Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: creation

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Towards the Automatic Anime Characters Creation with Generative Adversarial Networks  Y Jin, J Zhang, M Li, Y Tian, H Zhu, Z Fang
2017   State Space Decomposition and Subgoal Creation for Transfer in Deep Reinforcement Learning  H Sahni, S Kumar, F Tejani, Y Schroecker, C Isbell
2017   Megapixel Size Image Creation using Generative Adversarial Networks  M Marchesi
2017   Snorkel: Rapid Training Data Creation with Weak Supervision  ARSH Bach, H Ehrenberg, J Fries, S Wu, C Ré 
2016   Informal STEM Learning in Game Jams, Hackathons and Game Creation Events  A Fowler
2016   Playful creation of digital stories with eShadow  A Moraiti, N Moumoutzis, M Christoulakis, A Pitsiladis
2015   Crowdsourcing the creation of image segmentation algorithms for connectomics  I Arganda
2015   Creation of audiovisual presentations as a tool to develop key competences in secondary-school students. A case study in science class. Ángel Ezquerra, Javier …  Á Ezquerra
2015   A Smart Environment Supporting the Creation of Juxtaposed Videos for Learning  N Malzahn, E Hartnett, P Llinás, HU Hoppe
2015   Animating Still Landscape Photographs Through Cloud Motion Creation  WC Jhou, WH Cheng
2015   Proposal for the creation of a research facility for the development of the SP machine  V Palade, JG Wolff
2015   Enculturating seamless language learning through artifact creation and social interaction process  CS CHAI, RB KING, 龔仁崇, LH WONG, GP AW
2014   Knowledge Creation in Nursing Education  ZM Hassanian, MR Ahanchian, S Ahmadi
2014   Mobile technology: Creation and use of an iBook to teach the anatomy of the brachial plexus  S Stewart, B Choudhury
2014   The Challenge of Reporting Research to Inform the Creation of Inclusive Mathematics Learning Environments  P Sullivan