Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: ensemble

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Deep Ensemble Learning of Sparse Regression Models for Brain Disease Diagnosis  HI Suk, SW Lee, D Shen
2017   Enhancing Deep Learning Sentiment Analysis with Ensemble Techniques in Social Applications  O Araque, I Corcuera
2017   REX: Rapid Ensemble Classification System for Landslide Detection using Social Media  A Musaev, D Wang, J Xie, C Pu
2017   Empirical Mode Decomposition based Ensemble Deep Learning for Load Demand Time Series Forecasting  X Qiu, Y Ren, PN Suganthan, GAJ Amaratunga
2017   Robust sound event classification with bilinear multi-column ELM-AE and two-stage ensemble learning  J Zhang, J Yin, Q Zhang, J Shi, Y Li
2017   Deep multi-spectral ensemble learning for electronic cleansing in dual-energy CT colonography  R Tachibana, JJ Näppi, T Hironaka, SH Kim, H Yoshida
2017   Prediction of protein function using a deep convolutional neural network ensemble  EI Zacharaki
2017   Pattern Recognition of Momentary Mental Workload Based on Multi-Channel Electrophysiological Data and Ensemble Convolutional Neural Networks  J Zhang, S Li, R Wang
2017   Deep Belief Networks Ensemble for Blood Pressure Estimation  S Lee, JH Chang
2017   Improvement Of Deep Learning Models On Classification Tasks Using Haar Transform And Model Ensemble  ST Nguyen
2017   Ensemble Application of Convolutional Neural Networks and Multiple Kernel Learning for Multimodal Sentiment Analysis  S Poria, H Peng, A Hussain, N Howard, E Cambria
2017   Region Ensemble Network: Improving Convolutional Network for Hand Pose Estimation  H Guo, G Wang, X Chen, C Zhang, F Qiao, H Yang
2017   Object detection using ensemble of linear classifiers with fuzzy adaptive boosting  K Kim, HI Choi, K Oh
2017   Center-Shared Sliding Ensemble of Neural Networks for Syntax Analysis of Natural Language  K Kim, Y Jin, SH Na, YK Kim
2017   Ensemble Based Deep Networks for Image Super-Resolution  Z Huang, L Wang, Y Gong, C Pan
2017   Ensemble of multiple kNN classifiers for societal risk classification  J Chen, X Tang
2017   Short-term Electricity Price Forecasting with Empirical Mode Decomposition based Ensemble Kernel Machines  X Qiu, PN Suganthan, GAJ Amaratunga
2017   A deep learning ensemble approach for crude oil price forecasting  Y Zhao, J Li, L Yu
2017   Ensemble of Deep Neural Networks with Probability-Based Fusion for Facial Expression Recognition  G Wen, Z Hou, H Li, D Li, L Jiang, E Xun
2017   A deep learning enabled subspace spectral ensemble clustering approach for web anomaly detection  G Yuan, B Li, Y Yao, S Zhang
2017   Learning to Detect Red Lesions in Fundus Photographs: An Ensemble Approach based on Deep Learning  JI Orlando, E Prokofyeva, M del Fresno, MB Blaschko
2016   Ensemble Robustness of Deep Learning Algorithms  J Feng, T Zahavy, B Kang, H Xu, S Mannor
2016   A Deep Learning Approach to Unsupervised Ensemble Learning  U Shaham, X Cheng, O Dror, A Jaffe, B Nadler
2016   Facial Expression Recognition Based on Ensemble of Mulitple CNNs  R Cui, M Liu, M Liu
2016   De-noising of Contrast-Enhanced MRI Sequences by an Ensemble of Expert Deep Neural Networks  A Benou, R Veksler, A Friedman, TR Raviv
2016   Multiobjective Deep Belief Networks Ensemble for Remaining Useful Life Estimation in Prognostics  C Zhang, P Lim, AK Qin, KC Tan
2016   Recognition of Emotions Using Multimodal Physiological Signals and an Ensemble Deep Learning Model  Z Yin, M Zhao, Y Wang, J Yang, J Zhang
2016   Automatic emotion recognition in the wild using an ensemble of static and dynamic representations  MM Ghazi, HK Ekenel
2016   Ensemble of texture descriptors and classifiers for face recognition  A Lumini, L Nanni, S Brahnam
2016   Distributed Ensemble Learning for Analyzing Nationwide Health-Insurance Databases  H Ha, J Kim, J Park, S Yoon
2016   Self-Configuring Ensemble of Neural Network Classifiers for Emotion Recognition in the Intelligent Human-Machine Interaction  E Sopov, I Ivanov
2016   Deep learning based ensemble approach for probabilistic wind power forecasting  H Wang, G Li, G Wang, J Peng, H Jiang, Y Liu
2016   A pseudo ensemble convolutional neural networks  J Jang, Y Cho, H Yoon
2016   When Ensemble Learning Meets Deep Learning: a New Deep Support Vector Machine for Classification  Z Qi, B Wang, Y Tian, P Zhang
2016   Trunk-Branch Ensemble Convolutional Neural Networks for Video-based Face Recognition  C Ding, D Tao
2016   Breast Cancer Survivability Prediction via Classifier Ensemble  M Al
2016   Ensemble Deep Learning for Biomedical Time Series Classification  L Jin, J Dong
2016   Group Dropout Inspired by Ensemble Learning  K Hara, D Saitoh, T Kondou, S Suzuki, H Shouno
2016   Deep learning with ensemble classification method for sensor sampling decisions  S Taleb, A Al Sallab, H Hajj, Z Dawy, R Khanna
2016   Apparent Age Estimation Using Ensemble of Deep Learning Models  RC Malli, M Aygun, HK Ekenel
2016   Open-set plant identification using an ensemble of deep convolutional neural networks  M Mehdipour Ghazi, B Yanıkoğlu, E Aptoula
2016   High-level Feature Learning by Ensemble Projection for Image Classification with Limited Annotations  D Dai, L Van Gool
2016   Facial Landmark Detection using Ensemble of Cascaded Regressions  M Penev, O Boumbarov
2016   Ensemble Deep Neural Network Based Waveform-Driven Stress Model for Speech Synthesis  BP Tóth, KI Kis, G Szaszák, G Németh
2016   A Hybrid Spectral Clustering and Deep Neural Network Ensemble Algorithm for Intrusion Detection in Sensor Networks  T Ma, F Wang, J Cheng, Y Yu, X Chen
2016   Automated Grading of Gliomas using Deep Learning in Digital Pathology Images: A modular approach with ensemble of convolutional neural networks  MG Ertosun, DL Rubin
2016   Analysis of Dropout Learning Regarded as Ensemble Learning  K Hara, D Saitoh, H Shouno
2016   Multiple Instance Learning For Model Ensemble And Meta-Data Transfer  Y Chen, L Cai, Y Zhao, F Hu
2016   A novel methodology to predict urban traffic congestion with ensemble learning  G Asencio
2016   Glaucoma Detection Using Entropy Sampling And Ensemble Learning For Automatic Optic Cup And Disc Segmentation  J Zilly, JM Buhmann, D Mahapatra
2016   A hierarchical selective ensemble randomized neural network hybridized with heuristic feature selection for estimation of sea-ice thickness  A Mozaffari, KA Scott, NL Azad
2016   Ensemble of Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Learning to Detect Retinal Vessels in Fundus Images  D Maji, A Santara, P Mitra, D Sheet
2016   Robust Downbeat Tracking Using an Ensemble of Convolutional Networks  S Durand, JP Bello, B David, G Richard
2016   Infinite Ensemble for Image Clustering  H Liu, M Shao, S Li, Y Fu
2016   Lung Nodule Image Classification Based on Ensemble Machine Learning  M Keming, D Zhuofu
2015   Automatic classification of pulmonary peri-fissural nodules in computed tomography using an ensemble of 2D views and a convolutional neural network out-of-the-box  F Ciompi, B de Hoop, SJ van Riel, K Chung
2015   Latent subclass learning-based unsupervised ensemble feature extraction method for hyperspectral image classification  W Wei, Y Zhang, C Tian
2015   Ensemble Classification Restricted Boltzmann Machines: A Deep Learning Based Classification Method⋆  P Zhanga, G Zhangb, Q Panc
2015   Speech Music Discrimination Using an Ensemble of Biased Classifiers  K Kim, A Baijal, BS Ko, S Lee, I Hwang, Y Kim
2015   An Ensemble of 2D Convolutional Neural Networks for Tumor Segmentation  M Lyksborg, O Puonti, M Agn, R Larsen
2015   Pedestrian detection based on deep convolutional neural network with ensemble inference network  H Fukui, T Yamashita, Y Yamauchi, H Fujiyoshi
2015   Deep Transfer Learning Ensemble for Classification  C Kandaswamy, LM Silva, LA Alexandre, JM Santos
2015   SWATCS65: Sentiment Classification Using an Ensemble of Class Projects  R Wicentowski
2015   An ensemble algorithm for the nuclei segmentation in the histological images  P Krajewski, W Dyrka
2015   An Ensemble Convolutional Echo State Networks for Facial Expression Recognition  G Wen, H Li, D Li
2015   Soft sensor development for nonlinear and time‐varying processes based on supervised ensemble learning with improved process state partition  W Shao, X Tian, P Wang
2015   Face hallucination through ensemble learning  CT Tu, MC Ho, JR Luo
2015   Semi-supervised Hierarchical Clustering Ensemble and Its Application  W Xiao, Y Yang, H Wang, T Li, H Xing
2015   Minimalistic CNN-based ensemble model for gender prediction from face images  G Antipov, SA Berrani, JL Dugelay
2015   A novel multistage deep belief network based extreme learning machine ensemble learning paradigm for credit risk assessment  L Yu, Z Yang, L Tang
2015   An Efficient Concept Detection System Via Sparse Ensemble Learning  S Tang, ZX Xu, YD Zhang, HJ Li, YT Zheng, JT Li
2015   Toward a General-Purpose Heterogeneous Ensemble for Pattern Classification  L Nanni, S Brahnam, S Ghidoni, A Lumini
2015   Intro to Practical Ensemble Learning  E LeDell
2015   Ensemble of Deep Neural Networks Using Acoustic Environment Classification for Statistical Model-Based Voice ActivityDetection  I Hwang, HM Park, JH Chang
2015   Ensemble Acoustic Modeling for CD-DNN-HMM Using Random Forests of Phonetic Decision Trees  T Zhao, Y Zhao, X Chen
2015   Deep CNN Ensemble with Data Augmentation for Object Detection  J Guo, S Gould
2015   Multi-pose face ensemble classification aided by Gabor features and deep belief nets  Y Chen, T Huang, H Liu, D Zhan
2014   Weighted Convolutional Neural Network Ensemble  X Frazao, LA Alexandre
2014   Building an ensemble of CD-DNN-HMM acoustic model using random forests of phonetic decision trees  T Zhao, Y Zhao, X Chen
2014   Pedestrian Detection with Spatially Pooled Features and Structured Ensemble Learning  S Paisitkriangkrai, C Shen, A Hengel
2014   A WIFI positioning system based on an ensemble neural network algorithm  Y Qin, Z Ye, Q Feng, J Zhang
2014   Random feature subspace ensemble based Extreme Learning Machine for liver tumor detection and segmentation  W Huang, Y Yang, Z Lin, GB Huang, J Zhou, Y Duan
2014   Ensemble Learning Approaches in Speech Recognition  Y Zhao, J Xue, X Chen
2014   Hybrid Ensemble Classification of Tree Genera Using Airborne LiDAR Data  C Ko, G Sohn, TK Remmel, J Miller