, X Xin
2016   A pruning algorithm for extreme learning machine based on sparse coding  Y Yu, Z Sun
2016   A Time Series Forecasting Model Based on Deep Learning Integrated Algorithm with Stacked Autoencoders and SVR for FX Prediction  H Shen, X Liang
2016   A novel training algorithm for convolutional neural network  A Anuse, V Vyas
2016   A Greedy Algorithm to Cluster Specialists  S Arnold
2016   Learning Parameters in Deep Belief Networks Through Firefly Algorithm  C Pereira, XS Yang
2016   A neural network based algorithm for speaker localization in a multi-room environment  F Vesperini, P Vecchiotti, E Principi, S Squartini
2016   An Implementation of Intelligent Surveillance Bot System based on Robust CNN Algorithm  MS An, DS Kang
2016   Research of the DBN Algorithm Based on Multi-innovation Theory and Application of Social Computing  P Qin, M Li, Q Miao, C Li
2016   Night time vehicle detection algorithm based on visual saliency and deep learning  Y Cai, HW Xiaoqiang Sun, LCH Jiang
2016   Parallel pattern classification utilizing GPU-based kernelized Slackmin algorithm  GA Papakostas, KI Diamantaras, T Papadimitriou
2016   A Software Reliability Prediction Based On Rbm Algorithm Improvement Method  CH Yang, SL Chen, QY Dai, YH Liu, DF Chen
2016   A fingerprinting indoor localization algorithm based deep learning  G Félix, M Siller, EN Álvarez
2016   Speech Emotion Recognition Using Voiced Segment Selection Algorithm  Y Gu, E Postma, HX Lin, J van den Herik
2015   Algorithm and Theoretical Analysis for Domain Adaptation Feature Learning with Linear Classifiers  W Jiang, F Nie, FK Chung, H Huang
2015   Fusion Algorithm Of Optical Images And Sar With Svt And Sparse Representation  Y Zhouping
2015   A Tutorial on Deep Learning Part 1: Nonlinear Classifiers and The Backpropagation Algorithm  QV Le
2015   ZNN-A Fast and Scalable Algorithm for Training 3D Convolutional Networks on Multi-Core and Many-Core Shared Memory Machines  A Zlateski, K Lee, HS Seung
2015   Human Interaction Recognition Using Independent Subspace Analysis Algorithm  N Nguyen, A Yoshitaka
2015   An Iterative Convolutional Neural Network Algorithm Improves Electron Microscopy Image Segmentation  X Wu
2015   Convergence analysis of Contrastive Divergence algorithm based on gradient method with errors  X Ma, X Wang
2015   Simulated Annealing Algorithm for Deep Learning  LMR Rere, MI Fanany, AM Arymurthy
2015   A Facial Pose Estimation Algorithm Using Deep Learning  L Wu, K Wang, Y Ma, W Qi
2015   A DCNN and SDM Based Face Alignment Algorithm  Q Tang, Q Zhang, X Zhang, Z Cai, X Zhang
2015   An Adaptive Voice Activity Detection Algorithm  Z Zhigang, H Junqin
2015   Optimizing deep learning hyper-parameters through an evolutionary algorithm  SR Young, DC Rose, TP Karnowski, SH Lim
2015   An ensemble algorithm for the nuclei segmentation in the histological images  P Krajewski, W Dyrka
2015   The Research on Cross-Language Emotion Recognition Algorithm for Hearing Aid  X Shulan, W Jilin
2015   An Improved Bilinear Deep Belief Network Algorithm for Image Classification  N Jie, B Xiongzhu, L Zhong, W Yao
2015   Implementation of deep learning algorithm for automatic detection of brain tumors using intraoperative IR-thermal mapping data  AV Makarenko, MG Volovik
2015   Localized Ambient Solidity Separation (LASS) Algorithm Based Computer User Segmentation  X SUN, T ZHANG, Y CHAI, YI LIU
2015   Study on Binary Multilayer Neural Networks with EBP Algorithm on Image Classification  Z Cheng, D Soudry, Z Mao, Z Lan
2015   A-SDLM: An Asynchronous Stochastic Learning Algorithm For Fast Distributed Learning  M Khalil
2015   Motion Recognition by Using a Stacked Autoencoder-Based Deep Learning Algorithm with Smart Phones  X Zhou, J Guo, S Wang
2015   A single microphone noise reduction algorithm based on the detection and reconstruction of spectro-temporal features  T Lee, F Theunissen
2015   A P300-Based BCI Classification Algorithm Using Least Square Support Vector Machine  VN Raju, IH Ra, R Sankar
2015   A Novel Cross Modal Hashing Algorithm Based on Multi-modal Deep Learning  W Qu, D Wang, S Feng, Y Zhang, G Yu
2015   An Online Inference Algorithm for Labeled Latent Dirichlet Allocation  Q Zhou, H Huang, XL Mao
2015   Quantitative investment Based on Artificial Neural Network Algorithm  X Zhang
2015   Algorithm and Research  S Adaptation, L CHEN, JA YANG, Y WANG, L WANG
2015   A Face Detection Algorithm Based on Deep Learning  M Li, C Yu, F Nian, X Li
2015   Localized Ambient Solidity Separation Algorithm Based Computer User Segmentation  X Sun, T Zhang, Y Chai, Y Liu
2015   Fuzzy Restricted Boltzmann Machine and Its Fast Learning Algorithm  CL Chen, CY Zhang, L Chen, M Gan
2015   Automatic Age Estimation Based on Deep Learning Algorithm  Y Dong, Y Liu, S Lian
2015   Weighted Joint-Based Human Behavior Recognition Algorithm using Only Depth Information for Low-Cost Intelligent Video-Surveillance System  H Kim, S Lee, Y Kim, S Lee, D Lee, J Ju, H Myung
2015   A New Generalized Error Path Algorithm for Model Selection  B Gu, EDU CN, CX Ling
2015   SRDANet: An Efficient Deep Learning Algorithm for Face Analysis  L Tian, C Fan, Y Ming, J Shi
2015   The AdaBoost algorithm for vehicle detection based on CNN features  X Song, T Rui, Z Zha, X Wang, H Fang
2015   A hierarchical face recognition algorithm based on humanoid nonlinear least-squares computation  Z Wu, J Yuan, J Zhang, H Huang
2015   A generalized pruning algorithm for extreme learning machine  K Sun, Y Yu, Z Huang
2015   Split and merge algorithm for deep learning and its application for additional classes  H An, H Shim, S Na, S Lee
2014   Recognizing human activity in smart home using deep learning algorithm  H Fang, C Hu
2014   An Algorithm of Quantum Restricted Boltzmann Machine Network Based on Quantum Gates and Its Application  P Zhang, S Li, Y Zhou
2014   A new algorithm on variable-rate convolutional broadcast for network coding in cyclic networks  Z Jin, J Huang, W Cheng, C Yang
2014   A Method For Extracting Information From The Web Using Deep Learning Algorithm  TD Orathanadu
2014   Study on the Improvement of Floyd Algorithm and its Application in Network Plan  QR Huang, M Cao
2014   Construction of Community Logistics Distribution Network Based on K-Means Algorithm  M Li, J Zhang, XP Zhou
2014   Parallel batch pattern training algorithm for deep neural network  V Turchenko, V Golovko
2014   A WIFI positioning system based on an ensemble neural network algorithm  Y Qin, Z Ye, Q Feng, J Zhang
2014   Joint Global-Local Information Pedestrian Detection Algorithm for Outdoor Video Surveillance  HM Hu, X Zhang, W Zhang, B Li
2014   Learning From Weakly Supervised Data by The Expectation Loss SVM (e-SVM) algorithm  J Zhu, J Mao, AL Yuille
2014   A twice face recognition algorithm  Z Wu, Z Yu, J Yuan, J Zhang
2014   A Simple Stochastic Algorithm for Structural Features Learning  J Macák, O Drbohlav
2014   SelfieBoost: A Boosting Algorithm for Deep Learning  S Shalev
2014   BIMMER: a novel algorithm for detecting differential DNA methylation regions from MBDCap-seq data  Z Mao, C Ma, THM Huang, Y Chen, Y Huang