Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: anatomy

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Combining deep learning with anatomy analysis for segmentation of portal vein for liver SBRT planning  B Ibragimov, D Toesca, D Chang, A Koong, L Xing 
2017   Using Practical-Based Team Based Learning as a Tool For Providing An Immediate Feedback to the Students During Learning Anatomy  MA Eladl, AA Jaffar, A Ranade
2017   Superficial Versus Deep Learning in A Professional Veterinary Anatomy Curriculum  MA McNulty, HA Richbourg
2016   An interactive, multi-modal Anatomy workshop improves academic performance in the health sciences: a cohort study  LL Nicholson, D Reed, C Chan
2016   An Evaluation of Convolutional Neural Nets for Medical Image Anatomy Classification  SA Khan, SP Yong
2016   A Comparison of Student Approach to Learning Between Dissection-and Prosection-based Undergraduate Human Anatomy Courses  SC McWatt, GS Newton, LC Jadeski
2015   Study skills in anatomy and physiology: Is there a difference?  PR Husmann, JB Barger, AF Schutte
2015   Assessing Anatomy as a Basic Medical Science  DD Samarasekera, P Gopalakrishnakone, MCE Gwee
2015   Teaching and Learning Anatomy in a PBL Curriculum  EM Bergman
2015   Competencies for Teaching Anatomy Effectively and Efficiently  JF Morris
2015   Learning Styles in Anatomy Teaching and Learning  BS Mitchell
2015   Engaging Multidisciplinary First Year Students to Learn Anatomy Via Stimulating Teaching and Active, Experiential Learning Approaches  CM Diaz, T Woolley
2015   A scoring framework for assessing anatomy competence of undergraduate preclinical students  D Raubenheimer, JE Raubenheimer, S van Zyl
2014   Mobile technology: Creation and use of an iBook to teach the anatomy of the brachial plexus  S Stewart, B Choudhury