Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: decomposition

Year TitleAuthor
2017   State Space Decomposition and Subgoal Creation for Transfer in Deep Reinforcement Learning  H Sahni, S Kumar, F Tejani, Y Schroecker, C Isbell
2017   Empirical Mode Decomposition based Ensemble Deep Learning for Load Demand Time Series Forecasting  X Qiu, Y Ren, PN Suganthan, GAJ Amaratunga
2017   Short-term Electricity Price Forecasting with Empirical Mode Decomposition based Ensemble Kernel Machines  X Qiu, PN Suganthan, GAJ Amaratunga
2017   Revisiting Deep Image Smoothing and Intrinsic Image Decomposition  Q Fan, D Wipf, G Hua, B Chen
2016   Devanagari Character Recognition using Bi-Dimensional Empirical Mode Decomposition  P Singh
2016   Pairwise Decomposition with Deep Neural Networks and Multiscale Kernel Subspace Learning for Acoustic Scene Classification  E Marchi, D Tonelli, X Xu, F Ringeval, J Deng
2016   Unified Depth Prediction and Intrinsic Image Decomposition from a Single Image via Joint Convolutional Neural Fields  S Kim, K Park, K Sohn, S Lin
2016   Fault diagnosis of gearbox using empirical mode decomposition and multi-fractal detrended cross-correlation analysis  H Liu, J Zhang, Y Cheng, C Lu
2016   Representation decomposition for knowledge extraction and sharing using restricted Boltzmann machines  S Tran
2016   Intrinsic Image Decomposition Using Deep Convolutional Networks  M Vitelli
2015   Resolutıon Enhancement Based Image Compression Technique using Singular Value Decomposition and Wavelet Transforms  G Anbarjafari, P Rasti, M Daneshmand, C Ozcinar
2014   Speaker adaptation of hybrid NN/HMM model for speech recognition based on singular value decomposition  S Xue, H Jiang, L Dai
2014   An Optimization of Deep Neural Networks in ASR using Singular Value Decomposition  I Tseyzer