Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: concept learning

Year TitleAuthor
2016   Using a learning cycle to deepen chinese primary students' concept learning of the “phases of the moon”  J Lin
2016   Early Visual Concept Learning with Unsupervised Deep Learning  I Higgins, L Matthey, X Glorot, A Pal, B Uria, C Blundell
2015   Incremental concept learning with few training examples and hierarchical classification  H Bouma, PT Eendebak, K Schutte, G Azzopardi
2015   Précis for “Towards more human-like concept learning in machines: Compositionality, causality, and learning-to-learn”  BM Lake
2015   Human-level concept learning through probabilistic program induction  BM Lake, R Salakhutdinov, JB Tenenbaum
2015   Automated Construction of Visual-Linguistic Knowledge via Concept Learning from Cartoon Videos  JW Ha, KM Kim, BT Zhang