Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: boosting

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Automatic Magnetic Resonance Image Prostate Segmentation Based on Adaptive Feature Learning Probability Boosting Tree Initialization and CNN-ASM Refinement  B He, D Xiao, Q Hu, F Jia 
2017   Action Recognition Using 3D Histograms of Texture and A Multi-class Boosting Classifier  B Zhang, Y Yang, C Chen, L Yang, J Han, L Shao
2017   Boosting Deep Learning Risk Prediction with Generative Adversarial Networks for Electronic Health Records  Z Che, Y Cheng, S Zhai, Z Sun, Y Liu
2017   Boosting Recommender Systems with Deep Learning  J Gomes
2017   Boosting Deep Attribute Learning via Support Vector Regression for Fast Moving Crowd Counting  X Wei, J Du, M Liang, L Ye 
2017   Boosting Dilated Convolutional Networks with Mixed Tensor Decompositions  N Cohen, R Tamari, A Shashua
2017   Boosting the accuracy of multi-spectral image pan-sharpening by learning a deep residual network  Y Wei, Q Yuan, H Shen, L Zhang
2017   Be Careful What You Backpropagate: A Case For Linear Output Activations & Gradient Boosting  A Oland, A Bansal, RB Dannenberg, B Raj
2017   Object detection using ensemble of linear classifiers with fuzzy adaptive boosting  K Kim, HI Choi, K Oh
2016   Boosting Neural POS Tagger for Farsi Using Morphological Information  P Passban, Q Liu, A Way
2016   Boosting compound-protein interaction prediction by deep learning  K Tian, M Shao, S Zhou, J Guan
2016   Synthesizing Training Images for Boosting Human 3D Pose Estimation  W Chen, H Wang, Y Li, H Su, D Lischinsk, D Cohen
2016   Incremental Boosting Convolutional Neural Network for Facial Action Unit Recognition  S Han, Z Meng, AS KHAN, Y Tong
2016   Semantic annotation for complex video street views based on 2D-3D multi-feature fusion and aggregated boosting decision forests  X Wang, G Yan, H Wang, J Fu, J Hua, J Wang, Y Yang
2016   Boosting Docking-based Virtual Screening with Deep Learning  JC Pereira, ER Caffarena, C Santos
2016   An Efficient Approach to Boosting Performance of Deep Spiking Network Training  S Park, S Lee, H Nam, S Yoon
2016   Dealing with High Dimensional Sentiment Data Using Gradient Boosting Machines  V Athanasiou, M Maragoudakis
2016   Exploratory Gradient Boosting for Reinforcement Learning in Complex Domains  D Abel, A Agarwal, F Diaz, A Krishnamurthy
2015   High-Speed Object Detection: Design, Study and Implementation of a Detection Framework using Channel Features and Boosting  TFH Runia
2015   On metric embedding for boosting semantic similarity computations  J Subercaze, C Gravier, F Laforest
2015   Scene Classification via a Gradient Boosting Random Convolutional Network Framework  F Zhang, B Du, L Zhang
2015   Active Online Confidence Boosting for Efficient Object Classification  D Mund, R Triebel, D Cremers
2015   Boosting Named Entity Recognition with Neural Character Embeddings  CN Santos, V Guimarães
2015   Student Creativity Boosting with Innovative Digital Activities to Enhance Study Course Quality  I Rudzinska, A Pop, M Dredetianu
2015   Boosting Convolutional Filters with Entropy Sampling for Optic Cup and Disc Image Segmentation from Fundus Images  JG Zilly, JM Buhmann, D Mahapatra
2015   Classification with boosting of extreme learning machine over arbitrarily partitioned data  FÖ Çatak
2014   Boosting learning-by-teaching in virtual tutoring  SW Park, CM Kim
2014   SelfieBoost: A Boosting Algorithm for Deep Learning  S Shalev