Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: analysis

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Canonical Correlation Analysis Networks for Two-view Image Recognition  X Yang, W Liu, D Tao, J Cheng
2017   Analysis on Deep Learning Methods for Predicting Patient Survival  A Girard, B Shin, E Zhou
2017   Spott: On-the-Spot e-Commerce for Television Using Deep Learning-Based Video Analysis Techniques  F Vandecasteele, K Vandenbroucke, D Schuurman
2017   Why Do Deep Neural Networks Still Not Recognize These Images?: A Qualitative Analysis on Failure Cases of ImageNet Classification  HS Lee, AA Agarwal, J Kim
2017   CNN for situations understanding based on sentiment analysis of twitter data  S Liao, J Wang, R Yu, K Sato, Z Cheng
2017   Aspect Based Sentiment Analysis Using the Deep Learning Convolutional Neural Networks  R Kumar, HSG Pannu
2017   An Efficient Deep Neural Architecture for Multilingual Sentiment Analysis in Twitter  W Becker, J Wehrmann, HEL Cagnini, RC Barros
2017   Computer-aided solution for intellectual analysis and judicious selection of medically advanced antifungals synthesis conditions  TB Chistyakova, RV Makaruk, EE Musayev
2017   A Deep Learning Approach for the Analysis of Masses in Mammograms with Minimal User Intervention  N Dhungel, G Carneiro, AP Bradley
2017   Sentiment analysis for short Chinese text based on character-level methods  Y An, X Tang, B Xie
2017   An Analysis of Smartphone Overuse Recognition in Terms of Emotions using Brainwaves and Deep Learning  SK Kim, HB Kang
2017   Performance analysis and optimization of permanent magnet synchronous motor based on deep learning  L Jin, F Wang, Q Yang
2017   Crowdsourcing and Automated Retinal Image Analysis for Diabetic Retinopathy  LI Mudie, X Wang, DS Friedman, CJ Brady
2017   Grid-based pavement crack analysis using deep learning  X Wang, Z Hu
2017   OmniArt: Multi-task Deep Learning for Artistic Data Analysis  G Strezoski, M Worring
2017   Target-Specific Convolutional Bi-directional LSTM Neural Network for Political Ideology Analysis  X Li, W Chen, T Wang, W Huang
2017   Vibration signal analysis and fault diagnosis of bogies of the high-speed train based on deep neural networks.  Y Zhao, ZH Guo, JM Yan
2017   The Current Status And Research In Industrial Big Data Analysis In Smart Intelligent Systems  G Sunil, S Mohmmad, KR Chythanya 
2017   Indoor Air Quality Analysis Using Deep Learning with Sensor Data  J Ahn, D Shin, K Kim, J Yang 
2017   Dynamic image analysis for abnormal behavior detection  M Ahmed, MA Isha, AA Ahmed
2017   A deep domain adaption approach for object recognition using Multiple Model Consistency analysis  B Pal, B Ahmed
2017   Lucene and deep learning based commodity information analysis system  J Cao, J Lin, S Wu, M Guan, Q Dai, W Feng
2017   Deep Learning in Mammography: Diagnostic Accuracy of a Multipurpose Image Analysis Software in the Detection of Breast Cancer.  AS Becker, M Marcon, S Ghafoor, MC Wurnig
2017   Big Data and Differential Privacy: Analysis Strategies for Railway Track Engineering  NO Attoh
2017   One of the most important and necessary steps in the process of document analysis and recognition is the binarization, which allows extracting the foreground from the …  T Phan, K Nguyen, M Nakagawa
2017   Non-deep Learning Techniques for Roadside Video Data Analysis  B Verma, L Zhang, D Stockwell
2017   Deep Learning Techniques for Roadside Video Data Analysis  B Verma, L Zhang, D Stockwell
2017   Deep Learning Model for Sentiment Analysis in Multi-lingual Corpus  L Medrouk, A Pappa 
2017   Deep Learning for Network Flow Analysis and Malware Classification  RK Rahul, T Anjali, VK Menon, KP Soman 
2017   The Analysis and Classify of Sleep Stage Using Deep Learning Network from Single-Channel EEG Signal  S Xie, Y Li, X Xie, W Wang, X Duan 
2017   Deep Learning with Lung Segmentation and Bone Shadow Exclusion Techniques for Chest X-Ray Analysis of Lung Cancer  Y Gordienko, P Gang, J Hui, W Zeng, Y Kochura 
2017   Performance Analysis of Spark-DLF: Spark Based Distributed Deep Learning Framework for Article Headline Generation  A Khumoyun, Y Cui, M Kim, L Hanku 
2017   Modeling and analysis of a deep learning pipeline for cloud based video analytics.  MU Yaseen, A Anjum, N Antonopoulos 
2017   PCA-Initialized Deep Neural Networks Applied To Document Image Analysis  M Seuret, M Alberti, R Ingold, M Liwicki
2017   Enhancing Deep Learning Sentiment Analysis with Ensemble Techniques in Social Applications  O Araque, I Corcuera
2017   Comparative Analysis of Rote Learning on High and Low Achievers in Graduate and Undergraduate Programs  A Ahmed, N Ahmad
2017   A performance analysis framework for exploiting GPU microarchitectural capability  K Zhou, G Tan, X Zhang, C Wang, N Sun
2017   Deep Learning for Patient-Specific Kidney Graft Survival Analysis  M Luck, T Sylvain, H Cardinal, A Lodi, Y Bengio
2017   Deep Learning Based Nonlinear Principal Component Analysis for Industrial Process Fault Detection  X Deng, X Tian, S Chen, CJ Harris
2017   Human Computer Interaction for Sentiment Analysis and Opinion Mining: A Review  S Goswamil, J Poray
2017   Video Analysis With Convolutional Attention Recurrent Neural Networks  Z LI, E Gavves, M Jain, CGM Snoek 
2017   Using Synthetic Data to Improve Facial Expression Analysis With 3D Convolutional Networks  I Abbasnejad, S Sridharan, D Nguyen, S Denman 
2017   Combining deep learning with anatomy analysis for segmentation of portal vein for liver SBRT planning  B Ibragimov, D Toesca, D Chang, A Koong, L Xing 
2017   Application of InSAR Techniques to an Analysis of the Guanling Landslide  Y Kang, C Zhao, Q Zhang, Z Lu, B Li 
2017   Jaakko Pihlajasalo Improvement Of Satellite Orbit Prediction Ac-Curacy And Quality With Deep Learning And Spec-Tral Analysis  PDS Ali
2017   Convergence analysis of BP neural networks via sparse response regularization  J Wang, Y Wen, Z Ye, L Jian, H Chen
2017   Skin Lesion Analysis Toward Melanoma Detection: A Challenge at the 2017 International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging (ISBI), Hosted by the International Skin …  NCF Codella, D Gutman, ME Celebi, B Helba 
2017   Densely Connected Convolutional Networks and Signal Quality Analysis to Detect Atrial Fibrillation Using Short Single-Lead ECG Recordings  J Rubin, S Parvaneh, A Rahman, B Conroy 
2017   Application of Deep Learning in Automated Analysis of Molecular Images in Cancer: A Survey  Y Xue, S Chen, J Qin, Y Liu, B Huang, H Chen 
2017   Multimodal Data Analysis and Integration for Multi-Slot Spectrum Auction Based on Deep Feedforward Network  F Zhao, Y Zhang, H Chen
2017   Joint analysis of shapes and images via deep domain adaptation  Z Wu, Y Zhang, M Zeng, F Qin, Y Wang
2017   Review of Deep Learning Methods in Mammography, Cardiovascular, and Microscopy Image Analysis  G Carneiro, Y Zheng, F Xing, L Yang
2017   Efficient Dynamic Malware Analysis Based on Network Behavior Using Deep Learning  T Shibahara, T Yagi, M Akiyama, D Chiba, T Yada
2017   A Deep Learning Approach to Deal with Data Uncertainty in Sentiment Analysis  M Di Capua, A Petrosino
2017   DLR: Toward a deep learned rhythmic representation for music content analysis  Y Jeong, K Choi, H Jeong 
2017   Five years after the Deep Learning revolution of computer vision: State of the art methods for online image and video analysis  M Felsberg
2017   Deep Learning for Human Motion Analysis  N Neverova
2017   Deep MANTA: A Coarse-to-fine Many-Task Network for joint 2D and 3D vehicle analysis from monocular image  F Chabot, M Chaouch, J Rabarisoa, C Teulière
2017   Changing the Game of Mobile Data Analysis with Deep Learning  P Kasnesis, C Patrikakis, I Venieris
2017   Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Interpretable Analysis of EEG Sleep Stage Scoring  A Vilamala, KH Madsen, LK Hansen
2017   Image Super Resolution Using Generative Adversarial Networks and Local Saliency Maps for Retinal Image Analysis  D Mahapatra, B Bozorgtabar, S Hewavitharanage
2017   Hybrid Mass Detection in Breast MRI Combining Unsupervised Saliency Analysis and Deep Learning  G Amit, O Hadad, S Alpert, T Tlusty, Y Gur, R Ben
2017   Diagnosis of Dyslexia using Computing Analysis  HM Al
2017   Artificial Neural Network Analysis of Volatile Organic Compounds for the detection of lung cancer  JB Butcher, AV Rutter, AJ Wootton, CR Day
2017   Unsupervised Learning Layers for Video Analysis  L Zhao, Y Wang, Y Yang, W Xu
2017   Chlorella Algae Image Analysis Using Artificial Neural Network and Deep Learning  S Lakshmi, R Sivakumar
2017   Wavefield separation via principle component analysis and deep learning in the local angle domain  Y Serfaty, L Itan, D Chase, Z Koren
2017   Advanced Data Analysis in Neuroscience: Integrating statistical and computational models  D Durstewitz
2017   Acoustic Features for Environmental Sound Analysis  R Serizel, V Bisot, S Essid, G Richard
2017   Analysis of Deep Learning Models  T van Erven, J Schmidt
2017   Hyperspectral image analysis using deep learning—A review  H Petersson, D Gustafsson, D Bergstrom
2017   Applying Deep Learning Techniques to the Analysis of Android APKs  R Nix
2017   The Effect of Pets on Happiness: A Large-scale Multi-Factor Analysis using Social Multimedia  X Peng, LK Chi, J Luo
2017   An evaluation of sentiment analysis for mobile devices  J Messias, JP Diniz, E Soares, M Ferreira, M Araújo
2017   Automated Sentiment Analysis using Machine Learning and Deep Learning Techniques  Y Gupta, PG Kumar
2017   Deep learning analysis of breast MRIs for prediction of occult invasive disease in ductal carcinoma in situ  Z Zhu, M Harowicz, J Zhang, A Saha, LJ Grimm 
2017   Automatic speaker analysis 2.0: Hearing the bigger picture  BW Schuller
2017   Sentiment Analysis With Convolutional Neural Networks: Classifying sentiment in Swedish reviews  K Svensson
2017   Deep Learning for Time-Series Analysis  JCB Gamboa
2017   Feature Analysis and Selection for Training an End-to-End Autonomous Vehicle Controller Using the Deep Learning Approach  S Yang, W Wang, C Liu, K Deng, JK Hedrick
2017   A Novel Mathematical Framework for the Analysis of Neural Networks  A Caterini
2017   MIT Autonomous Vehicle Technology Study: Large-Scale Deep Learning Based Analysis of Driver Behavior and Interaction with Automation  L Fridman, DE Brown, M Glazer, W Angell, S Dodd 
2017   The Android-Based Acquisition and CNN-Based Analysis for Gaze Estimation in Eye Tracking  W Wen, T Chen, M Yang 
2017   Replacement AutoEncoder: A Privacy-Preserving Algorithm for Sensory Data Analysis  M Malekzadeh, RG Clegg, H Haddadi 
2017   Basic tasks of sentiment analysis  I Chaturvedi, S Poria, E Cambria 
2017   Modeling and Design Analysis of Facial Expressions of Humanoid Social Robots Using Deep Learning Techniques  S Murthy
2017   Classification of breast cancer from ultrasound imaging using a generic deep learning analysis software: a pilot study  AS Becker, M Mueller, E Stoffel, M Marcon, S Ghafoor 
2017   Rock Granularity Analysis by Deep Belief Network  G Jiancheng, W Guo 
2017   Dissolved gas analysis of insulating oil for power transformer fault diagnosis with deep belief network  J Dai, H Song, G Sheng, X Jiang 
2017   PhD Forum: Deep Learning-Based Real-Time Malware Detection with Multi-Stage Analysis  X Yuan
2017   Load Forecasting using Linear Regression Analysis and Moving Average Technique in Time Series Model for RGUKT, RK Valley Campus HT Feeder  MD Reddy, N Vishali
2017   Deep convolutional neural networks for brain image analysis on magnetic resonance imaging: a review  J Bernal, K Kushibar, DS Asfaw, S Valverde, A Oliver 
2017   Visual aesthetic analysis using deep neural network: model and techniques to increase accuracy without transfer learning  MM Srivastava, S Kant 
2017   Research on leaf species identification based on principal component and linear discriminant analysis  L Zhang, Y Zheng, G Zhong, Q Wang 
2017   Convergence Analysis on Neural Network  T Chen
2017   Automatic classification of cardioembolic and arteriosclerotic ischemic strokes from apparent diffusion coefficient datasets using texture analysis and deep learning  J Villafruela, S Crites, B Cheng, C Knaack, G Thomalla
2017   Textual Information Extraction, Parsing, and Inferential Analysis  M Michelson, S Minton 
2017   Tutorial: Deep Learning Advancing the State-of-the-Art in Medical Image Analysis  V Christlein, FC Ghesu, T Würfl, A Maier, F Isensee
2017   A multi-task convolutional neural network for mega-city analysis using very high resolution satellite imagery and geospatial data  F Zhang, B Du, L Zhang
2017   Deep learning in mammography: Diagnostic accuracy of a multipurpose image analysis software in the detection of breast cancer  AS Becker, M Marcon, S Ghafoor, MC Wurnig
2017   Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis  LA Alexandre, JS Sánchez, JMF Rodrigues
2017   Large Scale Cross Category Analysis of Consumer Review Content on Sales Conversion Leveraging Deep Learning  X Liu, D Lee, K Srinivasan
2017   Deep Learning approach for sentiment analysis of short texts  A Hassan, A Mahmood
2017   Deep neural heart rate variability analysis  T Madl
2017   Deep learning for sentiment analysis  LM Rojas‐Barahona
2017   Deep Learning for genomic data analysis  VFO Teixeira
2017   Analysis and Optimization of fastText Linear Text Classifier  V Zolotov, D Kung
2017   Machine Learning and Signal Processing for Big Multimedia Analysis  J Yu, J Sang, X Gao
2017   Method and system for vision-centric deep-learning-based road situation analysis  G Ning, H Wang, W Bo, X Ren
2017   Automatic Malware Detection Using Deep Learning Based on Static Analysis  L Liu, B Wang
2017   Learning Spatio-Temporal Aggregation for Fetal Heart Analysis in Ultrasound Video  A Patra, W Huang, JA Noble
2017   A Deep Learning of Time Series for Efficient Analysis  T Thinsungnoen, K Kerdprasop, N Kerdprasop
2017   Predicting purchases with using the variety of customer behaviors: Analysis of the purchase history and the browsing history by deep learning  J Niimi, T Hoshino
2017   An intelligent power monitoring and analysis system for distributed smart plugs sensor networks  SH Lee, CS Yang
2017   Patients' EEG Data Analysis via Spectrogram Image with a Convolution Neural Network  L Yuan, J Cao
2017   Analysis of Students' Behaviors in Programming Exercises Using Deep Learning  T Kato, Y Kambayashi, Y Terawaki, Y Kodama
2017   Deep neural networks for texture classification-A theoretical analysis  S Basu, S Mukhopadhyay, M Karki, R DiBiano 
2017   Geometric deep learning for shape analysis  D Boscaini
2017   … -time differentiation of adenomatous and hyperplastic diminutive colorectal polyps during analysis of unaltered videos of standard colonoscopy using a deep learning …  MF Byrne, N Chapados, F Soudan, C Oertel, ML Pérez 
2017   Deep Learning Enabled Fault Diagnosis Using Time-Frequency Image Analysis of Rolling Element Bearings  D Verstraete, MD Park, A Ferrada, EL Droguett
2017   AENet: Learning Deep Audio Features for Video Analysis  N Takahashi, M Gygli, L Van Gool
2017   Deep Features Learning for Medical Image Analysis with Convolutional Autoencoder Neural Network  M Chen, X Shi, Y Zhang, D Wu, M Guizani
2017   Multiview Canonical Correlation Analysis Networks for Remote Sensing Image Recognition  X Yang, W Liu, D Tao, J Cheng, S Li
2017   Nuclear Architecture Analysis of Prostate Cancer via Convolutional Neural Networks  JT Kwak, SM Hewitt
2017   Re-Thinking Bci Models As Noisy Sensors For Neural Analysis  S Gordon, A Solon, C O'Malley, V Lawhern, B Lance
2017   Industrial Big Data Analysis in Smart Factory: Current Status and Research Strategies  X Xu, Q Hua
2017   Human-level CMR image analysis with deep fully convolutional networks  W Bai, M Sinclair, G Tarroni, O Oktay, M Rajchl 
2017   Deep Learning Neural Networks and Bayesian Neural Networks in Data Analysis  A Chernoded, I Myagkov, L Dudko, P Volkov 
2017   Deep Multi-Modal Classification of Intraductal Papillary Mucinous Neoplasms (IPMN) with Canonical Correlation Analysis  S Hussein, P Kandel, JE Corral, CW Bolan 
2017   Combination of Domain Knowledge and Deep Learning for Sentiment Analysis  K Vo, D Pham, M Nguyen, T Mai, T Quan 
2017   Pattern Recognition for Predictive Analysis in Automotive Industry  V Simoncicova, L Hrcka, L Spendla, P Tanuska
2017   Quantitative analysis of patients with celiac disease by video capsule endoscopy: A deep learning method  T Zhou, G Han, BN Li, Z Lin, EJ Ciaccio, PH Green
2017   Spectral Analysis of CNN for Tomato Disease Identification  A Fuentes, DH Im, S Yoon, DS Park
2017   Medical Image Analysis using Wavelet Transform and Deep Belief Networks  A Khatami, A Khosravi, T Nguyen, CP Lim
2017   Horse race analysis in credit card fraud—deep learning, logistic regression, and Gradient Boosted Tree  G Rushin, C Stancil, M Sun, S Adams, P Beling
2017   A Big Data Analysis Framework Using Apache Spark and Deep Learning  A Gupta, H Thakur, R Shrivastava, P Kumar, S Nag 
2017   Deep learning analysis of the myocardium in coronary CT angiography for identification of patients with functionally significant coronary artery stenosis  M Zreik, N Lessmann, RW van Hamersvelt 
2017   Analysis of spatial heterogeneity in normal epithelium and preneoplastic alterations in mouse prostate tumor models  M Valkonen, P Ruusuvuori, K Kartasalo, M Nykter
2017   Natural Language Processing for Large-Scale Medical Image Analysis Using Deep Learning  HC Shin, L Lu, RM Summers 
2017   A systemic analysis of link prediction in social network  S Haghani, MR Keyvanpour 
2017   Deep Learning Techniques on Texture Analysis of Chest and Breast Images  JZ Cheng, CM Chen, D Shen 
2017   Supervised Committee of Convolutional Neural Networks in Automated Facial Expression Analysis  G Pons, D Masip
2017   Tensor-Based Classifiers for Hyperspectral Data Analysis  K Makantasis, A Doulamis, N Doulamis, A Nikitakis
2017   Influence Analysis Of Waterlogging Based On Deep Learning Model In Wuhan.  Y Pan, Z Shao, T Cheng, Z Wang, Z Zhang
2017   Analysis of Disfluencies for automatic detection of Mild Cognitive Impartment: a deep learning approach  K Lopez
2017   A Deep-Learning-Based Forecasting Ensemble to Predict Missing Data for Remote Sensing Analysis  M Das, SK Ghosh 
2017   Arabic Language Sentiment Analysis on Health Services  AM Alayba, V Palade, M England, R Iqbal
2017   An Analysis of Model-Based Heuristic Search Techniques for StarCraft Combat Scenarios  D Churchill, Z Lin, G Synnaeve
2017   Facial Expression Analysis using Deep Learning  H Singh, R Patel
2017   Method And System For Microbiome Analysis  Z Apte, J Richman, D Almonacid
2017   Digital Image Analysis with Full Connected Convolutional Neural Network to Facilitate Complete Fibroid Resection  P Török, B Harangi
2017   Performance Analysis of Spark Based Distributed Deep Learning Framework for Article Headline Generation  A Khumoyun, Y Cui, M Kim, H Lee
2017   Deep Learning Method vs. Hand-Crafted Features for Lung Cancer Diagnosis and Breast Cancer Risk Analysis  W Sun
2017   SVCCA: Singular Vector Canonical Correlation Analysis for Deep Understanding and Improvement  M Raghu, J Gilmer, J Yosinski, J Sohl
2017   Automatic Analysis of Facial Actions: Learning from Transductive, Supervised and Unsupervised Frameworks  WS Chu
2017   Paralinguistic Analysis of Children's Speech in Natural Environments  H Rao, MA Clements, Y Li, MR Swanson, J Piven
2017   Elephant Search with Deep Learning for Microarray Data Analysis  M Panda
2017   DeepProf: Performance Analysis for Deep Learning Applications via Mining GPU Execution Patterns  J Gu, H Liu, Y Zhou, X Wang
2017   Ensemble Application of Convolutional Neural Networks and Multiple Kernel Learning for Multimodal Sentiment Analysis  S Poria, H Peng, A Hussain, N Howard, E Cambria
2017   Molecular Imaging, Reconstruction and Analysis of Moving Body Organs, and Stroke Imaging and Treatment: Fifth International Workshop, CMMI 2017, Second …  MJ Cardoso, T Arbel, F Gao, B Kainz, T van Walsum
2017   Automated Analysis of Unregistered Multi-view Mammograms with Deep Learning  G Carneiro, J Nascimento, AP Bradley
2017   Application of Deep Learning to Sentiment Analysis for recommender system on cloud  G Preethi, PV Krishna, MS Obaidat, V Saritha
2017   Deep Learning in Medical Image Analysis and Multimodal Learning for Clinical Decision Support: Third International Workshop, DLMIA 2017, and 7th International …  MJ Cardoso, T Arbel, G Carneiro, T Syeda
2017   Automated lesion segmentation and dermoscopic feature segmentation for skin cancer analysis  MP Pour, H Seker, L Shao
2017   Cell dynamic morphology analysis by deep convolutional features  H Li, Z Liu, F Pang, Y Shi
2017   Nonlinear Analysis of Phase Retrieval and Deep Learning  D Zou
2017   Explaining Recurrent Neural Network Predictions in Sentiment Analysis  L Arras, G Montavon, KR Müller, W Samek
2017   An Analysis of Convolutional Long-Short Term Memory Recurrent Neural Networks for Gesture Recognition  E Tsironi, P Barros, C Weber, S Wermter
2017   A Review of Affective Computing: From Unimodal Analysis to Multimodal Fusion  S Poria, E Cambria, R Bajpai, A Hussain
2017   Cross-media analysis and reasoning: advances and directions  Y Peng, W Zhu, Y Zhao, C Xu, Q Huang, H Lu, Q Zheng
2017   A Review of Affective Computing: >From Unimodal Analysis to Multimodal Fusion  S Poria, E Cambria, R Bajpai, A Hussain
2017   In-Datacenter Performance Analysis of a Tensor Processing Unit  NP Jouppi, C Young, N Patil, D Patterson, G Agrawal
2017   Sentiment analysis based on rhetorical structure theory: Learning deep neural networks from discourse trees  M Kraus, S Feuerriegel
2017   Interpretable 3D Human Action Analysis with Temporal Convolutional Networks  TS Kim, A Reiter
2017   Automated analysis of high‐content microscopy data with deep learning  OZ Kraus, BT Grys, J Ba, Y Chong, BJ Frey, C Boone
2017   Convergence analysis of Caputo-type fractional order complex-valued neural networks  J Wang, G Yang, B Zhang, Z Sun, Y Liu, J Wang
2017   Diagnosis of Dyslexia using computation analysis  HM Al
2017   Center-Shared Sliding Ensemble of Neural Networks for Syntax Analysis of Natural Language  K Kim, Y Jin, SH Na, YK Kim
2017   Deep Learning Networks for Stock Market Analysis and Prediction: Methodology, Data Representations, and Case Studies  E Chong, C Han, FC Park
2017   Regularized 2-D Complex-Log Spectral Analysis and Subspace Reliability Analysis of Micro-Doppler Signature for UAV Detection  J Ren, X Jiang
2017   Skin Lesion Analysis Towards Melanoma Detection Using Deep Learning Network  Y Li, L Shen
2017   Visual Flow Analysis and Saliency Prediction  KSS Srinivas
2017   An Information-Theoretic Analysis of Deep Latent-Variable Models  AA Alemi, B Poole, I Fischer, JV Dillon, RA Saurous 
2017   Spatial Resolution of EEG Source Reconstruction in Assessing Brain Connectivity Analysis  JI Padilla
2017   Deep Learning Paradigm with Transformed Monolingual Word Embeddings for Multilingual Sentiment Analysis  Y Lu, T Mori 
2017   Function space analysis of deep learning representation layers  O Elisha, S Dekel 
2017   CSC400 ITRG Miniproposal: Deep Learning for High-Resolution 3D Cone Beam CT Medical Image Analysis  W Li
2017   You Are What You Eat: Exploring Rich Recipe Information for Cross-Region Food Analysis  W Min, BK Bao, S Mei, Y Zhu, Y Rui, S Jiang 
2017   Automated analysis of seizure semiology and brain electrical activity in presurgery evaluation of epilepsy: A focused survey  D Ahmedt‐Aristizabal, C Fookes, S Dionisio, K Nguyen 
2017   A Deep Learning Approach For Sentiment Analysis  M Capua
2017   Weakly-supervised Deep Embedding for Product Review Sentiment Analysis  W Zhao, Z Guan, L Chen, X He, D Cai, B Wang
2017   Analysis of Ribosome Stalling and Translation Elongation Dynamics by Deep Learning  S Zhang, H Hu, J Zhou, X He, T Jiang, J Zeng
2017   Model-Based Dependability Analysis of Physical Systems with Modelica  A Tundis, L Buffoni, P Fritzson, A Garro
2017   Brute-Force Facial Landmark Analysis With A 140,000-Way Classifier  M Li, L Jeni, D Ramanan
2017   Analysis and modeling for robust whispered speech recognition  S Ghaffarzadegan
2017   A Survey on Deep Learning in Medical Image Analysis  G Litjens, T Kooi, BE Bejnordi, AAA Setio, F Ciompi
2017   Discriminant analysis via jointly L2, 1-norm sparse tensor preserving embedding for image classification  R Huang, C Liu, J Zhou
2017   Deep Belief Networks and Multiobjective Feature Selection for BCI with Multiresolution Analysis  J Ortega, A Ortiz, P Martín
2017   Developing a benchmark for emotional analysis of music  A Aljanaki, YH Yang, M Soleymani
2017   Elastic restricted Boltzmann machines for cancer data analysis  S Zhang, M Liang, Z Zhou, C Zhang, N Chen, T Chen
2017   Analysis and Design of Convolutional Networks via Hierarchical Tensor Decompositions  N Cohen, O Sharir, Y Levine, R Tamari, D Yakira
2017   Large scale digital prostate pathology image analysis combining feature extraction and deep neural network  N Zhou, A Fedorov, F Fennessy, R Kikinis, Y Gao
2017   Medical image analysis of gastric cancer in digital histopathology: methods, applications and challenges  H Sharma
2017   Creating the learning situation to promote student deep learning: Data analysis and application case  Y Guo, S Wu
2017   A character-based convolutional neural network for language-agnostic Twitter sentiment analysis  J Wehrmann, W Becker, HEL Cagnini, RC Barros
2017   Parallel Computing for Machine Learning in Social Network Analysis  G Cybenko
2017   Topic Based Sentiment Analysis Using Deep Learning  S Tandon 
2017   Manifold Regularized Slow Feature Analysis for Dynamic Texture Recognition  J Miao, X Xu, X Xing, D Tao
2017   Deep EHR: A Survey of Recent Advances on Deep Learning Techniques for Electronic Health Record (EHR) Analysis  B Shickel, P Tighe, A Bihorac, P Rashidi
2017   Music emotion analysis using semantic embedding recurrent neural networks  J Jakubik, H Kwaśnicka
2017   Deep Learning and the Future of Auditing: How an Evolving Technology Could Transform Analysis and Improve Judgment.  T Sun, MA Vasarhelyi
2017   Experiments using Deep Learning for Dermoscopy Image Analysis  CN Vasconcelos, BN Vasconcelos 
2017   Deep Learning in Lexical Analysis and Parsing  W Che, Y Zhang 
2017   Big Data, Deep Learning–At the Edge of X-Ray Speaker Analysis  BW Schuller
2017   Deep Learning for Medical Image Analysis  M Rezaei, H Yang, C Meinel
2016   Systems And Methods For Software Analysis  RT Carback III, BD Gaynor, NA Brock, NR Shnidman
2016   Analysis of MOOCs practices from the perspective of learner experiences and quality culture  E Ossiannilsson, F Altinay, Z Altinay
2016   High-Content Analysis of Breast Cancer Using Single-Cell Deep Transfer Learning  C Kandaswamy, LM Silva, LA Alexandre, JM Santos
2016   Image Sentiment Analysis using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks with Domain Specific Fine Tuning  S Jindal, S Singh
2016   A Study on Spatial Analysis Using R-Based Deep Learning  SJ Park, KH Choi, J Park, JB Kim
2016   Sentic Computing for Social Network Analysis  F Bisio, L Oneto, E Cambria
2016   Real-Time Topic and Sentiment Analysis in Human-Robot Conversation  E Russell
2016   Word2Vec in Program Analysis  H Cai
2016   Multi-Objective Model Selection (MOMS)-based Semi-Supervised Framework for Sentiment Analysis  FH Khan, U Qamar, S Bashir
2016   Dynamic Poisson Factor Analysis  Y Zhang, Y Zhao, L David, R Henao, L Carin
2016   Analysis of error landscapes in multi-layered neural networks for classification  A Rakitianskaia, E Bekker, KM Malan, A Engelbrecht
2016   Image Processing, Computer Vision, and Deep Learning: new approaches to the analysis and physics interpretation of LHC events  A Schwartzman, M Kagan, L Mackey, B Nachman
2016   Deep Residual Learning for Compressed Sensing CT Reconstruction via Persistent Homology Analysis  Y Han, J Yoo, JC Ye
2016   Theories, Knowledge Bases and Conceptual Frameworks that Support the Analysis of Observations  YH Cohen, Y Reich
2016   Finki at SemEval-2016 Task 4: Deep Learning Architecture for Twitter Sentiment Analysis  D Stojanovski, G Strezoski, G Madjarov, I Dimitrovski
2016   A Protein Domain and Family Based Approach to Rare Variant Association Analysis  TG Richardson, HA Shihab, MA Rivas, MI McCarthy
2016   Incorporating Non-Coding Annotations into Rare Variant Analysis  TG Richardson, C Campbell, NJ Timpson, TR Gaunt
2016   A parameter-optimizing model-based approach to the analysis of low-SNR image sequences for biological virus detection  D Siedhoff
2016   Design of Sentiment Analysis System for Hindi Content  M Yadav, V Bhojane
2016   Runoff Analysis Using a Deep Neural Network  T Izumi, M Miyoshi, N Kobayashi
2016   Learning Thermal Process Representations for Intraoperative Analysis of Cortical Perfusion During Ischemic Strokes  N Hoffmann, E Koch, G Steiner, U Petersohn, M Kirsch
2016   Latent Tree Analysis  NL Zhang, LKM Poon
2016   Multi-spectral texture analysis for IED detection  H Petersson, D Gustafsson
2016   Credit Risk Assessment Model Based Using Principal component Analysis And Artificial Neural Network  A Hamdy, WB Hussein
2016   Class-Specific Kernel Discriminant Analysis Revisited: Further Analysis and Extensions  A Iosifidis, M Gabbouj
2016   Enhancing Place Recognition using Joint Intensity-Depth Analysis and Synthetic Data  E Sizikova, VK Singh, B Georgescu, M Halber, K Ma
2016   Combining Generative and Discriminative Representation Learning for Lung CT Analysis with Convolutional Restricted Boltzmann Machines  G van Tulder, M de Bruijne
2016   Local Feature Learning using Deep Canonical Correlation Analysis for Heterogeneous Face Recognition  Y Choi, HI Kim, YM Ro
2016   3D Human Pose Estimation: A Review of the Literature and Analysis of Covariates  N Sarafianos, B Boteanu, B Ionescu, IA Kakadiaris
2016   A Toolkit for Analysis of Deep Learning Experiments  J O'Donoghue, M Roantree
2016   Unsupervised feature learning for Music Structural Analysis  M Buccoli, M Zanoni, A Sarti, S Tubaro, D Andreoletti
2016   A Latent Growth Curve Analysis of Learning Strategy and Efficiency  CT Wu, SM Chung
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2016   Deep Learning for Social Media Analysis in Crises Situations  MB Lazreg, M Goodwin, OC Granmo
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