Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: estimating

Year TitleAuthor
2017   A Deep-Learning-Based Method of Estimating Water Intake  Y Yamada, T Saito, S Kawasaki, D Iketa, M Katagiri
2017   DeepWheat: Estimating Phenotypic Traits From Images of Crops Using Deep Learning  S Aich, I Ahmed, I Obsyannikov, I Stavness, A Josuttes
2017   Estimating the Information Gap between Textual and Visual Representations  CA Henning, R Ewerth
2017   Estimating ground-level PM2. 5 by fusing satellite and station observations: A geo-intelligent deep learning approach  T Li, H Shen, Q Yuan, X Zhang, L Zhang
2016   A deep learning model for estimating story points  M Choetkiertikul, HK Dam, T Tran, T Pham, A Ghose
2016   Estimating direct-to-reverberant ratio mapped from power spectral density using deep neural network  Y Hioka, K Niwa
2016   Estimating Cosmological Parameters from the Dark Matter Distribution  S Ravanbakhsh, CMU EDU, J Oliva, S Fromenteau
2016   Convolutional Pose Machines: A Deep Architecture for Estimating Articulated Poses  SE Wei
2016   Estimating Depth from Monocular Images as Classification Using Deep Fully Convolutional Residual Networks  Y Cao, Z Wu, C Shen
2016   Estimating Cartesian Compression via Deep Learning  A Lőrincz, A Sárkány, ZÁ Milacski, Z Tősér
2016   Deep learning for estimating building energy consumption  E Mocanu, P Nguyen, M Gibescu, WL Kling
2016   Evaluation of Models for Estimating of Handball Game Flow  W Rosengren
2016   A Deep-Neuro-Fuzzy approach for estimating the interaction forces in Robotic surgery  AI Aviles, SM Alsaleh, E Montseny, P Sobrevilla
2016   How smart does your profile image look? Estimating intelligence from social network profile images  X Wei, D Stillwell
2015   Face2Gps: Estimating Geographic Location From Facial Features  MT Islam, S Workman, N Jacobs
2015   Estimating User Location in Social Media with Stacked Denoising Auto-encoders  J Liu, D Inkpen
2014   Estimating Tract Variables from Acoustics via Neural Networks  C Sabett