Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: convex

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Improving Variational Auto-Encoders using convex combination linear Inverse Autoregressive Flow  JM Tomczak, M Welling
2017   Deep Stacking Convex Neuro-Fuzzy System and Its On-line Learning  Y Bodyanskiy, O Vynokurova, I Pliss, D Peleshko
2017   Deep graph node kernels: A convex approach  L Oneto, N Navarin, A Sperduti, D Anguita
2016   Deep Network based on Stacked Orthogonal Convex Incremental ELM Autoencoders  C Wang, J Wang, S Gu
2016   Convex Two-Layer Modeling with Latent Structure  V Ganapathiraman, X Zhang, Y Yu, J Wen
2016   Softplus Regressions and Convex Polytopes  M Zhou
2015   Deep Online Convex Optimization by Putting Forecaster to Sleep  D Balduzzi
2015   Unveiling The Tree: A Convex Framework for Sparse Problems  TA Lahlou, AV Oppenheim
2014   A Convex Formulation for Spectral Shrunk Clustering  X Chang, F Nie, Z Ma, Y Yang, X Zhou
2014   Karush-Kuhn-Tucker meets David Hubel and Torsten Weisel through Gabriel Kreiman and Andrew Ng: A connection between highlights of constrained convex …  AO Ibraheem
2014   On the Link Between Gaussian Homotopy Continuation and Convex Envelopes  H Mobahi, JW Fisher III
2014   Kernel Deep Convex Networks And End-To-End Learning  L Deng, X He, G Tur, D Hakkani
2014   Convex Deep Learning via Normalized Kernels  Ö Aslan, X Zhang, D Schuurmans
2014   Convolutional Neural Network and Convex Optimization  S Chen, Y Wang