Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: energy

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Neurostream: Scalable and Energy Efficient Deep Learning with Smart Memory Cubes  E Azarkhish, D Rossi, I Loi, L Benini
2017   Deep Neural Networks as Time Series Forecasters of Energy Demand  G Merkel
2017   Energy efficient computing with hyperdimensional vector space models  S Salahuddin 
2017   A Heterogeneous Multi-Core System-on-Chip for Energy Efficient Brain Inspired Computing  A Pullini, F Conti, D Rossi, I Loi, M Gautschi, L Benini
2017   Towards Automatic Abdominal Multi-Organ Segmentation in Dual Energy CT using Cascaded 3D Fully Convolutional Network  S Chen, H Roth, S Dorn, M May, A Cavallaro, MM Lell 
2017   Emission Minimisation by Improving Heat Transfer, Energy Conversion, CO 2 Integration and Effective Training  PS Varbanov, XX Jia, DJ Kukulka, X Liu, JJ Klemeš
2017   A Model of Energy-Awareness Predictor to Improve the Energy Efficiency  S Kim, YI Yoon
2017   Active Perception based on Energy Minimization in Multimodal Human-robot Interaction  T Horii, Y Nagai, M Asada 
2017   Pseudo Dual Energy CT Imaging using Deep Learning Based Framework: Initial Study  S Li, Y Wang, Y Liao, J He, D Zeng, Z Bian, J Ma 
2017   Coupling Visualization, Simulation, and Deep Learning for Ensemble Steering of Complex Energy Models: Preprint  KC Potter, NJ Brunhart
2017   Data-driven energy management architecture for more-electric aircrafts  MB Kamal, J Wei, GJ Mendis 
2017   Mining Big Building Operational Data for Building Cooling Load Prediction and Energy Efficiency Improvement  F Xiao, S Wang, C Fan
2017   DeePMD-kit: A deep learning package for many-body potential energy representation and molecular dynamics  H Wang, L Zhang, J Han 
2017   A new fault diagnosis method based on deep belief network and support vector machine with Teager–Kaiser energy operator for bearings  D Han, N Zhao, P Shi 
2017   Deep Learning Based Intelligent Basketball Arena with Energy Image  W Liu, J Liu, X Gu, K Liu, X Dai, H Ma
2017   Solid Harmonic Wavelet Scattering: Predicting Quantum Molecular Energy from Invariant Descriptors of 3D Electronic Densities  M Eickenberg, G Exarchakis, M Hirn, S Mallat 
2017   Short-term Wind Energy Prediction Algorithm Based on SAGA-DBNs  W Fei, WU Zhong
2017   Adversarial learning to eliminate systematic errors: a case study in High Energy Physics  V Estrade, C Germain, I Guyon, D Rousseau 
2017   A preliminary evaluation of the use of on-animal sensor data to predict metabolizable energy intake of sheep using Deep Belief Networks  H Suparwito, D Thomas, KW Wong, S Rai, H Xie
2017   An Empirical Study on Energy Disaggregation via Deep Learning  W He, Y Chai
2017   Building Energy Consumption Prediction: An Extreme Deep Learning Approach  C Li, Z Ding, D Zhao, J Yi, G Zhang
2017   A Design of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) model using AeroSim blocks for energy efficiency techniques  E Niyonsaba, JW Jang
2017   Energy efficient HVAC control for an IPS-enabled large space in commercial buildings through dynamic spatial occupancy distribution  W Wang, J Chen, G Huang, Y Lu
2017   Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Renewable Energy  I Poola 
2017   Classification without labels: Learning from mixed samples in high energy physics  EM Metodiev, B Nachman, J Thaler
2017   Machine Learning for Quantum Dynamics: Deep Learning of Excitation Energy Transfer Properties  F Häse, C Kreisbeck, A Aspuru
2017   CaloGAN: Simulating 3D High Energy Particle Showers in Multi-Layer Electromagnetic Calorimeters with Generative Adversarial Networks  M Paganini, L de Oliveira, B Nachman
2017   Learning Deep Energy Models: Contrastive Divergence vs. Amortized MLE  Q Liu, D Wang
2017   Monthly energy consumption forecast: A deep learning approach  RF Berriel, AT Lopes, A Rodrigues, FM Varejão
2017   Deep neural networks for energy load forecasting  K Amarasinghe, DL Marino, M Manic
2017   Accurate Real Time Localization Tracking in A Clinical Environment using Bluetooth Low Energy and Deep Learning  Z Iqbal, D Luo, P Henry, S Kazemifar, T Rozario, Y Yan 
2017   Multi-Objective Optimization of Hybrid Renewable Energy System with Load Forecasting  M Ming, R Wang, Y Zha, T Zhang
2016   Towards deep learning with spiking neurons in energy based models with contrastive Hebbian plasticity  T Mesnard, W Gerstner, J Brea
2016   Unsupervised energy prediction in a Smart Grid context using reinforcement cross-building transfer learning  E Mocanu, PH Nguyen, WL Kling, M Gibescu
2016   Evaluating the Energy Efficiency of Deep Convolutional Neural Networks on CPUs and GPUs  D Li, X Chen, M Becchi, Z Zong
2016   Addressing the main challenges of energy security in the twenty-first century–Contributions of the conferences on Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and …  N Markovska, N Duić, BV Mathiesen, Z Guzović
2016   Unsupervised energy prediction under smart grid context using reinforcement cross buildings transfer learning  E Mocanu, PH Nguyen, WL Kling, M Gibescu
2016   Building energy modeling (BEM) using clustering algorithms and semi-supervised machine learning approaches  H Naganathan, WO Chong, X Chen
2016   Deep Learning to estimate building energy demands in the smart grid context  E Mocanu, PH Nguyen, M Gibescu, W Kling
2016   Generative Adversarial Networks as Variational Training of Energy Based Models  S Zhai, Y Cheng, R Feris, Z Zhang
2016   Optimization of decentralized renewable energy system by weather forecasting and deep machine learning techniques  T Sogabe, H Ichikawa, K Sakamoto, K Yamaguchi
2016   Effects of Security and Privacy Concerns on using of Cloud Services in Energy Industry, an Oil and Gas Company: A Case Study  A Poorebrahimi, F SoleimaniRoozbahani
2016   Bio-inspired system architecture for energy efficient, BIGDATA computing with application to wide area motion imagery  AG Andreou, T Figliolia, K Sanni, TS Murray, G Tognetti
2016   Deep Wavelet Scattering for Quantum Energy Regression  M Hirn
2016   Memory system optimizations for energy and bandwidth efficient data movement  M Nazm Bojnordi
2016   PCANet: An energy perspective  J Wu, S Qiu, Y Kong, L Jiang, L Senhadji, H Shu
2016   Deep learning for estimating building energy consumption  E Mocanu, P Nguyen, M Gibescu, WL Kling
2016   Big IoT data mining for real-time energy disaggregation in buildings  DC Mocanu, E Mocanu, PH Nguyen, M Gibescu
2016   Smart Tiles—an Energy Infrastructure for the Solar System  H Bloom
2016   DeLight: Adding Energy Dimension To Deep Neural Networks  BD Rouhani, A Mirhoseini, F Koushanfar
2016   Saving Energy in QoS Networked Data Centers  M Shojafar
2016   Enhancing Energy Minimization Framework for Scene Text Recognition with Top-Down Cues  A Mishra, K Alahari, CV Jawahar
2016   Improving energy efficiency and classification accuracy of neuromorphic chips by learning binary synaptic crossbars  AJ Yepes, J Tang
2016   Energy Internet: The business perspective  K Zhou, S Yang, Z Shao
2015   Generalized approach to energy distribution of spin system  B Kryzhanovsky, L Litinskii
2015   Quantum Energy Regression using Scattering Transforms  M Hirn, N Poilvert, S Mallat
2015   Deadline-aware task scheduling for solar-powered nonvolatile sensor nodes with global energy migration  D Zhang, Y Liu, X Sheng, J Li, T Wu, CJ Xue, H Yang
2015   Training Restricted Boltzmann Machines via the Thouless-Anderson-Palmer Free Energy  M Gabrié, EW Tramel, F Krzakala
2015   Deep Neural Networks for Wind Energy Prediction  D Díaz, A Torres, JR Dorronsoro
2015   The Kinetic Energy of Hydrocarbons as a Function of Electron Density and Convolutional Neural Networks  K Yao, J Parkhill
2015   Data Center Energy Consumption Modeling: A Survey  M Dayarathna, Y Wen, R Fan
2015   Neural NILM: Deep Neural Networks Applied to Energy Disaggregation  J Kelly, W Knottenbelt
2015   Generalized approach to description of energy distribution of spin system  B Kryzhanovsky, L Litinskii
2015   Semi-supervised Energy Modeling (SSEM) for Building Clusters Using Machine Learning Techniques  H Naganathan, WK Chong, X Chen
2015   Neural Conditional Energy Models for Multi-label Classification  H Jing, SD Lin
2015   Using energy profiles to identify university energy reduction opportunities  N Maistry, H Annegarn
2015   Efficient Generation of Energy and Performance Pareto Front for FPGA Designs  SR Kuppannagari, VK Prasanna
2015   Structured Prediction Energy Networks  D Belanger, A McCallum
2015   Big Data Analytic: Cases for Communications Systems Modeling and Renewable Energy Forecast  YS Manjili, M Niknamfar
2015   A common approach to intelligent energy and mobility services in a smart city environment  M Lützenberger, N Masuch, T Küster, D Freund, M Voß
2014   Deep Belief Network Training Improvement Using Elite Samples Minimizing Free Energy  MA Keyvanrad, MM Homayounpour
2014   Atomic Energy Models For Machine Learning: Atomic Restricted Boltzmann Machines  H Tosun
2014   The Potential Energy of an Autoencoder  H Kamyshanska, R Memisevic
2014   Energy Based Models and Boltzmann Machines (Cont.)  W Adams, K Plis