Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: equation

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Deep learning and the Schr\" odinger equation  K Mills, M Spanner, I Tamblyn
2017   Prediction and Optimisation of Protein-Ligand Affinities by Integral Equation Theory  MSF Mrugalla
2017   Study on a Poisson's Equation Solver Based On Deep Learning Technique  T Shan, W Tang, X Dang, M Li, F Yang, S Xu, J Wu 
2016   Applications of structural equation modeling (SEM) in ecological studies: an updated review  Y Fan, J Chen, G Shirkey, R John, SR Wu, H Park
2015   Use of structural equation modeling to examine the relationship between learning patterns, teaching and learning environments and graduate attribute development  D Kember, WSC Chan, BJ Webster
2015   A structural equation model of pre‐service teachers' perceptions of future goals and current course‐related motivation  J Lee, JE Turner, MM Thomson