Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: electrical

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Spacecraft Electrical Signal Classification Method of Reliability Test Based on Random Forest  K Li, R Ran, S Song, J Wang, L Wang
2017   Research and application of a hybrid wavelet neural network model with the improved cuckoo search algorithm for electrical power system forecasting  L Xiao, W Shao, M Yu, J Ma, C Jin
2017   Information fusion with belief functions for detection of inter-turn short circuit faults in electrical machines using external flux sensors  M Irhoumah, R Pusca, E Lefevre, D Mercier, R Romary
2017   Automated analysis of seizure semiology and brain electrical activity in presurgery evaluation of epilepsy: A focused survey  D Ahmedt‐Aristizabal, C Fookes, S Dionisio, K Nguyen 
2017   Multi-label spacecraft electrical signal classification method based on DBN and random forest  K Li, N Yu, P Li, S Song, Y Wu, Y Li, M Liu
2016   Method And System For Providing Electrical Stimulation To A User  B Wingeier
2016   BME VIK Annual Research Report on Electrical Engineering and Computer Science 2015  I Vajk, G Harsányi, A Poppe, S Imre, B Kiss, Á Jobbágy
2016   Bachelor, Electrical Engineering, Nanjing University 9/2006–6/2010  E Senior
2016   A hybrid forecasting approach applied in the electrical power system based on data preprocessing, optimization and artificial intelligence algorithms  P Jiang, X Ma
2015   Student usage of a learning management system at an open distance learning institute: A case study in electrical engineering  AJ Swart
2015   Optical character recognition on electrical specification plates  JA Jakobsen
2014   Implementing Flexible Hybrid Instruction in an Electrical Engineering Course: The Best of Three Worlds?  W He, D Gajski, G Farkas, M Warschauer