Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: disease

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Refining diagnosis of Parkinson's disease with deep learning-based interpretation of dopamine transporter imaging  H Choi, S Ha, HJ Im, SH Paek, DS Lee
2017   Disease Staging and Prognosis in Smokers Using Deep Learning in Chest Computed Tomography  G González, SY Ash, G Vegas Sanchez
2017   Detecting Cardiovascular Disease from Mammograms with Deep Learning.  J Wang, H Ding, F Azamian, B Zhou, C Iribarren
2017   Deep Ensemble Learning of Sparse Regression Models for Brain Disease Diagnosis  HI Suk, SW Lee, D Shen
2017   Uncertainties in Big Data When Using Internet Surveillance Tools and Social Media for Determining Patterns in Disease Incidence—Reply  MS Deiner, TM Lietman, TC Porco
2017   Computer-Aided Therapeutic of Alzheimer's Disease Eulogizing Pattern Classification and Deep Learning Protruded on Tree-Based Learning Method  PSJ Kumar 
2017   A Deep Learning Interpretable Classifier for Diabetic Retinopathy Disease Grading  J de la Torre, A Valls, D Puig 
2017   Local Chain Descriptor With Deep Learning For Plant Leaf Disease Detection  A Kilaru, N Pal
2017   Disease Prediction from Electronic Health Records Using Generative Adversarial Networks  U Hwang, S Choi, S Yoon 
2017   Identify Huntington's disease associated genes based on restricted Boltzmann machine with RNA-seq data  X Jiang, H Zhang, F Duan, X Quan 
2017   Explaining hyperspectral imaging based plant disease identification: 3D CNN and saliency maps  K Nagasubramanian, S Jones, AK Singh, A Singh
2017   Transfer Learning for Image-Based Cassava Disease Detection  A Ramcharan, K Baranowski, P McCloskey, B Ahamed 
2017   Comparison of Shallow and Deep Learning Methods on Classifying the Regional Pattern of Diffuse Lung Disease  GB Kim, KH Jung, Y Lee, HJ Kim, N Kim, S Jun, JB Seo 
2017   Deep learning for freezing of gait detection in Parkinson's disease patients in their homes using a waist-worn inertial measurement unit  J Camps, A Samà, M Martín, D Rodríguez
2017   Deep structural learning for classification of Alzheimer's disease  N Oishi, H Fukuyama 
2017   Alzheimer's disease diagnostics by a 3D deeply supervised adaptable convolutional network.  E Hosseini
2017   Multi-Modal Classification of Neurodegenerative Disease by Progressive Graph-Based Transductive Learning  Z Wang, X Zhu, E Adeli, Y Zhu, F Nie, B Munsell
2017   Glaucoma-Deep: Detection of Glaucoma Eye Disease on Retinal Fundus Images using Deep Learning  Q Abbas
2017   Deep learning analysis of breast MRIs for prediction of occult invasive disease in ductal carcinoma in situ  Z Zhu, M Harowicz, J Zhang, A Saha, LJ Grimm 
2017   Vision-Based Plant Disease Detection System Using Transfer and Deep Learning  AC Cruz, A Luvisi, L De Bellis, Y Ampatzidis
2017   Characterisation of voice quality of Parkinson" s disease using differential phonological posterior features  M Cernak, JR Orozco
2017   Label-Free Analyses of Minimal Residual Disease in ALL Using Deep Learning and Imaging Flow Cytometry  M Doan, M Case, D Mašić, H Hennig, C McQuin
2017   Deep Learning based Classification of FDG-PET Data for Alzheimer's Disease  S Singh
2017   Deep Learning Approach for Prediction of Heart Disease Using Data mining Classification Algorithm Deep Belief Network  T Karthikeyan, VA Kanimozhi
2017   Method And System For Cardiovascular Disease Assessment And Management  T Sinha, I Eslick, A Leggitt
2017   Method, Electronic Apparatus, And Computer Readable Medium Of Constructing Classifier For Disease Detection  M Wu, E Chang
2017   Multi-stage Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease with Incomplete Multimodal Data via Multi-task Deep Learning  KH Thung, PT Yap, D Shen
2017   RIDDLE: Race and ethnicity Imputation from Disease history with Deep LEarning  JS Kim, A Rzhetsky
2017   Image Segmentation and Classification for Sickle Cell Disease using Deformable U-Net  M Zhang, X Li, M Xu, Q Li 
2017   Applying artificial intelligence to disease staging: Deep learning for improved staging of diabetic retinopathy.  H Takahashi, H Tampo, Y Arai, Y Inoue, H Kawashima
2017   Cognitive Subscore Trajectory Prediction in Alzheimer's Disease  LE Givon, LJ Mariano, AR Schneider, D O'Dowd
2017   Quantitative analysis of patients with celiac disease by video capsule endoscopy: A deep learning method  T Zhou, G Han, BN Li, Z Lin, EJ Ciaccio, PH Green
2017   An Ensemble of Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Alzheimer's Disease Detection and Classification  J Islam, Y Zhang 
2017   A Disease Risk Model for Health Data  J Xie, Y Liu, Z Zhou, R Wang, Y Kong, Y Guo, W Zhang
2017   Spectral Analysis of CNN for Tomato Disease Identification  A Fuentes, DH Im, S Yoon, DS Park
2017   Randomized Deep Learning Methods for Clinical Trial Enrichment and Design in Alzheimer's Disease  VK Ithapu, V Singh, SC Johnson 
2017   An in-field automatic wheat disease diagnosis system  J Lu, J Hu, G Zhao, F Mei, C Zhang
2017   Computational medicine: A cybernetic eye for rare disease  Q Wang, D Shen
2017   Effects of Preprocessing in Slice-Level Classification of Interstitial Lung Disease Based on Deep Convolutional Networks  Y Chang, Ö Smedby 
2017   Plant Leaf Disease Detection using Deep Learning and Convolutional Neural Network  AMGJ Hanson, A Joy, J Francis
2017   Deep learning analytics for diagnostic support of breast cancer disease management  T He, M Puppala, R Ogunti, JJ Mancuso, X Yu, S Chen
2017   Diagnosis of Coronary Artery Disease Using Deep Belief Networks  G Altan, N Allahverdi, Y Kutlu
2017   A Novel Deep Learning Based Multi-class Classification Method for Alzheimer's Disease Detection Using Brain MRI Data  J Islam, Y Zhang 
2017   A hybrid intelligent system for the prediction of Parkinson's Disease progression using machine learning techniques  M Nilashi, O Ibrahim, H Ahmadi, L Shahmoradi 
2017   Multimodal Neuroimaging Feature Learning with Multimodal Stacked Deep Polynomial Networks for Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease  J Shi, X Zheng, Y Li, Q Zhang, S Ying
2017   Deep Learning for Detecting Freezing of Gait Episodes in Parkinson's Disease Based on Accelerometers  J Camps, A Samà, M Martín, D Rodríguez
2017   Noisy deep dictionary learning: Application to Alzheimer's Disease classification  A Majumdar, V Singhal
2017   Deep learning of texture and structural features for multiclass Alzheimer's disease classification  CV Dolph, M Alam, Z Shboul, MD Samad
2017   Deep-learning-based classification of FDG-PET data for Alzheimer's disease categories  S Singh, A Srivastava, L Mi, RJ Caselli, K Chen 
2017   Automatic Alzheimer's Disease Recognition from MRI Data Using Deep Learning Method  S Luo, X Li, J Li 
2017   Leaf Disease Segmentation From Agricultural Images via Hybridization of Active Contour Model and OFA  MGS Jayanthi, DR Shashikumar 
2016   Efficient diagnosis system for Parkinson's disease using deep belief network  AH Al
2016   Clinical decision support for Alzheimer's disease based on deep learning and brain network  C Hu, R Ju, Y Shen, P Zhou, Q Li
2016   Classification of Alzheimer's Disease Structural MRI Data by Deep Learning Convolutional Neural Networks  S Sarraf, G Tofighi
2016   Deep Learning of Brain Lesion Patterns for Predicting Future Disease Activity in Patients with Early Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis  Y Yoo, LW Tang, T Brosch, DKB Li, L Metz
2016   Diagnosis of Degenerative Intervertebral Disc Disease with Deep Networks and SVM  AB Oktay, YS Akgul
2016   Recent machine learning advancements in sensor-based mobility analysis: Deep learning for Parkinson's disease assessment  BM Eskofier, SI Lee, JF Daneault, FN Golabchi
2016   Thorax disease diagnosis using deep convolutional neural network  J Chen, X Qi, O Tervonen, O Silvén, G Zhao
2016   Deep convolutional neural networks for classification of mild cognitive impaired and Alzheimer's disease patients from scalp EEG recordings  FC Morabito, M Campolo, C Ieracitano, JM Ebadi
2016   Sparse feature learning for image analysis in segmentation, classification, and disease diagnosis.  E Hosseini
2016   Classification of Alzheimer's Disease using fMRI Data and Deep Learning Convolutional Neural Networks  S Sarraf, G Tofighi
2016   A computational framework for disease grading using protein signatures  E Zerhouni, B Prisacari, Q Zhong, P Wild, M Gabrani
2016   Alzheimer's Disease Diagnostics by a Deeply Supervised Adaptable 3D Convolutional Network  E Hosseini
2016   Alzheimer's Disease Diagnostics by Adaptation of 3D Convolutional Network  E Hosseini
2016   Mental Disease Feature Extraction with MRI by 3D Convolutional Neural Network with Multi-channel Input  L Cao, Z Liu, X He, Y Cao, K Li
2016   Application of machine learning on postural control kinematics for the Diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease  L Costa, MF Gago, D Yelshyna, J Ferreira, HD Silva
2016   Multi-modality stacked deep polynomial network based feature learning for Alzheimer's disease diagnosis  X Zheng, J Shi, Y Li, X Liu, Q Zhang
2016   Convolutional Neural Networks Applied for Parkinson's Disease Identification  CR Pereira, DR Pereira, JP Papa, GH Rosa, XS Yang
2016   Deep Spectral-Based Shape Features for Alzheimer's Disease Classification  M Shakeri, H Lombaert, S Tripathi, S Kadoury
2015   Bone disease prediction and phenotype discovery using feature representation over electronic health records  H Li, X Li, X Jia, M Ramanathan, A Zhang
2015   PD Disease State Assessment in Naturalistic Environments using Deep Learning  NY Hammerla, JM Fisher, P Andras, L Rochester
2015   Multi-retinal disease classification by reduced deep learning features  R Arunkumar, P Karthigaikumar
2015   Linguistic Features Identify Alzheimer's Disease in Narrative Speech  KC Fraser, JA Meltzer, F Rudzicz
2015   Crohn's disease segmentation from mri using learned image priors  D Mahapatra, P Schüffler, F Vos, JM Buhmann
2015   Deep Learning in information analysis of electrocardiogram signals for disease diagnostics  IA Dmitrievich
2015   Deep Networks for Early Stage Skin Disease and Skin Cancer Classification  A Esteva
2015   Comparison of Machine Learning Techniques for the Identification of the Stages of Parkinson's Disease  PF Deena, K Raimond
2015   Deep Learning Gets to the Bottom of Disease  G Dutton
2015   Identification of altered cis-regulatory elements in human disease  A Mathelier, W Shi, WW Wasserman
2015   A panel of mass spectrometry based serum protein tests for predicting graft-versus-host disease (GvHD) and its severity  H Roder, AC Hoffmann, J Roder, M Koldehoff
2015   Detection of Alzheimer's disease using group lasso SVM-based region selection  Z Sun, Y Fan, BPF Lelieveldt, M van de Giessen
2015   Systematic Comparison of Machine Learning Methods for Identification of miRNA Species as Disease Biomarkers  C Higuchi, T Tanaka, Y Okada
2015   Current challenges in glioblastoma: intratumour heterogeneity, residual disease and models to predict disease recurrence  HP Ellis, M Greenslade, B Powell, I Spiteri, A Sottoriva
2014   Anatomically Constrained Weak Classifier Fusion for Early Detection of Alzheimer's Disease  D Domenger, P Coupé