Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: cancer

Year TitleAuthor
2017   A deep learning based approach for classification of CerbB2 tumor cells in breast cancer  GA Tataroğlu, A Genç, KA Kabakçı, A Çapar
2017   Deep learning in breast cancer risk assessment: evaluation of convolutional neural networks on a clinical dataset of full-field digital mammograms  H Li, ML Giger, BQ Huynh, NO Antropova
2017   Bladder Cancer Treatment Response Assessment in CT using Radiomics with Deep-Learning  KH Cha, L Hadjiiski, HP Chan, AZ Weizer, A Alva
2017   Deep learning-based classification for head and neck cancer detection with hyperspectral imaging in an animal model  L Ma, G Lu, D Wang, X Wang, ZG Chen, S Muller
2017   Transfer learning from RF to B-mode temporal enhanced ultrasound features for prostate cancer detection  S Azizi, P Mousavi, P Yan, A Tahmasebi, JT Kwak
2017   Prognosis Cancer Prediction Model Using Deep Belief Network Approach.  FD GHAISANI, ITO WASITO, MOH FATURRAHMAN 
2017   Deep Learning with Lung Segmentation and Bone Shadow Exclusion Techniques for Chest X-Ray Analysis of Lung Cancer  Y Gordienko, P Gang, J Hui, W Zeng, Y Kochura 
2017   Deep Learning for Lung Cancer Detection: Tackling the Kaggle Data Science Bowl 2017 Challenge  K Kuan, M Ravaut, G Manek, H Chen, J Lin, B Nazir
2017   Breast Cancer Diagnosis in DCE-MRI using Mixture Ensemble of Convolutional Neural Networks  R Rasti, M Teshnehlab, SL Phung
2017   Deep Learning Based Algorithms Significantly Aid Breast Cancer Histopathology  J van der Laak, BE Bejnordi, DT Martin, P Bandi 
2017   An Optimized Framework for Cancer Classification Using Deep Learning and Genetic Algorithm  A Sharma, R Rani 
2017   Deep convolutional neural networks for classifying head and neck cancer using hyperspectral imaging  M Halicek, G Lu, JV Little, X Wang, M Patel, CC Griffith
2017   Artificial Neural Network Analysis of Volatile Organic Compounds for the detection of lung cancer  JB Butcher, AV Rutter, AJ Wootton, CR Day
2017   Deep Learning for Categorization of Lung Cancer CT Images  AM Rossetto, W Zhou
2017   Deep learning in breast cancer risk assessment: evaluation of convolutional neural networks on a clinical dataset of full-field digital mammograms.  H Li, ML Giger, BQ Huynh, NO Antropova
2017   Prostate cancer diagnosis with deep learning  B Wang
2017   Automatic breast cancer grading in lymph nodes using a deep neural network  T Wollmann, K Rohr
2017   Deep Learning for identifying radiogenomic associations in breast cancer  Z Zhu, E Albadawy, A Saha, J Zhang, MR Harowicz 
2017   Deep Learning Bi-telecentric Digital Holographic Microscopy for Aberration Compensation Applied to Cancer Cells  T Nguyen, V Bui, D Tran, G Nehmetallah
2017   Somatic Copy Number Alteration-Based Prediction of Molecular Subtypes of Breast Cancer Using Deep Learning Model  MM Islam, R Ajwad, C Chi, M Domaratzki, Y Wang
2017   A deep learning classification scheme based on augmented-enhanced features to segment organs at risk on the optic region in brain cancer patients  J Dolz, N Reyns, N Betrouni, D Kharroubi, M Quidet
2017   A pilot study in using deep-learning to predict limited life-expectancy in women with recurrent cervical cancer  K Matsuo, S Purushotham, A Moeini, G Li, H Machida
2017   Classification of breast cancer from ultrasound imaging using a generic deep learning analysis software: a pilot study  AS Becker, M Mueller, E Stoffel, M Marcon, S Ghafoor 
2017   Lung cancer classification using deep learned features on low population dataset  SM Salaken, A Khosravi, A Khatami, S Nahavandi
2017   Diagnostic Assessment of Deep Learning Algorithms for Detection of Lymph Node Metastases in Women With Breast Cancer  BE Bejnordi, M Veta, PJ van Diest, B van Ginneken 
2017   Identifying key radiogenomic associations between DCE-MRI and micro-RNA expressions for breast cancer  RK Samala, HP Chan, L Hadjiiski, MA Helvie, R Kim
2017   Convolutional neural network approach for enhanced capture of breast parenchymal complexity patterns associated with breast cancer risk  A Oustimov, A Gastounioti, MK Hsieh, L Pantalone
2017   Deep learning and three-compartment breast imaging in breast cancer diagnosis  K Drukker, BQ Huynh, ML Giger, S Malkov, JI Avila
2017   Bladder cancer treatment response assessment using deep learning in CT with transfer learning  KH Cha, LM Hadjiiski, HP Chan, RK Samala
2017   Deep learning in mammography: Diagnostic accuracy of a multipurpose image analysis software in the detection of breast cancer  AS Becker, M Marcon, S Ghafoor, MC Wurnig
2017   Computer-Aided Detection of Lung Cancer  K Suzuki
2017   Deep learning-based assessment of tumor-associated stroma for diagnosing breast cancer in histopathology images  BE Bejnordi, J Linz, B Glass, M Mullooly, GL Gierach
2017   Discriminative deep belief networks for microarray based cancer classification  EM Karabulut, T Ibrikci
2017   A Deep Feature Fusion Methodology for Breast Cancer Diagnosis Demonstrated on Three Imaging Modality Datasets  N Antropova, BQ Huynh, ML Giger
2017   Deep learning application trial to lung cancer diagnosis for medical sensor systems  R Shimizu, S Yanagawa, Y Monde, H Yamagishi
2017   Nuclear Architecture Analysis of Prostate Cancer via Convolutional Neural Networks  JT Kwak, SM Hewitt
2017   How to Fool Radiologists with Generative Adversarial Networks? A Visual Turing Test for Lung Cancer Diagnosis  MJM Chuquicusma, S Hussein, J Burt, U Bagci 
2017   Adversarial Networks for Prostate Cancer Detection  S Kohl, D Bonekamp, HP Schlemmer, K Yaqubi 
2017   High-Resolution Breast Cancer Screening with Multi-View Deep Convolutional Neural Networks  KJ Geras, S Wolfson, S Kim, L Moy, K Cho
2017   Superior prognosis prediction performance of deep learning for gastric cancer compared to Yonsei prognosis prediction model using Cox regression.  WJ Hyung, T Son, M Park, H Lee, YN Kim, HI Kim
2017   Searching for prostate cancer by fully automated magnetic resonance imaging classification: deep learning versus non-deep learning  X Wang, W Yang, J Weinreb, J Han, Q Li, X Kong 
2017   An Automatic Computer-Aided Diagnosis System for Breast Cancer in Digital Mammograms via Deep Belief Network  MA Al
2017   Deep learning on OCT images of skin cancer  D Raupov, O Myakinin, I Bratchenko, V Zakharov
2017   Quantum Annealing Assisted Deep Learning for Lung Cancer Detection  A Ward, N Bambos
2017   A Regularized Ensemble Framework of Deep Learning for Cancer Detection from Multi-class, Imbalanced Training Data  X Yuan, L Xie, M Abouelenien 
2017   Cell Segmentation In Cancer Histopathology Images Using Convolutional Neural Networks  V Kavassery Rajalingam
2017   Deferring Treatment in Men With Low and Low-Intermediate Risk Prostate Cancer Does Not Adversely Affect Outcome  MD Kelly, P Jeffe, GA Dawson, K Greener
2017   Deep Learning Method vs. Hand-Crafted Features for Lung Cancer Diagnosis and Breast Cancer Risk Analysis  W Sun
2017   Deep learning model based breast cancer histopathological image classification  B Wei, Z Han, X He, Y Yin
2017   Detection and grading of prostate cancer using temporal enhanced ultrasound: combining deep neural networks and tissue mimicking simulations  S Azizi, S Bayat, P Yan, A Tahmasebi, G Nir, JT Kwak
2017   A Deep Learning-based Multi-model Ensemble Method for Cancer Prediction  Y Xiao, J Wu, Z Lin, X Zhao
2017   Automated lesion segmentation and dermoscopic feature segmentation for skin cancer analysis  MP Pour, H Seker, L Shao
2017   Deep Learning in Cancer and Infectious Disease: Novel Driver Problems for Future HPC Architecture  R Stevens
2017   Automatic Feature Learning Using Multichannel ROI Based on Deep Structured Algorithms for Computerized Lung Cancer Diagnosis  W Sun, B Zheng, W Qian
2017   Classification of breast cancer cytological specimen using convolutional neural network  M Żejmo, M Kowal, J Korbicz, R Monczak
2017   Accurate and reproducible invasive breast cancer detection in whole-slide images: A Deep Learning approach for quantifying tumor extent  A Cruz
2017   Deep learning analytics for diagnostic support of breast cancer disease management  T He, M Puppala, R Ogunti, JJ Mancuso, X Yu, S Chen
2017   Skin cancer reorganization and classification with deep neural network  H Chang
2017   Prostate cancer diagnosis using deep learning with 3D multiparametric MRI  S Liu, H Zheng, Y Feng, W Li
2017   Convolutional neural network based deep-learning architecture for prostate cancer detection on multiparametric magnetic resonance images  YK Tsehay, NS Lay, HR Roth, X Wang, JT Kwak
2017   Computer-Assisted Diagnosis System for Breast Cancer in Computed Tomography Laser Mammography (CTLM)  A Jalalian, S Mashohor, R Mahmud, B Karasfi
2017   Fully convolutional networks with double-label for esophageal cancer image segmentation by self-transfer learning  DX Xue, R Zhang, YY Zhao, JM Xu, YL Wang
2017   Relevance of deep learning to facilitate the diagnosis of HER2 status in breast cancer  ME Vandenberghe, MLJ Scott, PW Scorer
2017   Deep Learning based multi-omics integration robustly predicts survival in liver cancer  K Chaudhary, OB Poirion, L Lu, L Garmire
2017   Comparison of machine learning methods for classifying mediastinal lymph node metastasis of non-small cell lung cancer from 18 F-FDG PET/CT images  H Wang, Z Zhou, Y Li, Z Chen, P Lu, W Wang, W Liu
2017   Medicine: The final frontier in cancer diagnosis  SA Leachman, G Merlino
2017   Dermatologist-level classification of skin cancer with deep neural networks  A Esteva, B Kuprel, RA Novoa, J Ko, SM Swetter
2017   Elastic restricted Boltzmann machines for cancer data analysis  S Zhang, M Liang, Z Zhou, C Zhang, N Chen, T Chen
2017   Medical image analysis of gastric cancer in digital histopathology: methods, applications and challenges  H Sharma
2017   Deep Learning for Automated Extraction of Primary Sites from Cancer Pathology Reports  J Qiu, HJ Yoon, PA Fearn, GD Tourassi
2017   Outcome prediction in colorectal cancer using digitized tumor samples and machine learning  D Bychkov, R Turkki, C Haglund, N Linder, J Lundin
2017   Deep learning to determine breast cancer estrogen receptor status from nuclear morphometric features in H&E images  RR Rawat, D Ruderman, DB Agus, P Macklin
2017   Breast cancer cell nuclei classification in histopathology images using deep neural networks  Y Feng, L Zhang, Z Yi
2016   High-Content Analysis of Breast Cancer Using Single-Cell Deep Transfer Learning  C Kandaswamy, LM Silva, LA Alexandre, JM Santos
2016   DeepCancer: Detecting Cancer through Gene Expressions via Deep Generative Learning  RR Bhat, V Viswanath, X Li
2016   Multi-Organ Cancer Classification and Survival Analysis  S Bauer, N Carion, P Schüffler, T Fuchs, P Wild
2016   Discrimination of Breast Cancer with Microcalcifications on Mammography by Deep Learning  J Wang, X Yang, H Cai, W Tan, C Jin, L Li
2016   Towards automatic pulmonary nodule management in lung cancer screening with deep learning  F Ciompi, K Chung, SJ van Riel, AAA Setio, PK Gerke
2016   Deep learning for tissue microarray image-based outcome prediction in patients with colorectal cancer  D Bychkov, R Turkki, C Haglund, N Linder, J Lundin
2016   Computer aided lung cancer diagnosis with deep learning algorithms  W Sun, B Zheng, W Qian
2016   An initial investigation on developing a new method to predict short-term breast cancer risk based on deep learning technology  Y Qiu, Y Wang, S Yan, M Tan, S Cheng, H Liu, B Zheng
2016   Semi-advised learning model for skin cancer diagnosis based on histopathalogical images  A Masood, A Al
2016   Large-scale machine learning in cancer and brain research: new applications that will drive future supercomputing systems  R Stevens
2016   Stacking denoising auto-encoders in a deep network to segment the brainstem on MRI in brain cancer patients: a clinical study  J Dolz, N Betrouni, M Quidet, D Kharroubi, HA Leroy
2016   Detection of prostate cancer using temporal sequences of ultrasound data: a large clinical feasibility study  S Azizi, F Imani, S Ghavidel, A Tahmasebi, JT Kwak
2016   Skin Cancer Detection and Tracking using Data Synthesis and Deep Learning  Y Li, A Esteva, B Kuprel, R Novoa, J Ko, S Thrun
2016   A Preliminary Study on Breast Cancer Risk Analysis Using Deep Neural Network  W Sun, TLB Tseng, B Zheng, W Qian
2016   Bladder cancer segmentation in CT for treatment response assessment: Application of deep-learning convolution neural network—A pilot study  KH Cha, L Hadjiiski, RK Samala, HP Chan, RH Cohan
2016   Breast Cancer Survivability Prediction via Classifier Ensemble  M Al
2016   DeepGene: an advanced cancer type classifier based on deep learning and somatic point mutations  Y Yuan, Y Shi, C Li, J Kim, W Cai, Z Han, DD Feng
2016   Deep Learning for Identifying Metastatic Breast Cancer  D Wang, A Khosla, R Gargeya, H Irshad, AH Beck
2016   Image classification for early detection of lung cancer  MA Morales Muñoz
2016   Prostate Cancer Classification using Convolutional Neural Networks  A Gummeson
2016   Deep Learning Assessment of Tumor Proliferation in Breast Cancer Histological Images  M Shah, C Rubadue, D Suster, D Wang
2016   Classifying HER2 breast cancer cell samples using deep learning  T Pitkäaho, TM Lehtimäki, J McDonald, TJ Naughton
2016   AggNet: Deep Learning from Crowds for Mitosis Detection in Breast Cancer Histology Images  S Albarqouni, C Baur, F Achilles, V Belagiannis
2016   Classifying Cancer Grades Using Temporal Ultrasound for Transrectal Prostate Biopsy  S Azizi, F Imani, JT Kwak, A Tahmasebi, S Xu, P Yan
2016   A Survey on Computational Intelligence Approaches for Predictive Modeling in Prostate Cancer  G Cosma, D Brown, M Archer, M Khan, AG Pockley
2016   Fingerprints, Facial Recognition and Cancer  RJ Vaz
2016   Locality Sensitive Deep Learning for Detection and Classification of Nuclei in Routine Colon Cancer Histology Images  K Sirinukunwattana, S Raza, YW Tsang, D Snead
2015   Cancer research in the era of next-generation sequencing and big data calls for intelligent modeling  J Yli
2015   Discovery Radiomics for Multi-Parametric MRI Prostate Cancer Detection  AG Chung, MJ Shafiee, D Kumar, F Khalvati
2015   Deep Networks for Early Stage Skin Disease and Skin Cancer Classification  A Esteva
2015   Breast cancer classification using deep belief networks  AM Abdel
2015   'Financial toxicity'looms as cancer combinations proliferate  C Morrison
2015   Stacked Sparse Autoencoder (SSAE) for Nuclei Detection on Breast Cancer Histopathology images.  J Xu, L Xiang, Q Liu, H Gilmore, J Wu, J Tang
2015   Artificial Metaplasticity for Deep Learning: Application to WBCD Breast Cancer Database Classification  J Fombellida, S Torres
2015   Abstract B1-08: Deep learning for the large-scale cancer data analysis  S Tsuji, H Aburatani
2015   Supervised Machine Learning Model for High Dimensional Gene Data in Colon Cancer Detection  H Chen, H Zhao, J Shen, R Zhou, Q Zhou
2015   Scattering Transform for Breast Cancer Detection  A López Tenza
2015   Ultrasound-Based Detection of Prostate Cancer Using Automatic Feature Selection with Deep Belief Networks  S Azizi, F Imani, B Zhuang, A Tahmasebi, JT Kwak
2015   Short-Term Mortality Prediction in Advanced Cancer Patients Eligible for End-of-Life (EOL) Care Processes Using Electronic Health Records  A Elfiky
2014   Integrative Data Analysis of Multi-platform Cancer Data with a Multimodal Deep Learning Approach  M Liang, Z Li, T Chen, J Zeng
2014   Mitosis detection in breast cancer pathology images by combining handcrafted and convolutional neural network features  H Wang, A Cruz