Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: car

Year TitleAuthor
2017   A Review of Neural Network based Semantic Segmentation for Scene Understanding in Context of the self driving Car  J Niemeijer, P Pekezou Fouopi, S Knake
2017   POSTER: Anomaly-based misbehaviour detection in connected car backends  O Berlin, A Held, M Matousek, F Kargl
2017   Deep Learning Approach for Car Detection in UAV Imagery  N Ammour, H Alhichri, Y Bazi, B Benjdira, N Alajlan
2017   Training My Car to See using Virtual Worlds  AM López, G Villalonga, L Sellart, G Ros, D Vázquez
2017   A Mobile Cloud Framework for Deep Learning and Its Application to Smart Car Camera  CH Chen, CR Lee, WCH Lu
2017   A large-scale and global car dataset for verification  L Hu, X Luo, J Deng, F Lai, J Hu, Y Yu
2017   Car Model Classification Using Deep Learning  SMM Hosseini
2017   Deep CNNs With Spatially Weighted Pooling for Fine-Grained Car Recognition  Q Hu, H Wang, T Li, C Shen
2017   Research on the Recognition of Car Models Based on Deep-learning Networks  S Zhao, XL Zhu, YB Li, L Zhang
2017   Deep learning-based fine-grained car make/model classification for visual surveillance  E Gundogdu, ES Parıldı, B Solmaz, V Yücesoy, A Koç
2017   The First Car with a Brain  A Burkert
2016   Brain4Cars: Car That Knows Before You Do via Sensory-Fusion Deep Learning Architecture  A Jain, HS Koppula, S Soh, B Raghavan, A Singh
2016   Car parking occupancy detection using smart camera networks and Deep Learning  G Amato, F Carrara, F Falchi, C Gennaro, C Vairo
2015   Joint Deep Learning for Car Detection  S Feyzabadi
2015   Learning And-Or Models to Represent Context and Occlusion for Car Detection and Viewpoint Estimation  T Wu, B Li, SC Zhu
2015   Optimization Approach to Depot Location in Car Sharing Systems with Big Data  X Zhu, J Li, Z Liu, F Yang
2015   Moving Car Detection and Model Recognition based on Deep Learning  Y Gao, HJ Lee