Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: chinese

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Sentiment analysis for short Chinese text based on character-level methods  Y An, X Tang, B Xie
2017   Realization of Chinese word segmentation based on deep learning method  X Wang, M Wang, Q Zhang
2017   DCFont: An End-To-End Deep Chinese Font Generation System  Y Jiang, Z Lian, Y Tang, J Xiao
2017   Generating Realistic Chinese Handwriting Characters via Deep Convolutional Generative Adversarial Networks  C Gu, J Liu, L Kong 
2017   Chinese Typeface Transformation with Hierarchical Adversarial Network  J Chang, Y Gu, Y Zhang 
2017   Chinese Named Entity Recognition Based on B-LSTM Neural Network with Additional Features  L Ouyang, Y Tian, H Tang, B Zhang 
2017   Building Fast and Compact Convolutional Neural Networks for Offline Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition  X Xiao, L Jin, Y Yang, W Yang, J Sun, T Chang
2017   Auto-Encoder Guided GAN for Chinese Calligraphy Synthesis  P Lyu, X Bai, C Yao, Z Zhu, T Huang, W Liu
2017   A Real-Time Chinese Traffic Sign Detection Algorithm Based on Modified YOLOv2  J Zhang, M Huang, X Jin, X Li 
2017   Emotion Recognition from Chinese Speech for Smart Affective Services Using a Combination of SVM and DBN  L Zhu, L Chen, D Zhao, J Zhou, W Zhang
2017   Chinese Typography Transfer  J Chang, Y Gu
2017   Detecting Chinese calligraphy style consistency by deep learning and one-class SVM  Z Jiulong, G Luming, Y Su, S Xudong, L Xiaoshan
2017   Deep learning and SVM‐based emotion recognition from Chinese speech for smart affective services  W Zhang, D Zhao, Z Chai, LT Yang, X Liu, F Gong
2017   A Novel Text Structure Feature Extractor for Chinese Scene Text Detection and Recognition  X Ren, Y Zhou, Z Huang, J Sun, X Yang, K Chen
2017   An end-to-end recognizer for in-air handwritten Chinese characters based on a new recurrent neural networks  H Ren, W Wang, K Lu, J Zhou, Q Yuan
2016   Pattern Recognition: 7th Chinese Conference, CCPR 2016, Chengdu, China, November 5-7, 2016, Proceedings  T Tan, X Li, X Chen, J Zhou, J Yang, H Cheng
2016   Using a learning cycle to deepen chinese primary students' concept learning of the “phases of the moon”  J Lin
2016   Chinese Herbal Medicine Image Recognition and Retrieval by Convolutional Neural Network  X Sun, H Qian
2016   Deep Learning Based Topic Identification and Categorization: Mining Diabetes-Related Topics on Chinese Health Websites  X Chen, Y Zhang, J Xu, C Xing, H Chen
2016   Feature Learning via Deep Belief Network for Chinese Speech Emotion Recognition  S Zhang, X Zhao, Y Chuang, W Guo, Y Chen
2016   A Convolutional Neural Network Based Chinese Text Detection Algorithm Via Text Structure Modeling  X Ren, Y Zhou, J He, K Chen, X Yang, J Sun
2016   The Learning of Chinese Idioms through Multimedia Storytelling Prototype  EEH Li, SH HEw, SEH CHoo
2016   Character-level Convolutional Network for Text Classification Applied to Chinese Corpus  W Huang, J Wang
2016   5 Debating the Chinese School of IR  T Chang
2016   Segmenting Brain Tissues from Chinese Visible Human Dataset by Deep-Learned Features with Stacked Autoencoder  G Zhao, X Wang, Y Niu, L Tan, SX Zhang
2016   A Distributed Chinese Naive Bayes Classifier Based on Word Embedding  M Feng, G Wu
2016   Learning Spatial-Semantic Context with Fully Convolutional Recurrent Network for Online Handwritten Chinese Text Recognition  Z Xie, Z Sun, L Jin, H Ni, T Lyons
2016   Conceptions, Self-Regulation, and Strategies of Learning Science Among Chinese High School Students  M Li, C Zheng, JC Liang, Y Zhang, CC Tsai
2016   Using deep belief networks to extract Chinese entity attribute relation in domain-specific  Y Xian, F Shao, J Guo, L Zhou, Z Yu, W Chen
2016   Sentiment Analysis for Chinese Microblog based on Deep Neural Networks with Convolutional Extension Features  SUN Xiao, LI Chengcheng, REN Fuji
2016   Learning Word Segmentation Representations to Improve Named Entity Recognition for Chinese Social Media  N Peng, M Dredze
2016   Fully Convolutional Recurrent Network for Handwritten Chinese Text Recognition  Z Xie, Z Sun, L Jin, Z Feng, S Zhang
2016   Health-Related Spammer Detection on Chinese Social Media  X Chen, Y Zhang, J Xu, C Xing, H Chen
2016   Stroke Sequence-Dependent Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Online Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition  B Hu, X Liu, X Wu, Q Chen
2016   Event Recognition Based on Deep Learning in Chinese Texts  Y Zhang, Z Liu, W Zhou
2016   Sentiment Analysis of Chinese Micro Blog Based on DNN and ELM and Vector Space Model  H Liu, S Li, C Jiang, H Liu
2016   22. Deep Learning and Neural Networks used for Chinese Handwritten Optical Character Recognition  R McCaughey
2016   Extracting Clinical entities and their assertions from Chinese Electronic Medical Records Based on Machine Learning  J Wang, Y Peng, B Liu, Z Wu, L Deng, T Jiang
2016   Deep Learning Based Emotion Recognition from Chinese Speech  W Zhang, D Zhao, X Chen, Y Zhang
2016   Max-Pooling Convolutional Neural Network for Chinese Digital Gesture Recognition  Z Qian, L Yawei, Z Mengyu, Y Yuliang, X Ling
2015   LCSTS: A Large Scale Chinese Short Text Summarization Dataset  B Hu, Q Chen, F Zhu
2015   DropSample: A New Training Method to Enhance Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Large-Scale Unconstrained Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition  W Yang, L Jin, D Tao, Z Xie, Z Feng
2015   The predictive power of psychological types for learning approaches among Chinese university students  Q Xie
2015   Feature assembly method for extracting relations in Chinese  Y Chen, Q Zheng, P Chen
2015   Biometric Recognition: 10th Chinese Conference, CCBR 2015, Tianjin, China, November 13-15, 2015, Proceedings  J Yang, J Yang, Z Sun, S Shan, W Zheng, J Feng
2015   An Empirical Study on Sentiment Classification of Chinese Review using Word Embedding  Y Lin, H Lei, J Wu, X Li
2015   Deep Convolutional Network for Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition  Y Zhang
2015   A Neural Network Based Translation Constrained Reranking Model for Chinese Dependency Parsing  M Chen, B Chang, Y Liu
2015   Computer Vision: CCF Chinese Conference, CCCV 2015, Xi'an, China, September 18-20, 2015, Proceedings  H Zha, X Chen, L Wang, Q Miao
2015   An examination of the impact of business ethics teaching on Chinese undergraduates using an experiential learning model  CY Feng, DS David, W Song, R Collins
2015   Long Short-Term Memory Neural Networks for Chinese Word Segmentation  X Chen, X Qiu, C Zhu, P Liu, X Huang
2015   Critical and creative thinking as learning processes at top-ranking Chinese middle schools: possibilities and required improvements  ZK Liu, J He, B Li
2015   High Performance Offline Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition Using GoogLeNet and Directional Feature Maps  Z Zhong, L Jin, Z Xie
2015   Character-level Chinese Writer Identification using Path Signature Feature, DropStroke and Deep CNN  W Yang, L Jin, M Liu
2015   Named Entity Recognition in Chinese Clinical Text Using Deep Neural Network.  Y Wu, M Jiang, J Lei, H Xu
2015   Chinese Microblog Sentiment Classification Based on Deep Belief Nets with Extended Multi-Modality Features  X Sun, C Li, W Xu, F Ren
2015   A new unsupervised convolutional neural network model for Chinese scene text detection  X Ren, K Chen, X Yang, Y Zhou, J He, J Sun
2015   Active Learning: Qualitative Inquiries Into Vocabulary Instruction in Chinese L2 Classrooms  HH Shen, W Xu
2015   Chinese College Students' Perceptions of Excellent Teachers Across Three Disciplines Psychology, Chemical Engineering, and Education  S Liu, J Keeley, W Buskist
2015   Chinese undergraduates' perceptions of teaching quality and the effects on approaches to studying and course satisfaction  H Yin, W Wang, J Han
2015   Evidence-Based Patient Classification for Traditional Chinese Medicine  GZ Li, KF Chung, J Poon
2015   Advances in Patient Classification for Traditional Chinese Medicine: A Machine Learning Perspective  C Zhao, GZ Li, C Wang, J Niu
2015   Combining heterogeneous deep neural networks with conditional random fields for chinese dialogue act recognition  Y Zhou, Q Hu, J Liu, Y Jia
2015   Discriminative Quadratic Feature Learning for Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition  MK Zhou, XY Zhang, F Yin, CL Liu
2014   Irrelevant Variability Normalization via Hierarchical Deep Neural Networks for Online Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition  J Du
2014   Writer Adaptation using Bottleneck Features and Discriminative Linear Regression for Online Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition  J Du, JS Hu, B Zhu, S Wei, LR Dai
2014   The learning strategy features and implications for Chinese junior middle school students  D Liu, Z Niu, X Bao, L Liua, H Yan, Y Wang
2014   Pattern Recognition: 6th Chinese Conference, CCPR 2014, Changsha, China, November 17-19, 2014. Proceedings  S Li, C Liu, Y Wang
2014   Chinese comments sentiment classification based on word2vec and SVM< sup> perf</sup>  D Zhang, H Xu, Z Su, Y Xu
2014   Recognition of Handwritten Characters in Chinese Legal Amounts by Stacked Autoencoders  M Wang, Y Chen, X Wang
2014   A Study of Designing Compact Classifiers using Deep Neural Networks for Online Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition  J Du, JS Hu, B Zhu, S Wei, LR Dai
2014   Learning Character Representations for Chinese Word Segmentation  X Liu, K Duh, Y Matsumoto, T Iwakura
2014   A Study of Deep Belief Network Based Chinese Speech Emotion Recognition  B Chen, Q Yin, P Guo