Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: biometric

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Deep Arm/Ear-ECG Image Learning for Highly Wearable Biometric Human Identification  Q Zhang, D Zhou 
2017   Face Spoofing Attacks Detection In Biometric System.  MKD Vishnu, RD Raut, VM Thakare
2017   Biometric Identification from Raw ECG Signal Using Deep Learning Techniques  L Wieclaw, Y Khoma, P Falat, D Sabodashko
2017   Finger vein secure biometric template generation based on deep learning  Y Liu, J Ling, Z Liu, J Shen, C Gao
2017   DeepBUFS: Deep Learned Biometric User Feedback System  C Chow
2016   Generating Secret Keys from Biometric Body Impedance Measurements  M Roeschlin, I Sluganovic, I Martinovic, G Tsudik
2016   Impact of multi-focused images on recognition of soft biometric traits  V Chiesa, JL Dugelay
2016   Machine Learning Techniques for Gait Biometric Recognition: Using the Ground Reaction Force  JE Mason, I Traoré, I Woungang
2016   Gait Biometric Recognition  JE Mason, I Traoré, I Woungang
2016   Face Anti-spoofing in Biometric Systems  Z Boulkenafet, Z Akhtar, X Feng, A Hadid
2016   Improving Biometric Identification Performance Using PCANet Deep Learning and Multispectral Palmprint  A Meraoumia, F Kadri, H Bendjenna, S Chitroub
2016   On accuracy estimation and comparison of results in biometric research  D Mery, Y Zhao, K Bowyer
2016   Aspects Related To Fake Biometric Values  TV Singh, SL Sowjanya, PS Kumar
2015   Biometric Recognition: 10th Chinese Conference, CCBR 2015, Tianjin, China, November 13-15, 2015, Proceedings  J Yang, J Yang, Z Sun, S Shan, W Zheng, J Feng
2015   Guest Editorial Special Issue on Biometric Spoofing and Countermeasures  N Evans, SZ Li, S Marcel, A Ross
2015   Utilizing deep neural nets for an embedded ECG-based biometric authentication system  A Page, A Kulkarni, T Mohsenin
2014   Multimodal Biometric Gait Database: A Comparison Study  E Hossain, G Chetty