Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: anomaly detection

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Transferred Deep Learning for Anomaly Detection in Hyperspectral Imagery  W Li, G Wu, Q Du
2017   Deep-cascade: Cascading 3D Deep Neural Networks for Fast Anomaly Detection and Localization in Crowded Scenes  M Sabokrou, M Fayyaz, M Fathy, R Klette
2017   Spatio-Temporal Anomaly Detection for Industrial Robots through Prediction in Unsupervised Feature Space  A Munawar, P Vinayavekhin, G De Magistris
2017   Deep Learning Anomaly Detection as Support Fraud Investigation in Brazilian Exports and Anti-Money Laundering  EL Paula, M Ladeira, RN Carvalho, T Marzagão
2017   On the Effectiveness of Isolation-Based Anomaly Detection in Cloud Data Centers  RN Calheiros, K Ramamohanarao, R Buyya, C Leckie
2017   Energy-based Models for Video Anomaly Detection  H Vu, D Phung, TD Nguyen, A Trevors, S Venkatesh
2017   Hyperspectral anomaly detection based on stacked denoising autoencoders  C Zhao, X Li, H Zhu
2017   Anomaly Detection In Surveillance Videos Using Deep Residual Networks  LP Cinelli
2017   Convolutional Neural Networks for Unsupervised Anomaly Detection in Text Data  O Gorokhov, M Petrovskiy, I Mashechkin 
2017   Unsupervised Anomaly Detection with Generative Adversarial Networks to Guide Marker Discovery  T Schlegl, P Seeböck, SM Waldstein, U Schmidt
2017   Network Anomaly Detection with Stochastically Improved Autoencoder Based Models  RC Aygun, AG Yavuz
2017   Deep learning for anomaly detection in maritime vessels using AIS-cued camera imagery  Y Zang, A Mukherjee, C Fei, T Liu, G Lampropoulos
2017   Deep learning on temporal-spectral data for anomaly detection  K Ma, H Leung, E Jalilian, D Huang
2017   Anomaly Detection With Deep Belief Networks  JCA VAN RIET, W KOWALCZYK
2017   A survey of deep learning-based network anomaly detection  D Kwon, H Kim, J Kim, SC Suh, I Kim, KJ Kim
2017   IEEE 802.11 Network Anomaly Detection and Attack Classification: A Deep Learning Approach  VLL Thing
2017   A deep learning enabled subspace spectral ensemble clustering approach for web anomaly detection  G Yuan, B Li, Y Yao, S Zhang
2017   Large Margin High-Order Deep Learning With Auxiliary Tasks For Video-Based Anomaly Detection  R Min, D Song, E Cosatto 
2017   Towards Unsupervised Deep Learning Based Anomaly Detection  T Landeen, J Gunther
2016   Multilevel Anomaly Detection for Mixed Data  K Do, T Tran, S Venkatesh
2016   High-Dimensional and Large-Scale Anomaly Detection using a Linear One-Class SVM with Deep Learning  SM Erfani, S Rajasegarar, S Karunasekera, C Leckie
2016   A Comparative Study of Anomaly Detection Techniques for Smart City Wireless Sensor Networks  V Garcia
2016   Automatic Identification of Online Predators in Chat Logs by Anomaly Detection and Deep Learning  M Ebrahimi
2016   Learning Deep Event Models for Crowd Anomaly Detection  Y Feng, Y Yuan, X Lu
2016   A Novel Anomaly Detection Algorithm for Hybrid Production Systems based on Deep Learning and Timed Automata  N Hranisavljevic, O Niggemann, A Maier
2016   Video anomaly detection using deep incremental slow feature analysis network  X Hu, S Hu, Y Huang, H Zhang, H Wu
2016   Overview of the CPS for Smart Factories Project: Deep Learning, Knowledge Acquisition, Anomaly Detection and Intelligent User Interfaces  D Sonntag, S Zillner, P van der Smagt, A Lörincz
2016   Echo-state conditional variational autoencoder for anomaly detection  S Suh, DH Chae, HG Kang, S Choi
2016   An efficient system for anomaly detection using deep learning classifier  AR Revathi, D Kumar
2016   A Hybrid Autoencoder and Density Estimation Model for Anomaly Detection  M Nicolau, J McDermott
2016   Video Anomaly Detection Based on Adaptive Multiple Auto-Encoders  T Bao, C Ding, S Karmoshi, M Zhu
2015   Memory Heat Map: Anomaly Detection in Real-Time Embedded Systems Using Memory Behavior  MK Yoon, S Mohan, J Choi, L Sha
2015   On Accurate and Reliable Anomaly Detection for Gas Turbine Combustors: A Deep Learning Approach  W Yan, L Yu
2015   An unsupervised spatiotemporal graphical modeling approach to anomaly detection in distributed CPS  C Liu, S Ghosal, Z Jiang, S Sarkar
2015   Anomaly Detection In Medical Imagery  S Alpert, P Kisilev
2015   An Anomaly Detection Method Based On Deep Learning  D Hongli, Y Tao, G Jiangjin
2015   Modeling Representation of Videos for Anomaly Detection using Deep Learning: A Review  YS Chong, YH Tay