Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: end-to-end

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Audio Event Classification using Deep Learning in an End-to-End Approach  JLD Antich
2017   A comprehensive deep learning approach to end-to-end language identification  TN Trong
2017   End-to-End Learning of Geometry and Context for Deep Stereo Regression  A Kendall, H Martirosyan, S Dasgupta, P Henry
2017   An End-to-End Compression Framework Based on Convolutional Neural Networks  F Jiang, W Tao, S Liu, J Ren, X Guo, D Zhao
2017   Integrating End-to-End Learned Steering into Probabilistic Autonomous Driving  C Hubschneider, A Bauer, J Doll, M Weber, S Klemm
2017   DeepCCI: End-to-end Deep Learning for Chemical-Chemical Interaction Prediction  S Kwon, S Yoon
2017   Limits of End-to-End Learning  T Glasmachers
2017   End-to-End Multimodal Emotion Recognition using Deep Neural Networks  P Tzirakis, G Trigeorgis, MA Nicolaou, B Schuller
2017   A fully end-to-end deep learning approach for real-time simultaneous 3D reconstruction and material recognition  C Zhao, L Sun, R Stolkin
2017   An End-to-End Approach for Bearing Fault Diagnosis Based on a Deep Convolution Neural Network  L Chen, Y Zhuang, J Zhang, J Wang 
2017   End-to-End Scene Text Recognition with Character Centroid Prediction  W Zhao, J Ma 
2017   End-to-End Disparity Estimation with Multi-granularity Fully Convolutional Network  G Yang, Z Deng 
2017   DCFont: An End-To-End Deep Chinese Font Generation System  Y Jiang, Z Lian, Y Tang, J Xiao
2017   An End-to-End Deep Learning Architecture for Graph Classification  M Zhang, Z Cui, M Neumann, Y Chen
2017   AffordanceNet: An End-to-End Deep Learning Approach for Object Affordance Detection  TT Do, A Nguyen, I Reid, DG Caldwell, NG Tsagarakis
2017   A Novel End-to-End Classifier Using Domain Transferred Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Biomedical Images  S Pang, Z Yu, MA Orgun
2017   Attention-Based End-to-End Speech Recognition in Mandarin  C Shan, J Zhang, Y Wang, L Xie
2017   End-to-End Navigation in Unknown Environments using Neural Networks  A Khan, C Zhang, N Atanasov, K Karydis, DD Lee
2017   End-To-End Face Detection and Recognition  L Chi, H Zhang, M Chen
2017   Feature Analysis and Selection for Training an End-to-End Autonomous Vehicle Controller Using the Deep Learning Approach  S Yang, W Wang, C Liu, K Deng, JK Hedrick
2017   VoxelNet: End-to-End Learning for Point Cloud Based 3D Object Detection  Y Zhou, O Tuzel 
2017   End-to-End Unsupervised Deformable Image Registration with a Convolutional Neural Network  BD de Vos, FF Berendsen, MA Viergever, M Staring
2017   Watch, Attend and Parse: An End-to-end Neural Network Based Approach to Handwritten Mathematical Expression Recognition  J Zhang, J Du, S Zhang, D Liu, Y Hu, J Hu, S Wei, L Dai
2017   From Characters to Understanding Natural Language (C2NLU): Robust End-to-End Deep Learning for NLP (Dagstuhl Seminar 17042)  P Blunsom, K Cho, C Dyer, H Schütze
2017   An overview of end-to-end language understanding and dialog management for personal digital assistants  R Sarikaya, P Crook, A Marin, M Jeong, JP Robichaud
2017   Exploring Convolutional Networks for End-to-End Visual Servoing  A Saxena, H Pandya, G Kumar, KM Krishna
2017   Systems And Methods For End-To-End Object Detection  L Huang, Y Yang, Y Deng, Y Yu
2017   End-to-End Training of Hybrid CNN-CRF Models for Semantic Segmentation using Structured Learning  A Colovic, P Knöbelreiter, A Shekhovtsov, T Pock
2017   Automated segmentation of 3D anatomical structures on CT images by using a deep convolutional network based on end-to-end learning approach  X Zhou, R Takayama, S Wang, X Zhou, T Hara, H Fujita
2017   End-to-End Differentiable Adversarial Imitation Learning  N Baram, O Anschel, I Caspi, S Mannor
2017   ZipML: Training Linear Models with End-to-End Low Precision, and a Little Bit of Deep Learning  H Zhang, J Li, K Kara, D Alistarh, J Liu, C Zhang
2017   End-to-end Driving via Conditional Imitation Learning  F Codevilla, M Müller, A Dosovitskiy, A López, V Koltun
2017   An End-to-End Computer Vision Pipeline for Automated Cardiac Function Assessment by Echocardiography  RC Deo, J Zhang, LA Hallock, S Gajjala, L Nelson
2017   DeepVO: towards end-to-end visual odometry with deep recurrent convolutional neural networks  S Wang, R Clark, H Wen, N Trigoni
2017   End-to-end recognition of slab identification numbers using a deep convolutional neural network  SJ Lee, JP Yun, G Koo, SW Kim
2017   Generic Black-Box End-to-End Attack against RNNs and Other API Calls Based Malware Classifiers  I Rosenberg, A Shabtai, L Rokach, Y Elovici
2017   An end-to-end generative adversarial network for crowd counting under complicated scenes  J Li, H Yang, L Chen, J Li, C Zhi
2017   An End-to-End Deep Learning Approach to Simultaneous Speech Dereverberation and Acoustic Modeling for Robust Speech Recognition  B Wu, K Li, F Ge, Z Huang, M Yang, SM Siniscalchi
2017   Towards End-to-End Face Recognition through Alignment Learning  Y Zhong, J Chen, B Huang
2017   End-To-End Speech Recognition Applied To Brazilian Portuguese Using Deep Learning  IM Quintanilha
2017   End-to-End Learning of Video Super-Resolution with Motion Compensation  O Makansi, E Ilg, T Brox
2017   Learning a deep neural net policy for end-to-end control of autonomous vehicles  V Rausch, A Hansen, E Solowjow, C Liu, E Kreuzer
2017   End-to-End Musical Key Estimation Using a Convolutional Neural Network  F Korzeniowski, G Widmer
2017   SurfaceNet: An End-to-end 3D Neural Network for Multiview Stereopsis  M Ji, J Gall, H Zheng, Y Liu, L Fang
2017   Deep Structure for end-to-end inverse rendering  S Kamyab, A Ghodsi, SZ Azimifar
2017   An end-to-end recognizer for in-air handwritten Chinese characters based on a new recurrent neural networks  H Ren, W Wang, K Lu, J Zhou, Q Yuan
2016   Towards Combining Robotic Algorithms and Machine Learning: End-To-End Learnable Histogram Filters  RJO Brock
2016   An Experimental Comparison of Deep Neural Networks for End-to-end Speech Recognition  Z Zhang, Z Sun, J Liu, J Chen, Z Huo, X Zhang
2016   End-to-End Deep Reinforcement Learning for Lane Keeping Assist  AE Sallab, M Abdou, E Perot, S Yogamani
2016   End-to-End Kernel Learning with Supervised Convolutional Kernel Networks  J Mairal
2016   End-to-End Image Super-Resolution via Deep and Shallow Convolutional Networks  Y Wang, L Wang, H Wang, P Li
2016   An End-to-End Neural Network for Polyphonic Piano Music Transcription  S Sigtia, E Benetos, S Dixon
2016   A Neural Architecture Mimicking Humans End-to-End for Natural Language Inference  B Paria, KM Annervaz, A Dukkipati, A Chatterjee
2016   End-to-End Learning of Deformable Mixture of Parts and Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Human Pose Estimation  W Yang, W Ouyang, H Li, X Wang
2016   Mnemonic Descent Method: A recurrent process applied for end-to-end face alignment  G Trigeorgis, P Snape, MA Nicolaou, E Antonakos
2016   End-to-End Deep Learning for Person Search  T Xiao, S Li, B Wang, L Lin, X Wang
2016   An end-to-end convolutional selective autoencoder approach to Soybean Cyst Nematode eggs detection  A Akintayo, N Lee, V Chawla, M Mullaney, C Marett
2016   End-to-end learning of brain tissue segmentation from imperfect labeling  A Fedorov, J Johnson, E Damaraju, A Ozerin
2016   End-to-end Learning of Driving Models from Large-scale Video Datasets  H Xu, Y Gao, F Yu, T Darrell
2016   End-to-end training of object class detectors for mean average precision  P Henderson, V Ferrari
2016   End-to-End Instance Segmentation and Counting with Recurrent Attention  M Ren, RS Zemel
2016   End-to-End Learning for Image Burst Deblurring  P Wieschollek, M Hirsch, H Lensch, B Schölkopf
2016   Social Scene Understanding: End-to-End Multi-Person Action Localization and Collective Activity Recognition  T Bagautdinov, A Alahi, F Fleuret, P Fua, S Savarese
2016   End-to-end Learning of Cost-Volume Aggregation for Real-time Dense Stereo  A Kuzmin, D Mikushin, V Lempitsky
2016   Internet-Based Image Retrieval Using End-to-End Trained Deep Distributions  A Vakhitov, A Kuzmin, V Lempitsky
2016   DehazeNet: An End-to-End System for Single Image Haze Removal  B Cai, X Xu, K Jia, C Qing, D Tao
2016   Towards the Design of an End-to-End Automated System for Image and Video-based Recognition  R Chellappa, JC Chen, R Ranjan
2016   Towards End-to-End Speech Recognition  D PALAZ
2016   Object Detection via End-to-End Integration of Aspect Ratio and Context Aware Part-based Models and Fully Convolutional Networks  B Li, T Wu, S Shao, L Zhang, R Chu
2016   DeepChess: End-to-End Deep Neural Network for Automatic Learning in Chess  OE David, NS Netanyahu, L Wolf
2016   Recurrent 3D Attentional Networks for End-to-End Active Object Recognition in Cluttered Scenes  M Liu, Y Shi, L Zheng, K Xu
2016   Wav2Letter: an End-to-End ConvNet-based Speech Recognition System  R Collobert, C Puhrsch, G Synnaeve
2016   End-to-End Localization and Ranking for Relative Attributes  KK Singh, YJ Lee
2016   End-to-end Learning of Deep Visual Representations for Image Retrieval  A Gordo, J Almazan, J Revaud, D Larlus
2016   deepTarget: End-to-end Learning Framework for microRNA Target Prediction using Deep Recurrent Neural Networks  B Lee, J Baek, S Park, S Yoon
2016   Mining Fashion Outfit Composition Using An End-to-End Deep Learning Approach on Set Data  Y Li, LL Cao, J Zhu, J Luo
2015   End-to-end Learning of Latent Dirichlet Allocation by Mirror-Descent Back Propagation  J Chen, J He, Y Shen, L Xiao, X He, J Gao, X Song
2015   End-to-End Attention-based Large Vocabulary Speech Recognition  D Bahdanau, J Chorowski, D Serdyuk, P Brakel
2015   An End-to-End Neural Network for Polyphonic Music Transcription  S Sigtia, E Benetos, S Dixon
2015   An End-to-End Trainable Neural Network for Image-based Sequence Recognition and Its Application to Scene Text Recognition  B Shi, X Bai, C Yao
2015   On End-to-End Program Generation from User Intention by Deep Neural Networks  L Mou, R Men, G Li, L Zhang, Z Jin
2015   EESEN: End-to-End Speech Recognition using Deep RNN Models and WFST-based Decoding  Y Miao, M Gowayyed, F Metze
2015   End-to-End Text-Dependent Speaker Verification  G Heigold, I Moreno, S Bengio, N Shazeer
2015   End-to-end people detection in crowded scenes  R Stewart, M Andriluka
2015   Deep Speech 2: End-to-End Speech Recognition in English and Mandarin  D Amodei, R Anubhai, E Battenberg, C Case, J Casper
2015   End-to-End Photo-Sketch Generation via Fully Convolutional Representation Learning  L Zhang, L Lin, X Wu, S Ding, L Zhang
2015   End-to-end Convolutional Network for Saliency Prediction  J Pan, X Giró
2015   Higher Order Potentials in End-to-End Trainable Conditional Random Fields  A Arnab, S Jayasumana, S Zheng, P Torr
2015   End-to-End Training of Deep Visuomotor Policies  S Levine, C Finn, T Darrell, P Abbeel
2014   End-to-end Continuous Speech Recognition using Attention-based Recurrent NN: First Results  J Chorowski, D Bahdanau, K Cho, Y Bengio
2014   Kernel Deep Convex Networks And End-To-End Learning  L Deng, X He, G Tur, D Hakkani
2014   End-to-End Integration of a Convolutional Network, Deformable Parts Model and Non-Maximum Suppression  L Wan, D Eigen, R Fergus
2014   DeepSpeech: Scaling up end-to-end speech recognition  A Hannun, C Case, J Casper, B Catanzaro, G Diamos