Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: character

Year TitleAuthor
2017   End-to-End Scene Text Recognition with Character Centroid Prediction  W Zhao, J Ma 
2017   Multi-scale multi-class conditional generative adversarial network for handwritten character generation  J Liu, C Gu, J Wang, G Youn, JU Kim 
2017   The Character Thinks Ahead: creative writing with deep learning nets and its stylistic assessment  RT Dean, H Smith 
2017   Building Fast and Compact Convolutional Neural Networks for Offline Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition  X Xiao, L Jin, Y Yang, W Yang, J Sun, T Chang
2017   A Deep Network with Composite Residual Structure for Handwritten Character Recognition  Z Rao, C Zeng, N Zhao, M Liu, M Wu, Z Wang
2017   Emotion-Based 3D CG Character Behaviors  K Kaneko, Y Okada
2017   A comparison study between MLP and Convolutional Neural Network models for character recognition  SB Driss, M Soua, R Kachouri, M Akil
2017   Application of Neural Networks for Intelligent Video Game Character Artificial Intelligences  SD Mikulcik
2017   Deep Learning based Isolated Arabic Scene Character Recognition  SB Ahmed, S Naz, MI Razzak, R Yousaf
2017   Handwritten Isolated Bangla Compound Character Recognition: a new benchmark using a novel deep learning approach  S Roy, N Das, M Kundu, M Nasipuri
2017   Using a Synthetic Character Database for Training Deep Learning Models Applied to Offline Handwritten Recognition  J Sueiras, V Ruiz, Á Sánchez, JF Vélez
2017   Learning representation hierarchies by sharing visual features: a computational investigation of Persian character recognition with unsupervised deep learning  Z Sadeghi, A Testolin
2017   Reduced Scattering Representation for Malayalam Character Recognition  K Manjusha, MA Kumar, KP Soman 
2016   Character Proposal Network for Robust Text Extraction  S Zhang, M Lin, T Chen, L Jin, L Lin
2016   Handwritten Character Recognition of a Vernacular Language: The Odia Script  RK Mohapatra
2016   Devanagari Character Recognition using Bi-Dimensional Empirical Mode Decomposition  P Singh
2016   Deep Convolutional Neural Network Classifier for Handwritten Devanagari Character Recognition  P Singh, A Verma, NS Chaudhari
2016   Realtime control of sequence generation with character based Long Short Term Memory Recurrent Neural Networks  M Akten
2016   Optical Character Recognition Systems for Latin Language  A Chaudhuri, K Mandaviya, P Badelia, SK Ghosh
2016   Optical Character Recognition Systems for German Language  A Chaudhuri, K Mandaviya, P Badelia, SK Ghosh
2016   Optical Character Recognition Systems for French Language  A Chaudhuri, K Mandaviya, P Badelia, SK Ghosh
2016   DeepStance at SemEval-2016 Task 6: Detecting Stance in Tweets Using Character and Word-Level CNNs  P Vijayaraghavan, I Sysoev, S Vosoughi, D Roy
2016   Stroke Sequence-Dependent Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Online Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition  B Hu, X Liu, X Wu, Q Chen
2016   Rejecting Character Recognition Errors Using CNN Based Confidence Estimation  P LI, L PENG, J WEN
2016   Compositional Sentence Representation from Character within Large Context Text  G Kim, H Lee, J Choi, S Lee
2016   Abu-MaTran at WMT 2016 Translation Task: Deep Learning, Morphological Segmentation and Tuning on Character Sequences  VM Sánchez
2016   Dyadic Multi-resolution Analysis-Based Deep Learning for Arabic Handwritten Character Classification  A ElAdel, R Ejbali, M Zaied, CB Amar
2016   22. Deep Learning and Neural Networks used for Chinese Handwritten Optical Character Recognition  R McCaughey
2015   Scene Character and Text Recognition: The State-of-the-Art  C Chen, DH Wang, H Wang
2015   FPGA implementation of a Deep Belief Network architecture for character recognition using stochastic computation  K Sanni, G Garreau, JL Molin, AG Andreou
2015   New Perspectives on Young Children's Moral Education: Developing Character through a Virtue Ethics Approach  T Eaude
2015   DropSample: A New Training Method to Enhance Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Large-Scale Unconstrained Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition  W Yang, L Jin, D Tao, Z Xie, Z Feng
2015   A deep reinforcement learning approach to character segmentation of license plate images  F Abtahi, Z Zhu, AM Burry
2015   Deep Convolutional Network for Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition  Y Zhang
2015   Unsupervised Feature Learning for Optical Character Recognition  DK Sahu, CV Jawahar
2015   High Performance Offline Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition Using GoogLeNet and Directional Feature Maps  Z Zhong, L Jin, Z Xie
2015   Boosting Named Entity Recognition with Neural Character Embeddings  CN Santos, V Guimarães
2015   Finding Function in Form: Compositional Character Models for Open Vocabulary Word Representation  WLTLL Marujo, RF Astudillo
2015   Systems And Methods For Character Sequence Recognition With No Explicit Segmentation  U Meier, RS Dixon, KM Groethe, JR Bellegarda
2015   Sunspot drawings handwritten character recognition method based on deep learning  S Zheng, X Zeng, G Lin, C Zhao, Y Feng, J Tao, D Zhu
2015   Semi-automatic ground truth generation using unsupervised clustering and limited manual labeling: Application to handwritten character recognition  S Vajda, Y Rangoni, H Cecotti
2015   Building Hierarchical Representations for Oracle Character and Sketch Recognition  J Guo, C Wang, E Roman
2015   Indian Sign Language Character Recognition  S Jain, KVS Raja, MPA Mukerjee
2015   On the Performance Improvement of Devanagri Handwritten Character Recognition  P Singh, A Verma, NS Chaudhari
2015   Deep Learning in Character Recognition Considering Pattern Invariance Constraints  OK Oyedotun, EO Olaniyi, A Khashman
2015   Scene character recognition using PCANet  C Chen, DH Wang, H Wang
2015   Optical character recognition on electrical specification plates  JA Jakobsen
2015   Discriminative Quadratic Feature Learning for Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition  MK Zhou, XY Zhang, F Yin, CL Liu
2014   A Tibetan Component Representation Learning Method for Online Handwritten Tibetan Character Recognition  LL Ma, J Wu
2014   Irrelevant Variability Normalization via Hierarchical Deep Neural Networks for Online Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition  J Du
2014   Writer Adaptation using Bottleneck Features and Discriminative Linear Regression for Online Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition  J Du, JS Hu, B Zhu, S Wei, LR Dai
2014   Robust Multi-Layer Hierarchical Model for Digit Character Recognition  J Yang, Y Sun, L Zhang, Q Zhang
2014   An Adaptive Approach of Tamil Character Recognition Using Deep Learning with Big Data-A Survey  RJ Kannan, S Subramanian
2014   A Study of Designing Compact Classifiers using Deep Neural Networks for Online Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition  J Du, JS Hu, B Zhu, S Wei, LR Dai
2014   Learning Character Representations for Chinese Word Segmentation  X Liu, K Duh, Y Matsumoto, T Iwakura
2014   Developing Moral Character  TA Seifert