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Year TitleAuthor
2017   Multi channel brain EEG signals based emotional arousal classification with unsupervised feature learning using autoencoders  D Ayata, Y Yaslan, M Kamasak
2017   Optimal feature selection and Deep Learning Ensembles Method for emotion recognition from human brain EEG sensors  RM Mehmood, R Du, HJ Lee
2017   Deep learning with convolutional neural networks for brain mapping and decoding of movement-related information from the human EEG  RT Schirrmeister, JT Springenberg, LDJ Fiederer
2017   The Analysis and Classify of Sleep Stage Using Deep Learning Network from Single-Channel EEG Signal  S Xie, Y Li, X Xie, W Wang, X Duan 
2017   Cloud-based deep learning of big eeg data for epileptic seizure prediction  MP Hosseini, H Soltanian
2017   Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Interpretable Analysis of EEG Sleep Stage Scoring  A Vilamala, KH Madsen, LK Hansen
2017   O77 Deep learning for EEG classification for outcome prediction of postanoxic coma  M Tjepkema
2017   Deep Learning from EEG Reports for Inferring Underspecified Information  TR Goodwin, SM Harabagiu
2017   Pervasive EEG Diagnosis of Depression using Deep Belief Network with Three-Electrodes EEG Collector  H Cai, X Sha, X Han, S Wei, B Hu
2017   Deep learning with convolutional neural networks for decoding and visualization of EEG pathology  RT Schirrmeister, L Gemein, K Eggensperger, F Hutter
2017   Detection of Interictal Discharges with Convolutional Neural Networks Using Discrete Ordered Multichannel Intracranial EEG  A Antoniades, L Spyrou, D Martin
2017   Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Mental Load Classification based on EEG Data  Z Jiao, X Gao, Y Wang, J Li, H Xu 
2017   Automatic sleep stage classification of single-channel EEG by using complex-valued convolutional neural network  J Zhang, Y Wu
2017   A Virtual-Reality Based Neurofeedback Game Framework for Depression Rehabilitation using Pervasive Three-Electrode EEG Collector  H Cai, Z Wang, Y Zhang, Y Chen, B Hu
2017   Patients' EEG Data Analysis via Spectrogram Image with a Convolution Neural Network  L Yuan, J Cao
2017   Designing And Understanding Convolutional Networks For Decoding Executed Movements From Eeg  RT Schirrmeister, LDJ Fiederer, JT Springenberg
2017   Facial Emotion Classification from EEG signal using Deep Neural Network  MK Choudhary
2017   Deep Transfer Learning for Error Decoding from Non-Invasive EEG  M Völker, RT Schirrmeister, LDJ Fiederer, W Burgard 
2017   Ensemble Classifier for Eye State Classification using EEG Signals  A Al
2017   Individual Recognition in Schizophrenia using Deep Learning Methods with Random Forest and Voting Classifiers: Insights from Resting State EEG Streams  L Chu, R Qiu, H Liu, Z Ling, X Shi
2017   Combination of EEG Data Time and Frequency Representations in Deep Networks for Sleep Stage Classification  M Manzano, A Guillén, I Rojas, LJ Herrera
2017   Deep Learning with Edge Computing for Localization of Epileptogenicity Using Multimodal rs-fMRI and EEG Big Data  MP Hosseini, TX Tran, D Pompili, K Elisevich
2017   Deep Learning and Transfer Learning in the Classification of EEG Signals  JM Williams
2017   Spatial Resolution of EEG Source Reconstruction in Assessing Brain Connectivity Analysis  JI Padilla
2017   Deep learning approach for EEG compression in mHealth system  AB Said, A Mohamed, T Elfouly
2017   Deep convolutional neural network for the automated detection and diagnosis of seizure using EEG signals  UR Acharya, SL Oh, Y Hagiwara, JH Tan, H Adeli
2017   Cross-subject recognition of operator functional states via EEG and switching deep belief networks with adaptive weights  Z Yin, J Zhang
2017   Deep Learning Using EEG Data in Time and Frequency Domains for Sleep Stage Classification  M Manzano, A Guillén, I Rojas, LJ Herrera
2017   Deep learning with convolutional neural networks for EEG decoding and visualization  RT Schirrmeister, JT Springenberg, LDJ Fiederer
2016   Improving EEG feature learning via synchronized facial video  X Li, X Jia, G Xun, A Zhang
2016   Decoding EEG and LFP signals using deep learning: heading TrueNorth  E Nurse, BS Mashford, AJ Yepes, I Kiral
2016   Predicting tDCS treatment outcomes of patients with major depressive disorder using automated EEG classification  AM Al
2016   Fast and efficient rejection of background waveforms in interictal EEG  E Bagheri, J Jin, J Dauwels, S Cash, MB Westover
2016   Using dynamic time warping for quantifying effects of sinusoidal oscillation deviations during EEG time series prediction and for finding interesting EEG and fMRI …  D Martin
2016   Hidden-layer visible deep stacking network optimized by PSO for motor imagery EEG recognition  X Tang, N Zhang, J Zhou, Q Liu
2016   Class-wise Deep Dictionaries for EEG Classification  P Khurana, A Majumdar, R Ward
2016   Convolutional Networks for EEG Signal Classification in Non-Invasive Brain-Computer Interfaces  E Forney, C Anderson, W Gavin, P Davies
2016   Deep convolutional neural networks for classification of mild cognitive impaired and Alzheimer's disease patients from scalp EEG recordings  FC Morabito, M Campolo, C Ieracitano, JM Ebadi
2016   EEG Based Eye State Classification using Deep Belief Network and Stacked AutoEncoder  S Narejo, E Pasero, F Kulsoom
2016   Classification of Epileptic EEG Signals with Stacked Sparse Autoencoder Based on Deep Learning  Q Lin, S Ye, X Huang, S Li, M Zhang, Y Xue, WS Chen
2016   Fractal Dimension Analysis of EEG Time Series Signal Buried in Random Noise  G Tremberger, R Sullivan, S Dehipawala, P Schneider
2016   A novel deep learning approach for classification of EEG motor imagery signals.  YR Tabar, U Halici
2016   A novel motor imagery EEG recognition method based on deep learning  M Li, M Zhang, Y Sun
2016   Mental State Recognition via Wearable EEG  P Bashivan, I Rish, S Heisig
2016   Prediction of driver's drowsy and alert states from EEG signals with deep learning  M Hajinoroozi, Z Mao, Y Huang
2016   Advanced use of EEG in drug development and personalized medicine  S Simpraga, R Alvarez
2016   Single trial prediction of normal and excessive cognitive load through EEG feature fusion  P Bashivan, M Yeasin, GM Bidelman
2016   Interpretable Deep Neural Networks for Single-Trial EEG Classification  I Sturm, S Bach, W Samek, KR Müller
2016   Deep learning for epileptic intracranial EEG data  A Antoniades, L Spyrou, CC Took, S Sanei
2016   Low-complexity algorithms for automatic detection of sleep stages and events for use in wearable EEG systems  SA Imtiaz
2016   A Novel Framework Using Brain Computer Interfacing & EEG Microstates To Characterize Cognitive Functionality  SB Shaw
2016   Deep Belief Network Based Brain Activity Classification Using Eeg From Slow Cortical Potentials In Stroke  G ALTAN, Y KUTLU, N ALLAHVERDI
2015   EEG Based Emotion Identification Using Unsupervised Deep Feature Learning  X Li, P Zhang, D Song, G Yu, Y Hou, B Hu
2015   A closed-loop system for rapid face retrieval by combining EEG and computer vision  Y Wang, L Jiang, B Cai, Y Wang, S Zhang, X Zheng
2015   Revealing critical channels and frequency bands for emotion recognition from EEG with deep belief network  WL Zheng, HT Guo, BL Lu
2015   Emotional Affect Estimation Using Video and EEG Data in Deep Neural Networks  A Frydenlund, F Rudzicz
2015   Deep learninig of EEG signals for emotion recognition  Y Gao, HJ Lee, RM Mehmood
2015   Superchords: decoding EEG signals in the millisecond range  R Normand, HA Ferreira
2015   Feature extraction with deep belief networks for driver's cognitive states prediction from EEG data  M Hajinoroozi, TP Jung, CT Lin, Y Huang
2015   Learning Representations from EEG with Deep Recurrent-Convolutional Neural Networks  P Bashivan, I Rish, M Yeasin, N Codella
2015   Measurement Of Stress Intensity Using Eeg  V Tóth
2015   Deep Feature Learning for EEG Recordings  S Stober, A Sternin, AM Owen, JA Grahn
2015   A Multichannel Deep Belief Network for the Classification of EEG Data  AM Al
2015   Multi-Channel EEG based Sleep Stage Classification with Joint Collaborative Representation and Multiple Kernel Learning  J Shi, X Liu, Y Li, Q Zhang, Y Li, S Yin
2015   Deep learning EEG response representation for brain computer interface  L Jingwei, C Yin, Z Weidong
2014   Feature Learning from Incomplete EEG with Denoising Autoencoder  J Li, Z Struzik, L Zhang, A Cichocki
2014   Joint optimization of algorithmic suites for EEG analysis  E Santana, AJ Brockmeier, JC Principe
2014   Deep Extreme Learning Machine and Its Application in EEG Classification  S Ding, N Zhang, X Xu, L Guo, J Zhang