Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: estimate

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Using deep neural networks to estimate tongue movements from speech face motion  C Kroos, RL Bundgaard
2017   A Study of Convolutional Sparse Feature Learning for Human Age Estimate  X Wang, R Li, Y Zhou, C Kambhamettu
2017   A Deep Learning Approach to Estimate Chemically-Treated Collagenous Tissue Nonlinear Anisotropic Stress-Strain Responses from Microscopy Images  L Liang, M Liu, W Sun
2017   Using deep learning and Google Street View to estimate the demographic makeup of neighborhoods across the United States  T Gebru, J Krause, Y Wang, D Chen, J Deng, EL AidenĀ 
2017   Learning to Estimate 3D Hand Pose from Single RGB Images  C Zimmermann, T Brox
2017   Using Deep Learning and Google Street View to Estimate the Demographic Makeup of the US  T Gebru, J Krause, Y Wang, D Chen, J Deng, EL Aiden
2016   Usings CNNs to Estimate Depth from Stereo Imagery  TS Jordan, S Shridhar
2016   Deep Learning to estimate building energy demands in the smart grid context  E Mocanu, PH Nguyen, M Gibescu, W Kling
2016   Lexicon based semantic detection of sentiments using expected likelihood estimate smoothed odds ratio  FH Khan, U Qamar, S Bashir
2015   Learning to Estimate Dynamical State with Probabilistic Population Codes  JG Makin, BK Dichter, PN Sabes