Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: creative

Year TitleAuthor
2017   The Character Thinks Ahead: creative writing with deep learning nets and its stylistic assessment  RT Dean, H Smith 
2017   Building Creative Machines with Optimal ML and Creative Machine Learning Applications  P Kulkarni
2017   CAN: Creative Adversarial Networks, Generating" Art" by Learning About Styles and Deviating from Style Norms  A Elgammal, B Liu, M Elhoseiny, M Mazzone
2016   Object Replacement and Object Composition in a Creative Cognitive System. Towards a Computational Solver of the Alternative Uses Test  AM Olteţeanu, Z Falomir
2016   Practitioner Perspective: The Critical And Creative Promise Of Education  A Borkar
2015   Patchwork writing in the creative arts: an alternative to the academic essay  JAC CATTANEO
2015   Fostering Student Engagement: Creative Problem-Solving in Small Group Facilitations  PL Samson
2015   Understanding The Ambiguity And Uncertainty In Creative Processes When Using Arts-Based Methods In Education And Working Life  C Meltzer
2015   The relationship between perceptions of an innovative environment and creative performance in an online synchronous environment  YS Chang, K Yu
2015   Creative teaching method as a learning strategy for student midwives: A qualitative study  J Rankin, V Brown
2015   Critical and creative thinking as learning processes at top-ranking Chinese middle schools: possibilities and required improvements  ZK Liu, J He, B Li
2015   Peer-Assisted Learning Program: A Creative and Effective Learning Approach at Higher Education  R Ghazali, MC Ali
2015   Developing Creative Teachers: An Evidence-Based Frame on Professional Development  D Sale
2014   The Maker Movement Implications from modern fabrication, new digital gadgets, and hacking for creative learning and teaching  S Schön, M Ebner, S Kumar