Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: big data

Year TitleAuthor
2017   CSF: Crowdsourcing Semantic Fusion for Heterogeneous Media Big Data in the Internet of Things  K Guo, Y Tang, P Zhang
2017   A Combined Fault Diagnosis Method For Power Transformer In Big Data Environment  L Zhang
2017   Civil aircraft health management research based on big data and deep learning technologies  S Li, G Zhang, J Wang
2017   The Current Status And Research In Industrial Big Data Analysis In Smart Intelligent Systems  G Sunil, S Mohmmad, KR Chythanya 
2017   Big Data Analytics for Network Intrusion Detection: A Survey  L Wang, R Jones
2017   Big Data and Differential Privacy: Analysis Strategies for Railway Track Engineering  NO Attoh
2017   Significance of deep learning on big data analytics  J Mao, Z Mao
2017   Uncertainties in Big Data When Using Internet Surveillance Tools and Social Media for Determining Patterns in Disease Incidence—Reply  MS Deiner, TM Lietman, TC Porco
2017   A Survey of Big Data Analytics Using Machine Learning Algorithms  U Moorthy, UD Gandhi
2017   Case Studies in Amalgamation of Deep Learning and Big Data  B Jeyakumar, MAS Durai, D Lopez
2017   Deep learning in big data Analytics: A comparative study  B Jan, H Farman, M Khan, M Imran, IU Islam, A Ahmad 
2017   Microscopy, Meet Big Data  A Orth, D Schaak, E Schonbrun
2017   Research and Application of Electric Power Curve Inversing Dynamometer Diagram Technology Using Big Data Approach  X Zhang, J Shi, R Zhao, D Sun, X Zhang, F Deng 
2017   Artificial Generation of Big Data for Improving Image Classification: A Generative Adversarial Network Approach on SAR Data  D Marmanis, W Yao, F Adam, M Datcu, P Reinartz 
2017   Big data analytics in genomics: The point on Deep Learning solutions  F Celesti, A Celesti, L Carnevale, A Galletta, S Campo
2017   Big Data for weed control and crop protection  FK Evert, S Fountas, D Jakovetic, V Crnojevic, I Travlos
2017   Big Data to Big Knowledge for Next Generation Medicine: A Data Science Roadmap  T Sethi
2017   Tensor Networks for Dimensionality Reduction, Big Data and Deep Learning  A Cichocki
2017   Deep SOMs for automated feature extraction and classification from big data streaming  M Sakkari, R Ejbali, M Zaied
2017   Big Data Regression Using Tree Based Segmentation  R Sambasivan, S Das
2017   Impact of Deep Learning in Big Data Analytics  AG Aruna, M Sangeetha, C Sathya, KH Vani
2017   Big Data and Machine Learning—Strategies for Driving This Bus: A Summary of the 2016 Intersociety Summer Conference  JB Kruskal, S Berkowitz, JR Geis, W Kim, P Nagy
2017   Real-time Process Modelling Based on Big Data Stream Learning  F He
2017   Big Data analytics and Computational Intelligence for Cyber Physical Systems: Recent trends and state of the art applications  R Iqbal, F Doctor, B More, S Mahmud, U Yousuf 
2017   Fast Learning for Big Data Using Dynamic Function  T Alwajeeh, AF Alharthi, RF Rahmat, R Budiarto
2017   Epileptic Seizure Prediction Using Big Data and Deep Learning: Toward a Mobile System  I Kiral
2017   How to avoid small results with big data  A Joshi 
2017   Detecting Target Text Related to Algorithmic Efficiency in Scholarly Big Data Using Recurrent Convolutional Neural Network Model  M Ali, S Tuarob 
2017   Special issue on Big Data and Cloud of Things (CoT)  R Ranjan, L Wang, PP Jayaraman, K Mitra
2017   An Efficient Distributed Database Clustering Algorithm for Big Data Processing  Q SUN, L FU, B Deng, X Pei, J SUN
2017   Big Data and Data Science Applications for Independent and Healthy Living  R Keight, D Al
2017   Big Data and Theory  W Maass, J Parsons, S Purao, A Rosales, VC Storey
2017   A glossary for big data in population and public health: discussion and commentary on terminology and research methods  D Fuller, R Buote, K Stanley
2017   Comparison of big data analyses for reliable open source software  Y Tamura, S Yamada
2017   Industrial Big Data Analysis in Smart Factory: Current Status and Research Strategies  X Xu, Q Hua
2017   A Big Data Analysis Framework Using Apache Spark and Deep Learning  A Gupta, H Thakur, R Shrivastava, P Kumar, S Nag 
2017   Happy Travelers Take Big Pictures: A Psychological Study with Machine Learning and Big Data  X Liang, L Fan, YP Loh, Y Liu, S Tong
2017   Communication Network Time Series Prediction Algorithm Based on Big Data Method  T Wang, M Wang 
2017   Shifu: Deep Learning Based Advisor-advisee Relationship Mining in Scholarly Big Data  W Wang, J Liu, F Xia, I King, H Tong
2017   A Systematic Literature Review on Features of Deep Learning in Big Data Analytics.  NF Hordri, A Samar, SS Yuhaniz, SM Shamsuddin
2017   What To Do When Machines Do Everything: How to Get Ahead in a World of AI, Algorithms, Bots, and Big Data  M Frank, B Pring, P Roehrig
2017   Integrating Mobile Cloud Computing with Big Data to Enhance Health Care Analytics  T Sajjad, SM Owais, M Umar, J Ferzund 
2017   A Survey on Deep Learning in Big Data  M Gheisari, G Wang, MZA Bhuiyan
2017   Deep Learning with Edge Computing for Localization of Epileptogenicity Using Multimodal rs-fMRI and EEG Big Data  MP Hosseini, TX Tran, D Pompili, K Elisevich
2017   Deep Learning Innovations and Their Convergence With Big Data  S Karthik, A Paul, N Karthikeyan
2017   Populating a Linked Data Entity Name System: A Big Data Solution to Unsupervised Instance Matching  M Kejriwal
2017   Big Data and Deep Learning: A New Age of Molecular Informatics?  K Baumann, G Schneider
2017   A big data based deep learning approach for vehicle speed prediction  Z Cheng, MY Chow, D Jung, J Jeon
2017   Context Aware Computing, Learning and Big Data in Internet of Things: A Survey  OB Sezer, E Dogdu, AM Ozbayoglu 
2016   How big data changes statistical machine learning  L Bottou
2016   Real-time big data analytics for multimedia transmission and storage  K Wang, J Mi, C Xu, L Shu, DJ Deng
2016   Big data and machine learning in radiation oncology: state of the art and future prospects  JE Bibault, P Giraud, A Burgun
2016   Strategies and Principles of Distributed Machine Learning on Big Data  EP Xing, Q Ho, P Xie, W Dai
2016   Big Data Reduction Methods: A Survey  MH ur Rehman, CS Liew, A Abbas, PP Jayaraman
2016   Deep Learning Algorithm and Applications in Location Big Data Mining  FQ GAO, HX XIA
2016   Big Data analytics: Computational intelligence techniques and application areas  R Iqbal, F Doctor, B More, S Mahmud, U Yousuf
2016   International Conference on Oriental Thinking and Fuzzy Logic: Celebration of the 50th Anniversary in the era of Complex Systems and Big Data  BY Cao, PZ Wang, ZL Liu, YB Zhong
2016   Big Data in context and robustness against heterogeneity  JS Marron
2016   The golden age for popularizing big data  LM Ni, J Xiao, H Tan
2016   Self-Adaptive Parameters Optimization for Incremental Classification in Big Data Using Neural Network  S Fong, C Fang, N Tian, R Wong, BW Yap
2016   Text Analytics: the convergence of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence  A Moreno, T Redondo
2016   Sensor-Based Tracking and Big Data Processing of Patient Activities in Ambient Assisted Living  D Nienhold, R Dornberger, S Korkut
2016   Spark based distributed Deep Learning framework for Big Data applications  A Khumoyun, Y Cui, L Hanku
2016   Enhancing Big Data Value Using Knowledge Discovery Techniques  M Abdrabo, M Elmogy, G Eltaweel, S Barakat
2016   Temporal-Spatial Aggregated Urban Air Quality Inference with Heterogeneous Big Data  C Hefei
2016   Studying the Consumer Behavior through Big Data  D Dinu, I Stoica
2016   Big Data Technologies and Applications  B Furht, F Villanustre
2016   Deep Learning Techniques in Big Data Analytics  MM Najafabadi, F Villanustre, TM Khoshgoftaar
2016   Multi-dimensional and customizable open-source labware for promoting big data analytical skills in STEM education  Y Xie, K Qian, J He
2016   2 sustainable harvesting of the big data potential  S Klous
2016   Exploring the Potential of Big Data for Malware Detection and Mitigation Techniques in the Android Environment  R Hussain, D Kim, M Nogueira, J Son, H Oh
2016   Big data integration shows Australian bush-fire frequency is increasing significantly  R Dutta, A Das, J Aryal
2016   An Approach of Big Data analysis for Advertising and marketing agencies for tracking news website media to understand responsiveness  AK Agrahari, D Roy
2016   An Energy-Efficient and Scalable Deep Learning/Inference Processor With Tetra-Parallel MIMD Architecture for Big Data Applications.  SW Park, J Park, K Bong, D Shin, J Lee, S Choi
2016   Scalable machine‐learning algorithms for big data analytics: a comprehensive review  P Gupta, A Sharma, R Jindal
2016   Mobile Big Data Analytics Using Deep Learning and Apache Spark  MA Alsheikh, D Niyato, S Lin, HP Tan, Z Han
2016   Survey of Deep and Extreme Learning Machines for Big data Classification  M Deepa, MR Lakshmi
2016   Audio Computing In The Wild: Frameworks For Big Data And Small Computers  M KIM
2016   Big data analytics in bioinformatics: architectures, techniques, tools and issues  H Kashyap, HA Ahmed, N Hoque, S Roy
2016   DeepSpace: An Online Deep Learning Framework for Mobile Big Data to Understand Human Mobility Patterns  X Ouyang, C Zhang, P Zhou, H Jiang
2016   Bridging the Semantic Gaps of GPU Acceleration for Scale-out CNN-based Big Data Processing: Think Big, See Small  M Song, Y Hu, Y Xu, C Li, H Chen, J Yuan, T Li
2016   Image Classification Based on Deep Learning for Big Data of Power Grid  J Yin, Y Zhu, W Shi, Y Qiu, X Liu, G Sheng
2016   Smart Citizen Sensing: A Proposed Computational System with Visual Sentiment Analysis and Big Data Architecture  KB Ahmed, M Bouhorma, MB Ahmed
2016   Big data analytics  V Rajaraman
2016   Applications of Big Data Analytics Tools for Data Management  M Jamshidi, B Tannahill, M Ezell, Y Yetis, H Kaplan
2016   Apache Hama: An Emerging Bulk Synchronous Parallel Computing Framework for Big Data Applications  K Siddique, Z Akhtar, E Yoon, YS Jeong, D Dasgupta
2016   Deep Artificial Neural Networks and Neuromorphic Chips for Big Data Analysis: Pharmaceutical and Bioinformatics Applications  LA Pastur
2015   Future of big data  DA Heger
2015   Learning Methodologies for Wireless Big Data Networks: A Markovian Game-Theoretic Perspective  C Yang
2015   Deep Broad Learning-Big Models for Big Data  NA Zaidi, GI Webb, MJ Carman, F Petitjean
2015   Computing brains: neuroscience, machine intelligence and big data in the cognitive classroom  B Williamson
2015   Big Data Research  T Huang, L Lan, X Fang, P An, J Min, F Wang
2015   A Localist Paradigm for Big Data  T Achler
2015   Guest Editorial Multimedia: The Biggest Big Data  SC Chen, R Jain, Y Tian, H Wang
2015   Big Data Architecture for Environmental Analytics  R Dutta, C Li, D Smith, A Das, J Aryal
2015   HPC-ABDS High Performance Computing Enhanced Apache Big Data Stack  GC Fox, J Qiu, S Kamburugamuve, S Jha, A Luckow
2015   Cancer research in the era of next-generation sequencing and big data calls for intelligent modeling  J Yli
2015   Societal, Economic, Ethical and Legal Challenges of the Digital Revolution: From Big Data to Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Manipulative Technologies  D Helbing
2015   Leveraging big data for grasp planning  D Kappler, J Bohg, S Schaal
2015   Cloud Based Big Data Analytics Framework for Face Recognition in Social Networks Using Machine Learning  A Vinay, VS Shekhar, J Rituparna, T Aggrawal
2015   A survey of open source tools for machine learning with big data in the Hadoop ecosystem  S Landset, TM Khoshgoftaar, AN Richter, T Hasanin
2015   Intelligence Science and Big Data Engineering. Image and Video Data Engineering: 5th International Conference, IScIDE 2015, Suzhou, China, June 14-16, 2015, …  X He, X Gao, Y Zhang, ZH Zhou, ZY Liu, B Fu, F Hu
2015   Intelligence Science and Big Data Engineering. Big Data and Machine Learning Techniques: 5th International Conference, IScIDE 2015, Suzhou, China, June 14-16, …  X He, X Gao, Y Zhang, ZH Zhou, ZY Liu, B Fu, F Hu
2015   Promises and Challenges of Big Data Computing in Health Sciences  T Huang, L Lan, X Fang, P An, J Min, F Wang
2015   Masterarbeit: Big Data and Machine Learning: A Case Study with Bump Boost  M Alber
2015   Convolutional Data: Towards Deep Audio Learning from Big Data  H Ali, SN Tran, ASA Garcez, T Weyde
2015   Deep learning applications and challenges in big data analytics  M Maryam
2015   Big data technology: current applications and prospects  L Jianxin
2015   Statistical Inference, Learning and Models in Big Data  B Franke, JF Plante, R Roscher, A Lee, C Smyth
2015   Big Data and Deep Learning for Understanding DoD Data  Y Zhao, DJ MacKinnon, SP Gallup
2015   Semantic Technology: Intelligent Solutions for Big Data Challenges  NLP Deep
2015   Development of a Big Data Framework for Connectomic Research  T Adams
2015   Information Entanglement: Developments in Cognitive Based Knowledge Acquisition Strategies Based on Big Data  W Van De Bogart
2015   A Research on Machine Learning Methods for Big Data Processing  J Qiu, Y Sun
2015   A feature selection method for comparision of each concept in big data  T Nakanishi
2015   Big Picture of Big Data Software Engineering: With Example Research Challenges  NH Madhavji, A Miranskyy, K Kontogiannis
2015   Cambridge Big Data  CB Data
2015   The Big Data Landscape: Hurdles and Opportunities  D Agrawal, S Chawla
2015   Parallel and Scalable Methods for Scientific Big Data Analytics  IM Riedel
2015   Big Data Driven Optimization for Mobile Networks towards 5G  K Zheng, Z Yang, K Zhang, P Chatzimisios
2015   Identifying Dwarfs Workloads in Big Data Analytics  W Gao, C Luo, J Zhan, H Ye, X He, L Wang, Y Zhu
2015   Learning to Process Natural Language in Big Data Environment  H Li
2015   Optimization Approach to Depot Location in Car Sharing Systems with Big Data  X Zhu, J Li, Z Liu, F Yang
2015   Deep Computation Model for Unsupervised Feature Learning on Big Data  Q Zhang, LT Yang, Z Chen
2015   Big Data for Remote Sensing: Challenges and Opportunities  M Chi, A Plaza, JA Benediktsson, Z Sun, J Shen, Y Zhu
2015   Big Data Platforms and Techniques  SM Borodo, SM Shamsuddin, S Hasan
2015   An Efficient Approach for Web Indexing of Big Data through Hyperlinks in Web Crawling  RS Devi, D Manjula, RK Siddharth
2015   Big Data Analytic: Cases for Communications Systems Modeling and Renewable Energy Forecast  YS Manjili, M Niknamfar
2015   Big data analytics and business analytics  L Duan, Y Xiong
2015   Big Data Analytic Paradigms-From Principle Component Analysis to Deep Learning1  M Jamshidi, B Tannahill, A Moussavi
2015   Random Bits Regression: a Strong General Predictor for Big Data  Y Wang, Y Li, M Xiong, L Jin
2014   Big Data Comes to School: Reconceptualizing Evidence and Research in the Era of Technology-mediated Learning1  B Cope, M Kalantzis
2014   Big Data Opportunities and Challenges: Discussions from Data Analytics Perspectives [Discussion Forum]  Z Zhou, N Chawla, Y Jin, G Williams
2014   Application and Architecture of Power Dispatching & Distribution System Using Big Data Technology  RC Yuan, H Yan, XM Zhou, FC Di, LX Li
2014   Parallel deep neural network training for big data on blue gene/Q  I Chung, TN Sainath, B Ramabhadran, M Picheny