Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: bayesian

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Accelerated Bayesian Optimization For Deep Learning  A Niimi, K Sakamoto
2017   With or without you: predictive coding and Bayesian inference in the brain  L Aitchison, M Lengyel
2017   Concrete problems for autonomous vehicle safety: Advantages of Bayesian deep learning  R McAllister, Y Gal, A Kendall, M van der Wilk, A Shah
2017   A Streaming Data Prediction Method Based on Evolving Bayesian Network  Y Wang, G Chen, Z Wang
2017   Deep Bayesian Matrix Factorization  SP Chatzis
2017   What Uncertainties Do We Need in Bayesian Deep Learning for Computer Vision?  A Kendall, Y Gal
2017   Bayesian GAN  Y Saatchi, AG Wilson
2017   Hierarchical Bayesian Combination of Plug-in Maximum A Posteriori Decoders in Deep Neural Networks-based Speech Recognition and Speaker Adaptation  Z Huang, SM Siniscalchi, CH Lee
2017   Bayesian Hypernetworks  D Krueger, CW Huang, R Islam, R Turner, A Lacoste 
2017   Deep Regression Bayesian Network and Its Applications  S Nie, M Zheng, Q Ji 
2017   Bayesian Image Quality Transfer with CNNs: Exploring Uncertainty in dMRI Super-Resolution  R Tanno, DE Worrall, A Ghosh, E Kaden
2017   Speech Enhancement Using Bayesian Wavenet  K Qian, Y Zhang, S Chang, X Yang, D Florêncio
2017   Bayesian Compression for Deep Learning  C Louizos, K Ullrich, M Welling
2017   Deep Learning: A Bayesian Perspective  N Polson, V Sokolov
2017   Information Pursuit: A Bayesian Framework for Sequential Scene Parsing  E Jahangiri, E Yoruk, R Vidal, L Younes, D Geman
2017   On Converting Sum-Product Networks into Bayesian Networks  AE dos Santos, CJ Butz, JS Oliveira
2017   Keynote: Bayesian Deep Learning Models for Recommendation Applications  DY Yeung
2017   Distributed Bayesian Learning with Stochastic Natural-gradient Expectation Propagation  L Hasenclever, S Webb, T Lienart, S Vollmer
2017   Sparse Bayesian Reinforcement Learning  M Lee
2017   An Insurance Recommendation System Using Bayesian Networks  M Qazi, GM Fung, KJ Meissner, ER Fontes
2017   A cost-sensitive Bayesian combiner for reducing false positives in mammographic mass detection  E Kozegar, M Soryani 
2017   SAR image target recognition via deep Bayesian generative network  D Guo, B Chen
2017   Bayesian GANs  Y Saatci, A Wilson 
2017   Deep Learning Neural Networks and Bayesian Neural Networks in Data Analysis  A Chernoded, I Myagkov, L Dudko, P Volkov 
2017   Efficient variational Bayesian neural network ensembles for outlier detection  N Pawlowski, M Jaques, B Glocker
2017   Fine-Pruning: Joint Fine-Tuning and Compression of a Convolutional Network with Bayesian Optimization  F Tung, S Muralidharan, G Mori
2017   Bayesian Conditional Generative Adverserial Networks  ME Abbasnejad, Q Shi, I Abbasnejad, A Hengel, A Dick
2017   The filling-in function of the Bayesian AutoEncoder Network  K Nishino, M Inaba
2017   ZhuSuan: A Library for Bayesian Deep Learning  J Shi, J Chen, J Zhu, S Sun, Y Luo, Y Gu, Y Zhou
2017   A Goal-Directed Bayesian Framework for Categorization  F Rigoli, G Pezzulo, R Dolan, K Friston
2017   DeepGait: A Learning Deep Convolutional Representation for View-Invariant Gait Recognition Using Joint Bayesian  C Li, X Min, S Sun, W Lin, Z Tang
2017   Predictive complex event processing based on evolving Bayesian networks  Y Wang, H Gao, G Chen
2017   A Bayesian Data Augmentation Approach for Learning Deep Models  T Tran, T Pham, G Carneiro, L Palmer, I Reid 
2016   Bayesian Representation Learning With Oracle Constraints  T Karaletsos, S Belongie, C Tech, G Rätsch
2016   Cross-modality Face Recognition via Heterogeneous Joint Bayesian  H Shi, X Wang, D Yi, Z Lei, X Zhu, SZ Li
2016   Distributed Bayesian Learning with Stochastic Natural-gradient Expectation Propagation and the Posterior Server  YW Teh, L Hasenclever, T Lienart, S Vollmer, S Webb
2016   Towards Bayesian Deep Learning: A Framework and Some Existing Methods  H Wang, DY Yeung
2016   Reducing Drift in Visual Odometry by Inferring Sun Direction using a Bayesian Convolutional Neural Network  V Peretroukhin, L Clement, J Kelly
2016   An Efficient Bayesian Approach to Exploit the Context of Object-Action Interaction for Object Recognition  S Yoon, H Park, J Yi
2016   Towards Bayesian Deep Learning: A Survey  H Wang, DY Yeung
2016   Markov Chain Monte Carlo for Bayesian Inference-The Metropolis Algorithm  M Halls
2016   Simulation of Bayesian Learning and Inference on Distributed Stochastic Spiking Neural Networks  K Ahmed, A Shrestha, Q Qiu
2016   Proposing the Deep Dynamic Bayesian Network as a Future Computer Based Medical System  CM Carbery, AH Marshall, R Woods
2016   Improving PILCO with Bayesian Neural Network Dynamics Models  Y Gal, RT McAllister, CE Rasmussen
2015   Learning Summary Statistic for Approximate Bayesian Computation via Deep Neural Network  B Jiang, T Wu, C Zheng, WH Wong
2015   Towards Building Deep Networks with Bayesian Factor Graphs  A Buonanno, FAN Palmieri
2015   Variational Bayesian PHD Filter with Deep Learning Network Updating for Multiple Human Tracking  P Feng, W Wang, SM Naqvi, J Chambers
2015   Improving Object Detection with Deep Convolutional Networks via Bayesian Optimization and Structured Prediction  Y Zhang, K Sohn, R Villegas, G Pan, H Lee
2015   Bayesian Speech and Language Processing  S Watanabe, JT Chien
2015   Bayesian Convolutional Neural Networks with Bernoulli Approximate Variational Inference  Y Gal, Z Ghahramani
2015   Dropout as a Bayesian Approximation: Appendix  Y Gal, Z Ghahramani
2015   Learning to Select Pre-Trained Deep Representations with Bayesian Evidence Framework  YD Kim, T Jang, B Han, S Choi
2015   Dropout as a Bayesian Approximation: Representing Model Uncertainty in Deep Learning  Y Gal, Z Ghahramani
2015   Prediction, Bayesian inference and feedback in speech recognition  D Norris, JM McQueen, A Cutler
2015   High-Order Stochastic Gradient Thermostats for Bayesian Learning of Deep Models  C Li, C Chen, K Fan, L Carin
2015   Scalable Bayesian Optimization Using Deep Neural Networks  J Snoek, O Rippel, K Swersky, R Kiros, N Satish
2015   Proteins, physics and probability kinematics: a Bayesian formulation of the protein folding problem  T Hamelryck, W Boomsma, J Ferkinghoff
2015   Multi-Source Bayesian Embeddings for Learning Social Knowledge Graphs  Z Yang, J Tang
2015   Interactions Between Gaussian Processes and Bayesian Estimation  YL Wang
2015   A Bayesian Approach to Identify Photos Likely to Be More Popular in Social Media  A Choudhury, S Nagaswamy
2015   When crowds hold privileges: Bayesian unsupervised representation learning with oracle constraints  T Karaletsos, S Belongie, G Rätsch
2015   Latent Regression Bayesian Network for Data Representation  S Nie, Q Ji
2015   Dropout as a Bayesian approximation: Insights and applications  Y Gal, Z Ghahramani
2015   Network Plasticity as Bayesian Inference  D Kappel, S Habenschuss, R Legenstein, W Maass
2015   Bayesian dark knowledge  AK Balan, V Rathod, KP Murphy, M Welling
2015   Feature Extraction Based on Generating Bayesian Network  K Nishino, M Inaba
2015   Bayesian SegNet: Model Uncertainty in Deep Convolutional Encoder-Decoder Architectures for Scene Understanding  A Kendall, V Badrinarayanan, R Cipolla
2015   Bayesian Sensing Hidden Markov Model for Hand Gesture Recognition  A Hernawan, YS Lee, A Santoso, CY Wang, JC Wang
2014   A Nonparametric Bayesian Approach Toward Stacked Convolutional Independent Component Analysis  S Chatzis
2014   Non-parametric Bayesian Learning with Deep Learning Structure and Its Applications in Wireless Networks  E Pan, Z Han
2014   Bayesian Inference with Big Data: A Snapshot from a Workshop  M Welling, YW Teh, C Andrieu, J Kominiarczuk
2014   Bayesian Deep Deconvolutional Learning  Y Pu, X Yuan, L Carin