Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: evaluation

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Medical Evaluation Machine Learning Workflows And Processes  WJ Steigauf, B Strong, S Werb
2017   Performance evaluation of deep feature learning for RGB-D image/video classification  L Shao, Z Cai, L Liu, K Lu
2017   Deep learning in breast cancer risk assessment: evaluation of convolutional neural networks on a clinical dataset of full-field digital mammograms  H Li, ML Giger, BQ Huynh, NO Antropova
2017   Computerized Bone Age Estimation Using Deep Learning Based Program: Evaluation of the Accuracy and Efficiency  JR Kim, WH Shim, HM Yoon, SH Hong, JS Lee
2017   Performance Evaluation of a Vegetable Recognition System Using Caffe and Chainer  M Ikeda, Y Sakai, T Oda, L Barolli
2017   Towards improved design and evaluation of epileptic seizure predictors  I Korshunova, PJ Kindermans, J Degrave, T Verhoeven
2017   On the Evaluation of Energy-Efficient Deep Learning Using Stacked Autoencoders on Mobile GPUs  G Falcao, LA Alexandre, J Marques, X Frazao, J Maria
2017   An Image Quality Evaluation Method Based on Joint Deep Learning  J Yang, B Jiang, Y Zhu, C Ji, W Lu 
2017   Performance Evaluation of Deep Learning Tools in Docker Containers  P Xu, S Shi, X Chu 
2017   OCT-based deep learning algorithm for the evaluation of treatment indication with anti-vascular endothelial growth factor medications  P Prahs, V Radeck, C Mayer, Y Cvetkov, N Cvetkova 
2017   Performance Evaluation of Modified Color Image Steganography Using Discrete Wavelet Transform  V Kumar, D Kumar 
2017   Evaluation of Deep Learning and Low Rank Methods for Image Denoising  TN Canh, Y Park, X Motong, B Jeon
2017   Evaluation of distributed processing of caffe framework using poor performance device  A Ichinose, M Oguchi, A Takefusa, H Nakada
2017   Evaluation of deep learning approaches based on convolutional neural networks for corrosion detection  DJ Atha, MR Jahanshahi 
2017   A deep learning-based sports player evaluation model based on game statistics and news articles  YJ Park, HS Kim, H Lee, D Kim, SB Kim, P Kang
2017   Performance Evaluation Of Faster R-Cnn On Gpu For Object Detection  B Adam, FHK Zaman, IM Yassin, HZ Abidin, ZI Rizman
2017   Deep learning in breast cancer risk assessment: evaluation of convolutional neural networks on a clinical dataset of full-field digital mammograms.  H Li, ML Giger, BQ Huynh, NO Antropova
2017   An evaluation of sentiment analysis for mobile devices  J Messias, JP Diniz, E Soares, M Ferreira, M Araújo
2017   Robustness Evaluation of Restricted Boltzmann Machine against Memory and Logic Error  Y FUKUDA, Z XU, T KAWAHARA 
2017   Deep learning evaluation using deep linguistic processing  A Kuhnle, A Copestake
2017   Performance Evaluation of Selected Thermal Imaging-Based Human Face Detectors  P Forczmański
2017   Evaluation of the Revised Two-Factor Study Process Questionnaire (R-SPQ-2F) for Student Teacher Approaches to Learning  V Martinelli, M Raykov
2017   An evaluation of Convolutional Neural Networks for music classification using spectrograms  YMG Costa, LS Oliveira, CN Silla
2017   Credibility Evaluation Algorithm Based on Deep Learning  L Mengling, L Zhendong
2017   Stochastic Modeling And Uncertainty Evaluation For Performance Prognosis In Dynamical Systems  P Wang
2017   Application of Deep Learning in Comprehensive Performance Evaluation of Aero Engines  S Zhong, S Fu, X Fu 
2017   Performance Modeling and Evaluation of Distributed Deep Learning Frameworks on GPUs  S Shi, X Chu 
2017   A preliminary evaluation of the use of on-animal sensor data to predict metabolizable energy intake of sheep using Deep Belief Networks  H Suparwito, D Thomas, KW Wong, S Rai, H Xie
2017   Evaluation of Flexible Manufacturing Systems Using a Hesitant Group Decision Making Approach  BC Ervural, B Ervural, Ö Kabak
2017   Evaluation of Deep Learning Frameworks Over Different HPC Architectures  S Shams, R Platania, K Lee, SJ Park
2017   Performance Evaluation of Super-Resolution Methods Using Deep-Learning and Sparse-Coding for Improving the Image Quality of Magnified Images in Chest …  K Umehara, J Ota, N Ishimaru, S Ohno, K Okamoto
2017   Evaluation of Four Supervised Learning Schemes in White Matter Hyperintensities Segmentation in Absence or Mild Presence of Vascular Pathology  MF Rachmadi, MC Valdés
2017   Formative evaluation impacting the results of summative evaluation-a feedback based cross sectional study carried out among instructors of an international medical …  KM Alsalhanie, S Das, S Abdus
2017   Automated analysis of seizure semiology and brain electrical activity in presurgery evaluation of epilepsy: A focused survey  D Ahmedt‐Aristizabal, C Fookes, S Dionisio, K Nguyen 
2017   On looking at faces in an automobile: Issues, algorithms and evaluation on naturalistic driving dataset  K Yuen, S Martin, MM Trivedi
2017   A predictive model for turfgrass color and quality evaluation using deep learning and UAV imageries  C Phan, A Raheja, S Bhandari, RL Green, D Do
2017   Evaluation of Stochastic Cascaded IIR Filters  N Onizawa, S Koshita, S Sakamoto, M Kawamata
2017   Image Quality Assessment Techniques Show Improved Training and Evaluation of Autoencoder Generative Adversarial Networks  MO Vertolli, J Davies
2017   Evaluation of a deep learning approach for the segmentation of brain tissues and white matter hyperintensities of presumed vascular origin in MRI  P Moeskops, J de Bresser, HJ Kuijf, AM Mendrik 
2017   Systematic Evaluation of Convolution Neural Network Advances on the ImageNet  D Mishkin, N Sergievskiy, J Matas
2016   Evaluation of Protein Structural Models Using Random Forests  R Cao, T Jo, J Cheng
2016   Modelling Spiking Neural Network from the Architecture Evaluation Perspective  Y Ji, YH Zhang, WM Zheng
2016   Automatic Description Generation from Images: A Survey of Models, Datasets, and Evaluation Measures  R Bernardi, R Cakici, D Elliott, A Erdem, E Erdem
2016   Efficient Inference, Search and Evaluation for Latent Variable Models of Text with Applications to Information Retrieval and Machine Translation  K Krstovski
2016   An Intelligent Interface for Drum Pattern Variation and Comparative Evaluation of Algorithms  R Vogl, M Leimeister, CÓ Nuanáin, S Jordà, M Hlatky
2016   Non-stationary VFD Evaluation Kit: Dataset and Metrics to Fuel Video-Based Fire Detection Development  SS da Costa Botelho
2016   Evaluation Of Label Incorporated Recommender Systems  NA Huhnstock
2016   Evaluation of vehicle interior sound quality using a continuous restricted Boltzmann machine-based DBN  HB Huang, RX Li, ML Yang, TC Lim, WP Ding
2016   Evaluation of Deep Learning based Pose Estimation for Sign Language Recognition  S Gattupalli, A Ghaderi, V Athitsos
2016   Evaluation of a 3D Simulated Practice Learning Environment  TM Connolly, S Farrier, J Lawrie, N Wilson, L Boyle
2016   Deep-Learning-Based Security Evaluation on Authentication Systems Using Arbiter PUF and Its Variants  R Yashiro, T Machida, M Iwamoto, K Sakiyama
2016   Fixed-Point Evaluation of Extreme Learning Machine for Classification  Y Xu, J Jiang, J Jiang, Z Liu, J Xu
2016   Evaluation of multiple features for violent scenes detection  V Lam, S Phan, DD Le, DA Duong, S Satoh
2016   Systematic evaluation of CNN advances on the ImageNet  D Mishkin, N Sergievskiy, J Matas
2016   Benchmarking spike-based visual recognition: a dataset and evaluation  Q Liu, G Pineda
2016   Robust visual tracking through deep learning-based confidence evaluation  E Hong, J Bae, J Lim
2016   A novel approach for website aesthetic evaluation based on convolutional neural networks  MG Khani, MR Mazinani, M Fayyaz, M Hoseini
2016   A Novel Deep Neural Network and Hierarchical Cluster Analysis based Sports Effect Evaluation Model  J Shao, L Wang, H Yao
2016   A multi-scene deep learning model for image aesthetic evaluation  W Wang, M Zhao, L Wang, J Huang, C Cai, X Xu
2016   Task-specific feature extraction and classification of fMRI volumes using a deep neural network initialized with a deep belief network: Evaluation using sensorimotor …  H Jang, SM Plis, VD Calhoun, JH Lee
2016   Evaluation of Deep Learning based Pose Estimation for Sign Language  S Gattupalli, A Ghaderi, V Athitsos
2016   Instruction and Evaluation  R Jayakumar
2016   Evaluation of Ground Distances and Features in EMD-based GMM Matching for Texture Classification  H Hao, Q Wang, P Li, L Zhang
2016   Lazy Evaluation of Convolutional Filters  S Leroux, S Bohez, C De Boom, E De Coninck
2016   An Empirical Evaluation of various Deep Learning Architectures for Bi-Sequence Classification Tasks  A Laha, V Raykar
2016   Did Evolution get it right? An evaluation of Near-Infrared imaging in semantic scene segmentation using deep learning  JR Siddiqui
2016   Evaluation of LBP and Deep Texture Descriptors with a New Robustness Benchmark  L Liu, P Fieguth, X Wang, M Pietikäinen, D Hu
2016   An evaluation of randomized machine learning methods for redundant data: Predicting short and medium-term suicide risk from administrative records and risk …  T Nguyen, T Tran, S Gopakumar, D Phung
2016   A Comparative Evaluation of Approximate Probabilistic Simulation and Deep Neural Networks as Accounts of Human Physical Scene Understanding  R Zhang, J Wu, C Zhang, WT Freeman, JB Tenenbaum
2016   Classification of Pulmonary Nodules on Computed Tomography Scans. Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Application of Textural Features Extracted Using Wavelet …  M Sergeeva, I Ryabchikov, M Glaznev, N Gusarova
2016   First trial and evaluation of anatomical structure segmentations in 3D CT images based only on deep learning  X Zhou, T Ito, R Takayama, S Wang, T Hara, H Fujita
2016   An Evaluation of Convolutional Neural Nets for Medical Image Anatomy Classification  SA Khan, SP Yong
2016   Peer learning in the UNSW Medicine program Assessment and evaluation of admissions, knowledge, skills and attitudes  HA Scicluna, AJ O'Sullivan, P Boyle, PD Jones
2016   Evaluation of Infants with Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type-I Using Convolutional Neural Networks  B Soran, L Lowes, KM Steele
2016   AID: A Benchmark Dataset for Performance Evaluation of Aerial Scene Classification  GS Xia, J Hu, F Hu, B Shi, X Bai, Y Zhong, L Zhang
2016   Evaluation of Models for Estimating of Handball Game Flow  W Rosengren
2016   Application of machine learning for the evaluation of turfgrass plots using aerial images  K Ding, A Raheja, S Bhandari, RL Green
2016   Photograph aesthetical evaluation and classification with Deep Convolutional Neural Networks  Y Tan, P Tang, Y Zhou, W Luo, Y Kang, G Li
2016   A D3R prospective evaluation of machine learning for protein-ligand scoring  J Sunseri, M Ragoza, J Collins, DR Koes
2016   Sentence Embedding Evaluation Using Pyramid Annotation  T Baumel, R Cohen, M Elhadad
2016   A Comprehensive Evaluation of Well Completion and Production Performance in Bakken Shale Using Data-Driven Approaches  S Wang, S Chen
2016   Creating Authentic Experiences Within a Serious Game Context: Evaluation of Engagement and Learning  J Hall, P Wyeth, D Johnson
2016   Comprehensive Evaluation of OpenCL-based Convolutional Neural Network Accelerators in Xilinx and Altera FPGAs  R Tapiador, A Rios
2016   Task-Based Semantic Evaluation of Parse Tree Discontinuity  S de Gooijer, WH Zuidema
2015   When Face Recognition Meets with Deep Learning: an Evaluation of Convolutional Neural Networks for Face Recognition  G Hu, Y Yang, D Yi, J Kittler, W Christmas, SZ Li
2015   Progressive escalation of online collaborative learning: Practice and evaluation  WS NG, 吳永水
2015   A Framework for Articulated Hand Pose Estimation and Evaluation  G Riegler, D Ferstl, M Rüther, H Bischof
2015   Improved Empirical Methods In Reinforcement-Learning Evaluation  VN MARIVATE
2015   Evaluation of students' perception of their learning environment and approaches to learning  M Valyrakis, M Cheng
2015   A note on the evaluation of generative models  L Theis, A Oord, M Bethge
2015   Short-term load forecasting for smart water and gas grids: A comparative evaluation  M Fagiani, S Squartini, R Bonfigli, F Piazza
2015   Software Quality Evaluation of Face Recognition APIs & Libraries  M Thulin, P Masek
2015   Evaluation of competence-based teaching in higher education: From theory to practice  E Bergsmann, MT Schultes, P Winter, B Schober
2015   A SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) evaluation of university student-staff partnerships in co-creating educational resources, peer support and …  A Diaz, J Hill, R Jenkins, A Kay, A Pye, D Morley
2015   Feature Evaluation of Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Object Recognition and Detection  H Kataoka, K Iwata, Y Satoh
2015   Applying deep learning techniques on medical corpora from the World Wide Web: a prototypical system and evaluation  JA Miñarro
2015   Performance Evaluation of the Neural Network based Vehicle Detection Models  K Goyal, D Kaur
2015   A comparative evaluation of supervised and unsupervised representation learning approaches for anaplastic medulloblastoma differentiation  A Cruz
2015   An evaluation of the first year of an enquiry-based learning midwifery curriculum  S Snow, L Torney
2015   An Evaluation of Deep Learning Miniature Concerning in Soft Computing  Y Perwej
2015   Empirical Evaluation of Rectified Activations in Convolutional Network  B Xu, N Wang, T Chen, M Li
2015   But Asr System For Babel Surprise Evaluation 2014  M Karafiát, K Veselý, I Szoke, L Burget, F Grézl
2015   Semi-supervised learning and feature evaluation for RGB-D object recognition  Y Cheng, X Zhao, K Huang, T Tan
2015   Visual descriptors for scene categorization: experimental evaluation  X Wei, SL Phung, A Bouzerdoum
2015   An Evaluation of Classification Accuracy in a Multilayer Perceptron  H Yui, S Bhalla
2015   Reconceptualisation of approaches to teaching evaluation in higher education  ND Tran
2015   An Empirical Evaluation of Deep Learning on Highway Driving  B Huval, T Wang, S Tandon, J Kiske, W Song
2015   Advantages of making a SELFIE-Self Evaluation Learning Framework in Exams  E Marasco, M Smith, M Gorobets
2014   The development and evaluation of online stories to enhance clinical learning experiences across health professions in rural Australia  PS Paliadelis, I Stupans, V Parker, D Piper, P Gillan
2014   Performance evaluation of deep bottleneck features for spoken language identification  B Jiang, Y Song, S Wei, MG Wang, I McLoughlin
2014   General University Requirements at Hong Kong Polytechnic University: evaluation findings based on student focus groups  DTL Shek, L Yu, FKY Wu, WY Chai
2014   Accuracy evaluation of deep belief networks with fixed-point arithmetic  J Jiang, R Hu, L Mikel, Y Dou
2014   Collusion with denial: leadership development and its evaluation  EL King, P Nesbit
2014   Preliminary evaluation of hyperopt algorithms on HPOLib  J Bergstra, B Komer, C Eliasmith, D Warde
2014   CIDEr: Consensus-based Image Description Evaluation  R Vedantam, CL Zitnick, D Parikh
2014   Move Evaluation In Go Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks  CJ Maddison, A Huang, I Sutskever, D Silver
2014   Empirical Evaluation of Gated Recurrent Neural Networks on Sequence Modeling  J Chung, C Gulcehre, KH Cho, Y Bengio
2014   Evaluation of Study Approaches and Skills among the Students of Payame Noor University  H Najafi, A Mansoori, MH Heydari
2014   Semantic Web Evaluation Challenge  V Presutti, M Stankovic, E Cambria, I Cantador
2014   Design and evaluation of learning processes in an international sustainability oriented study programme. In search of a new educational quality and assessment …  J Dlouhá, S Burandt