Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: blind

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Blind High Dynamic Range Quality estimation by disentangling perceptual and noise features in images  NK Kottayil, G Valenzise, F Dufaux, I Cheng 
2017   Blind Image Quality Assessment via Vector Regression and Object Oriented Pooling  J Gu, G Meng, J Redi, S Xiang, C Pan 
2017   Blind Image Quality Assessment Via Cascaded Multi-Task Learning  Z Duanmu
2017   DeblurGAN: Blind Motion Deblurring Using Conditional Adversarial Networks  O Kupyn, V Budzan, M Mykhailych, D Mishkin, J Matas 
2017   A Deep Learning Approach for Blind Drift Calibration of Sensor Networks  Y Wang, A Yang, X Chen, P Wang, Y Wang, H Yang
2017   Real-Time Objects Recognition Approach for Assisting Blind People  JS Zraqou, WM Alkhadour, MZ Siam
2017   Learning Blind Motion Deblurring  P Wieschollek, M Hirsch, B Schölkopf, H Lensch
2017   Opinion Aware Blind Image Quality Assessment-A Comparison of three Learning Approaches  S Gopika, D Malathi, JDD Jayaseeli
2016   On the Use of Deep Learning for Blind Image Quality Assessment  S Bianco, L Celona, P Napoletano, R Schettini
2016   Single image super-resolution via blind blurring estimation and anchored space mapping  X Zhao, Y Wu, J Tian, H Zhang
2016   Toward a Blind Deep Quality Evaluator for Stereoscopic Images Based on Monocular and Binocular Interactions  F Shao, W Tian, W Lin, G Jiang, Q Dai
2016   Deep Blind Compressed Sensing  S Singh, V Singhal, A Majumdar
2016   Blind Room Acoustics Characterization Using Recurrent Neural Networks and Modulation Spectrum Dynamics  JF Santos, TH Falk
2016   Blind Super-Resolution with Deep Convolutional Neural Networks  C Peyrard, M Baccouche, C Garcia
2016   Learning blind quality evaluator for stereoscopic images using joint sparse representation  F Shao, K Li, W Lin, G Jiang, Q Dai
2015   Simple, Accurate, and Robust Nonparametric Blind Super-Resolution  WZ Shao, M Elad
2015   Blind inpainting using the fully convolutional neural network  N Cai, Z Su, Z Lin, H Wang, Z Yang, BWK Ling
2014   Blind Image Quality Assessment on Real Distorted Images using Deep Belief Nets  D Ghadiyaram, AC Bovik
2014   A Quantitative Comparison Of Blind C50 Estimators  PP Parada, D Sharma, J Lainez, D Barreda, PA Naylor