Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: embedding

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Resurgence of Deep Learning: Genesis of Word Embedding  VK Soni, D Gopalani, MC Govil
2017   MayoNLP at SemEval 2017 Task 10: Word Embedding Distance Pattern for Keyphrase Classification in Scientific Publications  S Liu, S Feichen, V Chaudhary, H Liu
2017   Video2Vec: Learning Semantic Spatio-Temporal Embedding for Video Representations  SH Hu
2017   Deep Discovery Of Facial Motions Using A Shallow Embedding Layer  A Ghasemi, M Baktashmotlagh, S Denman
2017   Embedding structured contour and location prior in siamesed fully convolutional networks for road detection  J Gao, Q Wang, Y Yuan
2017   Emotion Recognition from Scrambled Facial Images via Many Graph Embedding  R Jiang, ATS Ho, I Cheheb, N Al
2017   Deep Triplet Embedding Representations for Liveness Detection  F Pala, B Bhanu
2017   A Convolutional Approach to Multiword Expression Detection Based on Unsupervised Distributed Word Representations and Task-Driven Embedding of Lexical …  T Boros, SD Dumitrescu
2017   Text-based sentential stress prediction using continuous lexical embedding for Mandarin speech synthesis  Y Zheng, Y Li, Z Wen, B Liu, J Tao
2017   Self-paced Compensatory Deep Boltzmann Machine for Semi-Structured Document Embedding  S Li, S iPIN, R Pan, J Yan
2017   Weakly-supervised Deep Embedding for Product Review Sentiment Analysis  W Zhao, Z Guan, L Chen, X He, D Cai, B Wang
2017   Premise Selection for Theorem Proving by Deep Graph Embedding  M Wang, Y Tang, J Wang, J Deng
2017   Pose Invariant Embedding for Deep Person Re-identification  L Zheng, Y Huang, H Lu, Y Yang
2017   Exploiting Convolutional Neural Network for Risk Prediction with Medical Feature Embedding  Z Che, Y Cheng, Z Sun, Y Liu
2017   Discriminant analysis via jointly L2, 1-norm sparse tensor preserving embedding for image classification  R Huang, C Liu, J Zhou
2017   Learning a deeply supervised multi-modal RGB-D embedding for semantic scene and object category recognition  HFM Zaki, F Shafait, A Mian
2017   Conditional generation of multi-modal data using constrained embedding space mapping  S Chaudhury, S Dasgupta, A Munawar, MAS Khan
2017   Label embedding network: Learning label representation for soft training of deep networks  X Sun, B Wei, X Ren, S Ma 
2017   Deep Adaptive Feature Embedding with Local Sample Distributions for Person Re-identification  L Wu, Y Wang, J Gao, X Li
2017   Music emotion analysis using semantic embedding recurrent neural networks  J Jakubik, H Kwaśnicka
2016   Pruning subsequence search with attention-based embedding  C Raffel, DPW Ellis
2016   Robobarista: Learning to Manipulate Novel Objects via Deep Multimodal Embedding  J Sung, SH Jin, I Lenz, A Saxena
2016   Embedding engaged learning in high enrollmentlecture-based classes  KL Dean, S Wright
2016   Recurrent Neural Network with Word Embedding for Complaint Classification  P Assawinjaipetch, V Sornlertlamvanich, K Shirai
2016   Learning a Metric Embedding for Face Recognition using the Multibatch Method  O Tadmor, Y Wexler, T Rosenwein, S Shalev
2016   Dynamical System Classification with Diffusion Embedding for ECG-Based Person Identification  J Sulam, Y Romano, R Talmon
2016   Convolution Neural Networks Embedding K-means  M Gua, S Lia, L Lib
2016   Embedding evidence based course design principles in curriculum design in a UK and Egyptian University  SV Smith, A Green, I Richards
2016   … . We propose a watermark embedding in a video to represent a human identity as a 2-D wavelet transform. The feature extraction consists of a Deep Belief Network... …  KH Ali, T Wang
2016   Discriminative Phrase Embedding for Paraphrase Identification  W Yin, H Schütze
2016   Semi-supervised deep learning by metric embedding  E Hoffer, N Ailon
2016   Single Image Super Resolution with Neighbor Embedding and In-place Patch Matching  ZQ Zhao, ZW Hao, R Su, X Wu
2016   A Distributed Chinese Naive Bayes Classifier Based on Word Embedding  M Feng, G Wu
2016   Embedding Deep Metric for Person Re-identification: A Study Against Large Variations  H Shi, Y Yang, X Zhu, S Liao, Z Lei, W Zheng, SZ Li
2016   SENSEI-LIF at SemEval-2016 Task 4: Polarity embedding fusion for robust sentiment analysis  M Rouvier, B Favre
2016   Triplet Similarity Embedding for Face Verification  S Sankaranarayanan, A Alavi, R Chellappa
2016   Word embedding based retrieval model for similar cases recommendation  Y Zhao, J Wang, F Wang
2016   Deep Bi-directional Cross-triplet Embedding for Cross-Domain Clothing Retrieval  S Jiang, Y Wu, Y Fu
2016   Locally Embedding Autoencoders: A Semi-Supervised Manifold Learning Approach of Document Representation  C Wei, S Luo, X Ma, H Ren, J Zhang, L Pan
2016   Sentence Embedding Evaluation Using Pyramid Annotation  T Baumel, R Cohen, M Elhadad
2016   Enhancing Sentence Relation Modeling with Auxiliary Character-level Embedding  P Li, H Huang
2016   Embedding Mapping Approaches for Tensor Factorization and Knowledge Graph Modelling  Y Yang, C Esteban, V Tresp
2015   Embedding High-Fidelity Simulation Into a Foundations of Nursing Course  MS Talbot
2015   Learning Word Meta-Embeddings by Using Ensembles of Embedding Sets  W Yin, H Schütze
2015   Deep Sentence Embedding Using the Long Short Term Memory Network: Analysis and Application to Information Retrieval  H Palangi, L Deng, Y Shen, J Gao, X He, J Chen
2015   A Deep Embedding Model for Co-occurrence Learning  Y Shen, R Jin, J Chen, X He, J Gao, L Deng
2015   On metric embedding for boosting semantic similarity computations  J Subercaze, C Gravier, F Laforest
2015   An Experience of Personalized Learning Hub Initiative Embedding BYOD for Reflective Engagement in Higher Education  SC Kong, Y Song
2015   Jointly Modeling Embedding and Translation to Bridge Video and Language  Y Pan, T Mei, T Yao, H Li, Y Rui
2015   Multi-Instance Visual-Semantic Embedding  Z Ren, H Jin, Z Lin, C Fang, A Yuille
2015   An Empirical Study on Sentiment Classification of Chinese Review using Word Embedding  Y Lin, H Lei, J Wu, X Li
2015   Temporal Embedding in Convolutional Neural Networks for Robust Learning of Abstract Snippets  J Liu, K Zhao, B Kusy, J Wen, R Jurdak
2015   PTE: Predictive Text Embedding through Large-scale Heterogeneous Text Networks  J Tang, M Qu, Q Mei
2015   Towards Distortion-Predictable Embedding of Neural Networks  A Angel
2015   Pharmacovigilance from social media: mining adverse drug reaction mentions using sequence labeling with word embedding cluster features  A Nikfarjam, A Sarker, K O'Connor, R Ginn, G Gonzalez
2015   Projective Label Propagation by Label Embedding  Z Zhang, W Jiang, F Li, L Zhang, M Zhao, L Jia
2015   FaceNet: A Unified Embedding for Face Recognition and Clustering  F Schroff, D Kalenichenko, J Philbin
2015   Using embedding functions with a deep network  GS Corrado, K Chen, JA Dean, GR Holt, JP Grady
2015   Multi-manifold Sparse Graph Embedding for Multi-modal Image Classification  J Li, Y Wu, J Zhao, K Lu
2015   Targeting Ultimate Accuracy: Face Recognition via Deep Embedding  J Liu, Y Deng, C Huang
2015   Heterogeneous Network Embedding via Deep Architectures  S Chang, W Han, J Tang, GJ Qi, CC Aggarwal
2015   Representing Text for Joint Embedding of Text and Knowledge Bases  K Toutanova, D Chen, P Pantel, H Poon, P Choudhury
2015   A Deep Visual Correspondence Embedding Model for Stereo Matching Costs  Z Chen, X Sun, Y Yu, L Wang, C Huang
2015   Embedding Research and Writing Instruction into Inquiry-Based Learning: A Case Study  N Hoffman, P Feng, B McDermott
2015   Embedding Critical Thinking in the Curriculum: Research-Oriented Learning Strategies that Foster Engagement, Critical Thinking, and Deep Learning  L Guadarrama
2015   In Defense of Word Embedding for Generic Text Representation  G Lev, B Klein, L Wolf
2014   Phonetics Embedding Learning With Side Information  GST Schatz, E Dupoux
2014   Learning Bilingual Embedding Model for Cross-Language Sentiment Classification  X Tang, X Wan
2014   A Deep Graph Embedding Network Model for Face Recognition  Y Gan, T Yang, C He
2014   Deep Embedding Network for Clustering  P Huang, Y Huang, W Wang, L Wang
2014   Factor-based Compositional Embedding Models  M Yu, MR Gormley, M Dredze