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2017   Multi channel brain EEG signals based emotional arousal classification with unsupervised feature learning using autoencoders  D Ayata, Y Yaslan, M Kamasak
2017   Residual and Plain Convolutional Neural Networks for 3D Brain MRI Classification  S Korolev, A Safiullin, M Belyaev, Y Dodonova
2017   Deep Ensemble Learning of Sparse Regression Models for Brain Disease Diagnosis  HI Suk, SW Lee, D Shen
2017   Hemodynamic Instability and Cardiovascular Events After Traumatic Brain Injury Predict Outcome After Artifact Removal With Deep Belief Network Analysis.  H Kim, SB Lee, Y Son, M Czosnyka, DJ Kim
2017   With or without you: predictive coding and Bayesian inference in the brain  L Aitchison, M Lengyel
2017   Brain Tumor Segmentation Using Deep Learning Technique  OM Singh
2017   Optimal feature selection and Deep Learning Ensembles Method for emotion recognition from human brain EEG sensors  RM Mehmood, R Du, HJ Lee
2017   A deep learning model integrating FCNNs and CRFs for brain tumor segmentation  X Zhao, Y Wu, G Song, Z Li, Y Zhang, Y Fan
2017   Deep learning with convolutional neural networks for brain mapping and decoding of movement-related information from the human EEG  RT Schirrmeister, JT Springenberg, LDJ Fiederer
2017   Efficient symmetry-driven fully convolutional network for multimodal brain tumor segmentation  H Shen, J Zhang, W Zheng 
2017   A Heterogeneous Multi-Core System-on-Chip for Energy Efficient Brain Inspired Computing  A Pullini, F Conti, D Rossi, I Loi, M Gautschi, L Benini
2017   Generative Adversarial Networks Conditioned by Brain Signals  S Palazzo, C Spampinato, I Kavasidis, D Giordano
2017   A computational discussion on brain topodynamics: Comment on “Topodynamics of metastable brains” by Arturo Tozzi et al.  CJ Henry
2017   Exploring a smart pathological brain detection method on pseudo Zernike moment  YD Zhang, Y Jiang, W Zhu, S Lu, G Zhao
2017   Boundary-Aware Fully Convolutional Network for Brain Tumor Segmentation  H Shen, R Wang, J Zhang, SJ McKenna
2017   Hierarchical Multimodal Fusion of Deep-Learned Lesion and Tissue Integrity Features in Brain MRIs for Distinguishing Neuromyelitis Optica from Multiple Sclerosis  Y Yoo, LYW Tang, SH Kim, HJ Kim, LE Lee, DKB Li
2017   Population specific template construction and brain structure segmentation using deep learning methods  R Mehta
2017   Facial Expression Recognition for Traumatic Brain Injured Patients  CMA Ilyas, K Nasrollahi, TB Moeslund, M Rehm 
2017   Neuroimage special issue on brain segmentation and parcellation  RC Craddock, P Bellec, S Jbabdi
2017   Conditional Adversarial Network for Semantic Segmentation of Brain Tumor  M Rezaei, K Harmuth, W Gierke, T Kellermeier
2017   Constructing Fine-granularity Functional Brain Network Atlases via Deep Convolutional Autoencoder  Y Zhao, Q Dong, H Chen, A Iraji, Y Li, M Makkie, Z Kou
2017   Using Human Brain Activity to Guide Machine Learning  R Fong, W Scheirer, D Cox
2017   A 2D/3D Convolutional Neural Network for Brain White Matter Lesion Detection in Multimodal MRI  L Roa
2017   On hierarchical brain tumor segmentation in MRI using fully convolutional neural networks: A preliminary study  S Pereira, A Oliveira, V Alves, CA Silva
2017   A deep learning classification scheme based on augmented-enhanced features to segment organs at risk on the optic region in brain cancer patients  J Dolz, N Reyns, N Betrouni, D Kharroubi, M Quidet
2017   Predicting Cognitive Decline with Deep Learning of Brain Metabolism and Amyloid Imaging  H Choi, KH Jin
2017   BrainSegNet: a convolutional neural network architecture for automated segmentation of human brain structures  R Mehta, A Majumdar, J Sivaswamy
2017   Machine Learning Based Autism Detection Using Brain Imaging  GJ Katuwal
2017   Deep convolutional neural networks for brain image analysis on magnetic resonance imaging: a review  J Bernal, K Kushibar, DS Asfaw, S Valverde, A Oliver 
2017   Deep learning for segmentation of brain tumors: can we train with images from different institutions?  D Paredes, A Saha, MA Mazurowski
2017   PupilScreen: Using Smartphones to Assess Traumatic Brain Injury  ALAW BANKS, L MCGRATH, SN PATEL
2017   Brain Informatics: International Conference, BI 2017, Beijing, China, November 16-18, 2017, Proceedings  Y Zeng, Y He, JH Kotaleski, M Martone, B Xu, H Peng
2017   Quantifying the Impact of Type 2 Diabetes on Brain Perfusion Using Deep Neural Networks  B Saghafi, P Garg, BC Wagner, SC Smith, J Xu
2017   Multi-scale Networks for Segmentation of Brain Magnetic Resonance Images  J Wei, Y Xia
2017   Deep learning of joint myelin and T1w MRI features in normal-appearing brain tissue to distinguish between multiple sclerosis patients and healthy controls  Y Yoo, LYW Tang, T Brosch, DKB Li, S Kolind 
2017   Encoding Multi-Resolution Brain Networks Using Unsupervised Deep Learning  A Rahnama, A Alchihabi, V Gupta, P Antsaklis
2017   Brain Tumor Segmentation Using Deep Belief Networks and Pathological Knowledge  T Zhan, Y Chen, X Hong, Z Lu, Y Chen
2017   A Generalized Deep Learning Framework For Cross-Domain Learning In Brain Computer Interfaces  A Solon, S Gordon, V Lawhern, B Lance
2017   Real-Time Automatic Fetal Brain Extraction in Fetal MRI by Deep Learning  SSM Salehi, SR Hashemi, C Velasco
2017   A Novel Brain Decoding Method: a Correlation Network Framework for Revealing Brain Connections  S Yu, N Zheng, Y Ma, H Wu, B Chen 
2017   An Automatic Computerized Method for Segmentation Labels of Various Glioma Sub-regions on Supporting Brain Tumor Detection in Radiologic Imaging  P Guo 
2017   Fully Convolutional Network with Hypercolumn Features for Brain Tumor Segmentation  M Islam, H Ren 
2017   A modified brain emotional learning model for earthquake magnitude and fear prediction  SH Fakhrmoosavy, S Setayeshi, A Sharifi 
2017   A deep convolutional neural network for brain tissue segmentation in Neonatal MRI  K Murphy, GB Boylan, AF Smeaton, K McGuinness
2017   Age estimation from brain MRI images using deep learning  TW Huang, HT Chen, R Fujimoto, K Ito, K Wu, K Sato
2017   A deep learning-inspired model of the hippocampus as storage device of the brain extended dataset  A Fontana
2017   Smart pathological brain detection by synthetic minority oversampling technique, extreme learning machine, and Jaya algorithm  YD Zhang, G Zhao, J Sun, X Wu, ZH Wang, HM Liu
2017   Adversarial Training and Dilated Convolutions for Brain MRI Segmentation  JPW Pluim
2017   Unsupervised 3-D Feature Learning for Mild Traumatic Brain Injury  BS Manjunath
2017   The sampling brain  AN Sanborn, N Chater
2017   VoxResNet: Deep voxelwise residual networks for brain segmentation from 3D MR images  H Chen, Q Dou, L Yu, J Qin, PA Heng
2017   Brain2Image: Converting Brain Signals into Images  I Kavasidis, S Palazzo, C Spampinato, D Giordano
2017   A Novel Deep Learning Based Multi-class Classification Method for Alzheimer's Disease Detection Using Brain MRI Data  J Islam, Y Zhang 
2017   The First Car with a Brain  A Burkert
2017   Spatial Resolution of EEG Source Reconstruction in Assessing Brain Connectivity Analysis  JI Padilla
2017   A Multiscale Patch Based Convolutional Network for Brain Tumor Segmentation  J Stawiaski 
2017   Automated analysis of seizure semiology and brain electrical activity in presurgery evaluation of epilepsy: A focused survey  D Ahmedt‐Aristizabal, C Fookes, S Dionisio, K Nguyen 
2017   Brain Tumor Automatic Segmentation Using Fully Convolutional Networks  S Cui, L Mao, S Xiong
2017   Distance Metric Learning using Graph Convolutional Networks: Application to Functional Brain Networks  SI Ktena, S Parisot, E Ferrante, M Rajchl, M Lee
2017   Deep Learning for Brain Tumor Segmentation  MM Lopez
2017   Deep Learning for Brain MRI Segmentation: State of the Art and Future Directions  Z Akkus, A Galimzianova, A Hoogi, DL Rubin
2017   Auto-context Convolutional Neural Network (Auto-Net) for Brain Extraction in Magnetic Resonance Imaging  SSM Salehi, D Erdogmus, A Gholipour
2017   On the Compactness, Efficiency, and Representation of 3D Convolutional Networks: Brain Parcellation as a Pretext Task  W Li, G Wang, L Fidon, S Ourselin, MJ Cardoso
2017   GMM-based vascular segmentation method for 3D CBCT DSA brain images for SEEG plaaning in epilepsy surgery  A Ghilardi
2017   Evaluation of a deep learning approach for the segmentation of brain tissues and white matter hyperintensities of presumed vascular origin in MRI  P Moeskops, J de Bresser, HJ Kuijf, AM Mendrik 
2017   Texture and Structure Incorporated ScatterNet Hybrid Deep Learning Network (TS-SHDL) For Brain Matter Segmentation  A Singh, D Hazarika, A Bhattacharya
2016   Multimodal fusion of brain imaging data: A key to finding the missing link (s) in complex mental illness  VD Calhoun, J Sui
2016   Review of MRI-based Brain Tumor Image Segmentation Using Deep Learning Methods  A Işın, C Direkoğlu, M Şah
2016   Training the brain or tending a garden? Students' metaphors of learning predict their self-reported learning patterns  E Wegner, M Nückles
2016   Clinical decision support for Alzheimer's disease based on deep learning and brain network  C Hu, R Ju, Y Shen, P Zhou, Q Li
2016   Using deep belief network modelling to characterize differences in brain morphometry in schizophrenia  WHL Pinaya, A Gadelha, OM Doyle, C Noto, A Zugman
2016   “My Logic is Undeniable”: Replicating the Brain for Ideal Artificial Intelligence  SC Adams
2016   Toward Real-time Brain Sensing for Learning Assessment: Building a Rich Dataset  S Keating, E Walker, A Motupali, E Solovey
2016   Deep Learning of Brain Lesion Patterns for Predicting Future Disease Activity in Patients with Early Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis  Y Yoo, LW Tang, T Brosch, DKB Li, L Metz
2016   A deep learning based approach to classification of CT brain images  XW Gao, R Hui
2016   Modeling cognitive deficits following neurodegenerative diseases and traumatic brain injuries with deep convolutional neural networks  B Lusch, J Weholt, PD Maia, JN Kutz
2016   Use of convolutional neural network as the first step of fully automated tumor detection on 11C-methionine brain PET  K Hirata, W Takeuchi, S Yamaguchi, H Kobayashi
2016   Convolutional neural network can help differentiate FDG PET images of brain tumor between glioblastoma and primary central nervous system lymphoma  K Hirata, W Takeuchi, S Yamaguchi, H Kobayashi
2016   Classification of CT brain images based on deep learning networks  XW Gao, R Hui, Z Tian
2016   Large-scale machine learning in cancer and brain research: new applications that will drive future supercomputing systems  R Stevens
2016   Deep Learning for Brain Tumor Classification  JS Paul
2016   Statistical Learning of Biological Structure in Human Brain Imaging  D Bzdok
2016   Stacking denoising auto-encoders in a deep network to segment the brainstem on MRI in brain cancer patients: a clinical study  J Dolz, N Betrouni, M Quidet, D Kharroubi, HA Leroy
2016   Segmenting Brain Tissues from Chinese Visible Human Dataset by Deep-Learned Features with Stacked Autoencoder  G Zhao, X Wang, Y Niu, L Tan, SX Zhang
2016   Hough-CNN: Deep Learning for Segmentation of Deep Brain Regions in MRI and Ultrasound  F Milletari, SA Ahmadi, C Kroll, A Plate, V Rozanski
2016   End-to-end learning of brain tissue segmentation from imperfect labeling  A Fedorov, J Johnson, E Damaraju, A Ozerin
2016   Brain tumor classification of microscopy images using deep residual learning  Y Ishikawa, K Washiya, K Aoki, H Nagahashi
2016   Predicting brain age with deep learning from raw imaging data results in a reliable and heritable biomarker  JH Cole, RPK Poudel, D Tsagkrasoulis, MWA Caan
2016   Is Addiction a Brain Disease?  KC Berridge
2016   Multi-scale CNNs for Brain Tumor Segmentation and Diagnosis  L Zhao, K Jia, C Beijing
2016   Through the Computational Mechanism Underlying Human Brain Towards Computer Perception  L Zhang
2016   Sub-cortical brain structure segmentation using F-CNN's  M Shakeri, S Tsogkas, E Ferrante, S Lippe, S Kadoury
2016   Deep learning trends for focal brain pathology segmentation in MRI  M Havaei, N Guizard, H Larochelle, PM Jodoin
2016   Semi-supervised Learning using Denoising Autoencoders for Brain Lesion Detection and Segmentation  V Alex, K Vaidhya, S Thirunavukkarasu, C Kesavdas
2016   InterpoNet, A brain inspired neural network for optical flow dense interpolation  S Zweig, L Wolf
2016   Supervised deep segmentation network for brain extraction  A Sikka, G Mittal, DR Bathula, NC Krishnan
2016   Scalable algorithms for semi-automatic segmentation of electron microscopy images of the brain tissue  A Zlateski
2016   Fully convolutional networks for multi-modality isointense infant brain image segmentation  D Nie, L Wang, Y Gao, D Sken
2016   Efficient deep learning of 3D structural brain MRIs for manifold learning and lesion segmentation with application to multiple sclerosis  T Brosch
2016   Deep models for brain EM image segmentation: novel insights and improved performance  A Fakhry, H Peng, S Ji
2016   Deep MRI brain extraction: A 3D convolutional neural network for skull stripping  J Kleesiek, G Urban, A Hubert, D Schwarz
2016   New State-of-the-Art and Cutting-Edge Advances in Brain Tumor Imaging  RR Colen
2016   Exploring deep features from brain tumor magnetic resonance images via transfer learning  R Liu, LO Hall, DB Goldgof, M Zhou, RA Gatenby
2016   Cognitive Computing and Neural Networks: Reverse Engineering the Brain  AS Maida
2016   3D Deep Learning for Multi-modal Imaging-Guided Survival Time Prediction of Brain Tumor Patients  D Nie, H Zhang, E Adeli, L Liu, D Shen
2016   Generating Natural Language Descriptions for Semantic Representations of Human Brain Activity  E Matsuo, I Kobayashi, S Nishimoto, S Nishida, H Asoh
2016   VoxResNet: Deep Voxelwise Residual Networks for Volumetric Brain Segmentation  H Chen, Q Dou, L Yu, PA Heng
2016   Semantic-Based Brain MRI Image Segmentation Using Convolutional Neural Network  Y Chou, DJ Lee, D Zhang
2016   Automatic Brain Tissue Segmentation in MR Images Using Random Forests and Conditional Random Fields  S Pereira, A Pinto, J Oliveira, AM Mendrik, JH Correia
2016   MR brain image analysis in dementia: from quantitative imaging biomarkers to ageing brain models and imaging genetics  WJ Niessen
2016   Energetics of the brain and AI  A Sandberg
2016   Real-Time Control of an Articulatory-Based Speech Synthesizer for Brain Computer Interfaces  F Bocquelet, T Hueber, L Girin, C Savariaux, B Yvert
2016   The Offer Network Protocol: mathematical foundations and a roadmap for the development of a global brain  F Heylighen
2016   A Novel Framework Using Brain Computer Interfacing & EEG Microstates To Characterize Cognitive Functionality  SB Shaw
2016   Deep Belief Network Based Brain Activity Classification Using Eeg From Slow Cortical Potentials In Stroke  G ALTAN, Y KUTLU, N ALLAHVERDI
2016   The Mechanisms and Benefits of a Future-Oriented Brain  G PEZZULO
2015   Brain as an Emergent Finite Automaton: A Theory and Three Theorems  J Weng
2015   Brain Tumor Segmentation with Deep Neural Networks  M Havaei, A Davy, D Warde
2015   Deep Neural Networks for Anatomical Brain Segmentation  A de Brebisson, G Montana
2015   Fast ConvNets Using Group-wise Brain Damage  V Lebedev, V Lempitsky
2015   Brain-inspired cheminformatics of drug-target brain interactome, synthesis, and assay of TVP1022 derivatives  FJ Romero
2015   Brain Edge Detection  T Adams
2015   Deep Learning in Diagnosis of Brain Disorders  HI Suk, D Shen
2015   A flexible mesh to record the brain  I Jarchum
2015   Deep Learning Architecture with Dynamically Programmed Layers for Brain Connectome Prediction  V Veeriah, R Durvasula, GJ Qi
2015   Implementation of deep learning algorithm for automatic detection of brain tumors using intraoperative IR-thermal mapping data  AV Makarenko, MG Volovik
2015   A spectrum of sharing: maximization of information content for brain imaging data  VD Calhoun
2015   Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Brain Computer Interface using Motor Imagery  I Walker, M Deisenroth, A Faisal
2015   Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Multi-Modality Isointense Infant Brain Image Segmentation  W Zhang, R Li, H Deng, L Wang, W Lin, S Ji, D Shen
2015   Greasing the Skids of the Musical Mind Connecting Music Learning to Mind Brain Education  JA Bugos
2015   A comparative study of two prediction models for brain tumor progression  D Zhou, L Tran, J Wang, J Li
2015   Towards an Intelligent Network for Matching Offer and Demand: from the sharing economy to the Global Brain  F Heylighen
2015   Pain: a distributed brain information network?  H Mano, B Seymour
2015   What the brain tells us about the future of silicon  J Hawkins
2015   Deep independence network analysis of structural brain imaging: A simulation study  E Castro, D Hjelm, S Plis, L Dinh, J Turner, V Calhoun
2015   Deep learning EEG response representation for brain computer interface  L Jingwei, C Yin, Z Weidong
2015   Brain inspired approach to computational face recognition  JP da Silva Gomes
2014   Learning Deep Temporal Representations for Brain Decoding  O Firat, E Aksan, I Oztekin, FTY Vural
2014   Nuclei/Cell Detection in Microscopic Skeletal Muscle Fiber Images and Histopathological Brain Tumor Images Using Sparse Optimizations  H Su
2014   Automated Gene Expression Pattern Annotation In The Mouse Brain  TAO YANG, X ZHAO, B LIN, TAO ZENG, S JI, J YE
2014   Brain CT Image Classification with Deep Neural Networks  C Da, H Zhang, Y Sang