Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: evolutionary

Year TitleAuthor
2017   EvoDeep: a new Evolutionary approach for automatic Deep Neural Networks parametrisation  A Martına, R Lara
2017   Iris double recognition based on modified evolutionary neural network  S Liu, YN Liu, XD Zhu, G Huo, WT Liu, JK Feng 
2017   Evolutionary computation: the next major transition of artificial intelligence?  M Sipper, RS Olson, JH Moore
2017   Financial Time Series Prediction using Hybrids of Chaos Theory, Multi-Layer Perceptron and Multi-objective Evolutionary Algorithms  V Ravi, D Pradeepkumar, K Deb
2017   Evolutionary Training of Sparse Artificial Neural Networks: A Network Science Perspective  DC Mocanu, E Mocanu, P Stone, PH Nguyen
2017   Lung nodules diagnosis based on evolutionary convolutional neural network  GLF da Silva, OP da Silva Neto, AC Silva, AC de Paiva
2017   Deep convolutional networks for human sketches by means of the evolutionary deep learning  S Fujino, N Mori, K Matsumoto
2017   An evolutionary building algorithm for Deep Neural Networks  R Zemouri
2016   Evolutionary Synthesis of Deep Neural Networks via Synaptic Cluster-driven Genetic Encoding  MJ Shafiee, A Wong
2016   Speech steganalysis using evolutionary restricted Boltzmann machines  C Paulin, SA Selouani, É Hervet
2016   When Neural Network Computation Meets Evolutionary Computation: A Survey  Z Chen, Z Zhan, W Shi, W Chen, J Zhang
2016   Deep Learning with Darwin: Evolutionary Synthesis of Deep Neural Networks  MJ Shafiee, A Mishra, A Wong
2016   Simple Evolutionary Optimization Can Rival Stochastic Gradient Descent in Neural Networks  G Morse, KO Stanley
2016   Evolutionary Markov Chains, Potential Games And Optimization Under The Lens Of Dynamical Systems  I Panageas
2016   An evolutionary deep neural network for predicting morbidity of gastrointestinal infections by food contamination  Q Song, YJ Zheng, Y Xue, WG Sheng, MR Zhao
2016   Image classification with stacked restricted boltzmann machines and evolutionary function array classification voter  S Chen, G Liu, C Wu, Z Jiang, J Chen
2016   International Workshop on Evolutionary Rule-Based Machine Learning Workshop (IWERML) Welcome & Organization  K Kuber, M Nakata, K Shafi
2016   Evolutionary Computation in China: A Literature Survey  M Gong, S Wang, W Liu, J Yan, L Jiao
2015   Optimizing deep learning hyper-parameters through an evolutionary algorithm  SR Young, DC Rose, TP Karnowski, SH Lim
2015   2012 IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation (CEC)  LR do Amaral, ERH Junior
2015   Evolutionary Cost-sensitive Extreme Learning Machine and Subspace Extension  L Zhang, D Zhang
2015   The Recent Developments and Comparative Analysis of Neural Network and Evolutionary Algorithms for Solving Symbolic Regression  X Dong, W Dong, Y Yi, Y Wang, X Xu
2015   Proposition of a Theoretical Model for Missing Data Imputation using Deep Learning and Evolutionary Algorithms  C Leke, T Marwala, S Paul
2015   An Evolutionary Approximation to Contrastive Divergence in Convolutional Restricted Boltzmann Machines  R MCCOPPIN
2014   Implementation of Evolutionary Algorithms for Deep Architectures  SS Tirumala
2014   The Teaching Brain: An Evolutionary Trait at the Heart of Education  V Rodriguez, M Fitzpatrick