Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: clinical

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Deep learning in breast cancer risk assessment: evaluation of convolutional neural networks on a clinical dataset of full-field digital mammograms  H Li, ML Giger, BQ Huynh, NO Antropova
2017   A Transfer learning approach for classification of clinical significant prostate cancers from mpMRI scans  Q Chen, X Xu, S Hu, X Li, Q Zou, Y Li
2017   The role of big-data in clinical studies in laboratory medicine  Z Zhang
2017   Deep learning in breast cancer risk assessment: evaluation of convolutional neural networks on a clinical dataset of full-field digital mammograms.  H Li, ML Giger, BQ Huynh, NO Antropova
2017   Understanding Clinical Mammographic Breast Density Assessment: a Deep Learning Perspective  AA Mohamed, Y Luo, H Peng, RC Jankowitz, S Wu
2017   Medical subdomain classification of clinical notes using a machine learning-based natural language processing approach  WH Weng, KB Wagholikar, AT McCray, P Szolovits 
2017   A regularized deep learning approach for clinical risk prediction of acute coronary syndrome using electronic health records.  Z Huang, W Dong, H Duan, J Liu
2017   Undergraduate oncology teaching OSCEs (objective structured clinical examinations): an effective method of delivering oncology education to medical students  F Sun, F Slevin, J Ward, G Radhakrishna
2017   Nurses' perceptions of the impact of team-based learning participation on learning style, team behaviours and clinical performance: An exploration of written …  E Oldland, J Currey, J Considine, J Allen
2017   Generative Adversarial Neural Networks for Pigmented and Non-Pigmented Skin Lesions Detection in Clinical Images  A Udrea, GD Mitra
2017   Deep Learning Algorithms Support Distinction of PV, PMF, and ET Based on Clinical and Genetic Markers  M Meggendorfer, W Walter, C Haferlach, W Kern
2017   Randomized Deep Learning Methods for Clinical Trial Enrichment and Design in Alzheimer's Disease  VK Ithapu, V Singh, SC Johnson 
2017   A Deep Learning Solution for Automatic Fetal Neurosonographic Diagnostic Plane Verification Using Clinical Standard Constraints  M Yaqub, B Kelly, AT Papageorghiou, JA Noble
2017   Deep Learning in Medical Image Analysis and Multimodal Learning for Clinical Decision Support: Third International Workshop, DLMIA 2017, and 7th International …  MJ Cardoso, T Arbel, G Carneiro, T Syeda
2017   Deep learning guided stroke management: a review of clinical applications  R Feng, M Badgeley, J Mocco, EK Oermann
2017   Detection and Labeling of Vertebrae in MR Images Using Deep Learning with Clinical Annotations as Training Data  D Forsberg, E Sjöblom, JL Sunshine
2017   Accurate Real Time Localization Tracking in A Clinical Environment using Bluetooth Low Energy and Deep Learning  Z Iqbal, D Luo, P Henry, S Kazemifar, T Rozario, Y Yan 
2017   Self-Learning Clinical Intelligence System Based On Biological Information And Medical Data Metrics  S Shankar, R Dash, N Desai, JJ Fu 
2016   Predicting Clinical Events by Combining Static and Dynamic Information Using Recurrent Neural Networks  C Esteban, O Staeck, Y Yang, V Tresp
2016   A visualization of evolving clinical sentiment using vector representations of clinical notes  MM Ghassemi, RG Mark, S Nemati
2016   Clinical decision support for Alzheimer's disease based on deep learning and brain network  C Hu, R Ju, Y Shen, P Zhou, Q Li
2016   Assessing the Corpus Size vs. Similarity Trade-off for Word Embeddings in Clinical NLP  K Roberts
2016   Deep Learning Architecture for Patient Data De-identification in Clinical Records  AE Shweta, S Saha, P Bhattacharyya
2016   Modeling Missing Data in Clinical Time Series with RNNs  ZC Lipton, DC Kale, R Wetzel
2016   Skin Lesion Segmentation in Clinical Images Using Deep Learning  MH Jafari, N Karimi, E Nasr
2016   Stacking denoising auto-encoders in a deep network to segment the brainstem on MRI in brain cancer patients: a clinical study  J Dolz, N Betrouni, M Quidet, D Kharroubi, HA Leroy
2016   Neurosurgery Conference Experience Embedded within PCOM's Clinical and Basic Neuroscience Curriculum: An Active Learning Model  J Okun, S Yocom, M McGuiness, M Bell, D Appelt
2016   Detection of prostate cancer using temporal sequences of ultrasound data: a large clinical feasibility study  S Azizi, F Imani, S Ghavidel, A Tahmasebi, JT Kwak
2016   Directly Modeling Missing Data in Sequences with RNNs: Improved Classification of Clinical Time Series  ZC Lipton, DC Kale, R Wetzel
2016   UTA DLNLP at SemEval-2016 Task 12: Deep Learning Based Natural Language Processing System for Clinical Information Identification from Clinical Notes and …  P Li, H Huang
2016   Churchill's Pocketbooks Clinical Dentistry  C Scully
2016   Translating Artificial Intelligence Into Clinical Care  AL Beam, IS Kohane
2016   Learning from clinical placement experience: Analysing nursing students' final reflections in a digital storytelling activity  P Paliadelis, P Wood
2016   Concept-Based Learning in Clinical Experiences: Bringing Theory to Clinical Education for Deep Learning  A Nielsen
2016   Computational psychiatry as a bridge from neuroscience to clinical applications  QJM Huys, TV Maia, MJ Frank
2016   Merging Clinical Cases, Client Communication, and Physiology to Enhance Student Engagement, Learning, and Skills  SE Washburn, D Posey, RH Stewart, KS Rogers
2016   Endodontic Treatment, Retreatment, and Surgery: Mastering Clinical Practice  B Patel
2016   Clinical Relation Extraction with Deep Learning  X Lv, Y Guan, J Yang, J Wu
2016   Melanoma Detection by Analysis of Clinical Images Using Convolutional Neural Network  E Nasr
2016   Extracting Clinical entities and their assertions from Chinese Electronic Medical Records Based on Machine Learning  J Wang, Y Peng, B Liu, Z Wu, L Deng, T Jiang
2015   Short Communication Training Methods of Clinical Breast Examination  SM Shiryazdi, M Aboueian
2015   Disconnects in pedagogy and practice in community health nursing clinical experiences: Qualitative findings of a mixed method study  EMP Zieber, S Barton, O Awosoga, J Konkin
2015   Comparison of MIS vs. open PLIF/TLIF with regard to clinical improvement, fusion rate, and incidence of major complication: a meta-analysis  Q Jin
2015   The Use of Pre-Existing Video in the Clinical Environment  S Montgomery, MC Handley
2015   From educational theory to clinical practice: self-regulated learning  SR Strachan
2015   Imaging-based enrichment criteria using deep-learning algorithms for efficient clinical trials in mild cognitive impairment  VK Ithapu, V Singh, OC Okonkwo, RJ Chappell
2015   Fostering deep learning: An on-line clinical postconference pilot study  CL Heid
2015   Prediction of Clinical Drug Response Based on Differential Gene Expression Levels  Z Yue, Y Chen, J Xia
2015   Named Entity Recognition in Chinese Clinical Text Using Deep Neural Network.  Y Wu, M Jiang, J Lei, H Xu
2015   Analysis of midwifery students' written reflections to evaluate progression in learning during clinical practice at birthing units  EK Persson, LJ Kvist, M Ekelin
2015   Detecting the scope of negations in clinical notes  G Attardi, V Cozza, D Sartiano
2015   Managing Clinical Education Through Understanding Key Principles  J Cunningham, C Wright, M Baird
2015   Method For The Discovery, Validation And Clinical Application Of Multiplex Biomarker Algorithms Based On Optical, Physical And/ …  NA Paradis
2015   Strategies for NP education: Analyzing completed DNP capstones as exemplars of clinical outcomes  BA Anderson
2015   How to encourage intrinsic motivation in the clinical teaching environment?: A systematic review from the self-determination theory  C Orsini, P Evans, O Jerez
2015   An analysis of student performance in clinical appointment in forensic medicine  A Mendis, R Samaranayake
2014   Clinical Decision Analysis using Decision Tree  JM Bae
2014   The development and evaluation of online stories to enhance clinical learning experiences across health professions in rural Australia  PS Paliadelis, I Stupans, V Parker, D Piper, P Gillan
2014   Effect of case based learning in understanding clinical biochemistry  KB Joshi, AN Nilawar, AP Thorat
2014   Enhancing Clinical Education in the Health Professions  G Hotel, SL Colombo