Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: driving

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Deep Learning: A Dive Into Autonomous Driving  I Ho
2017   Big Data and Machine Learning—Strategies for Driving This Bus: A Summary of the 2016 Intersociety Summer Conference  JB Kruskal, S Berkowitz, JR Geis, W Kim, P Nagy
2017   Real-Time Object Detection for Autonomous Driving Based on Deep Learning  G Liu
2017   Examining the Effects of Supervision for Transfer from Synthetic to Real Driving Domains  V Madhavan
2017   Visualization of Driving Behavior Based on Hidden Feature Extraction by Using Deep Learning  HL Liu, T Taniguchi, Y Tanaka, K Takenaka, T Bando
2017   Class-Specific Object Proposals Re-ranking for Object Detection in Automatic Driving  Z Zhong, M Lei, D Cao, J Fan, S Li
2017   On looking at faces in an automobile: Issues, algorithms and evaluation on naturalistic driving dataset  K Yuen, S Martin, MM Trivedi
2016   Characterizing Driving Styles with Deep Learning  W Dong, J Li, R Yao, C Li, T Yuan, L Wang
2016   Autonomous Driving Challenge: To Infer the Property of a Dynamic Object Based on Its Motion Pattern  M Fathollahi, R Kasturi
2016   Re-ranking Object Proposals for Object Detection in Automatic Driving  Z Zhong, M Lei, S Li, J Fan
2016   End-to-end Learning of Driving Models from Large-scale Video Datasets  H Xu, Y Gao, F Yu, T Darrell
2016   SAD-GAN: Synthetic Autonomous Driving using Generative Adversarial Networks  A Ghosh, B Bhattacharya, SBR Chowdhury
2016   Learning from Maps: Visual Common Sense for Autonomous Driving  A Seff, J Xiao
2016   VisualBackProp: visualizing CNNs for autonomous driving  M Bojarski, A Choromanska, K Choromanski, B Firner
2016   MultiNet: Real-time Joint Semantic Reasoning for Autonomous Driving  M Teichmann, M Weber, M Zoellner, R Cipolla
2016   Are All Objects Equal? Deep Spatio-Temporal Importance Prediction in Driving Videos  E Ohn
2016   Joint Attention in Autonomous Driving (JAAD)  I Kotseruba, A Rasouli, JK Tsotsos
2016   Autonomous driving challenge: To Infer the property of a dynamic object based on its motion pattern using recurrent neural network  M Fathollahi, R Kasturi
2016   Moving towards in object recognition with deep learning for autonomous driving applications  A Uçar, Y Demir, C Güzeliş
2016   Multi-View 3D Object Detection Network for Autonomous Driving  X Chen, H Ma, J Wan, B Li, T Xia
2015   Essential feature extraction of driving behavior using a deep learning method  HL Liu, T Taniguchi, Y Tanaka, K Takenaka, T Bando
2015   Driving posture recognition by convolutional neural networks  C Yan, F Coenen, B Zhang
2015   DeepDriving: Learning Affordance for Direct Perception in Autonomous Driving  C Chen, A Seff, A Kornhauser, J Xiao
2015   An Empirical Evaluation of Deep Learning on Highway Driving  B Huval, T Wang, S Tandon, J Kiske, W Song