Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: cognitive

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Cloud Computing for Machine Learning and Cognitive Applications  K Hwang
2017   Exploiting Variability in Resistive Memory Devices for Cognitive Systems  V Parmar, M Suri
2017   Improving the Accuracy of the CogniLearn System for Cognitive Behavior Assessment  A Ghaderi, S Gattupalli, D Ebert, A Sharifara, V Athitsos
2017   Cloud-Based Cognitive Premise Security System Using IBM Watson and IBM Internet of Things (IoT)  S Nandi 
2017   With Mindware Upgrades And Cognitive Prosthetics, Humans Are Already Technological Animals  J Dorrier
2017   Streamline Rock Facies Classification with Deep Learning Cognitive Process  M Sidahmed, A Roy, A Sayed
2017   Reasoning with shapes: profiting cognitive susceptibilities to infer linear mapping transformations between shapes  V Jalili
2017   Limitations of Machine Translation: Focused on the Role of Cognitive Complements in Human Communication  SH Jin 
2017   Cognitive Algorithms and digitized Tissue–based Diagnosis  J Görtler, K Kayser, S Borkenfeld, R Carvalho
2017   Prediction of Cognitive States during Flight Simulation using Multimodal Psychophysiological Sensing  AR Harrivel, CL Stephens, RJ Milletich, CM Heinich
2017   DGCC: data-driven granular cognitive computing  G Wang
2017   Using Cognitive Computing to Get Insights on Personality Traits from Twitter Messages  RAP Junior, D Inkpen
2017   Predicting Cognitive Decline with Deep Learning of Brain Metabolism and Amyloid Imaging  H Choi, KH Jin
2017   Cognitive And Contextual Detection Of Malicious Dns  AK Baughman, M Marzorati, GA Porpora 
2017   Keynote: The computer science behind the Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit: An open source large-scale deep learning toolkit for Windows and Linux  F Seide
2017   Advances in Cognitive Engineering Using Neural Networks  M Lee, S Bressler, R Kozma
2017   Seamless Integration and Coordination of Cognitive Skills in Humanoid Robots: A Deep Learning Approach  J Hwang, J Tani
2017   Cognition and Cognitive Dynamic Systems Concepts and Applications in Project Risk Management  H Pakroogolafshani
2017   Cognitive Subscore Trajectory Prediction in Alzheimer's Disease  LE Givon, LJ Mariano, AR Schneider, D O'Dowd
2017   Electroencephalogram-based decoding cognitive states using convolutional neural network and likelihood ratio based score fusion  R Zafar, SC Dass, AS Malik
2017   Cognitive Sensor Technology for Structural Health Monitoring  A Serov
2017   Analysis of Disfluencies for automatic detection of Mild Cognitive Impartment: a deep learning approach  K Lopez
2017   2 Constructive Artificial Neural-Network Models for Cognitive Development  TR Shultz
2017   Plenty of room at the bottom? Micropower deep learning for cognitive cyber physical systems  L Benini
2017   Cognitive Computing Architectures for Machine (Deep) Learning at Scale  S Mittal
2017   CSMCCVA: Framework of cross-modal semantic mapping based on cognitive computing of visual and auditory sensations  刘扬
2017   Deep Learning and Cognitive Computing An emerging AI perspective for NLP  A Gurjar
2017   Strong Cognitive Symbiosis: Cognitive Computing for Humans  C Veres
2017   Big-Data Analytics for Cloud, IoT and Cognitive Learning  K Hwang, M Chen
2017   CogniLearn: A Deep Learning-based Interface for Cognitive Behavior Assessment  S Gattupalli, D Ebert, M Papakostas, F Makedon
2017   Deep Learning-Based Automated Modulation Classification for Cognitive Radio  GJ Mendis, J Wei, A Madanayake
2017   Manipulating cognitive engagement in preparation-to-collaborate tasks and the effects on learning  R Lam, K Muldner
2017   Context-aware cognitive radio using deep learning  F Paisana, A Selim, M Kist, P Alvarez, J Tallon
2017   Spectrum availability prediction in cognitive aerospace communications: A deep learning perspective  L Yu, Q Wang, Y Guo, P Li
2017   Towards Distributed Cognitive Expert Systems  S Tofangchi, A Hanelt, LM Kolbe
2016   Mathematics attitudes and their unique contribution to achievement: Going over and above cognitive ability and personality  AA Lipnevich, F Preckel, S Krumm
2016   Towards Cognitive Exploration through Deep Reinforcement Learning for Mobile Robots  L Tai, M Liu
2016   Modeling cognitive deficits following neurodegenerative diseases and traumatic brain injuries with deep convolutional neural networks  B Lusch, J Weholt, PD Maia, JN Kutz
2016   Deep convolutional neural networks for classification of mild cognitive impaired and Alzheimer's disease patients from scalp EEG recordings  FC Morabito, M Campolo, C Ieracitano, JM Ebadi
2016   Dynamical Spectrum Sharing and Medium Access Control for Heterogeneous Cognitive Radio Networks  A Mohamedoua, A Salia, B Alia, M Othmanb
2016   How the Mind Comes into Being: An introduction to cognitive science from a functional and computational perspective  MV Butz, EF Kutter
2016   Sensing and Assessing Cognitive Workload Across Multiple Tasks  MD Ziegler, A Kraft, M Krein, LC Lo, B Hatfield
2016   EEG-based prediction of driver's cognitive performance by deep convolutional neural network  M Hajinoroozi, Z Mao, TP Jung, CT Lin, Y Huang
2016   The Sigma Cognitive Architecture and System: Towards Functionally Elegant Grand Unification  PS Rosenbloom, A Demski, V Ustun
2016   Cognitive Intelligence: Deep Learning, Thinking, and Reasoning by Brain-Inspired Systems  Y Wang, B Widrow, LA Zadeh, N Howard, S Wood
2016   Value Systems for Developmental Cognitive Robotics: A Survey  K Merrick
2016   Object Replacement and Object Composition in a Creative Cognitive System. Towards a Computational Solver of the Alternative Uses Test  AM Olteţeanu, Z Falomir
2016   An Environment Visual Awareness Approach in Cognitive Model ABGP  G Ma, X Yang, B Zhang, B Qi, Z Shi
2016   What Can I Do Around Here? Deep Functional Scene Understanding for Cognitive Robots  C Ye, Y Yang, C Fermuller, Y Aloimonos
2016   Cognitive Assistance in Government and Public Sector Applications  C Howell, F Stein, S Kordella, L Booker, E Rockower
2016   Single trial prediction of normal and excessive cognitive load through EEG feature fusion  P Bashivan, M Yeasin, GM Bidelman
2016   Cognitive Computing and Neural Networks: Reverse Engineering the Brain  AS Maida
2016   Development of Functional Requirements for Cognitive Motivated Machines  JT Graham
2016   A Novel Framework Using Brain Computer Interfacing & EEG Microstates To Characterize Cognitive Functionality  SB Shaw
2015   Computing brains: neuroscience, machine intelligence and big data in the cognitive classroom  B Williamson
2015   Active Learning in Mathematics, Part II: Levels of Cognitive Demand  B Braun
2015   Analysis of Different Sparsity Methods in Constrained RBM for Sparse Representation in Cognitive Robotic Perception  Z Cui, SS Ge, Z Cao, J Yang, H Ren
2015   The Cognitive Cycle  JF Sowa
2015   A Three-Component Cognitive Theory  FJ Arjonilla
2015   Speech processing in Deep Learning and Computational Neuroscience SE367A: Cognitive cience  S Garg, S Gupta
2015   A cognitive architecture for the implementation of emotions in computing systems  J Vallverdú, M Talanov, S Distefano, M Mazzara
2015   Imaging-based enrichment criteria using deep-learning algorithms for efficient clinical trials in mild cognitive impairment  VK Ithapu, V Singh, OC Okonkwo, RJ Chappell
2015   Information Entanglement: Developments in Cognitive Based Knowledge Acquisition Strategies Based on Big Data  W Van De Bogart
2015   Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and Relaxation Therapy Change Psychological and Biological Variables  K Saraladevi
2015   Beyond Social Presence: Increasing Cognitive Presence through Meaningful Interaction  M Song, R Yuan
2015   Internet cognitive failure relevant to self-efficacy, learning interest, and satisfaction with social media learning  JC Hong, MY Hwang, E Szeto, CR Tsai, YC Kuo
2015   Feature extraction with deep belief networks for driver's cognitive states prediction from EEG data  M Hajinoroozi, TP Jung, CT Lin, Y Huang
2015   Using reading times and eye-movements to measure cognitive engagement  BW Miller
2015   Executive Roundtable Series: Machine Learning and Cognitive Computing  S Earley
2015   Achieving Synergy in Cognitive Behavior of Humanoids via Deep Learning of Dynamic Visuo-Motor-Attentional Coordination  J Hwang, M Jung, N Madapana, J Kim, M Choi, J Tani
2015   How to Talk to a Cognitive Computer  C Veres
2015   Improving Cognitive Skills of the Industrial Robot  P Bezák
2015   Cognitive Learning Strategies and the Students in Tertiary Institution  JN Igbo, M Felicia, A Oboegbulem
2014   The relation between Assessment for Learning and elementary students' cognitive and metacognitive strategy use  D Baas, J Castelijns, M Vermeulen, R Martens
2014   Impact of Attention on Perception in Cognitive Dynamic Systems  A Amiri
2014   Constructivism Versus Cognitive Load Theory: In Search For An Effective Mathematics Teaching  U Hamzah, B Bustang
2014   Attentional Neural Network: Feature Selection Using Cognitive Feedback  Q Wang, J Zhang, S Song, Z Zhang
2014   Potential of Cognitive Computing and Cognitive Systems  AK Noor
2014   The effect of combined cognitive and metacognitive strategies on learning of the students of Tarbiat Moalem of ShahidRajayi of Qazvin  AM Gazorkhani, H Mashhadi, N Yousefi
2014   Measuring Video Game Engagement Through the Cognitive and Affective Dimensions  D Sharek, E Wiebe
2014   FIONA: a platform for embodied cognitive agents  C Alvarez, L Fernández Cossío
2014   Content analysis of West African senior school certificate chemistry examination questions according to cognitive complexity  AE Okanlawon, YF Adeoti
2014   Are your users actively involved? A cognitive absorption perspective in mobile training  I Reychav, D Wu
2014   Cognitive analytics, Tech Trends 2014 from Deloitte Univer.. GRC Articles» Cognitive analytics, Tech Trends 2014 from Deloitte University, Rajeev Ronanki & David …  S Me, J Bone