Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: auto-encoder

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Learning Local Responses of Facial Landmarks with Conditional Variational Auto-Encoder for Face Alignment  S Liu, Y Huang, J Hu, W Deng
2017   What You Expect is NOT What You Get! Questioning Reconstruction/Classification Correlation of Stacked Convolutional Auto-Encoder Features  M Alberti, M Seuret, R Ingold, M Liwicki
2017   Facial expression recognition based on improved local ternary pattern and stacked auto-encoder  Y Wu, W Qiu
2017   Deep Learning of Convolutional Auto-Encoder for Image Matching and 3D Object Reconstruction in the Infrared Range  VA Knyaz, O Vygolov, VV Kniaz, Y Vizilter 
2017   Deep Feature Learning for Dummies: A Simple Auto-Encoder Training Method Using Particle Swarm Optimisation  C Sui, M Bennamoun, R Togneri
2017   Dimensionality Reduction for Hyperspectral Data Based on Sample-Dependent Repulsion Graph Regularized Auto-encoder  X WANG, Y KONG, Y CHENG 
2017   iSS-PC: Identifying Splicing Sites via Physical-Chemical Properties Using Deep Sparse Auto-Encoder  ZC Xu, P Wang, WR Qiu, X Xiao
2017   Layerwise feature selection in Stacked Sparse Auto-Encoder for tumor type prediction  V Singh, N Baranwal, RK Sevakula, NK Verma, Y Cui
2017   A deep learning method for lincRNA detection using auto-encoder algorithm  N Yu, Z Yu, Y Pan 
2017   Rapid online semi-supervised training of a scene parser using a convolutional auto-encoder and representation nudging  S Arnold, K Yamazaki
2017   Predicting the Antigenic Variant of Human Influenza A (H3N2) Virus with a Stacked Auto-Encoder Model  Z Tan, B Xu, K Li, T Jiang, Y Peng
2017   Stochastic Decorrelation Constraint Regularized Auto-Encoder for Visual Recognition  F Mao, W Xiong, B Du, L Zhang
2017   Intelligent Fault Diagnosis of Rolling Bearing Using Deep Wavelet Auto-encoder with Extreme Learning Machine  S Haidong, J Hongkai, L Xingqiu, W Shuaipeng 
2017   Auto-Encoder Guided GAN for Chinese Calligraphy Synthesis  P Lyu, X Bai, C Yao, Z Zhu, T Huang, W Liu
2017   iDHSs-PseTNC: Identifying DNase I Hypersensitive Sites with Pseuo Trinucleotide Component by Deep Sparse Auto-Encoder  ZC Xu, SY Jiang, WR Qiu, YC Liu, X Xiao
2017   A New Deep Transfer Learning Based on Sparse Auto-Encoder for Fault Diagnosis  L Wen, L Gao, X Li
2017   Image Classification Based on Convolutional Denoising Sparse Auto-encoder  S Chena, H Liua, X Zenga, S Qiana, J Yub, W Guob
2017   Auto-encoder with Adversarially Regularized Latent Variables for Semi-Supervised Learning  R Tachibana, T Matsubara, K Uehara
2017   Spatial-Spectral Unsupervised Convolutional Sparse Auto-Encoder Classifier for Hyperspectral Imagery  X Han, Y Zhong, L Zhang
2017   A Classification Method for Moving Targets in the Wild Based on Microphone Array and Linear Sparse Auto-Encoder  F Guo, J Huang, X Zhang, X You, X Zu, Q Zhao, Y Ding
2017   Computational Methods for the Prediction of Drug-Target Interactions from Drug Fingerprints and Protein Sequences by Stacked Auto-Encoder Deep Neural Network  L Wang, ZH You, X Chen, SX Xia, F Liu, X Yan, Y Zhou
2017   A Hybrid Algorithm of Extreme Learning Machine and Sparse Auto-Encoder  Y Lin, Y Liang, S Yoshida, X Feng, R Guan
2017   Deep Geo-constrained Auto-encoder for Non-landmark GPS Estimation  S Jiang, Y Kong, Y Fu 
2016   Deep Representations Based on Sparse Auto-Encoder Networks for Face Spoofing Detection  D Yang, J Lai, L Mei
2016   Non-Linear Hyperspectral Subspace Mapping using Stacked Auto-Encoder  N Niclas, D Gustafsson
2016   ECG signal enhancement based on improved denoising auto-encoder  P Xiong, H Wang, M Liu, S Zhou, Z Hou, X Liu
2016   Single Sample Face Recognition from Video via Stacked Supervised Auto-encoder  PJS Vega, RQ Feitosa, VHA Quirita, PN Happ
2016   Compressed auto-encoder building block for deep learning network  Q Feng, CLP Chen, L Chen
2016   Sparse Auto-encoder with Smoothed l_1 Regularization  L Zhang, Y Lu, Z Zhang, B Wang, F Li
2016   Information Theoretic-Learning Auto-Encoder  E Santana, M Emigh, JC Principe
2016   Generating feature sets for fault diagnosis using denoising stacked auto-encoder  R Thirukovalluru, S Dixit, RK Sevakula, NK Verma
2016   Spectral–Spatial Classification of Hyperspectral Image Based on Deep Auto-Encoder  X Ma, H Wang, J Geng
2016   Deep neural network for halftone image classification based on sparse auto-encoder  Y Zhang, E Zhang, W Chen
2015   Deep Collaborative Filtering via Marginalized Denoising Auto-encoder  S Li, J Kawale, Y Fu
2015   Robust feature learning by improved auto-encoder from non-Gaussian noised images  D Zhao, B Guo, J Wu, W Ning, Y Yan
2015   Fault diagnosis method study in roller bearing based on wavelet transform and stacked auto-encoder  T Junbo, L Weining, A Juneng, W Xueqian
2015   Competitive and Penalized Clustering Auto-encoder  Z Wang, Y Cheung
2015   Manifold Learning with Variational Auto-encoder for Medical Image Analysis  E Park
2015   An Efficient and Effective Convolutional Auto-Encoder Extreme Learning Machine Network for 3D Feature Learning  Y Wang, Z Xie, K Xu, Y Dou, Y Lei
2015   Auto-Encoder Based Dimensionality Reduction  Y Wang, H Yao, S Zhao
2015   Deep Feature Learning for Tibetan Speech Recognition using Sparse Auto-encoder  H Wang, Y Zhao, XF Liu, XN Xu, L Wang, N Zhou
2015   A novel method of diagnosing premature ventricular contraction based on sparse auto-encoder and softmax regression  J Yang, Y Bai, G Li, M Liu, X Liu
2015   The Unsupervised Hierarchical Convolutional Sparse Auto-Encoder for Neuroimaging Data Classification  X Han, Y Zhong, L He, SY Philip, L Zhang
2015   Apply Stacked Auto-Encoder to Spam Detection  G Mi, Y Gao, Y Tan
2015   Dimensionality reduction strategy based on auto-encoder  Y Wang, H Yao, S Zhao, Y Zheng
2015   Low Bitrates Audio Bandwidth Extension Using a Deep Auto-Encoder  L Jiang, R Hu, X Wang, M Zhang
2014   Dynamic Background Learning through Deep Auto-encoder Networks  P Xu, M Ye, X Li, Q Liu, Y Yang, J Ding
2014   An Adaptive Stacked Denoising Auto-Encoder Architecture for Human Action Recognition  DX Wu, W Pan, LD Xie, CX Huang