Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: cancer

Year TitleAuthor
2017   A deep learning based approach for classification of CerbB2 tumor cells in breast cancer  GA Tataroğlu, A Genç, KA Kabakçı, A Çapar
2017   Deep learning-based classification for head and neck cancer detection with hyperspectral imaging in an animal model  L Ma, G Lu, D Wang, X Wang, ZG Chen, S Muller
2017   Transfer learning from RF to B-mode temporal enhanced ultrasound features for prostate cancer detection  S Azizi, P Mousavi, P Yan, A Tahmasebi, JT Kwak
2017   Deep Learning for Lung Cancer Detection: Tackling the Kaggle Data Science Bowl 2017 Challenge  K Kuan, M Ravaut, G Manek, H Chen, J Lin, B Nazir
2017   Deep convolutional neural networks for classifying head and neck cancer using hyperspectral imaging  M Halicek, G Lu, JV Little, X Wang, M Patel, CC Griffith
2017   Deep Learning Bi-telecentric Digital Holographic Microscopy for Aberration Compensation Applied to Cancer Cells  T Nguyen, V Bui, D Tran, G Nehmetallah
2017   Somatic Copy Number Alteration-Based Prediction of Molecular Subtypes of Breast Cancer Using Deep Learning Model  MM Islam, R Ajwad, C Chi, M Domaratzki, Y Wang
2017   A deep learning classification scheme based on augmented-enhanced features to segment organs at risk on the optic region in brain cancer patients  J Dolz, N Reyns, N Betrouni, D Kharroubi, M Quidet
2017   Lung cancer classification using deep learned features on low population dataset  SM Salaken, A Khosravi, A Khatami, S Nahavandi
2017   Identifying key radiogenomic associations between DCE-MRI and micro-RNA expressions for breast cancer  RK Samala, HP Chan, L Hadjiiski, MA Helvie, R Kim
2017   Convolutional neural network approach for enhanced capture of breast parenchymal complexity patterns associated with breast cancer risk  A Oustimov, A Gastounioti, MK Hsieh, L Pantalone
2017   Deep learning and three-compartment breast imaging in breast cancer diagnosis  K Drukker, BQ Huynh, ML Giger, S Malkov, JI Avila
2017   Bladder cancer treatment response assessment using deep learning in CT with transfer learning  KH Cha, LM Hadjiiski, HP Chan, RK Samala
2017   Deep learning in mammography: Diagnostic accuracy of a multipurpose image analysis software in the detection of breast cancer  AS Becker, M Marcon, S Ghafoor, MC Wurnig
2017   Computer-Aided Detection of Lung Cancer  K Suzuki
2017   Deep learning-based assessment of tumor-associated stroma for diagnosing breast cancer in histopathology images  BE Bejnordi, J Linz, B Glass, M Mullooly, GL Gierach
2017   Discriminative deep belief networks for microarray based cancer classification  EM Karabulut, T Ibrikci
2017   Deep learning application trial to lung cancer diagnosis for medical sensor systems  R Shimizu, S Yanagawa, Y Monde, H Yamagishi
2017   High-Resolution Breast Cancer Screening with Multi-View Deep Convolutional Neural Networks  KJ Geras, S Wolfson, S Kim, L Moy, K Cho
2017   Superior prognosis prediction performance of deep learning for gastric cancer compared to Yonsei prognosis prediction model using Cox regression.  WJ Hyung, T Son, M Park, H Lee, YN Kim, HI Kim
2017   Cell Segmentation In Cancer Histopathology Images Using Convolutional Neural Networks  V Kavassery Rajalingam
2017   Deep learning model based breast cancer histopathological image classification  B Wei, Z Han, X He, Y Yin
2017   Detection and grading of prostate cancer using temporal enhanced ultrasound: combining deep neural networks and tissue mimicking simulations  S Azizi, S Bayat, P Yan, A Tahmasebi, G Nir, JT Kwak
2017   Deep Learning in Cancer and Infectious Disease: Novel Driver Problems for Future HPC Architecture  R Stevens
2017   Automatic Feature Learning Using Multichannel ROI Based on Deep Structured Algorithms for Computerized Lung Cancer Diagnosis  W Sun, B Zheng, W Qian
2017   Classification of breast cancer cytological specimen using convolutional neural network  M Żejmo, M Kowal, J Korbicz, R Monczak
2017   Accurate and reproducible invasive breast cancer detection in whole-slide images: A Deep Learning approach for quantifying tumor extent  A Cruz
2017   Deep learning analytics for diagnostic support of breast cancer disease management  T He, M Puppala, R Ogunti, JJ Mancuso, X Yu, S Chen
2017   Skin cancer reorganization and classification with deep neural network  H Chang
2017   Prostate cancer diagnosis using deep learning with 3D multiparametric MRI  S Liu, H Zheng, Y Feng, W Li
2017   Convolutional neural network based deep-learning architecture for prostate cancer detection on multiparametric magnetic resonance images  YK Tsehay, NS Lay, HR Roth, X Wang, JT Kwak
2017   Computer-Assisted Diagnosis System for Breast Cancer in Computed Tomography Laser Mammography (CTLM)  A Jalalian, S Mashohor, R Mahmud, B Karasfi
2017   Relevance of deep learning to facilitate the diagnosis of HER2 status in breast cancer  ME Vandenberghe, MLJ Scott, PW Scorer
2017   Deep Learning based multi-omics integration robustly predicts survival in liver cancer  K Chaudhary, OB Poirion, L Lu, L Garmire
2017   Comparison of machine learning methods for classifying mediastinal lymph node metastasis of non-small cell lung cancer from 18 F-FDG PET/CT images  H Wang, Z Zhou, Y Li, Z Chen, P Lu, W Wang, W Liu
2017   Medicine: The final frontier in cancer diagnosis  SA Leachman, G Merlino
2017   Dermatologist-level classification of skin cancer with deep neural networks  A Esteva, B Kuprel, RA Novoa, J Ko, SM Swetter
2017   Elastic restricted Boltzmann machines for cancer data analysis  S Zhang, M Liang, Z Zhou, C Zhang, N Chen, T Chen
2017   Medical image analysis of gastric cancer in digital histopathology: methods, applications and challenges  H Sharma
2017   Deep Learning for Automated Extraction of Primary Sites from Cancer Pathology Reports  J Qiu, HJ Yoon, PA Fearn, GD Tourassi
2017   Outcome prediction in colorectal cancer using digitized tumor samples and machine learning  D Bychkov, R Turkki, C Haglund, N Linder, J Lundin
2017   Deep learning to determine breast cancer estrogen receptor status from nuclear morphometric features in H&E images  RR Rawat, D Ruderman, DB Agus, P Macklin
2016   High-Content Analysis of Breast Cancer Using Single-Cell Deep Transfer Learning  C Kandaswamy, LM Silva, LA Alexandre, JM Santos
2016   DeepCancer: Detecting Cancer through Gene Expressions via Deep Generative Learning  RR Bhat, V Viswanath, X Li
2016   Multi-Organ Cancer Classification and Survival Analysis  S Bauer, N Carion, P Schüffler, T Fuchs, P Wild
2016   Discrimination of Breast Cancer with Microcalcifications on Mammography by Deep Learning  J Wang, X Yang, H Cai, W Tan, C Jin, L Li
2016   Towards automatic pulmonary nodule management in lung cancer screening with deep learning  F Ciompi, K Chung, SJ van Riel, AAA Setio, PK Gerke
2016   Deep learning for tissue microarray image-based outcome prediction in patients with colorectal cancer  D Bychkov, R Turkki, C Haglund, N Linder, J Lundin
2016   Computer aided lung cancer diagnosis with deep learning algorithms  W Sun, B Zheng, W Qian
2016   An initial investigation on developing a new method to predict short-term breast cancer risk based on deep learning technology  Y Qiu, Y Wang, S Yan, M Tan, S Cheng, H Liu, B Zheng
2016   Semi-advised learning model for skin cancer diagnosis based on histopathalogical images  A Masood, A Al
2016   Large-scale machine learning in cancer and brain research: new applications that will drive future supercomputing systems  R Stevens
2016   Stacking denoising auto-encoders in a deep network to segment the brainstem on MRI in brain cancer patients: a clinical study  J Dolz, N Betrouni, M Quidet, D Kharroubi, HA Leroy
2016   Detection of prostate cancer using temporal sequences of ultrasound data: a large clinical feasibility study  S Azizi, F Imani, S Ghavidel, A Tahmasebi, JT Kwak
2016   Skin Cancer Detection and Tracking using Data Synthesis and Deep Learning  Y Li, A Esteva, B Kuprel, R Novoa, J Ko, S Thrun
2016   A Preliminary Study on Breast Cancer Risk Analysis Using Deep Neural Network  W Sun, TLB Tseng, B Zheng, W Qian
2016   Bladder cancer segmentation in CT for treatment response assessment: Application of deep-learning convolution neural network—A pilot study  KH Cha, L Hadjiiski, RK Samala, HP Chan, RH Cohan
2016   Breast Cancer Survivability Prediction via Classifier Ensemble  M Al
2016   DeepGene: an advanced cancer type classifier based on deep learning and somatic point mutations  Y Yuan, Y Shi, C Li, J Kim, W Cai, Z Han, DD Feng
2016   Deep Learning for Identifying Metastatic Breast Cancer  D Wang, A Khosla, R Gargeya, H Irshad, AH Beck
2016   Image classification for early detection of lung cancer  MA Morales Muñoz
2016   Prostate Cancer Classification using Convolutional Neural Networks  A Gummeson
2016   Deep Learning Assessment of Tumor Proliferation in Breast Cancer Histological Images  M Shah, C Rubadue, D Suster, D Wang
2016   Classifying HER2 breast cancer cell samples using deep learning  T Pitkäaho, TM Lehtimäki, J McDonald, TJ Naughton
2016   AggNet: Deep Learning from Crowds for Mitosis Detection in Breast Cancer Histology Images  S Albarqouni, C Baur, F Achilles, V Belagiannis
2016   Classifying Cancer Grades Using Temporal Ultrasound for Transrectal Prostate Biopsy  S Azizi, F Imani, JT Kwak, A Tahmasebi, S Xu, P Yan
2016   A Survey on Computational Intelligence Approaches for Predictive Modeling in Prostate Cancer  G Cosma, D Brown, M Archer, M Khan, AG Pockley
2016   Fingerprints, Facial Recognition and Cancer  RJ Vaz
2016   Locality Sensitive Deep Learning for Detection and Classification of Nuclei in Routine Colon Cancer Histology Images  K Sirinukunwattana, S Raza, YW Tsang, D Snead
2015   Cancer research in the era of next-generation sequencing and big data calls for intelligent modeling  J Yli
2015   Discovery Radiomics for Multi-Parametric MRI Prostate Cancer Detection  AG Chung, MJ Shafiee, D Kumar, F Khalvati
2015   Deep Networks for Early Stage Skin Disease and Skin Cancer Classification  A Esteva
2015   Breast cancer classification using deep belief networks  AM Abdel
2015   'Financial toxicity'looms as cancer combinations proliferate  C Morrison
2015   Stacked Sparse Autoencoder (SSAE) for Nuclei Detection on Breast Cancer Histopathology images.  J Xu, L Xiang, Q Liu, H Gilmore, J Wu, J Tang
2015   Artificial Metaplasticity for Deep Learning: Application to WBCD Breast Cancer Database Classification  J Fombellida, S Torres
2015   Abstract B1-08: Deep learning for the large-scale cancer data analysis  S Tsuji, H Aburatani
2015   Supervised Machine Learning Model for High Dimensional Gene Data in Colon Cancer Detection  H Chen, H Zhao, J Shen, R Zhou, Q Zhou
2015   Scattering Transform for Breast Cancer Detection  A López Tenza
2015   Ultrasound-Based Detection of Prostate Cancer Using Automatic Feature Selection with Deep Belief Networks  S Azizi, F Imani, B Zhuang, A Tahmasebi, JT Kwak
2015   Short-Term Mortality Prediction in Advanced Cancer Patients Eligible for End-of-Life (EOL) Care Processes Using Electronic Health Records  A Elfiky
2014   Integrative Data Analysis of Multi-platform Cancer Data with a Multimodal Deep Learning Approach  M Liang, Z Li, T Chen, J Zeng
2014   Mitosis detection in breast cancer pathology images by combining handcrafted and convolutional neural network features  H Wang, A Cruz