Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: discriminative

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Discriminative Robust Deep Dictionary Learning for Hyperspectral Image Classification  V Singhal, HK Aggarwal, S Tariyal, A Majumdar
2017   Adversarial Discriminative Heterogeneous Face Recognition  L Song, M Zhang, X Wu, R He
2017   Post-training discriminative pruning for RBMs  M Sánchez
2017   Discriminative Feature Learning and Region Consistency Activation for Robust Scene Labelling  Y Li, F Sohel, M Bennamoun, H Lei
2017   Discriminative Acoustic Features for Deployable Speech Recognition  A Faria
2017   This paper is concerned with the problem of learning a distance metric by considering meaningful and discriminative distance constraints in some contexts where rich …  MT Law, N Thome, M Cord
2017   Learning Discriminative Convolutional Features for Skeletal Action Recognition  J Xu, Y Xiang, L Hu 
2017   IRGAN: A Minimax Game for Unifying Generative and Discriminative Information Retrieval Models  J Wang, L Yu, W Zhang, Y Gong, Y Xu, B Wang
2017   Discriminative Optimization: Theory and Applications to Computer Vision Problems  J Vongkulbhisal, F De la Torre, JP Costeira
2017   Centroid-Aware Local Discriminative Metric Learning in Speaker Verification  K Sheng, W Dong, W Li, J Razik, F Huang, B Hu
2017   Discriminative Feature Learning for Unsupervised Change Detection in Heterogeneous Images Based on a Coupled Neural Network  W Zhao, Z Wang, M Gong, J Liu
2017   Discriminative Autoencoders for Acoustic Modeling  MH Yang, HS Lee, YD Lu, KY Chen, Y Tsao, B Chen
2017   Discriminative Deep Belief Networks with Ant Colony Optimization for Health Status Assessment of Machine  M Ma, C Sun, X Chen
2017   Diabetic Retinopathy Detection via Deep Convolutional Networks for Discriminative Localization and Visual Explanation  Z Wang, J Yang
2017   Efficient Cross-modal Retrieval via Discriminative Deep Correspondence Model  Z Hu, X Liu, A Li, B Zhong, W Fan, J Du 
2017   Deep-Person: Learning Discriminative Deep Features for Person Re-Identification  X Bai, M Yang, T Huang, Z Dou, R Yu, Y Xu 
2017   Discriminative Region Guided Deep Neural Network Towards Food Image Classification  Y Chen, Y Yang, Q Fang, X Yao 
2017   Best of Both Worlds: Transferring Knowledge from Discriminative Learning to a Generative Visual Dialog Model  J Lu, A Kannan, J Yang, D Parikh, D Batra
2017   Discriminative conditional restricted Boltzmann machine for discrete choice and latent variable modelling  M Wong, B Farooq, GA Bilodeau
2017   Person Identification Using Discriminative Visual Aesthetic  S Azam, M Gavrilova
2017   Learning Loss Functions for Semi-supervised Learning via Discriminative Adversarial Networks  CN Santos, K Wadhawan, B Zhou
2017   Infrared Dim Moving Target Tracking via Sparsity-based Discriminative Classifier and Convolutional Network  K Qian, H Zhou, B Wang, S Song, D Zhao
2017   Discriminative deep belief networks for microarray based cancer classification  EM Karabulut, T Ibrikci
2017   Hallucinating Very Low-Resolution Unaligned and Noisy Face Images by Transformative Discriminative Autoencoders  X Yu, F Porikli
2017   Combining Normal Sparse into Discriminative Deep Belief Networks  F Khalid, MI Fanany
2017   Discriminative Region Proposal Adversarial Networks for High-Quality Image-to-Image Translation  C Wang, H Zheng, Z Yu, Z Zheng, Z Gu, B Zheng 
2017   Generative Models In Discriminative Based Hasing Method Classifiers  S SIVASAKTHI, PN Suguna
2017   Fine-grained Discriminative Localization via Saliency-guided Faster R-CNN  X He, Y Peng, J Zhao
2017   Discriminative Transformation Learning for Fuzzy Sparse Subspace Clustering  Z Wen, B Hou, Q Wu, L Jiao
2017   Voice Activity Detection Using Discriminative Restricted Boltzmann Machines  RG Borin, MTM Silva
2017   ApproxDBN: Approximate Computing for Discriminative Deep Belief Networks  X Xu, S Das, K Kreutz
2017   Island Loss for Learning Discriminative Features in Facial Expression Recognition  J Cai, Z Meng, AS Khan, Z Li, Y Tong 
2017   Loading Discriminative Feature Representations in Hidden Layer  DR Liou, YE Chen, CY Liou
2016   Discriminative Shape Feature Pooling in Deep Convolutional Networks for Visual Classification  C Dixit
2016   Backprop KF: Learning Discriminative Deterministic State Estimators  T Haarnoja, A Ajay, S Levine, P Abbeel
2016   Combining Generative and Discriminative Neural Networks for Sleep Stages Classification  EP Giri, MI Fanany, AM Arymurthy
2016   Discriminative Models for Multi-instance Problems with Tree Structure  T Pevný, P Somol
2016   Combining Generative and Discriminative Representation Learning for Lung CT Analysis with Convolutional Restricted Boltzmann Machines  G van Tulder, M de Bruijne
2016   Deep discriminative manifold learning  JT Chien, CH Chen
2016   Histopathology Image Categorization with Discriminative Dimension Reduction of Fisher Vectors  Y Song, Q Li, H Huang, D Feng, M Chen, W Cai
2016   Discriminative Phrase Embedding for Paraphrase Identification  W Yin, H Schütze
2016   A new variance-based approach for discriminative feature extraction in machine hearing classification using spectrogram features  Z Xie, I McLoughlin, H Zhang, Y Song, W Xiao
2016   Learning Robust and Discriminative Manifold Representations for Pattern Recognition  S Kumar
2016   Discriminative Sparse Neighbor Approximation for Imbalanced Learning  C Huang, CC Loy, X Tang
2016   Learning Discriminative Features via Label Consistent Neural Network  Z Jiang, Y Wang, L Davis, W Andrews, V Rozgic
2016   Collaborative Layer-wise Discriminative Learning in Deep Neural Networks  X Jin, Y Chen, J Dong, J Feng, S Yan
2016   Accelerated learning of discriminative spatio-temporal features for action recognition  M Varshney, R Rameshan
2016   Ultra-Resolving Face Images by Discriminative Generative Networks  X Yu, F Porikli
2016   Extracting Discriminative Keyphrases with Learned Semantic Hierarchies  Y Wang, SD Mining, Y Jin, UN Brunswick, X Zhu
2016   Learning Discriminative Features with Class Encoder  H Shi, X Zhu, Z Lei, S Liao, SZ Li
2016   Discriminative Regularization for Generative Models  A Lamb, V Dumoulin, A Courville
2016   Discriminative Training of Deep Fully-connected Continuous CRF with Task-specific Loss  F Liu, G Lin, C Shen
2016   Robust Discriminative Regression for Facial Landmark Localization under Occlusion  Y Wang, J Yue, Y Dong, Z Hu
2016   A Method of Discriminative Features Extraction for Restricted Boltzmann Machines  S Guo, C Zhou, B Wang, S Zhou
2016   Learning a Discriminative Null Space for Person Re-identification  L Zhang, T Xiang, S Gong
2016   Bilevel Model Based Discriminative Dictionary Learning for Recognition  P Zhou, C Zhang, Z Lin
2016   A discriminative unsupervised method for speaker recognition using deep learning  MM Saleem, JHL Hansen
2016   Class-specific mid-level feature learning with the Discriminative Group-wise Beta-Bernoulli process restricted Boltzmann machines  HJ Lee, KS Hong
2016   Multi-instance Deep Learning: Discover Discriminative Local Anatomies for Bodypart Recognition  Z Yan, Y Zhan, Z Peng, S Liao, Y Shinagawa, S Zhang
2015   DLANet: A Manifold-Learning-based Discriminative Feature Learning Network for Scene Classification  Z Feng, L Jin, D Tao, S Huang
2015   Deep clustering: Discriminative embeddings for segmentation and separation  JR Hershey, Z Chen, JL Roux, S Watanabe
2015   Discriminative Feature Learning with Constraints of Category and Temporal for Action Recognition  Z Wu, S Wan, P Jin, L Yue
2015   Exemplar Based Deep Discriminative and Shareable Feature Learning for Scene Image Classification  Z Zuo, G Wang, B Shuai, L Zhao, Q Yang
2015   Harvesting Discriminative Meta Objects with Deep CNN Features for Scene Classification  R Wu, B Wang, W Wang, Y Yu
2015   Maximum Entropy Linear Manifold for Learning Discriminative Low-dimensional Representation  WM Czarnecki, R Józefowicz, J Tabor
2015   Learning a Representative and Discriminative Part Model with Deep Convolutional Features for Scene Recognition  B Liu, J Liu, J Wang, H Lu
2015   Discriminative Template Learning in Group-Convolutional Networks for Invariant Speech Representations  C Zhang, S Voinea, G Evangelopoulos, L Rosasco
2015   S-Vector: A Discriminative Representation Derived From I-Vector For Speaker Verification  YZ Isık, H Erdogan, R Sarıkaya
2015   Implementation of discriminative and generative deep learning  J Shen, M Lee
2015   Adding discriminative power to a generative hierarchical compositional model using histograms of compositions  D Tabernik, A Leonardis, M Boben, D Skočaj, M Kristan
2015   A discriminative cascade CNN model for offline handwritten digit recognition  S Pan, Y Wang, C Liu, X Ding
2015   Learning Discriminative Reconstructions for Unsupervised Outlier Removal  Y Xia, X Cao, F Wen, G Hua, J Sun
2015   Discriminative Unsupervised Feature Learning with Exemplar Convolutional Neural Networks  A Dosovitskiy, P Fischer, J Springenberg, M Riedmiller
2015   Syntax-based machine translation using dependency grammars and discriminative machine learning  AVM Barone
2015   Deep Discriminative And Generative Models For Pattern Recognition  L Deng, N Jaitly
2015   Credit Risk Classification Using Discriminative Restricted Boltzmann Machines  Q Li, J Zhang, Y Wang, K Kang
2015   CNNTracker: Online Discriminative Object Tracking via Deep Convolutional Neural Network  Y Chen, X Yang, B Zhong, S Pan, D Chen, H Zhang
2015   Automatic Assessment Of English Learner Pronunciation Using Discriminative Classifiers  M Nicolao, AV Beeston, T Hain
2015   Incremental Recurrent Neural Network Dependency Parser with Search-based Discriminative Training  M Yazdani, J Henderson
2015   Model Selection for Discriminative Restricted Boltzmann Machines Through Meta-heuristic Techniques  JP Papa, GH Rosa, AN Marana, W Scheirer, DD Cox
2015   Learning Discriminative Feature Representations for Visual Categorization  L Liu
2015   Learning representative and discriminative image representation by deep appearance and spatial coding  B Liu, J Liu, H Lu
2015   DeepTrack: Learning Discriminative Feature Representations Online for Robust Visual Tracking  H Li, Y Li, F Porikli
2015   Learning Discriminative Shape Statistics Distribution Features for Pedestrian Detection  J Shen, X Zuo, W Yang, H Yu, G Liu
2015   A discriminative reliability-aware classification model with applications to intelligibility classification in pathological speech  N Kumar, SS Narayanan
2015   Discriminative Interpolation for Classification of Functional Data  R Haber, A Rangarajan, AM Peter
2015   Discriminative Quadratic Feature Learning for Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition  MK Zhou, XY Zhang, F Yin, CL Liu
2014   Discriminative Kernel Feature Extraction and Learning for Object Recognition and Detection  H Pan, SI Olsen, Y Zhu
2014   Score Function Features for Discriminative Learning  M Janzamin, H Sedghi, A Anandkumar
2014   Discriminative Deep Face Shape Model for Facial Point Detection  Y Wu, Q Ji
2014   A Noisy-Or Discriminative Restricted Boltzmann Machine for Recognizing Handwriting Style Development  G Chen, SN Srihari
2014   Writer Adaptation using Bottleneck Features and Discriminative Linear Regression for Online Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition  J Du, JS Hu, B Zhu, S Wei, LR Dai
2014   Score Function Features for Discriminative Learning: Matrix and Tensor Framework  M Janzamin, H Sedghi, A Anandkumar
2014   Features in Concert: Discriminative Feature Selection meets Unsupervised Clustering  M Leordeanu, A Radu, R Sukthankar
2014   Prototype-Based Discriminative Feature Learning for Kinship Verification  H Yan, J Lu, X Zhou
2014   Matrix and Tensor Features for Discriminative Learning  M Janzamin, H Sedghi, A Anandkumar