Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: ensemble

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Deep Models for Ensemble Touch-Screen Improvisation  CP Martin, KO Ellefsen, J Torresen
2017   Cross-subject classification of mental fatigue by neurophysiological signals and ensemble deep belief networks  Y Zhong, Z Jianhua
2017   Infinite ensemble clustering  H Liu, M Shao, S Li, Y Fu
2017   Neural Network Based Deep Learning And Ensemble Techniques For Data Classification  KGN Kumar, T Christopher
2017   Deep Ensemble Learning of Sparse Regression Models for Brain Disease Diagnosis  HI Suk, SW Lee, D Shen
2017   Ensemble of Expert Deep Neural Networks for Spatio-Temporal Denoising of Contrast-Enhanced MRI Sequences  A Benou, R Veksler, A Friedman, TR Raviv
2017   Enhancing Deep Learning Sentiment Analysis with Ensemble Techniques in Social Applications  O Araque, I Corcuera
2017   Deep learning ensemble with asymptotic techniques for oscillometric blood pressure estimation  S Lee, JH Chang
2017   Pose Guided Structured Region Ensemble Network for Cascaded Hand Pose Estimation  X Chen, G Wang, H Guo, C Zhang
2017   Breast Cancer Diagnosis in DCE-MRI using Mixture Ensemble of Convolutional Neural Networks  R Rasti, M Teshnehlab, SL Phung
2017   REX: Rapid Ensemble Classification System for Landslide Detection using Social Media  A Musaev, D Wang, J Xie, C Pu
2017   Intraoperative Organ Motion Models with an Ensemble of Conditional Generative Adversarial Networks  Y Hu, E Gibson, T Vercauteren, HU Ahmed
2017   Transferable Multi-model Ensemble for Benign-Malignant Lung Nodule Classification on Chest CT  Y Xie, Y Xia, J Zhang, DD Feng, M Fulham, W Cai
2017   Empirical Mode Decomposition based Ensemble Deep Learning for Load Demand Time Series Forecasting  X Qiu, Y Ren, PN Suganthan, GAJ Amaratunga
2017   An Ensemble Deep Convolutional Neural Network Model with Improved DS Evidence Fusion for Bearing Fault Diagnosis  S Li, G Liu, X Tang, J Lu, J Hu
2017   Deep Learning-Based Vehicle Classification Using an Ensemble of Local Expert and Global Networks  JT Lee, Y Chung
2017   Robust sound event classification with bilinear multi-column ELM-AE and two-stage ensemble learning  J Zhang, J Yin, Q Zhang, J Shi, Y Li
2017   Deep multi-spectral ensemble learning for electronic cleansing in dual-energy CT colonography  R Tachibana, JJ Näppi, T Hironaka, SH Kim, H Yoshida
2017   Prediction of protein function using a deep convolutional neural network ensemble  EI Zacharaki
2017   Deep Neural Network Regression as a Component of a Forecast Ensemble  RJ Povinelli, G Merkel, RH Brown
2017   Pattern Recognition of Momentary Mental Workload Based on Multi-Channel Electrophysiological Data and Ensemble Convolutional Neural Networks  J Zhang, S Li, R Wang
2017   Deep Belief Networks Ensemble for Blood Pressure Estimation  S Lee, JH Chang
2017   Improvement Of Deep Learning Models On Classification Tasks Using Haar Transform And Model Ensemble  ST Nguyen
2017   Ensemble Classifier for Eye State Classification using EEG Signals  A Al
2017   Ensemble Application of Convolutional Neural Networks and Multiple Kernel Learning for Multimodal Sentiment Analysis  S Poria, H Peng, A Hussain, N Howard, E Cambria
2017   Region Ensemble Network: Improving Convolutional Network for Hand Pose Estimation  H Guo, G Wang, X Chen, C Zhang, F Qiao, H Yang
2017   A Deep Learning-based Multi-model Ensemble Method for Cancer Prediction  Y Xiao, J Wu, Z Lin, X Zhao
2017   Object detection using ensemble of linear classifiers with fuzzy adaptive boosting  K Kim, HI Choi, K Oh
2017   Center-Shared Sliding Ensemble of Neural Networks for Syntax Analysis of Natural Language  K Kim, Y Jin, SH Na, YK Kim
2017   Ensemble Based Deep Networks for Image Super-Resolution  Z Huang, L Wang, Y Gong, C Pan
2017   Ensemble of multiple kNN classifiers for societal risk classification  J Chen, X Tang
2017   Short-term Electricity Price Forecasting with Empirical Mode Decomposition based Ensemble Kernel Machines  X Qiu, PN Suganthan, GAJ Amaratunga
2017   A deep learning ensemble approach for crude oil price forecasting  Y Zhao, J Li, L Yu
2017   Prediction of Wind Speed Fluctuation Using Deep Belief Network with Ensemble Learning Method  S Yoshida, H Suzuki, T Kitajima, T Yasuno
2017   Ensemble of Deep Neural Networks with Probability-Based Fusion for Facial Expression Recognition  G Wen, Z Hou, H Li, D Li, L Jiang, E Xun
2017   A deep learning enabled subspace spectral ensemble clustering approach for web anomaly detection  G Yuan, B Li, Y Yao, S Zhang
2017   Learning to Detect Red Lesions in Fundus Photographs: An Ensemble Approach based on Deep Learning  JI Orlando, E Prokofyeva, M del Fresno, MB Blaschko
2017   Oblique Random Forest Ensemble via Least Square Estimation for Time Series Forecasting  X Qiu, L Zhang, PN Suganthan, GAJ Amaratunga
2016   Ensemble Robustness of Deep Learning Algorithms  J Feng, T Zahavy, B Kang, H Xu, S Mannor
2016   A Deep Learning Approach to Unsupervised Ensemble Learning  U Shaham, X Cheng, O Dror, A Jaffe, B Nadler
2016   Facial Expression Recognition Based on Ensemble of Mulitple CNNs  R Cui, M Liu, M Liu
2016   De-noising of Contrast-Enhanced MRI Sequences by an Ensemble of Expert Deep Neural Networks  A Benou, R Veksler, A Friedman, TR Raviv
2016   Multiobjective Deep Belief Networks Ensemble for Remaining Useful Life Estimation in Prognostics  C Zhang, P Lim, AK Qin, KC Tan
2016   Recognition of Emotions Using Multimodal Physiological Signals and an Ensemble Deep Learning Model  Z Yin, M Zhao, Y Wang, J Yang, J Zhang
2016   Automatic emotion recognition in the wild using an ensemble of static and dynamic representations  MM Ghazi, HK Ekenel
2016   Ensemble of texture descriptors and classifiers for face recognition  A Lumini, L Nanni, S Brahnam
2016   Distributed Ensemble Learning for Analyzing Nationwide Health-Insurance Databases  H Ha, J Kim, J Park, S Yoon
2016   Self-Configuring Ensemble of Neural Network Classifiers for Emotion Recognition in the Intelligent Human-Machine Interaction  E Sopov, I Ivanov
2016   Deep learning based ensemble approach for probabilistic wind power forecasting  H Wang, G Li, G Wang, J Peng, H Jiang, Y Liu
2016   A pseudo ensemble convolutional neural networks  J Jang, Y Cho, H Yoon
2016   When Ensemble Learning Meets Deep Learning: a New Deep Support Vector Machine for Classification  Z Qi, B Wang, Y Tian, P Zhang
2016   Trunk-Branch Ensemble Convolutional Neural Networks for Video-based Face Recognition  C Ding, D Tao
2016   Breast Cancer Survivability Prediction via Classifier Ensemble  M Al
2016   Ensemble Deep Learning for Biomedical Time Series Classification  L Jin, J Dong
2016   Group Dropout Inspired by Ensemble Learning  K Hara, D Saitoh, T Kondou, S Suzuki, H Shouno
2016   Deep learning with ensemble classification method for sensor sampling decisions  S Taleb, A Al Sallab, H Hajj, Z Dawy, R Khanna
2016   Apparent Age Estimation Using Ensemble of Deep Learning Models  RC Malli, M Aygun, HK Ekenel
2016   Open-set plant identification using an ensemble of deep convolutional neural networks  M Mehdipour Ghazi, B Yanıkoğlu, E Aptoula
2016   High-level Feature Learning by Ensemble Projection for Image Classification with Limited Annotations  D Dai, L Van Gool
2016   Facial Landmark Detection using Ensemble of Cascaded Regressions  M Penev, O Boumbarov
2016   Ensemble Deep Neural Network Based Waveform-Driven Stress Model for Speech Synthesis  BP Tóth, KI Kis, G Szaszák, G Németh
2016   A Hybrid Spectral Clustering and Deep Neural Network Ensemble Algorithm for Intrusion Detection in Sensor Networks  T Ma, F Wang, J Cheng, Y Yu, X Chen
2016   Automated Grading of Gliomas using Deep Learning in Digital Pathology Images: A modular approach with ensemble of convolutional neural networks  MG Ertosun, DL Rubin
2016   Analysis of Dropout Learning Regarded as Ensemble Learning  K Hara, D Saitoh, H Shouno
2016   Multiple Instance Learning For Model Ensemble And Meta-Data Transfer  Y Chen, L Cai, Y Zhao, F Hu
2016   A novel methodology to predict urban traffic congestion with ensemble learning  G Asencio
2016   Glaucoma Detection Using Entropy Sampling And Ensemble Learning For Automatic Optic Cup And Disc Segmentation  J Zilly, JM Buhmann, D Mahapatra
2016   A hierarchical selective ensemble randomized neural network hybridized with heuristic feature selection for estimation of sea-ice thickness  A Mozaffari, KA Scott, NL Azad
2016   Ensemble of Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Learning to Detect Retinal Vessels in Fundus Images  D Maji, A Santara, P Mitra, D Sheet
2016   Infinite Ensemble for Image Clustering  H Liu, M Shao, S Li, Y Fu
2016   Robust Downbeat Tracking Using an Ensemble of Convolutional Networks  S Durand, JP Bello, B David, G Richard
2016   Lung Nodule Image Classification Based on Ensemble Machine Learning  M Keming, D Zhuofu
2015   Automatic classification of pulmonary peri-fissural nodules in computed tomography using an ensemble of 2D views and a convolutional neural network out-of-the-box  F Ciompi, B de Hoop, SJ van Riel, K Chung
2015   Latent subclass learning-based unsupervised ensemble feature extraction method for hyperspectral image classification  W Wei, Y Zhang, C Tian
2015   Ensemble Classification Restricted Boltzmann Machines: A Deep Learning Based Classification Method⋆  P Zhanga, G Zhangb, Q Panc
2015   Speech Music Discrimination Using an Ensemble of Biased Classifiers  K Kim, A Baijal, BS Ko, S Lee, I Hwang, Y Kim
2015   An Ensemble of 2D Convolutional Neural Networks for Tumor Segmentation  M Lyksborg, O Puonti, M Agn, R Larsen
2015   Pedestrian detection based on deep convolutional neural network with ensemble inference network  H Fukui, T Yamashita, Y Yamauchi, H Fujiyoshi
2015   Deep Transfer Learning Ensemble for Classification  C Kandaswamy, LM Silva, LA Alexandre, JM Santos
2015   SWATCS65: Sentiment Classification Using an Ensemble of Class Projects  R Wicentowski
2015   An ensemble algorithm for the nuclei segmentation in the histological images  P Krajewski, W Dyrka
2015   An Ensemble Convolutional Echo State Networks for Facial Expression Recognition  G Wen, H Li, D Li
2015   Soft sensor development for nonlinear and time‐varying processes based on supervised ensemble learning with improved process state partition  W Shao, X Tian, P Wang
2015   Face hallucination through ensemble learning  CT Tu, MC Ho, JR Luo
2015   Semi-supervised Hierarchical Clustering Ensemble and Its Application  W Xiao, Y Yang, H Wang, T Li, H Xing
2015   Minimalistic CNN-based ensemble model for gender prediction from face images  G Antipov, SA Berrani, JL Dugelay
2015   A novel multistage deep belief network based extreme learning machine ensemble learning paradigm for credit risk assessment  L Yu, Z Yang, L Tang
2015   An Efficient Concept Detection System Via Sparse Ensemble Learning  S Tang, ZX Xu, YD Zhang, HJ Li, YT Zheng, JT Li
2015   Toward a General-Purpose Heterogeneous Ensemble for Pattern Classification  L Nanni, S Brahnam, S Ghidoni, A Lumini
2015   Intro to Practical Ensemble Learning  E LeDell
2015   Ensemble of Deep Neural Networks Using Acoustic Environment Classification for Statistical Model-Based Voice ActivityDetection  I Hwang, HM Park, JH Chang
2015   Ensemble Acoustic Modeling for CD-DNN-HMM Using Random Forests of Phonetic Decision Trees  T Zhao, Y Zhao, X Chen
2015   Deep CNN Ensemble with Data Augmentation for Object Detection  J Guo, S Gould
2015   Multi-pose face ensemble classification aided by Gabor features and deep belief nets  Y Chen, T Huang, H Liu, D Zhan
2014   Weighted Convolutional Neural Network Ensemble  X Frazao, LA Alexandre
2014   Building an ensemble of CD-DNN-HMM acoustic model using random forests of phonetic decision trees  T Zhao, Y Zhao, X Chen
2014   Pedestrian Detection with Spatially Pooled Features and Structured Ensemble Learning  S Paisitkriangkrai, C Shen, A Hengel
2014   A WIFI positioning system based on an ensemble neural network algorithm  Y Qin, Z Ye, Q Feng, J Zhang
2014   Random feature subspace ensemble based Extreme Learning Machine for liver tumor detection and segmentation  W Huang, Y Yang, Z Lin, GB Huang, J Zhou, Y Duan
2014   Ensemble Learning Approaches in Speech Recognition  Y Zhao, J Xue, X Chen
2014   Hybrid Ensemble Classification of Tree Genera Using Airborne LiDAR Data  C Ko, G Sohn, TK Remmel, J Miller