Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: computer vision

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Mapping Sub-Saharan African Agriculture in High-Resolution Satellite Imagery with Computer Vision & Machine Learning  SR Debats
2017   A Review of Gesture Recognition Based on Computer Vision  B Li, G Li, Y Sun, G Jiang, J Kong, Z Ju, D Jiang
2017   Discriminative Optimization: Theory and Applications to Computer Vision Problems  J Vongkulbhisal, F De la Torre, JP Costeira
2017   What led computer vision to deep learning?: technical perspective  J Malik
2017   ChainerCV: a Library for Deep Learning in Computer Vision  Y Niitani, T Ogawa, S Saito, M Saito
2017   Handcrafted vs Non-Handcrafted Features for computer vision classification  L Nanni, S Ghidoni, S Brahnam
2017   Domain Adaptive Computational Models for Computer Vision  HKD Venkateswara
2017   Distributed training strategies for a computer vision deep learning algorithm on a distributed GPU cluster  V Campos, F Sastre, M Yagües, M Bellver
2017   Deep Learning for Computer Vision  R Girshick, I Kokkinos, I Laptev, J Malik, G Papandreou
2017   An End-to-End Computer Vision Pipeline for Automated Cardiac Function Assessment by Echocardiography  RC Deo, J Zhang, LA Hallock, S Gajjala, L Nelson
2017   Deep Learning Advances in Computer Vision with 3D Data: A Survey  A Ioannidou, E Chatzilari, S Nikolopoulos
2017   Machine Learning, deep learning and optimization in computer vision  S Canu
2016   Computer Vision for Assistive Technologies  M Leo, G Medioni, M Trivedi, T Kanade, GM Farinella
2016   Atoms of recognition in human and computer vision  S Ullman, L Assif, E Fetaya, D Harari
2016   Knowledge Transfer between Computer Vision and Text Mining: Similarity-based Learning Approaches  RT Ionescu, M Popescu
2016   Deep Learning in Computer Vision  X Wang
2016   gvnn: Neural Network Library for Geometric Computer Vision  A Handa, M Bloesch, V Patraucean, S Stent
2016   Human physical activity recognition based on computer vision with deep learning model  L Mo, F Li, Y Zhu, A Huang
2016   Machine learning for computer vision  M Vanrell Martorell, D Vázquez, A López, O Pujol
2016   A flexible ensemble-SVM for computer vision tasks  R Trichet, NE O'Connor
2016   Towards Automated Melanoma Screening: Proper Computer Vision & Reliable Results  M Fornaciali, M Carvalho, FV Bittencourt, S Avila
2016   The Changing Fortunes of Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision  R Chellappa
2016   Computer vision for high content screening  OZ Kraus, BJ Frey
2016   Machine learning and computer vision approaches for phenotypic profiling  BT Grys, DS Lo, N Sahin, OZ Kraus, Q Morris, C Boone
2016   ResearchDoom and CocoDoom: Learning Computer Vision with Games  A Mahendran, H Bilen, JF Henriques, A Vedaldi
2016   Computer Vision Metrics  S Krig
2016   Traffic Signal Synchronization Using Computer Vision and Wireless Sensor Networks  S Desai, P Trivedi
2016   Recognition of Mould Colony on Unhulled Paddy Based on Computer Vision using Conventional Machine-learning and Deep Learning Techniques  K Sun, Z Wang, K Tu, S Wang, L Pan
2016   Proceedings of International Conference on Computer Vision and Image Processing: CVIP 2016  B Raman, S Kumar, PP Roy, D Sen
2016   CloudCV: Deep Learning and Computer Vision on the Cloud  H Agrawal
2016   Binary representation learning in computer vision  F Shen, H Zhang, Y Yang, C Shen
2016   Convolutional Deep Belief Networks for Single-Cell/Object Tracking in Computational Biology and Computer Vision  B Zhong, S Pan, H Zhang, T Wang, J Du, D Chen
2016   Play and Learn: Using Video Games to Train Computer Vision Models  A Shafaei, JJ Little, M Schmidt
2016   Enhancing computer vision to detect face spoofing attack utilizing a single frame from a replay video attack using deep learning  A Alotaibi, A Mahmood
2016   Automated analysis of retinal imaging using machine learning techniques for computer vision  J De Fauw, P Keane, N Tomasev, D Visentin
2016   Fashion Meets Computer Vision and NLP at e-Commerce Search  S Zoghbi, G Heyman, JC Gomez, MF Moens
2015   Deconstructing Binary Classifiers in Computer Vision  M Ali, J Ho
2015   Assisting the training of deep neural networks with applications to computer vision  A Romero
2015   A closed-loop system for rapid face retrieval by combining EEG and computer vision  Y Wang, L Jiang, B Cai, Y Wang, S Zhang, X Zheng
2015   Orange GSoC: Computer vision add-on for Orange  GSCM Summit
2015   Visual Turing test for computer vision systems  D Geman, S Geman, N Hallonquist, L Younes
2015   Application of Assistive Computer Vision Methods to Oyama Karate Techniques Recognition  T Hachaj, MR Ogiela, K Koptyra
2015   A taxonomy of Deep Convolutional Neural Nets for Computer Vision  S Srinivas, RK Sarvadevabhatla, KR Mopuri, N Prabhu
2015   Unsupervised Feature Learning in Computer Vision  R Goroshin
2015   A Survey of Computer Vision Research for Automotive Systems  CY Fu, CK Wang, E Park
2015   Rethinking the Inception Architecture for Computer Vision  C Szegedy, V Vanhoucke, S Ioffe, J Shlens, Z Wojna
2015   An Overview of Color Name Applications in Computer Vision  J van de Weijer, FS Khan
2015   Deep learning of representations and its application to computer vision  I Goodfellow
2015   The Cross-Depiction Problem: Computer Vision Algorithms for Recognising Objects in Artwork and in Photographs  H Cai, Q Wu, T Corradi, P Hall
2015   Generic Feature Learning in Computer Vision  DK Nithin, PB Sivakumar
2014   7 Perturb-and-MAP Random Fields: Reducing Random Sampling to Optimization, with Applications in Computer Vision  G Papandreou, A Yuille
2014   Neural Networks and Neuroscience-Inspired Computer Vision  DD Cox, T Dean