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Year TitleAuthor
2017   Using multi-stream hierarchical deep neural network to extract deep audio feature for acoustic event detection  Y Li, X Zhang, H Jin, X Li, Q Wang, Q He, Q Huang
2017   Audio Event Classification using Deep Learning in an End-to-End Approach  JLD Antich
2017   Audio Bird Classification with Inception-v4 extended with Time and Time-Frequency Attention Mechanisms  A Sevilla, H Glotin
2017   Perceptual audio loss function for deep learning  D Elbaz, M Zibulevsky
2017   Advanced Music Audio Feature Learning with Deep Networks  M Daigneau
2017   Monoaural Audio Source Separation Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks  P Chandna, M Miron, J Janer, E Gómez
2017   Large-scale weakly supervised audio classification using gated convolutional neural network  Y Xu, Q Kong, W Wang, MD Plumbley
2017   Learning Audio Sequence Representations for Acoustic Event Classification  Z Zhang, D Liu, J Han, B Schuller
2017   Multi-task Learning Of Deep Neural Networks For Audio Visual Automatic Speech Recognition  A Thanda, SM Venkatesan
2017   Representations of Sound in Deep Learning of Audio Features from Music  S Shuvaev, H Giaffar, AA Koulakov 
2017   AENet: Learning Deep Audio Features for Video Analysis  N Takahashi, M Gygli, L Van Gool
2017   Enhancing audio surveillance with hierarchical recurrent neural networks  F Colangelo, F Battisti, M Carli, A Neri, F Calabró 
2017   Audio Steganalysis with Convolutional Neural Network  B Chen, W Luo, H Li
2017   Neural Networks for Analysing Music and Environmental Audio  S Sigtia
2017   Predicting Audio Advertisement Quality  S Ebrahimi, H Vahabi, M Prockup, O Nieto
2017   Efficient Convolutional Neural Network For Audio Event Detection  M Meyer, L Cavigelli, L Thiele
2016   Fully Deep Neural Networks Incorporating Unsupervised Feature Learning for Audio Tagging  Y Xu, Q Huang, W Wang, P Foster, S Sigtia
2016   Discriminatively Trained Recurrent Neural Networks for Continuous Dimensional Emotion Recognition from Audio  F Weninger, F Ringeval, E Marchi, B Schuller
2016   Identification of Audio Recording Devices From Background Noise  S Qi, Z Huang
2016   Bi-modal First Impressions Recognition using Temporally Ordered Deep Audio and Stochastic Visual Features  A Subramaniam, V Patel, A Mishra
2016   Dcase Report For Task 3: Sound Event Detection In Real Life Audio  YH Lai, CH Wang, SY Hou, BY Chen, Y Tsao, YW Liu
2016   Audio signals encoding for cough classification using convolutional neural networks: A comparative study  HH Wang, JM Liu, M You, GZ Li
2016   Audio and Speech Classification Applied to Child Sexual Abuse Investigation  O Montin, G Mörtberg
2016   Robust Audio Event Recognition with 1-Max Pooling Convolutional Neural Networks  H Phan, L Hertel, M Maass, A Mertins
2016   Improved Dnn-Based Segmentation For Multi-Genre Broadcast Audio  L Wang, C Zhang, PC Woodland, MJF Gales
2016   Deep Neural Network Derived Bottleneck Features For Accurate Audio Classification  B Zhang, L Xie, Y Yuan, H Ming, D Huang, M Song
2016   CQT-based Convolutional Neural Networks for Audio Scene Classification  T Lidy, A Schindler
2016   Audio based bird species identification using deep learning techniques  E Sprengel, YK Martin Jaggi, T Hofmann
2016   Fully DNN-based Multi-label regression for audio tagging  Y Xu, Q Huang, W Wang, PJB Jackson, MD Plumbley
2016   Unsupervised Learning of Audio Segment Representations using Sequence-to-sequence Recurrent Neural Networks  YA Chung, CC Wu, CH Shen, HY Lee
2016   Audio steganalysis using deep belief networks  C Paulin, SA Selouani, É Hervet
2016   Comparing Time and Frequency Domain for Audio Event Recognition Using Deep Learning  L Hertel, H Phan, A Mertins
2016   Classifying Variable-Length Audio Files with All-Convolutional Networks and Masked Global Pooling  L Hertel, H Phan, A Mertins
2016   WaveNet: A Generative Model for Raw Audio  S Dieleman, H Zen, K Simonyan, O Vinyals, A Graves
2016   Wavenet: Agenerative Model For Raw Audio  A van den Oord, S Dieleman, H Zen, K Simonyan
2016   Audio Computing In The Wild: Frameworks For Big Data And Small Computers  M KIM
2016   Audio Deepdream: Optimizing Raw Audio With Convolutional Networks.  D Ardila, C Resnick, A Roberts, D Eck
2015   Classification of Spatial Audio Location and Content Using Convolutional Neural Networks  T Hirvonen
2015   Audio augmentation for speech recognition  T Ko, V Peddinti, D Povey, S Khudanpur
2015   Online learning: audio or text?  JD de Oliveira Neto, WD Huang, NC de Azevedo Melli
2015   Audio Bigrams as a Unifying Model of Pitch-based Song Description  J Van Balen, F Wiering, R Veltkamp
2015   Deep Neural Networks For Audio Scene Recognition  Y Petetin, C Laroche, A Mayoue
2015   Physiologic Audio Fingerprinting  BL Davis, TF Rodriguez, AM Reed, J Stach
2015   Convolutional Data: Towards Deep Audio Learning from Big Data  H Ali, SN Tran, ASA Garcez, T Weyde
2015   Multichannel audio source separation with deep neural networks  AA Nugraha, A Liutkus, E Vincent
2015   Détection de motifs audio pour la séparation de sources guidée. Application aux bandes-son de films.  N Souviraà
2015   Large-Scale Content-Based Matching of MIDI and Audio Files  C Raffel, DPW Ellis
2015   Audio recapture detection using deep learning  D Luo, H Wu, J Huang
2015   Joint time-frequency scattering for audio classification  J Anden, V Lostanlen, S Mallat
2015   Deep Transform: Time-Domain Audio Error Correction via Probabilistic Re-Synthesis  AJR Simpson
2015   Context Recognition Methods using Audio Signals for Human-Machine Interaction  M Shah
2015   Deep Learning, Audio Adversaries, and Music Content Analysis  C Kireliuk, BL Sturm, J Larsen
2015   Visualization of Audio Records for Automatic Bird Species Identification  AK Reyes, JE Camargo
2015   DeepEar: robust smartphone audio sensing in unconstrained acoustic environments using deep learning  ND Lane, P Georgiev, L Qendro
2015   Low Bitrates Audio Bandwidth Extension Using a Deep Auto-Encoder  L Jiang, R Hu, X Wang, M Zhang
2015   Audio event recognition based on DBN features from multiple filter-bank representations  F Guo, X Chen, D Yang
2014   Audio Concept Classification With Hierarchical Deep Neural Networks  M Ravanelli, B Elizalde, K Ni, G Friedland, FB Kessler
2014   Peer-teaching in the food chemistry laboratory: student-produced experiments, peer and audio feedback, and integration of employability skills  JL Dunne
2014   Mirex 2014 Audio Downbeat Estimation Evaluation: Db1  S Durand, JP Bello, B David, G Richard
2014   Supervised non-negative matrix factorization for audio source separation  P Sprechmann, AM Bronstein, G Sapiro
2014   Multimodal Transfer Deep Learning for Audio Visual Recognition  S Moon, S Kim, H Wang
2014   An Associative Memorization Architecture of Extracted Musical Features from Audio Signals by Deep Learning Architecture  T Niwa, K Naruse, R Ooe, M Kinoshita, T Mitamura