Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: cloud

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Cloud Computing for Machine Learning and Cognitive Applications  K Hwang
2017   Stacked convolutional auto-encoders for surface recognition based on 3d point cloud data  M Maimaitimin, K Watanabe, S Maeyama
2017   Deep Learning in the Enhanced Cloud  E Chung
2017   Modeling and analysis of a deep learning pipeline for cloud based video analytics.  MU Yaseen, A Anjum, N Antonopoulos 
2017   Reconfigurable Computing Fabrics: Roles in Cloud Computing, Data Analytics, and Machine Learning  RF DeMara
2017   Multi-key privacy-preserving deep learning in cloud computing  P Li, J Li, Z Huang, T Li, CZ Gao, SM Yiu, K Chen
2017   Introduction to the Special Section on Cloud Robotics for Industrial Applications  J Wan, F Shen
2017   Smart in-car camera system using mobile cloud computing framework for deep learning  CH Chen, CR Lee, WCH Lu 
2017   Cloud computing for deep learning analytics: A survey of current trends and challenges  A Saiyeda, MA Mir
2017   On the Effectiveness of Isolation-Based Anomaly Detection in Cloud Data Centers  RN Calheiros, K Ramamohanarao, R Buyya, C Leckie
2017   An Intelligent Power Distribution Service Architecture using Cloud Computing and Deep Learning Techniques  W Zhang, G Wulan, J Zhai, L Xu, D Zhao, X Liu, S Yang
2017   A Mobile Cloud Framework for Deep Learning and Its Application to Smart Car Camera  CH Chen, CR Lee, WCH Lu
2017   VoxelNet: End-to-End Learning for Point Cloud Based 3D Object Detection  Y Zhou, O Tuzel 
2017   A Cloud Computing Fault Detection Method Based on Deep Learning  W Gao, Y Zhu 
2017   Multilevel Cloud Detection in Remote Sensing Images Based on Deep Learning  F Xie, M Shi, Z Shi, J Yin, D Zhao
2017   Special issue on Big Data and Cloud of Things (CoT)  R Ranjan, L Wang, PP Jayaraman, K Mitra
2017   SqueezeSeg: Convolutional Neural Nets with Recurrent CRF for Real-Time Road-Object Segmentation from 3D LiDAR Point Cloud  B Wu, A Wan, X Yue, K Keutzer 
2017   Distinguishing Cloud and Snow in Satellite Images via Deep Convolutional Network  Y Zhan, J Wang, J Shi, G Cheng, L Yao, W Sun
2017   A Deep Learning Approach to Understanding Cloud Service Level Agreements  S Saha, KP Joshi, A Gupta, R Frank
2017   Cyberattack Detection in Mobile Cloud Computing: A Deep Learning Approach  KK Nguyen, DT Hoang, D Niyato, P Wang, D Nguyen 
2017   Learning Efficient Point Cloud Generation for Dense 3D Object Reconstruction  CH Lin, C Kong, S Lucey
2017   Application of Deep Learning to Sentiment Analysis for recommender system on cloud  G Preethi, PV Krishna, MS Obaidat, V Saritha
2017   LASER: A Deep Learning Approach for Speculative Execution and Replication of Deadline-Critical Jobs in Cloud  M Xu, S Alamro, T Lan, S Subramaniam
2017   Framework and development of fault detection classification using IoT device and cloud environment  H Lee
2017   Integrating Mobile Cloud Computing with Big Data to Enhance Health Care Analytics  T Sajjad, SM Owais, M Umar, J Ferzund 
2017   Disaster damage detection through synergistic use of deep learning and 3D point cloud features derived from very high resolution oblique aerial images, and multiple- …  A Vetrivel, M Gerke, N Kerle, F Nex, G Vosselman
2017   Evaluating deep learning in chum prediction for everything-as-a-service in the cloud  C Sung, CY Higgins, B Zhang, Y Choe
2017   DeepCloud: Ground-Based Cloud Image Categorization Using Deep Convolutional Features  L Ye, Z Cao, Y Xiao
2017   VFH-Color and Deep Belief Network for 3D Point Cloud Recognition  N Zrira, M Hannat, EH Bouyakhf
2017   3D Point Cloud Classification and Segmentation using 3D Modified Fisher Vector Representation for Convolutional Neural Networks  Y Ben
2016   Deep-Learning-Based Classification for DTM Extraction from ALS Point Cloud  X Hu, Y Yuan
2016   High Performance Video Processing in Cloud Data Centres  MU Yaseen, MS Zafar, A Anjum, R Hill
2016   Middleware platform for distributed applications incorporating robots, sensors and the cloud  E De Coninck, S Bohez, S Leroux, T Verbelen
2016   CORP: Cooperative Opportunistic Resource Provisioning for Short-Lived Jobs in Cloud Systems  J Liu, H Shen, L Chen
2016   3D Fully Convolutional Network for Vehicle Detection in Point Cloud  B Li
2016   Chapter: Distributed Platforms and Cloud Services Enabling Machine Learning for Big Data. An Overview1  D Pop, G Iuhasz, D Petcu
2016   Intelligent monitor system based on cloud and convolutional neural networks  B Yong, G Zhang, H Chen, Q Zhou
2016   Effects of Security and Privacy Concerns on using of Cloud Services in Energy Industry, an Oil and Gas Company: A Case Study  A Poorebrahimi, F SoleimaniRoozbahani
2016   Industrial IoT Mining Algorithm of Cloud Computing Research  SD Province
2016   k-Degree Layer-Wise Network for Geo-Distributed Computing between Cloud and IoT  Y SHENG, W Jinlin, D Haojiang, LI Chaopeng
2016   CloudCV: Deep Learning and Computer Vision on the Cloud  H Agrawal
2016   Machine Learning on the Cloud for Pattern Recognition  T Nguyen
2016   Integrating mobile and cloud for PPG signal selection to monitor heart rate during intensive physical exercise  V Jindal
2016   A deep learning approach for VM workload prediction in the cloud  F Qiu, B Zhang, J Guo
2016   Cloud detection of remote sensing images by deep learning  M Shi, F Xie, Y Zi, J Yin
2016   Collaborative Development of Intelligent Wearable Meta-Products in the Cloud  D Stricker
2015   Research on the deployment tactics of workloads confliction based on the neural network in cloud computing  W Qinlan, H Yanmei
2015   Event Pattern Discovery on IDS Traces of Cloud Services  SY Huang, Y Huang, N Suri
2015   Cloud Based Big Data Analytics Framework for Face Recognition in Social Networks Using Machine Learning  A Vinay, VS Shekhar, J Rituparna, T Aggrawal
2015   Hive Collective Intelligence for Cloud Robotics: A Hybrid Distributed Robotic Controller Design for Learning and Adaptation  A Gkiokas, EG Tsardoulias, PA Mitkas
2015   Semantic point cloud interpretation based on optimal neighborhoods, relevant features and efficient classifiers  M Weinmann, B Jutzi, S Hinz, C Mallet
2015   A virtualization mechanism for real-time multimedia-assisted mobile food recognition application in cloud computing  P Pouladzadeh, SVB Peddi, P Kuhad, A Yassine
2015   Cloud based virtualization for a calorie measurement e-health mobile application  SVB Peddi, A Yassine, S Shirmohammadi
2015   Animating Still Landscape Photographs Through Cloud Motion Creation  WC Jhou, WH Cheng
2015   Multi-step-ahead host load prediction using autoencoder and echo state networks in cloud computing  Q Yang, Y Zhou, Y Yu, J Yuan, X Xing, S Du
2015   The Internet of Flying-Things: Opportunities and Challenges with Airborne Fog Computing and Mobile Cloud in the Clouds  SW Loke
2015   A Deep Awareness Framework for Pervasive Video Cloud  W Zhang, P Duan, Z Li, Q Lu, W Gong, S Yang
2015   A survey of research on cloud robotics and automation  B Kehoe, S Patil, P Abbeel, K Goldberg
2014   Research on Cloud Service Leasing Method Based on Maximum Benefit  Y Xie, YL Zhang
2014   R for Cloud Computing  A Ohri