Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: autonomous

Year TitleAuthor
2017   A Control Strategy of Autonomous Vehicles Based on Deep Reinforcement Learning  W Xia, H Li, B Li
2017   Concrete problems for autonomous vehicle safety: Advantages of Bayesian deep learning  R McAllister, Y Gal, A Kendall, M van der Wilk, A Shah
2017   Integrating End-to-End Learned Steering into Probabilistic Autonomous Driving  C Hubschneider, A Bauer, J Doll, M Weber, S Klemm
2017   Guest Editorial Special Issue on New Developments in Neural Network Structures for Signal Processing, Autonomous Decision, and Adaptive Control  YD Song, FL Lewis, M Polycarpou, D Prokhorov
2017   Deep Learning: A Dive Into Autonomous Driving  I Ho
2017   The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Autonomous Cyber Defense  J Crawford
2017   Real-Time Category-Based and General Obstacle Detection for Autonomous Driving  N Garnett, S Silberstein, S Oron, E Fetaya, U Verner 
2017   Arguing Machines: Perception-Control System Redundancy and Edge Case Discovery in Real-World Autonomous Driving  L Fridman, B Jenik, B Reimer 
2017   Vision based Autonomous Landing of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle on a Stationary Target  V Sudevan, A Shukla, H Karki 
2017   Variant PID Controller Design for Autonomous Visual Tracking of Oil and Gas Pipelines via an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle  H Xiaoqian, H Karki, A Shukla, Z Xiaoxiong 
2017   Intention-Net: Integrating Planning and Deep Learning for Goal-Directed Autonomous Navigation  G Wei, D Hus, WS Lee, S Shen, K Subramanian 
2017   Using deep learning to detect network intrusions and malware in autonomous robots  A Jones, J Straub
2017   Dynamic Occupancy Grid Prediction for Urban Autonomous Driving: A Deep Learning Approach with Fully Automatic Labeling  S Hoermann, M Bach, K Dietmayer
2017   VANETs Meet Autonomous Vehicles: A Multimodal 3D Environment Learning Approach  Y Maalej, S Sorour, A Abdel
2017   Autonomous exploration of mobile robots through deep neural networks  L Tai, S Li, M Liu
2017   Feature Analysis and Selection for Training an End-to-End Autonomous Vehicle Controller Using the Deep Learning Approach  S Yang, W Wang, C Liu, K Deng, JK Hedrick
2017   Fast Recurrent Fully Convolutional Networks for Direct Perception in Autonomous Driving  Y Hou, S Hornauer, K Zipser 
2017   MIT Autonomous Vehicle Technology Study: Large-Scale Deep Learning Based Analysis of Driver Behavior and Interaction with Automation  L Fridman, DE Brown, M Glazer, W Angell, S Dodd 
2017   Real-Time Object Detection for Autonomous Driving Based on Deep Learning  G Liu
2017   Deep learning for decision making and autonomous complex systems  KG Lore
2017   How Human Inspired Learning enhances the Behavior of Autonomous Agents  M Fittner, C Brandstaetter
2017   Transformable semantic map based navigation using autonomous deep learning object segmentation  Y Furuta, K Wada, M Murooka, S Nozawa, Y Kakiuchi
2017   Dim Line Tracking Using Deep Learning for Autonomous Line Following Robot  G Matczak, P Mazurek
2017   Object recognition and detection with deep learning for autonomous driving applications  A Uçar, Y Demir, C Güzeliş
2017   TractorEYE: Vision-based Real-time Detection for Autonomous Vehicles in Agriculture  P Christiansen
2017   Reconfigurable Processor for Deep Learning in Autonomous Vehicles  S Han, Y Wang, S Liang, S Yao, H Luo, Y Shan, J Peng
2017   Current trends in the development of intelligent unmanned autonomous systems  T Zhang, Q Li, C Zhang, H Liang, P Li, T Wang, S Li
2017   Autonomous Skill-centric Testing using Deep Learning  S Hangl, S Stabinger, J Piater
2017   Applying Techniques in Supervised Deep Learning to Steering Angle Prediction in Autonomous Vehicles  P Penkov, V Sriram, J Ye
2017   Learning a deep neural net policy for end-to-end control of autonomous vehicles  V Rausch, A Hansen, E Solowjow, C Liu, E Kreuzer
2017   A deep learning approach for optical autonomous planetary relative terrain navigation  T Campbell, R Furfaro, R Linares, D Gaylor 
2017   System, Apparatus And Method For Autonomous Messaging Integration  M Roberts, L Newton 
2017   High Reliability Imperative for Autonomous Networked Vehicles  A Adler, AM Madni 
2016   Using Deep Learning to Challenge Safety Standard for Highly Autonomous Machines in Agriculture  KA Steen, P Christiansen, H Karstoft, RN Jørgensen
2016   Autonomous People Mover  K Knowles, N Bovee, D Le, K Martin, M Pressman
2016   Architecture And Methodology For Performing Real-Time Autonomous Analytics Over Multiple Actual And Virtual Devices  RT Caplan, BF Katz, JJ Pizonka
2016   Vision for Autonomous Vehicles and Probes (Dagstuhl Seminar 15461)  A Bruhn, A Imiya, A Leonardis, T Pajdla
2016   Autonomous Driving Challenge: To Infer the Property of a Dynamic Object Based on Its Motion Pattern  M Fathollahi, R Kasturi
2016   Comparing deep learning and support vector machines for autonomous waste sorting  GE Sakr, M Mokbel, A Darwich, MN Khneisser, A Hadi
2016   SAD-GAN: Synthetic Autonomous Driving using Generative Adversarial Networks  A Ghosh, B Bhattacharya, SBR Chowdhury
2016   Learning from Maps: Visual Common Sense for Autonomous Driving  A Seff, J Xiao
2016   VisualBackProp: visualizing CNNs for autonomous driving  M Bojarski, A Choromanska, K Choromanski, B Firner
2016   MultiNet: Real-time Joint Semantic Reasoning for Autonomous Driving  M Teichmann, M Weber, M Zoellner, R Cipolla
2016   Autonomous Wheeled Robot Navigation with Uncalibrated Spherical Images  L Ran, Y Zhang, T Yang, P Zhang
2016   Drogue detection for autonomous aerial refueling based on convolutional neural networks  X Wang, X Dong, X Kong, J Li, B Zhang
2016   Joint Attention in Autonomous Driving (JAAD)  I Kotseruba, A Rasouli, JK Tsotsos
2016   Deep Active Learning for Autonomous Navigation  A Hussein, MM Gaber, E Elyan
2016   Accelerating the Race to Autonomous Cars  D Shapiro
2016   Autonomous driving challenge: To Infer the property of a dynamic object based on its motion pattern using recurrent neural network  M Fathollahi, R Kasturi
2016   Autonomous Leaf Picking Using Deep Learning and Visual-Servoing  K Ahlin, B Joffe, AP Hu, G McMurray, N Sadegh
2016   Moving towards in object recognition with deep learning for autonomous driving applications  A Uçar, Y Demir, C Güzeliş
2016   Autonomous People Mover: Adding Sensors  N Biviano, M Daigneau, J Danko, C Goss, A Hintz
2016   Software engineering for distributed autonomous real-time systems  L Belzner, MT Beck, T Gabor, H Roelle, H Sauer
2016   Multi-View 3D Object Detection Network for Autonomous Driving  X Chen, H Ma, J Wan, B Li, T Xia
2016   Keynote presentation 2: The Sputnik of servgoods: Autonomous vehicles  JM Tien
2016   Not Deep Learning but Autonomous Learning of Open Innovation for Sustainable Artificial Intelligence  JHJ Yun, D Lee, H Ahn, K Park, T Yigitcanlar
2015   Methods And Apparatus For Autonomous Robotic Control  M Versace, A Gorshechnikov, G Livitz, J Palma
2015   Stacked Autoencoders Using Low-Power Accelerated Architectures for Object Recognition in Autonomous Systems  J Maria, J Amaro, G Falcao, LA Alexandre
2015   BioAIM: Bio-inspired Autonomous Infrastructure Monitoring  B Ryu, N Ranasinghe, WM Shen, K Turck, M Muccio
2015   Autonomy support for autonomous motivation in medical education  RA Kusurkar, G Croiset
2015   An Artificial Intelligent Skin for Autonomous Robotic Control  Z Guo, CT Hsu, J Starek, W Pointner, Y Kumar, S Roy
2015   Cross-Domain and Within-Domain Synaptic Maintenance for Autonomous Development of Visual Areas  Q Guo, X Wu, J Weng
2015   Autonomous Driving: Disruptive Innovation that Promises to Change the Automotive Industry as We Know It  W Bernhart, M Winterhoff
2015   Learning Deep Control Policies for Autonomous Aerial Vehicles with MPC-Guided Policy Search  T Zhang, G Kahn, S Levine, P Abbeel
2015   Learning and Memory Processes in Autonomous Agents Using an Intelligent System of Decision-Making  Z Kowalczuk, M Czubenko, W Jędruch
2015   Universal Memory Architectures for Autonomous Machines  DP Guralnik, DE Koditschek
2015   Autonomous Learning of State Representations for Control: An Emerging Field Aims to Autonomously Learn State Representations for Reinforcement Learning …  W Böhmer, JT Springenberg, J Boedecker
2015   DeepDriving: Learning Affordance for Direct Perception in Autonomous Driving  C Chen, A Seff, A Kornhauser, J Xiao
2015   Towards high-speed autonomous navigation of unknown environments  C Richter, N Roy
2015   Deep Neural Network for Real-Time Autonomous Indoor Navigation  DK Kim, T Chen