Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: behavior

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Improving the Accuracy of the CogniLearn System for Cognitive Behavior Assessment  A Ghaderi, S Gattupalli, D Ebert, A Sharifara, V Athitsos
2017   Dynamic image analysis for abnormal behavior detection  M Ahmed, MA Isha, AA Ahmed
2017   Detection of anomalous behavior in a robot system based on deep learning elements  LV Utkin, VS Zaborovskii, SG Popov
2017   Efficient Dynamic Malware Analysis Based on Network Behavior Using Deep Learning  T Shibahara, T Yagi, M Akiyama, D Chiba, T Yada
2017   R-DBN: A Resistive Deep Belief Network Architecture Leveraging the Intrinsic Behavior of Probabilistic Devices  R Zand, KY Camsari, I Ahmed, SD Pyle, CH Kim
2017   Adaptation Monitoring System Preventing Fall Down from a Bed for Individual Difference of Behavior  H Satoh, K Shibata
2017   Simulating Player Behavior for Data-Driven Interactive Narrative Personalization  P Wang, J Rowe, W Min, B Mott, J Lester
2017   MIT Autonomous Vehicle Technology Study: Large-Scale Deep Learning Based Analysis of Driver Behavior and Interaction with Automation  L Fridman, DE Brown, M Glazer, W Angell, S Dodd 
2017   How Human Inspired Learning enhances the Behavior of Autonomous Agents  M Fittner, C Brandstaetter
2017   5.29 Integrating Deep Learning With Behavior Imaging to Accelerate Industry Learning of Autism Core Deficits  R Oberleitner, J Schwartz 
2017   Visualization of Driving Behavior Based on Hidden Feature Extraction by Using Deep Learning  HL Liu, T Taniguchi, Y Tanaka, K Takenaka, T Bando
2017   DeepMob: Learning Deep Knowledge of Human Emergency Behavior and Mobility from Big and Heterogeneous Data  X Song, R Shibasaki, NJ Yuan, X Xie, T Li, R Adachi
2017   Detection and localization of crowd behavior using a novel tracklet-based model  H Rabiee, H Mousavi, M Nabi, M Ravanbakhsh
2017   Perception-Link Behavior Model: Supporting a Novel Operator Interface for a Customizable Anthropomorphic Telepresence Robot  W Gu, G Seet, N Magnenat
2017   Dislocation substructures evolution and an adaptive-network-based fuzzy inference system model for constitutive behavior of a Ni-based superalloy during hot …  DD Chen, YC Lin, Y Zhou, MS Chen, DX Wen
2017   CogniLearn: A Deep Learning-based Interface for Cognitive Behavior Assessment  S Gattupalli, D Ebert, M Papakostas, F Makedon
2016   Method For Modeling Behavior And Psychotic Disorders  A Madan, S Moturu, K Wahba, S Dash, G De
2016   Method For Modeling Behavior And Depression State  S Moturu, A Madan, S Dash, K Wahba, G De
2016   A computational model of systems consolidation: optimizing memory-guided behavior using abstracted hippocampal and cortical networks  A Santoro
2016   Driver behavior recognition based on deep convolutional neural networks  S Yan, Y Teng, JS Smith, B Zhang
2016   Decoding multi-click search behavior based on marginal utility  HT Yu, A Jatowt, R Blanco, H Joho, JM Jose
2016   Estimation of the Optimum Speed to Minimize the Driver Stress Based on the Previous Behavior  VC Magaña, MM Organero, JA Álvarez
2016   The influence of tutor training for peer tutors in the dissection course on the learning behavior of students  T Shiozawa, B Hirt, M Lammerding
2016   CrystalBall: Statically analyzing runtime behavior via deep sequence learning  S Zekany, D Rings, N Harada, MA Laurenzano, L Tang
2016   Deep learning for constructing microblog behavior representation to identify social media user's personality  X Liu, T Zhu
2016   Studying the Consumer Behavior through Big Data  D Dinu, I Stoica
2016   A comparative study on phenomenon and deep belief network models for hot deformation behavior of an Al–Zn–Mg–Cu alloy  YC Lin, YJ Liang, MS Chen, XM Chen
2016   Animal Behavior Video Classification by Spatial LSTM  HQ Nguyen, SP Kasthuri Arachchi, MWP Maduranga
2016   Investigating user behavior by analysis of gaze data  F Dahlin
2016   LCrowdV: Generating Labeled Videos for Simulation-based Crowd Behavior Learning  E Cheung, TK Wong, A Bera, X Wang, D Manocha
2016   Ontology-based Deep Learning for Human Behavior Prediction with Explanations in Health Social Networks  N Phan, D Dou, H Wang, D Kil, B Piniewski
2016   Behavior analysis of self-evolving botnets  T Kudo, T Kimura, Y Inoue, H Aman, K Hirata
2016   Deep learning based human behavior recognition in industrial workflows  K Makantasis, A Doulamis, N Doulamis, K Psychas
2016   Deviant behavior in constrained environments: Sensation-Seeking predicts workplace deviance in shallow learners  PJ O'Connor, S Stone, BR Walker, CJ Jackson
2016   A deep learning approach for human behavior prediction with explanations in health social networks: social restricted Boltzmann machine (SRBM+)  N Phan, D Dou, B Piniewski, D Kil
2016   Measuring Customer Behavior with Deep Convolutional Neural Networks  V Albu
2015   Memory Heat Map: Anomaly Detection in Real-Time Embedded Systems Using Memory Behavior  MK Yoon, S Mohan, J Choi, L Sha
2015   Cross-market Behavior Modeling  W Cao
2015   Essential feature extraction of driving behavior using a deep learning method  HL Liu, T Taniguchi, Y Tanaka, K Takenaka, T Bando
2015   Learning Driver Behavior Models from Traffic Observations for Decision Making and Planning  T Gindele, S Brechtel, R Dillmann
2015   Modeling and Predicting Learning Behavior in MOOCs  J Qiu, J Tang, TX Liu, J Gong, C Zhang, Q Zhang
2015   Faculty engagement with blended learning-A study based on the Theory of Planned Behavior  J Huart, P Detroz, D Verpoorten
2015   Activity Learning: Discovering, Recognizing, and Predicting Human Behavior from Sensor Data  DJ Cook, NC Krishnan
2015   Reading Attitude as a Mediator Between Contextual Factors and Reading Behavior  M BONG, YK WOO
2015   Ontology-based Deep Learning for Human Behavior Prediction in Health Social Networks  NH Phan, D Dou, H Wang, D Kil, B Piniewski
2015   Exploring co-learning behavior of conference participants with visual network analysis of Twitter data  H Aramo
2015   To Skip or not to Skip? A Dataset of Spontaneous Affective Response of Online Advertising (SARA) for Audience Behavior Analysis  S Yang, L An, M Kafai, B Bhanu
2015   A Hierarchical Neuro-Fuzzy Architecture for Human Behavior Analysis  G Acampora, P Foggia, A Saggese, M Vento
2015   Achieving Synergy in Cognitive Behavior of Humanoids via Deep Learning of Dynamic Visuo-Motor-Attentional Coordination  J Hwang, M Jung, N Madapana, J Kim, M Choi, J Tani
2015   Weighted Joint-Based Human Behavior Recognition Algorithm using Only Depth Information for Low-Cost Intelligent Video-Surveillance System  H Kim, S Lee, Y Kim, S Lee, D Lee, J Ju, H Myung
2015   Democratizing Schools: From One Behavior Pattern Towards Open School Model  JC DE MORA
2015   Travel Behavior Characterization Using Raw Accelerometer Data Collected from Smartphones  S Ferrer, T Ruiz
2014   " Go Crazy" and" Break a Norm": Encouraging Students' Abnormal Behavior to Better Understand Stigma and Social Deviance  V Wickline, G Petonito, J Schaefer