Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: cell

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Deep Learning of Cell Mixtures in Timelapse Videos  S Pai
2017   Cell Detection with Deep Learning Accelerated by Sparse Kernel  J Huang, Z Xu
2017   DeepPap: Deep Convolutional Networks for Cervical Cell Classification  L Zhang, L Lu, I Nogues, R Summers, S Liu, J Yao
2017   Calculate Deep Convolution NeurAl Network on Cell Unit  H Lu, Y Zhou, ZK Zhang
2017   A Guided Spatial Transformer Network for Histology Cell Differentiation  M Aubreville, M Krappmann, C Bertram, R Klopfleisch
2017   Visualizing Deep Learning Activations for Improved Malaria Cell Classification  R Sivaramakrishnan, S Antani, S Jaeger 
2017   A Deep Residual Inception Network for HEp-2 Cell Classification  Y Li, L Shen
2017   Image Segmentation and Classification for Sickle Cell Disease using Deformable U-Net  M Zhang, X Li, M Xu, Q Li 
2017   Cell Segmentation In Cancer Histopathology Images Using Convolutional Neural Networks  V Kavassery Rajalingam
2017   MIMO-Net: A multi-input multi-output convolutional neural network for cell segmentation in fluorescence microscopy images  SEA Raza, L Cheung, D Epstein, S Pelengaris, M Khan
2017   Cell dynamic morphology analysis by deep convolutional features  H Li, Z Liu, F Pang, Y Shi
2017   Using the Past to Predict the Future: Applications of High Throughput Longitudinal Single Cell Analysis, Genomics, Stem Cells and Machine Learning to Discovery  S Finkbeiner
2017   Microscopy Cell Segmentation via Adversarial Neural Networks  A Arbelle, TR Raviv
2017   Cell Detection with Deep Convolutional Neural Network and Compressed Sensing  Y Xue, N Ray
2017   Embryo cell detection using regions with convolutional neural networks  A Matusevičius, D Dirvanauskas, R Maskeliūnas
2017   Comparison of machine learning methods for classifying mediastinal lymph node metastasis of non-small cell lung cancer from 18 F-FDG PET/CT images  H Wang, Z Zhou, Y Li, Z Chen, P Lu, W Wang, W Liu
2017   Breast cancer cell nuclei classification in histopathology images using deep neural networks  Y Feng, L Zhang, Z Yi
2016   A Framework for Automated Meta-Analysis: Dendritic Cell Therapy Case Study  AA Boyko, YC Kim, AY Lupatov, P AI, S RE, AV Shvets
2016   A Mile Wide but 1 Cell Thick: The Need to Prioritize Learning in Graduate Medical Education  GM Sullivan
2016   Novel segmentation algorithm for identification of cell membrane staining in HER2 images  M Wdowiak, T Markiewicz, S Osowski, J Patera
2016   Data-driven definition of cell types based on single-cell gene expression data  A Glaros
2016   Constructing Platform for Distance Training of the National Training Program Based on Learning Cell  XU Bi
2016   Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Human Embryonic Cell Counting  A Khan, S Gould, M Salzmann
2016   Overlapping cell nuclei segmentation in microscopic images using deep belief networks  R Duggal, A Gupta, R Gupta, M Wadhwa, C Ahuja
2016   Segmenting overlapping cervical cell in Pap smear images  Y Song, JZ Cheng, D Ni, S Chen, B Lei, T Wang
2016   Classifying HER2 breast cancer cell samples using deep learning  T Pitkäaho, TM Lehtimäki, J McDonald, TJ Naughton
2016   Microscopy cell counting and detection with fully convolutional regression networks  W Xie, JA Noble, A Zisserman
2016   Mitochondria-based Renal Cell Carcinoma Subtyping: Learning from Deep vs. Flat Feature Representations  PJ Schüffler, J Sarungbam, H Muhammad, E Reznik
2016   Deep Learning in Label-free Cell Classification  CL Chen, A Mahjoubfar, LC Tai, IK Blaby, A Huang
2016   DeepCyTOF: Automated Cell Classification of Mass Cytometry Data by Deep Learning and Domain Adaptation  H Li, U Shaham, Y Yao, R Montgomery, Y Kluger
2016   Cell Tracking Using Deep Neural Networks with Multi-task Learning  T He, H Mao, J Guo, Z Yi
2015   Method And System For Characterizing Cell Populations  K Loewke, SM Maddah
2015   Cell identification in whole-brain multiview images of neural activation  M Paciscopi, L Silvestri, FS Pavone, P Frasconi
2015   Cancerous Cell Detection Using Histopathological Image Analysis  A Jain, S Atey, S Vinayak, V Srivastava
2015   Microscopy Cell Counting with Fully Convolutional Regression Networks  W Xie, JA Noble, A Zisserman
2015   Deep Learning of Cell Morphologies for Kinome Wide Screening  M Engel, X Robin, J Ferkinghoff
2015   Experimental Study of Unsupervised Feature Learning for HEp-2 Cell Images Clustering  Y Zhao, Z Gao, L Wang, L Zhou
2015   Cell recognition based on topological sparse coding for microscopy imaging of focused ultrasound treatment  Z Wang, J Zhu, Y Xue, C Song, N Bi
2014   Automated computation of arbor densities: a step toward identifying neuronal cell types  U Sümbül, A Zlateski, A Vishwanathan, RH Masland