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Year TitleAuthor
2017   A Full Density Stereo Matching System Based on the Combination of CNNs and Slanted-Planes  L Chen, L Fan, J Chen, D Cao, F Wang 
2017   HDR image reconstruction from a single exposure using deep CNNs  G EILERTSEN, J KRONANDER, G DENES
2017   Regressing Heatmaps for Multiple Landmark Localization using CNNs  D Štern, H Bischof, M Urschler
2017   Understanding trained CNNs by indexing neuron selectivity  I Rafegas, M Vanrell, LA Alexandre
2017   Learning Temporal Features with CNNs for Monocular Visual Ego Motion Estimation  M Weber, C Rist, JM Zöllner
2017   Static Hand Gesture Recognition with Parallel CNNs for Space Human-Robot Interaction  Q Gao, J Liu, Z Ju, Y Li, T Zhang, L Zhang
2017   Learning spectro-temporal features with 3D CNNs for speech emotion recognition  J Kim, KP Truong, G Englebienne, V Evers
2017   Real-time Semantic Segmentation of Crop and Weed for Precision Agriculture Robots Leveraging Background Knowledge in CNNs  A Milioto, P Lottes, C Stachniss
2017   FuseMe: Classification of sMRI images by fusion of Deep CNNs in 2D+ ϵ projections  K Aderghal, J Benois
2017   Deep CNNs With Spatially Weighted Pooling for Fine-Grained Car Recognition  Q Hu, H Wang, T Li, C Shen
2017   Bibi system description: Building with cnns and breaking with deep reinforcement learning  Y Li, T Cohn, T Baldwin
2017   Hierarchical Attribute CNNs  JH Jacobsen, E Oyallon, S Mallat, AWM Smeulders
2017   Deep CNNs for Object Detection using Passive Millimeter Sensors  S López
2017   Learning Deep Representations of Medical Images using Siamese CNNs with Application to Content-Based Image Retrieval  YA Chung, WH Weng 
2017   A Novel Weight-Shared Multi-Stage Network Architecture of CNNs for Scale Invariance  R Takahashi, T Matsubara, K Uehara
2017   A New Approach to Compute CNNs for Extremely Large Images  S Wu, M Zhang, G Chen, K Chen 
2016   Curbing the roofline: a scalable and flexible architecture for CNNs on FPGA  P Meloni, G Deriu, F Conti, I Loi, L Raffo, L Benini
2016   Action Temporal Localization in Untrimmed Videos via Multi-stage CNNs  Z Shou, D Wang, SF Chang
2016   Facial Expression Recognition Based on Ensemble of Mulitple CNNs  R Cui, M Liu, M Liu
2016   Facial Expression Recognition Based on Multi-scale CNNs  S Zhou, Y Liang, J Wan, SZ Li
2016   Classifying objects in LWIR imagery via CNNs  I Rodger, B Connor, NM Robertson
2016   Usings CNNs to Estimate Depth from Stereo Imagery  TS Jordan, S Shridhar
2016   Modeling and Propagating CNNs in a Tree Structure for Visual Tracking  H Nam, M Baek, B Han
2016   Detecting People in Artwork with CNNs  N Westlake, H Cai, P Hall
2016   Real-time Action Recognition with Enhanced Motion Vector CNNs  B Zhang, L Wang, Z Wang, Y Qiao, H Wang
2016   Deep CNNs for HEp-2 Cells Classification: A Cross-specimen Analysis  H Li, J Zhang, WS Zheng
2016   From Pixels to Sentiment: Fine-tuning CNNs for Visual Sentiment Prediction  V Campos, B Jou, X Giro
2016   Blending Lstms Into Cnns  KJ Geras, A Mohamed, R Caruana, G Urban, S Wang
2016   Trusting SVM for Piecewise Linear CNNs  L Berrada, A Zisserman, MP Kumar
2016   What Is the Best Practice for CNNs Applied to Visual Instance Retrieval?  J Hao, J Dong, W Wang, T Tan
2016   Multi-scale CNNs for Brain Tumor Segmentation and Diagnosis  L Zhao, K Jia, C Beijing
2016   Steerable CNNs  TS Cohen, M Welling
2016   Geometric deep learning on graphs and manifolds using mixture model CNNs  F Monti, D Boscaini, J Masci, E Rodolà, J Svoboda
2016   VisualBackProp: visualizing CNNs for autonomous driving  M Bojarski, A Choromanska, K Choromanski, B Firner
2016   Customizing CNNs for blood vessel segmentation from fundus images  SK Vengalil, N Sinha, SSS Kruthiventi, RV Babu
2016   A traffic object classification pipeline based on CNNs  Y Huo, Z Miao, Z Liu
2016   DeepStance at SemEval-2016 Task 6: Detecting Stance in Tweets Using Character and Word-Level CNNs  P Vijayaraghavan, I Sysoev, S Vosoughi, D Roy
2016   Exploring Representation Learning With CNNs for Frame-to-Frame Ego-Motion Estimation  G Costante, M Mancini, P Valigi, TA Ciarfuglia
2016   Different Feature Combination Rules in CNNs for Face Detection  Q Xu, L Zhang
2016   Pushing the Limits of Deep CNNs for Pedestrian Detection  Q Hu, P Wang, C Shen, A Hengel, F Porikli
2016   C-brain: a deep learning accelerator that tames the diversity of CNNs through adaptive data-level parallelization  L Song, Y Wang, Y Han, X Zhao, B Liu, X Li
2016   Multi-level Contextual 3D CNNs for False Positive Reduction in Pulmonary Nodule Detection  Q Dou, H Chen, L Yu, J Qin, PA Heng
2015   Molding CNNs for text: non-linear, non-consecutive convolutions  T Lei, R Barzilay, T Jaakkola
2015   Two-Stage Learning to Robust Visual Track via CNNs  D Hu, X Zhou, X Yu, Z Hou
2015   Monocular Object Instance Segmentation and Depth Ordering with CNNs  Z Zhang, AG Schwing, S Fidler, R Urtasun
2015   Gaze Detection with CNNs for Linguistic Research  R Voigt
2015   Hierarchical Committee of Deep CNNs with Exponentially-Weighted Decision Fusion for Static Facial Expression Recognition  BK Kim, H Lee, J Roh, SY Lee
2015   Combining Multiple Sources of Knowledge in Deep CNNs for Action Recognition  E Park, X Han, TL Berg, AC Berg
2015   Context-aware CNNs for person head detection  TH Vu, A Osokin, I Laptev
2015   Compressing LSTMs into CNNs  KJ Geras, A Mohamed, R Caruana, G Urban, S Wang
2015   Semantic Image Segmentation with Task-Specific Edge Detection Using CNNs and a Discriminatively Trained Domain Transform  LC Chen, JT Barron, G Papandreou, K Murphy
2015   What can we learn about CNNs from a large scale controlled object dataset?  A Borji, S Izadi, L Itti
2015   Diving Deep into Sentiment: Understanding Fine-tuned CNNs for Visual Sentiment Prediction  V Campos, A Salvador, B Jou, X Giró
2015   Multi-layer feature extractions for image classification—Knowledge from deep CNNs  K Ueki, T Kobayashi
2014   Permutohedral Lattice CNNs  M Kiefel, V Jampani, PV Gehler