Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: discovery

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Learning from peers: Fostering knowledge discovery through co-assessment by peers  CTW Chan
2017   Learning Graph-Level Representation for Drug Discovery  J Li, D Cai, X He
2017   " Look At This One" Detection sharing between modality-independent classifiers for robotic discovery of people  J Guerry, B Le Saux, D Filliat 
2017   Data-driven discovery of Koopman eigenfunctions using deep learning  B Lusch, SL Brunton, JN Kutz
2017   Using Deep Learning Towards Biomedical Knowledge Discovery  NN Rather, CO Patel, SA Khan
2017   Discovery of Rare Phenotypes in Cellular Images Using Weakly Supervised Deep Learning  H Sailem, M Arias
2017   Arguing Machines: Perception-Control System Redundancy and Edge Case Discovery in Real-World Autonomous Driving  L Fridman, B Jenik, B Reimer 
2017   Knowledge Discovery and Diseases Prediction: A Comparative Study of Machine Learning Techniques  M Nilashi, H Ahmadi, L Shahmoradi, A Mardani
2017   From machine learning to deep learning: progress in machine intelligence for rational drug discovery  L Zhang, J Tan, D Han, H Zhu
2017   Object discovery in depth images  TW Huang, YA Wei, HT Chen, JC Liu
2017   Semantic Web-Mining and Deep Vision for Lifelong Object Discovery  J Young, V Basile, E Cabrio, N Hawes, B Caputo
2017   Physics Informed Deep Learning (Part II): Data-driven Discovery of Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations  M Raissi, P Perdikaris, GE Karniadakis 
2017   Musical Motif Discovery from Non-Musical Inspiration Sources  D Johnson, D Ventura
2017   SymCHM—An Unsupervised Approach for Pattern Discovery in Symbolic Music with a Compositional Hierarchical Model  M Pesek, A Leonardis, M Marolt 
2017   Deep Discovery Of Facial Motions Using A Shallow Embedding Layer  A Ghasemi, M Baktashmotlagh, S Denman
2017   A Physics-Based Approach to Unsupervised Discovery of Coherent  A Rupe, JP Crutchfield, K Kashinath
2017   Unsupervised Anomaly Detection with Generative Adversarial Networks to Guide Marker Discovery  T Schlegl, P Seeböck, SM Waldstein, U Schmidt
2017   Using the Past to Predict the Future: Applications of High Throughput Longitudinal Single Cell Analysis, Genomics, Stem Cells and Machine Learning to Discovery  S Finkbeiner
2017   Deep Patch Learning for Weakly Supervised Object Classification and Discovery  P Tang, X Wang, Z Huang, X Bai, W Liu
2017   Comparison of Deep Learning With Multiple Machine Learning Methods and Metrics Using Diverse Drug Discovery Datasets  A Korotcov, V Tkachenko, DP Russo, S Ekins 
2017   Discovery Through Constraints: Imposing Constraints on Autoencoders for Data Representation and Dictionary Learning  BO Ayinde, JM Zurada
2017   Surprise Discovery in Scientific Databases: A Framework for Data Intensive Science Utilizing the Power of Citizen Science  A Vedachalam
2017   Large Scale Novel Object Discovery in 3D  S Srivastava, G Sharma, B Lall
2017   Multi-Contextual Representation and Learning with Applications in Materials Knowledge Discovery  R Liu
2017   Object Discovery By Generative Adversarial & Ranking Networks  A Diba, V Sharma, R Stiefelhagen, L Van Gool 
2016   Machine Learning and Knowledge Discovery in Databases: European Conference, ECML PKDD 2016, Riva del Garda, Italy, September 19-23, 2016, Proceedings  P Frasconi, N Landwehr, G Manco, J Vreeken
2016   Discovery of the relations between genetic polymorphism and adverse drug reactions  Z Liang, G Zhang, JX Huang
2016   Application of Computational Drug Discovery Techniques for Designing New Drugs against Zika Virus  JP Ceron
2016   Data mining techniques on satellite images for discovery of risk areas  BB Traore, B Kamsu
2016   Advances in Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining: 20th Pacific-Asia Conference, PAKDD 2016, Auckland, New Zealand, April 19-22, 2016, Proceedings  J Bailey, L Khan, T Washio, G Dobbie, JZ Huang
2016   Deep Learning for Human Part Discovery in Images  G Oliveira, A Valada, C Bollen, W Burgard, T Brox
2016   Automatic Discovery of Design Task Structure Using Deep Belief Nets  L Lan, Y Liu, WF Lu, A Alghamdi
2016   Unsupervised Category Discovery via Looped Deep Pseudo-Task Optimization Using a Large Scale Radiology Image Database  X Wang, L Lu, H Shin, L Kim, I Nogues, J Yao
2016   Enhancing Big Data Value Using Knowledge Discovery Techniques  M Abdrabo, M Elmogy, G Eltaweel, S Barakat
2016   LDADeep+: Latent Aspect Discovery with Deep Representations  CE Tsai, HL Hsieh, W Hsu
2016   A renaissance of neural networks in drug discovery  I Tetko, D Winkler, I Baskin
2016   Low Data Drug Discovery with One-shot Learning  H Altae
2016   DENA: An Intelligent Content Discovery System Used in Named Data Networking  H Zhang, R Xie, S Zhu, T Huang, Y Liu
2016   Deep Learning in Drug Discovery  E Gawehn, JA Hiss, G Schneider
2016   Large-scale Computational Screening and Machine Learning Approaches to Drug Discovery  BK Allen
2015   Bone disease prediction and phenotype discovery using feature representation over electronic health records  H Li, X Li, X Jia, M Ramanathan, A Zhang
2015   Event Pattern Discovery on IDS Traces of Cloud Services  SY Huang, Y Huang, N Suri
2015   Massively Multitask Networks for Drug Discovery  B Ramsundar, S Kearnes, P Riley, D Webster
2015   Massively Multitask Deep Learning for Drug Discovery  J Feriante
2015   Discovery Radiomics for Multi-Parametric MRI Prostate Cancer Detection  AG Chung, MJ Shafiee, D Kumar, F Khalvati
2015   Providing data science support for systems pharmacology and its implications to drug discovery  T Hart, L Xie
2015   AtomNet: A Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Bioactivity Prediction in Structure-based Drug Discovery  I Wallach, M Dzamba, A Heifets
2015   Causal Phenotype Discovery via Deep Networks  D Kale, Z Che, MT Bahadori, W Li, Y Liu, R Wetzel
2015   Extended Semi-supervised Fuzzy Learning Method for Nonlinear Outliers via Pattern Discovery  X Song, Z Liu, X Yang, J Yang, Y Qi
2015   Discovery Phenomenon And Information Criteria  S WATANABE
2015   Hypothesis Discovery Exploiting Closed Chains of Relations  K Seki
2015   Machine learning for transient discovery in Pan-STARRS1 difference imaging  DE Wright, SJ Smartt, KW Smith, P Miller, R Kotak
2015   Temporal Pattern and Association Discovery of Diagnosis Codes Using Deep Learning  S Mehrabi, S Sohn, D Li, JJ Pankratz, T Therneau
2015   An Iterative Deep Learning Framework For Unsupervised Discovery Of Speech Features And Linguistic Units With Applications On …  CT Chung, CY Tsai, HH Lu, CH Liu, H Lee, L Lee
2015   A Preliminary Review of Influential Works in Data-Driven Discovery  M Stalzer, C Mentzel
2015   Unsupervised Latent Aspect Discovery for Diverse Event Summarization  WY Lee, YH Kuo, PJ Hsieh, WF Cheng, TH Chao
2015   Large Scale Business Discovery from Street Level Imagery  Q Yu, C Szegedy, M Stumpe, L Yatziv, V Shet, J Ibarz
2015   Feature Discovery by Deep Learning for Aesthetic Analysis of Evolved Abstract Images  A Campbell, V Ciesielksi, AK Qin
2014   Teaching Experimental Mathematics: Digital Discovery using Maple  B Blyth
2014   Detector Discovery in the Wild: Joint Multiple Instance and Representation Learning  J Hoffman, D Pathak, T Darrell, K Saenko
2014   Part Detector Discovery in Deep Convolutional Neural Networks  M Simon, E Rodner, J Denzler