Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: diagnosis

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2017   An integrated approach to planetary gearbox fault diagnosis using deep belief networks  H Chen, J Wang, B Tang, K Xiao, J Li
2017   Refining diagnosis of Parkinson's disease with deep learning-based interpretation of dopamine transporter imaging  H Choi, S Ha, HJ Im, SH Paek, DS Lee
2017   A New Deep Learning Model for Fault Diagnosis with Good Anti-Noise and Domain Adaptation Ability on Raw Vibration Signal  W Zhang, G Peng, C Li, Y Chen, Z Zhang
2017   Computer-Aided Model for Skin Diagnosis Using Deep Learning  DA Shoieb, SM Youssef, WM Aly
2017   Multimodal Neuroimaging Feature Learning with Multimodal Stacked Deep Polynomial Networks for Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease.  J Shi, X Zheng, Y Li, Q Zhang, S Ying
2017   Deep Ensemble Learning of Sparse Regression Models for Brain Disease Diagnosis  HI Suk, SW Lee, D Shen
2017   A Combined Fault Diagnosis Method For Power Transformer In Big Data Environment  L Zhang
2017   Stacked Sparse Autoencoder-Based Deep Network for Fault Diagnosis of Rotating Machinery  Y Qi, C Shen, D Wang, J Shi, X Jiang, Z Zhu
2017   Vibration signal analysis and fault diagnosis of bogies of the high-speed train based on deep neural networks.  Y Zhao, ZH Guo, JM Yan
2017   Vibration-based gearbox fault diagnosis using deep neural networks.  Z Chen, X Chen, C Li, RV Sanchez, H Qin
2017   Segmentation of prostate contours for automated diagnosis using ultrasound images: A survey  RP Singh, S Gupta, UR Acharya
2017   A Deep Belief Network Based Approach for Bearing Fault Diagnosis  KMA AKKAD
2017   Localization and diagnosis framework for pediatric cataracts based on slit-lamp images using deep features of a convolutional neural network  X Liu, J Jiang, K Zhang, E Long, J Cui, M Zhu, Y An
2017   Deep neural networks-based rolling bearing fault diagnosis  Z Chen, S Deng, X Chen, C Li, RV Sanchez, H Qin
2017   An End-to-End Approach for Bearing Fault Diagnosis Based on a Deep Convolution Neural Network  L Chen, Y Zhuang, J Zhang, J Wang 
2017   A Deep Learning Based Approach for Bearing Fault Diagnosis  M He, D He
2017   Breast Cancer Diagnosis in DCE-MRI using Mixture Ensemble of Convolutional Neural Networks  R Rasti, M Teshnehlab, SL Phung
2017   A deep convolutional neural network with new training methods for bearing fault diagnosis under noisy environment and different working load  W Zhang, C Li, G Peng, Y Chen, Z Zhang
2017   Deep Learning for Histopathological Image Analysis: Towards Computerized Diagnosis on Cancers  J Xu, C Zhou, B Lang, Q Liu
2017   Deep Learning and Computer-Aided Diagnosis for Medical Image Processing: A Personal Perspective  RM Summers
2017   Deep Residual Nets for Improved Alzheimer's Diagnosis  A Valliani, A Soni
2017   Circuit Fault Diagnosis Method of Wind Power Converter with Wavelet-DBN  Y Liu, Y Chai, S Wei, Z Luo
2017   Diagnosis of Dyslexia using Computing Analysis  HM Al
2017   Cognitive Algorithms and digitized Tissue–based Diagnosis  J Görtler, K Kayser, S Borkenfeld, R Carvalho
2017   Automatic Diagnosis Coding of Radiology Reports: A Comparison of Deep Learning and Conventional Classification Methods  S Karimi, X Dai, H Hassanzadeh, A Nguyen
2017   Fault Detection and Diagnosis of Nuclear Power Plant Using Deep Learning Architecture  I Ahmed, G Heo, M Kassim
2017   Diagnosis of Focal Liver Diseases Based on Deep Learning Technique for Ultrasound Images  TM Hassan, M Elmogy, ES Sallam
2017   Pervasive EEG Diagnosis of Depression using Deep Belief Network with Three-Electrodes EEG Collector  H Cai, X Sha, X Han, S Wei, B Hu
2017   Prostate cancer diagnosis with deep learning  B Wang
2017   A novel deep autoencoder feature learning method for rotating machinery fault diagnosis  H Shao, H Jiang, H Zhao, F Wang
2017   An Ensemble Deep Convolutional Neural Network Model with Improved DS Evidence Fusion for Bearing Fault Diagnosis  S Li, G Liu, X Tang, J Lu, J Hu
2017   Fault Feature Extraction and Diagnosis of Gearbox Based on EEMD and Deep Briefs Network  K Chen, XC Zhou, JQ Fang, P Zheng, J Wang
2017   Fault Diagnosis for Rotating Machinery Based on Convolutional Neural Network and Empirical Mode Decomposition  Y Xie, T Zhang
2017   Trends in Computer-Aided Diagnosis Using Deep 2 Learning Techniques: A Review of Recent Studies on 3 Algorithm Development 4  BI Edwards, NHO Khougali, AD Cheok
2017   Dissolved gas analysis of insulating oil for power transformer fault diagnosis with deep belief network  J Dai, H Song, G Sheng, X Jiang 
2017   A new fault diagnosis method based on deep belief network and support vector machine with Teager–Kaiser energy operator for bearings  D Han, N Zhao, P Shi 
2017   Balance the nodule shape and surroundings: a new multichannel image based convolutional neural network scheme on lung nodule diagnosis  W Sun, B Zheng, X Huang, W Qian
2017   Deep learning and three-compartment breast imaging in breast cancer diagnosis  K Drukker, BQ Huynh, ML Giger, S Malkov, JI Avila
2017   Automated detection of nerve fiber layer defects on retinal fundus images using fully convolutional network for early diagnosis of glaucoma  R Watanabe, C Muramatsu, K Ishida, A Sawada
2017   Intelligent fault diagnosis of rolling bearing using hierarchical convolutional network based health state classification  C Lu, Z Wang, B Zhou
2017   Fault Diagnosis and Prognosis of Wastewater Processes with Incomplete Data by the Auto-associative Neural Networks and ARMA Model  H Xiao, D Huang, Y Pan, Y Liu, K Song
2017   Deep Fault Recognizer: An Integrated Model to Denoise and Extract Features for Fault Diagnosis in Rotating Machinery  X Guo, C Shen, L Chen
2017   Bearings Fault Diagnosis Based on Convolutional Neural Networks with 2-D Representation of Vibration Signals as Input  W Zhang, G Peng, C Li
2017   Multi-stage Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease with Incomplete Multimodal Data via Multi-task Deep Learning  KH Thung, PT Yap, D Shen
2017   ECG Annotation and Diagnosis Classification Techniques  Y Yan, X Qin, L Wang
2017   A Deep Feature Fusion Methodology for Breast Cancer Diagnosis Demonstrated on Three Imaging Modality Datasets  N Antropova, BQ Huynh, ML Giger
2017   Deep learning application trial to lung cancer diagnosis for medical sensor systems  R Shimizu, S Yanagawa, Y Monde, H Yamagishi
2017   Classification of sMRI for AD Diagnosis with Convolutional Neuronal Networks: A Pilot 2-D+\ epsilon Study on ADNI  K Aderghal, M Boissenin, J Benois
2017   Intelligent Fault Diagnosis of Rolling Bearing Using Deep Wavelet Auto-encoder with Extreme Learning Machine  S Haidong, J Hongkai, L Xingqiu, W Shuaipeng 
2017   Deep Learning Enabled Fault Diagnosis Using Time-Frequency Image Analysis of Rolling Element Bearings  D Verstraete, MD Park, A Ferrada, EL Droguett
2017   A hybrid technique based on convolutional neural network and support vector regression for intelligent diagnosis of rotating machinery  W You, C Shen, X Guo, X Jiang, J Shi, Z Zhu
2017   A self-adaptive deep belief network with Nesterov momentum for the fault diagnosis of rolling element bearings  S Tang, W You, C Shen, J Shi, S Li, Z Zhu
2017   Electric locomotive bearing fault diagnosis using novel convolutional deep belief network  H Shao, H Jiang, H Zhang, T Liang
2017   A novel method for intelligent fault diagnosis of rolling bearings using ensemble deep auto-encoders  H Shao, H Jiang, Y Lin, X Li 
2017   How to Fool Radiologists with Generative Adversarial Networks? A Visual Turing Test for Lung Cancer Diagnosis  MJM Chuquicusma, S Hussein, J Burt, U Bagci 
2017   Classification Based on Feature Extraction For Hepatocellular Carcinoma Diagnosis Using High-throughput Dna Methylation Sequencing Data  Z Yang, M Jin, Z Zhang, J Lu, K Hao
2017   An Automatic Computer-Aided Diagnosis System for Breast Cancer in Digital Mammograms via Deep Belief Network  MA Al
2017   An in-field automatic wheat disease diagnosis system  J Lu, J Hu, G Zhao, F Mei, C Zhang
2017   A New Deep Transfer Learning Based on Sparse Auto-Encoder for Fault Diagnosis  L Wen, L Gao, X Li
2017   A New Temporal Abstraction for Health Diagnosis Prediction using Deep Recurrent Networks  A Manashty, JL Thomson
2017   Deep Learning Method vs. Hand-Crafted Features for Lung Cancer Diagnosis and Breast Cancer Risk Analysis  W Sun
2017   Weighted time series fault diagnosis based on a stacked sparse autoencoder  F Lv, C Wen, M Liu, Z Bao
2017   A convolutional neural network based feature learning and fault diagnosis method for the condition monitoring of gearbox  L Jing, M Zhao, P Li, X Xu
2017   Research on fault diagnosis of hydraulic pump using convolutional neural network  J Yan, H Zhu, X Yang, Y Cao, L Shao
2017   A Novel Data-Driven Fault Diagnosis Method Based on Deep Learning  Y Zhang, L Gao, X Li, P Li
2017   Pulmonary nodule diagnosis using dual‐modal supervised autoencoder based on extreme learning machine  Y Qiang, L Ge, X Zhao, X Zhang, X Tang
2017   A Novel Diagnosis Method for SZ by Deep Neural Networks  C Qiao, Y Shi, B Li, T An
2017   Scalable and Unsupervised Feature Engineering Using Vibration-Imaging and Deep Learning for Rotor System Diagnosis  H Oh, JH Jung, BC Jeon, BD Youn
2017   Automatic Feature Learning Using Multichannel ROI Based on Deep Structured Algorithms for Computerized Lung Cancer Diagnosis  W Sun, B Zheng, W Qian
2017   Multisensor Feature Fusion for Bearing Fault Diagnosis Using Sparse Autoencoder and Deep Belief Network  Z Chen, W Li
2017   Diagnosis of Dyslexia using computation analysis  HM Al
2017   A New Approach to Develop Computer-Aided Diagnosis Scheme of Breast Mass Classification Using Deep Learning Technology.  Y Qiu, S Yan, RR Gundreddy, Y Wang, S Cheng, H Liu
2017   Diagnosis of Coronary Artery Disease Using Deep Belief Networks  G Altan, N Allahverdi, Y Kutlu
2017   Prostate cancer diagnosis using deep learning with 3D multiparametric MRI  S Liu, H Zheng, Y Feng, W Li
2017   Automated plasmodia recognition in microscopic images for diagnosis of malaria using convolutional neural networks  S Krappe, M Benz, A Gryanik, E Tannich, C Wegner
2017   A hybrid classifier based on nonlinear-PCA and deep belief networks with applications in dysphagia diagnosis  C Su, Y Gao, Y Xie, Y Xue, L Ge, H Li 
2017   Combining deep learning and coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering imaging for automated differential diagnosis of lung cancer.  S Weng, X Xu, J Li, STC Wong 
2017   Computer-Assisted Diagnosis System for Breast Cancer in Computed Tomography Laser Mammography (CTLM)  A Jalalian, S Mashohor, R Mahmud, B Karasfi
2017   Speech-based Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Condition by Generative Adversarial Network Representations  J Deng, N Cummins, M Schmi, K Qian, F Ringeval
2017   A deep learning and softmax regression fault diagnosis method for multi-level converter  B Xin, T Wang, T Tang 
2017   Automated Detection Of Atrial Fibrillation Ecg Signals Using Two Stage Vmd And Atrial Fibrillation Diagnosis Index  RK TRIPATHY, MR ARRIETA PATERNINA 
2017   A hydraulic fault diagnosis method based on sliding-window spectrum feature and deep belief network.  X Wang, J Huang, G Ren, D Wang 
2017   Large Power Transformer Fault Diagnosis and Prognostic Based on DBNC and DS Evidence Theory  G Li, C Yu, H Fan, S Gao, Y Song, Y Liu
2017   A neural network constructed by deep learning technique and its application to intelligent fault diagnosis of machines  F Jia, Y Lei, L Guo, J Lin, S Xing
2017   Relevance of deep learning to facilitate the diagnosis of HER2 status in breast cancer  ME Vandenberghe, MLJ Scott, PW Scorer
2017   Deep convolutional neural network for the automated detection and diagnosis of seizure using EEG signals  UR Acharya, SL Oh, Y Hagiwara, JH Tan, H Adeli
2017   Lung nodules diagnosis based on evolutionary convolutional neural network  GLF da Silva, OP da Silva Neto, AC Silva, AC de Paiva
2017   Fault Diagnosis from Raw Sensor Data Using Deep Neural Networks Considering Temporal Coherence  R Zhang, Z Peng, L Wu, B Yao, Y Guan
2017   Multimodal Neuroimaging Feature Learning with Multimodal Stacked Deep Polynomial Networks for Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease  J Shi, X Zheng, Y Li, Q Zhang, S Ying
2017   Deep quantum inspired neural network with application to aircraft fuel system fault diagnosis  Z Gao, C Ma, D Song, Y Liu
2017   Medicine: The final frontier in cancer diagnosis  SA Leachman, G Merlino
2017   A deep belief network based fault diagnosis model for complex chemical processes  Z Zhang, J Zhao
2017   Rolling bearing fault diagnosis using adaptive deep belief network with dual-tree complex wavelet packet  H Shao, H Jiang, F Wang, Y Wang
2017   Histopathological Diagnosis for Viable and Non-viable Tumor Prediction for Osteosarcoma Using Convolutional Neural Network  R Mishra, O Daescu, P Leavey, D Rakheja, A Sengupta
2017   Assessment of Accuracy of Patient-Initiated Differential Diagnosis Generation by Google Reverse Image Searching  M Perier
2017   A texture-based rolling bearing fault diagnosis scheme using adaptive optimal kernel time frequency representation and uniform local binary patterns  H Chen, J Wang, J Li, B Tang
2017   Unsupervised Fault Diagnosis of a Gear Transmission Chain Using a Deep Belief Network  J He, S Yang, C Gan
2017   Transfer Learning with Neural Networks for Bearing Fault Diagnosis in Changing Working Conditions  R Zhang, H Tao, L Wu, Y Guan
2017   Pattern Classification of Medical Images: Computer Aided Diagnosis  XX Yin, S Hadjiloucas, Y Zhang
2017   A New Convolutional Neural Network Based Data-Driven Fault Diagnosis Method  L Wen, X Li, L Gao, Y Zhang 
2017   Single and combined fault diagnosis of reciprocating compressor valves using a hybrid deep belief network  VT Tran, F AlThobiani, T Tinga, A Ball, G Niu 
2017   Comprehensive Overview on Computational Intelligence Techniques for Machinery Condition Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis  W Zhang, MP Jia, L Zhu, XA Yan
2017   Automated diagnosis of myositis from muscle ultrasound: Exploring the use of machine learning and deep learning methods  P Burlina, S Billings, N Joshi, J Albayda
2016   Patient Safety versus Computer Diagnosis  A Walczak, K Antczak
2016   Efficient diagnosis system for Parkinson's disease using deep belief network  AH Al
2016   Fully Automating Graf's Method for DDH Diagnosis Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks  D Golan, Y Donner, C Mansi, J Jaremko
2016   Deep Learning For Healthcare Management And Diagnosis  ABV dos Santos, DR Carvalho
2016   Bearing Fault Diagnosis Based on Deep Belief Network and Multisensor Information Fusion  J Tao, Y Liu, D Yang
2016   Diagnosis of Degenerative Intervertebral Disc Disease with Deep Networks and SVM  AB Oktay, YS Akgul
2016   Diagnosis of Tidal Turbine Vibration Data through Deep Neural Networks  GS Galloway, VM Catterson, T Fay, A Robb, C Love
2016   Fault diagnosis of rotary machinery components using a stacked denoising autoencoder-based health state identification  C Lu, ZY Wang, WL Qin, J Ma
2016   An enhancement deep feature fusion method for rotating machinery fault diagnosis  S Haidong, J Hongkai, Z Huiwei
2016   Computer-Aided Diagnosis with Deep Learning Architecture: Applications to Breast Lesions in US Images and Pulmonary Nodules in CT Scans  JZ Cheng, D Ni, YH Chou, J Qin, CM Tiu, YC Chang
2016   Transformer fault diagnosis using continuous sparse autoencoder  L Wang, X Zhao, J Pei, G Tang
2016   Computer aided lung cancer diagnosis with deep learning algorithms  W Sun, B Zheng, W Qian
2016   Apparatus And Method For Computer Aided Diagnosis (Cad) Based On Eye Movement  KY Lee, BK Kang, KJ Kwon, YK Seong, SW Ryu
2016   Semi-advised learning model for skin cancer diagnosis based on histopathalogical images  A Masood, A Al
2016   Thorax disease diagnosis using deep convolutional neural network  J Chen, X Qi, O Tervonen, O Silvén, G Zhao
2016   Computer-Aided Diagnosis (Cad) Apparatus And Method Using Consecutive Medical Images  JM Park
2016   Apparatus And Method For Supporting Image Diagnosis  HA Kang, WS Kim
2016   Centered Kernel Alignment Enhancing Neural Network Pretraining for MRI-Based Dementia Diagnosis  D Cárdenas
2016   Apparatus And Method For Supporting Computer Aided Diagnosis  JH Jeon
2016   Automated Diagnosis of Parkinsonian Syndromes by Deep Sparse Filtering-Based Features  A Ortiz, FJ Martínez
2016   Multi-scale CNNs for Brain Tumor Segmentation and Diagnosis  L Zhao, K Jia, C Beijing
2016   Smart diagnosis of journal bearing rotor systems: Unsupervised feature extraction scheme by deep learning  H Oh, BC Jeon, JH Jung, BD Youn
2016   Hierarchical adaptive deep convolution neural network and its application to bearing fault diagnosis  X Guo, L Chen, C Shen
2016   Application of machine learning on postural control kinematics for the Diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease  L Costa, MF Gago, D Yelshyna, J Ferreira, HD Silva
2016   Three-Dimensional Computer-Aided Diagnosis Apparatus And Method Based On Dimension Reduction  YH Kim, YK Seong
2016   Multi-modality stacked deep polynomial network based feature learning for Alzheimer's disease diagnosis  X Zheng, J Shi, Y Li, X Liu, Q Zhang
2016   Fault Diagnosis for Rotating Machinery Using Vibration Measurement Deep Statistical Feature Learning  C Li, RV Sánchez, G Zurita, M Cerrada, D Cabrera
2016   Aero Engine Component Fault Diagnosis Using Multi-Hidden-Layer Extreme Learning Machine with Optimized Structure  S Pang, Y Xinyi, X Zhang
2016   Detection and Diagnosis of Breast Tumors using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks  JD Gallego
2016   Computer-Aided Diagnosis for Breast Ultrasound Using Computerized BI-RADS Features and Machine Learning Methods  J Shan, SK Alam, B Garra, Y Zhang, T Ahmed
2016   Fault diagnosis of gearbox using empirical mode decomposition and multi-fractal detrended cross-correlation analysis  H Liu, J Zhang, Y Cheng, C Lu
2016   Generating feature sets for fault diagnosis using denoising stacked auto-encoder  R Thirukovalluru, S Dixit, RK Sevakula, NK Verma
2016   Fault Diagnosis Based on Chemical Sensor Data with an Active Deep Neural Network  P Jiang, Z Hu, J Liu, S Yu, F Wu
2016   Fault diagnosis network design for vehicle on-board equipments of high-speed railway: A deep learning approach  J Yin, W Zhao
2016   Fault Diagnosis of Rolling Bearing using Deep Belief Networks  T Jie, L Yi
2016   A Novel Bearing Fault Diagnosis Method based on Gaussian Restricted Boltzmann Machine  X HE, Y LI, C ZHOU
2016   Railway Track Circuit Fault Diagnosis Using Recurrent Neural Networks.  T de Bruin, K Verbert, R Babuska
2016   Multimodal Deep Learning for Cervical Dysplasia Diagnosis  T Xu, H Zhang, X Huang, S Zhang, DN Metaxas
2016   Railway Track Circuit Fault Diagnosis Using Recurrent Neural Networks  T de Bruin, K Verbert, R BabuŠka
2016   Computer-Aided Diagnosis  GD Tourassi, SG Armato III
2016   ELM Based Representational Learning for Fault Diagnosis of Wind Turbine Equipment  Z Yang, X Wang, PK Wong, J Zhong
2016   Fault diagnosis based on deep learning  F Lv, C Wen, Z Bao, M Liu
2016   Computer-Aided Diagnosis Apparatus And Method  HJ Kam, HY Kim, JH Jeon
2016   Apparatus And Method For Adaptive Computer-Aided Diagnosis  HJ Kam, YH Kim, SC Chae, BK Kang, HY Kim, KY Lee
2016   Gearbox fault diagnosis based on deep random forest fusion of acoustic and vibratory signals  C Li, RV Sanchez, G Zurita, M Cerrada, D Cabrera
2016   Bearing fault diagnosis based on deep belief network and multi-sensor information fusion  T Jie, L Yilun, Y Dalian
2015   Probabilistic combination of classification rules and its application to medical diagnosis  JM Tomczak, M Zięba
2015   A novel feature extraction method using deep neural network for rolling bearing fault diagnosis  W Lu, X Wang, C Yang, T Zhang
2015   Fault diagnosis method study in roller bearing based on wavelet transform and stacked auto-encoder  T Junbo, L Weining, A Juneng, W Xueqian
2015   Nonlinear Gaussian Belief Network based fault diagnosis for industrial processes  H Yu, F Khan, V Garaniya
2015   Diagnosis Of Diabetic Retinopathy By Segmentation Of Blood Vessels In Retinal Images  K BISWARANJAN, S SARKAR, DRA SETHI
2015   Deep Learning in Diagnosis of Brain Disorders  HI Suk, D Shen
2015   Temporal Pattern and Association Discovery of Diagnosis Codes Using Deep Learning  S Mehrabi, S Sohn, D Li, JJ Pankratz, T Therneau
2015   Multimodal deep support vector classification with homologous features and its application to gearbox fault diagnosis  C Li, RV Sanchez, G Zurita, M Cerrada, D Cabrera
2015   Fault Diagnosis and Prognosis of Critical Components  D Wang, C Li, A Widodo, PK Kankar, W Caesarendra
2015   Temporal Convolutional Neural Networks for Diagnosis from Lab Tests  N Razavian, D Sontag
2015   Diagnosis of human intestinal parasites by deep learning  AZ Peixinho, SB Martins, JE Vargas, AX Falcão
2015   Construction of hierarchical diagnosis network based on deep learning and its application in the fault pattern recognition of rolling element bearings  M Gan, C Wang
2015   Deep neural networks: A promising tool for fault characteristic mining and intelligent diagnosis of rotating machinery with massive data  F Jia, Y Lei, J Lin, X Zhou, N Lu
2015   Rolling bearing fault diagnosis using an optimization deep belief network  H Shao, H Jiang, X Zhang, M Niu
2015   Bearing fault diagnosis method based on stacked autoencoder and softmax regression  S Tao, T Zhang, J Yang, X Wang, W Lu
2014   Deep learning for fault diagnosis based on multi-sourced heterogeneous data  Y Ma, Z Guo, J Su, Y Chen, X Du, Y Yang, C Li, Y Lin