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Year TitleAuthor
2017   Nested Shallow CNN-Cascade for Face Detection in the Wild  J Deng, X Xie
2017   Using deep neural networks to estimate tongue movements from speech face motion  C Kroos, RL Bundgaard
2017   Deep Multi-Task Learning for Joint Prediction of Heterogeneous Face Attributes  F Wang, H Han, S Shan, X Chen
2017   Unleash the Black Magic in Age: A Multi-Task Deep Neural Network Approach for Cross-Age Face Verification  X Wang, Y Zhou, D Kong, J Currey, D Li, J Zhou
2017   A Coupled Encoder-Decoder Network for Joint Face Detection and Landmark Localization  L Wang, X Yu, DN Metaxas
2017   Learning Local Responses of Facial Landmarks with Conditional Variational Auto-Encoder for Face Alignment  S Liu, Y Huang, J Hu, W Deng
2017   Face recognition classifier based on dimension reduction in deep learning properties  A Bılgıç, OC Kurban, T Yildirim
2017   Model Distillation with Knowledge Transfer in Face Classification, Alignment and Verification  C Wang, X Lan
2017   Anti-Makeup: Learning A Bi-Level Adversarial Network for Makeup-Invariant Face Verification  Y Li, L Song, X Wu, R He, T Tan
2017   Adversarial Discriminative Heterogeneous Face Recognition  L Song, M Zhang, X Wu, R He
2017   Joint Multi-view Face Alignment in the Wild  J Deng, G Trigeorgis, Y Zhou, S Zafeiriou
2017   Faceness-Net: Face Detection through Deep Facial Part Responses  S Yang, P Luo, CC Loy, X Tang
2017   Face Detection using Deep Learning: An Improved Faster RCNN Approach  X Sun, P Wu, SCH Hoi
2017   Learning Deep Sharable and Structural Detectors for Face Alignment  H Liu, J Lu, J Feng, J Zhou
2017   A Novel Face Recognition Algorithm based on the Deep Convolution Neural Network and Key Points Detection Jointed Local Binary Pattern Methodology  W Huang, S Zhang
2017   Temporal Non-Volume Preserving Approach to Facial Age-Progression and Age-Invariant Face Recognition  C Nhan Duong, K Gia Quach, K Luu, N Le, M Savvides
2017   Face aging effect simulation model based on multilayer representation and shearlet transform  Y Li, Y Li
2017   Mooney Face Classification And Prediction By Learning Across Tone  TW Ke, XY Stella, D Whitney
2017   Enhancement Of Fast Face Detection Algorithm Based On A Cascade Of Decision Trees.  VV Khryashchev, AA Lebedev, AL Priorov
2017   Fusion of face recognition and facial expression detection for authentication: a proposed model  DBM Yin, S Omar, BA Talip, A Muklas, NAM Norain
2017   A facial expression recognition system using robust face features from depth videos and deep learning  MZ Uddin, MM Hassan, A Almogren, M Zuair, G Fortino
2017   Region-Based Face Alignment with Convolution Neural Network Cascade  Y Zhang, F Jiang, R Shen 
2017   Conditional CycleGAN for Attribute Guided Face Image Generation  Y Lu, YW Tai, CK Tang
2017   Ancient Roman Coin Recognition in the Wild Using Deep Learning Based Recognition of Artistically Depicted Face Profiles  I Schlag, O Arandjelovic 
2017   Face Generation for Low-Shot Learning Using Generative Adversarial Networks  J Choe, S Park, K Kim, J Hyun Park, D Kim, H Shim 
2017   Exploring the benefits of heterogeneous computing to accelerate face detection deep learning inference  J Gutierrez
2017   Face Transfer with Generative Adversarial Network  R Xu, Z Zhou, W Zhang, Y Yu 
2017   Distance Metric Optimization Driven Convolutional Neural Network for Age Invariant Face Recognition  Y Li, G Wang, L Nie, Q Wang, W Tan 
2017   Learning Disentangling and Fusing Networks for Face Completion Under Structured Occlusions  Z Li, Y Hu, R He 
2017   Large Pose 3D Face Reconstruction from a Single Image via Direct Volumetric CNN Regression  AS Jackson, A Bulat, V Argyriou, G Tzimiropoulos
2017   Deep Learning Face Attributes for Detection and Alignment  CC Loy, P Luo, C Huang
2017   Face Spoofing Attacks Detection In Biometric System.  MKD Vishnu, RD Raut, VM Thakare
2017   A multimodal deep learning framework using local feature representations for face recognition  AS Al
2017   An Optimized Face Recognition System Using Cuckoo Search  P Malhotra, D Kumar
2017   Face Alignment Recurrent Network  Q Hou, J Wang, R Bai, S Zhou, Y Gong
2017   Method and system for face image recognition  X Tang, Y Sun, X Wang
2017   Deep Face Model Compression Using Entropy-based Filter Selection  B Han, Z Zhang, C Xu, B Wang, G Hu, L Bai, Q Hong
2017   Deep Correlation Feature Learning for Face Verification in the Wild  W Deng, B Chen, Y Fang, J Hu
2017   End-To-End Face Detection and Recognition  L Chi, H Zhang, M Chen
2017   Deep 3D Face Identification  D Kim, M Hernandez, J Choi, G Medioni
2017   Face Video Super-Resolution with Identity Guided Generative Adversarial Networks  D Li, Z Wang 
2017   Learning from Longitudinal Face Demonstration-Where Tractable Deep Modeling Meets Inverse Reinforcement Learning  CN Duong, KG Quach, K Luu, T Le, M Savvides 
2017   A Weakly-Supervised Method for Makeup-Invariant Face Verification  Y Sun, L Ren, Z Wei, B Liu, Y Zhai, S Liu
2017   Greedy Search for Descriptive Spatial Face Features  C Gacav, B Benligiray, C Topal
2017   Performance Evaluation of Selected Thermal Imaging-Based Human Face Detectors  P Forczmański
2017   Face recognition using both visible light image and near-infrared image and a deep network  K Guo, S Wu, Y Xu
2017   MoFA: Model-based Deep Convolutional Face Autoencoder for Unsupervised Monocular Reconstruction  A Tewari, M Zollhöfer, H Kim, P Garrido, F Bernard
2017   Supervised Deep Hashing for Scalable Face Image Retrieval  J Tang, Z Li, X Zhu
2017   Face Attributes Recognition via Deep Multi-Task Cascade  Y Li, Q Wang, L Nie, H Cheng
2017   Learning to Super-Resolve Blurry Face and Text Images  X Xu, D Sun, J Pan, Y Zhang, H Pfister, MH Yang
2017   Face Attention Network: An effective Face Detector for the Occluded Faces  J Wang, Y Yuan, G Yu 
2017   Deep, Dense and Accurate 3D Face Correspondence for Generating Population Specific Deformable Models  SZ Gilani, A Mian, P Eastwood
2017   Generative Face Completion  Y Li, S Liu, J Yang, MH Yang
2017   Non-Linear Dimensional Reduction Based Deep Learning Algorithm for Face Classification  B Nassih, A Amine, M Ngadi, N Hmina 
2017   Synthesis and Recognition of Internet Celebrity Face Based on Deep Learning  J Zhou, G Zeng, J He, X Jia, L Shen 
2017   TV-GAN: Generative Adversarial Network Based Thermal to Visible Face Recognition  T Zhang, A Wiliem, S Yang, BC Lovell 
2017   Recent Progress of Face Image Synthesis  Z Lu, Z Li, J Cao, R He, Z Sun
2017   von Mises-Fisher Mixture Model-based Deep learning: Application to Face Verification  M Hasnat, J Bohné, J Milgram, S Gentric, L Chen
2017   Sensitive Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Face Recognition at Large Standoffs with Small Dataset  A Jalali, R Mallipeddi, M Lee
2017   FHEDN: A based on context modeling Feature Hierarchy Encoder-Decoder Network for face detection  Z Zhou, Z He, Z Chen, Y Jia, H Wang, J Du, D Chen 
2017   Deep multi-frame face super-resolution  E Ustinova, V Lempitsky
2017   GB (2D) 2 PCA-based convolutional network for face recognition  M Jiang, R Lu, J Kong, XJ Wu, H Huo, X Wang
2017   A new method of deep synergetic neural network for face recognition  Y Wei, J Meng, Z Shen
2017   Recurrent convolutional face alignment  W Wang, S Tulyakov, N Sebe
2017   Unconstrained face detection: a Deep learning and Machine learning combined approach  DD Sawat, RS Hegadi
2017   Face Recognition with Deep Learning  M Paluszek, S Thomas
2017   Accurate and robust face recognition from RGB-D images with a deep learning approach  Y Lee, J Chen, CW Tseng, SH Lai
2017   Label Denoising Adversarial Network (LDAN) for Inverse Lighting of Face Images  H Zhou, J Sun, Y Yacoob, DW Jacobs
2017   The face of crystals: insightful classification using deep learning  A Ziletti, D Kumar, M Scheffler, LM Ghiringhelli
2017   Hallucinating Very Low-Resolution Unaligned and Noisy Face Images by Transformative Discriminative Autoencoders  X Yu, F Porikli
2017   Learning to Hallucinate Face Images via Component Generation and Enhancement  Y Song, J Zhang, S He, L Bao, Q Yang
2017   Face Parsing via a Fully-Convolutional Continuous CRF Neural Network  L Zhou, Z Liu, X He
2017   I Know That Person: Generative Full Body and Face De-Identification of People in Images  K Brkic, I Sikiric, T Hrkac, Z Kalafatic
2017   On prediction error compressive sensing image reconstruction for face recognition  S Biswas, J Sil, SP Maity 
2017   Dual-Agent GANs for Photorealistic and Identity Preserving Profile Face Synthesis  J Zhao, L Xiong, PK Jayashree, J Li, F Zhao, Z Wang 
2017   Robust Local Features for Remote Face Recognition  J Chen, V Patel, L Liu, V Kellokumpu, G Zhao
2017   Context-Aware Local Binary Feature Learning for Face Recognition  Y Duan, J Lu, J Feng, J Zhou
2017   How far are we from solving the 2D & 3D Face Alignment problem?(and a dataset of 230,000 3D facial landmarks)  A Bulat, G Tzimiropoulos
2017   Deep neural network using color and synthesized three-dimensional shape for face recognition  SM Rhee, BI Yoo, JJ Han, W Hwang
2017   Multi-modal Face Pose Estimation with Multi-task Manifold Deep Learning  C Hong, J Yu 
2017   Face value of companies: deep learning for nonverbal communication  S Burgard
2017   Face Aging with Contextual Generative Adversarial Nets  S Liu, Y Sun, D Zhu, R Bao, W Wang, X Shu, S Yan 
2017   The Functional Neuroanatomy of Face Processing: Insights from Neuroimaging and Implications for Deep Learning  K Grill
2017   Improved Face Detection and Alignment using Cascade Deep Convolutional Network  W Cong, S Zhao, H Tian, J Shen
2017   Fast deep convolutional face detection in the wild exploiting hard sample mining  D Triantafyllidou, P Nousi, A Tefas
2017   Face Alignment Using a Deep Neural Network with Local Feature Learning and Recurrent Regression  BH Park, SY Oh, IJ Kim
2017   Attribute-controlled face photo synthesis from simple line drawing  Q Guo, C Zhu, Z Xia, Z Wang, Y Liu
2017   Effective face landmark localization via single deep network  Z Deng, K Li, Q Zhao, Y Zhang, H Chen
2017   Age classification with deep learning face representation  J Huang, B Li, J Zhu, J Chen
2017   DeepSketch2Face: A Deep Learning Based Sketching System for 3D Face and Caricature Modeling  X Han, C Gao, Y Yu
2017   Deep Face Attributes Recognition Using Spatial Transformer Network  T Lianzhi, L Zhifeng, Q Yu
2017   On Face Segmentation, Face Swapping, and Face Perception  Y Nirkin, I Masi, AT Tran, T Hassner, G Medioni
2017   Masquer Hunter: Adversarial Occlusion-aware Face Detection  Y Chen, L Song, R He
2017   Face Image Reconstruction from Deep Templates  G Mai, K Cao, PC Yuen, AK Jain
2017   Binarized Convolutional Landmark Localizers for Human Pose Estimation and Face Alignment with Limited Resources  A Bulat, G Tzimiropoulos
2017   58. A New Face Recognition Algorithm Based on Deep Learning and Paired Classification  H Chen 
2017   Deep learning based face liveness detection in videos  Y Akbulut, A Şengür, Ü Budak, S Ekici 
2017   Gender recognition from face images with deep learning  Y Akbulut, A Şengür, S Ekici 
2017   Pose-Invariant Face Alignment via CNN-Based Dense 3D Model Fitting  A Jourabloo, X Liu
2017   Joint Face Alignment and 3D Face Reconstruction with Application to Face Recognition  F Liu, Q Zhao, X Liu, D Zeng
2017   A Deep Convolution Neural Network Model for Vehicle Recognition and Face Recognition  X Luo, R Shen, J Hu, J Deng, L Hu, Q Guan
2017   Coupled Deep Learning for Heterogeneous Face Recognition  X Wu, L Song, R He, T Tan
2017   Enhance deep learning performance in face recognition  Z Lu, X Jiang, A Kot
2017   Face recognition in real-world surveillance videos with deep learning method  Y Wang, T Bao, C Ding, M Zhu
2017   Multi-Branch Fully Convolutional Network for Face Detection  Y Bai, B Ghanem
2017   A novel deep learning algorithm for incomplete face recognition: Low-rank-recovery network  J Zhao, Y Lv, Z Zhou, F Cao
2017   Towards End-to-End Face Recognition through Alignment Learning  Y Zhong, J Chen, B Huang
2017   Transferring Face Verification Nets To Pain and Expression Regression  F Wang, X Xiang, C Liu, TD Tran, A Reiter, GD Hager
2017   Face Super-Resolution Through Wasserstein GANs  Z Chen, Y Tong
2017   High-Quality Face Image SR Using Conditional Generative Adversarial Networks  H Bin, C Weihai, W Xingming, L Chun
2017   A modified convolutional neural network for face sketch synthesis  L Jiao, S Zhang, L Li, F Liu, W Ma 
2017   Face Detection through Scale-Friendly Deep Convolutional Networks  S Yang, Y Xiong, CC Loy, X Tang
2017   Back Projection: An Effective Postprocessing Method for GAN-based Face Sketch Synthesis  N Wang, W Zha, J Li, X Gao
2017   Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Face Recognition in Unlabeled Videos  K Sohn, S Liu, G Zhong, X Yu, MH Yang, M Chandraker
2017   Detection of Face Morphing Attacks by Deep Learning  C Seibold, W Samek, A Hilsmann, P Eisert
2017   Disguised Face Identification (DFI) with Facial KeyPoints using Spatial Fusion Convolutional Network  A Singh, D Patil, GM Reddy, SN Omkar
2017   DLML: Deep linear mappings learning for face super-resolution with nonlocal-patch  T Lu, L Pan, J Jiangs, Y Zhang, Z Xiong
2016   Object Specific Deep Learning Feature and Its Application to Face Detection  X Hou, K Sun, L Shen, G Qiu
2016   Deep Feature-based Face Detection on Mobile Devices  S Sarkar, VM Patel, R Chellappa
2016   Accessorize to a Crime: Real and Stealthy Attacks on State-of-the-Art Face Recognition  M Sharif, S Bhagavatula, L Bauer, MK Reiter
2016   Face recognition technology research and implementation based on mobile phone system  H Li, X Zhu
2016   Minimal support based multi-view face detection: Issues and Implementation  N Kanmani, TM Babu
2016   Collaborative expression representation using peak expression and intra class variation face images for practical subject-independent emotion recognition in videos  SH Lee, WJ Baddar, YM Ro
2016   Cross-modality Face Recognition via Heterogeneous Joint Bayesian  H Shi, X Wang, D Yi, Z Lei, X Zhu, SZ Li
2016   Fusing Aligned and Non-Aligned Face Information for Automatic Affect Recognition in the Wild: A Deep Learning Approach  BK Kim, SY Dong, J Roh, G Kim, SY Lee
2016   Learning a Metric Embedding for Face Recognition using the Multibatch Method  O Tadmor, Y Wexler, T Rosenwein, S Shalev
2016   Deep Appearance Models: A Deep Boltzmann Machine Approach for Face Modeling  CN Duong, K Luu, KG Quach, TD Bui
2016   Deep Representations Based on Sparse Auto-Encoder Networks for Face Spoofing Detection  D Yang, J Lai, L Mei
2016   Face Landmark Localization Using a Single Deep Network  Z Deng, K Li, Q Zhao, H Chen
2016   Face Hallucination Using Convolutional Neural Network with Iterative Back Projection  D Huang, H Liu
2016   Face Occlusion Detection Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks 3  Y Xia, B Zhang, F Coenen
2016   Local Feature Learning using Deep Canonical Correlation Analysis for Heterogeneous Face Recognition  Y Choi, HI Kim, YM Ro
2016   Face Detection Algorithm Based on a Cascade  A Lebedev, V Pavlov, V Khryashchev, O Stepanova
2016   Face liveness detection and recognition using shearlet based feature descriptors  Y Li, LM Po, X Xu, L Feng, F Yuan
2016   An Effective Face Verification Algorithm to Fuse Complete Features in Convolutional Neural Network  Y Ma, J He, L Wu, W Qi
2016   Face Expression Recognition Based on Motion Templates and 4-layer Deep Learning Neural Network  J Liu, X Wang, J Yang, C Wu, L Liu
2016   Visible-Light and Near-Infrared Face Recognition at A Distance  CT Huang, Z Wang, CCJ Kuo
2016   Face augmentation using Facebook Graph Data  V Aggarwal
2016   Multiple Instance Learning with Deep Instance Selection for Video-based Face Recognition  N Liu
2016   View-tolerant face recognition and Hebbian learning imply mirror-symmetric neural tuning to head orientation  JZ Leibo, Q Liao, W Freiwald, F Anselmi, T Poggio
2016   Virtual U: Defeating Face Liveness Detection by Building Virtual Models from Your Public Photos  Y Xu, T Price, JM Frahm, F Monrose
2016   Face recognition using deep multi-pose representations  W AbdAlmageed, Y Wua, S Rawlsa, S Harel
2016   Improving face image extraction by using deep learning technique  Z Xue, S Antani, LR Long, D Demner
2016   A Fast Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Face Detection in Big Visual Data  D Triantafyllidou, A Tefas
2016   Face Detection Using Hierarchical Fully Convolutional Networks  JJ Lv, YJ Feng, XD Zhou, X Zhou
2016   Towards an Spiking Deep Belief Network for Face Recognition Application  M Fatahi, M Ahmadi, A Ahmadi, M Shahsavari
2016   Multi-Scale Fully Convolutional Network for Fast Face Detection  Y Bai, W Ma, Y Li, L Cao, W Guo, L Yang
2016   On Frame Selection for Video Face Recognition  TI Dhamecha, G Goswami, R Singh, M Vatsa
2016   Trends in Machine and Human Face Recognition  B Mandal, RY Lim, P Dai, MR Sayed, L Li, JH Lim
2016   A Deep Learning Approach to Joint Face Detection and Segmentation  K Luu, C Zhu, C Bhagavatula, THN Le, M Savvides
2016   Robust face recognition based on dynamic rank representation  H Li, CY Suen
2016   Ensemble of texture descriptors and classifiers for face recognition  A Lumini, L Nanni, S Brahnam
2016   Multiple scales combined principle component analysis deep learning network for face recognition  L Tian, C Fan, Y Ming
2016   Mnemonic Descent Method: A recurrent process applied for end-to-end face alignment  G Trigeorgis, P Snape, MA Nicolaou, E Antonakos
2016   Face Recognition across Time Lapse Using Convolutional Neural Networks  H El Khiyari, H Wechsler
2016   Towards Human-like Performance Face Detection: A Convolutional Neural Network Approach  J van Kleef
2016   Joint Face Detection and Alignment using Multi-task Cascaded Convolutional Networks  K Zhang, Z Zhang, Z Li, Y Qiao
2016   Automatic Age and Gender Recognition in Human Face Image Dataset using Convolutional Neural Network System  S Shaik, AA Micheal
2016   A fusion face recognition approach based on 7-layer deep learning neural network  J Liu, C Fang, C Wu
2016   Single Sample Face Recognition from Video via Stacked Supervised Auto-encoder  PJS Vega, RQ Feitosa, VHA Quirita, PN Happ
2016   Face Detection Based on Depth Information Using HOG-LBP  T Li, W Hou, F Lyu, Y Lei, C Xiao
2016   UMDFaces: An Annotated Face Dataset for Training Deep Networks  A Bansal, A Nanduri, C Castillo, R Ranjan
2016   Super Resolution and Face Recognition Based People Activity Monitoring Enhancement Using Surveillance Camera  T Uiboupin
2016   Rate-energy-accuracy optimization of convolutional architectures for face recognition  L Bondi, L Baroffio, M Cesana, M Tagliasacchi
2016   Face Attribute Prediction with classification CNN  Y Zhong, J Sullivan, H Li
2016   Local feature hierarchy for face recognition across pose and illumination  X Jiang, D Zhang, X Feng
2016   Self Organizing Maps for 3D Face Understanding  JT Starczewski, S Pabiasz, N Vladymyrska
2016   A Novel Approach of Face Recognition using Convolutional Neural Networks  TS AKHEEL, D JILANI
2016   Trunk-Branch Ensemble Convolutional Neural Networks for Video-based Face Recognition  C Ding, D Tao
2016   Ultra-Resolving Face Images by Discriminative Generative Networks  X Yu, F Porikli
2016   Face Recognition Using a Unified 3D Morphable Model  G Hu, F Yan, CH Chan, W Deng, W Christmas, J Kittler
2016   Face recognition from video using generalized mean deep learning neural network  P Sharma, RN Yadav, KV Arya
2016   Multi-Channel Multi-Model Feature Learning for Face Recognition  MS Aslan, Z Hailat, T Elafif, XW Chen
2016   Face Recognition Based on Deep Belief Network Combined with Center-Symmetric Local Binary Pattern  C Li, W Wei, J Wang, W Tang, S Zhao
2016   Gender recognition from face images with trainable COSFIRE filters  G Azzopardi, A Greco, M Vento
2016   Long-term face tracking in the wild using deep learning  K Zhang, E Barati, E Rashedi, X Chen
2016   A biologically inspired model mimicking the memory and two distinct pathways of face perception  X Xi, P Yin, H Qiao, Y Li, W Feng
2016   Triplet Similarity Embedding for Face Verification  S Sankaranarayanan, A Alavi, R Chellappa
2016   Face Alignment by Local Deep Descriptor Regression  A Kumar, R Ranjan, V Patel, R Chellappa
2016   Unconstrained Face Detection from a Mobile Source Using Convolutional Neural Networks  S Chaudhry, R Chandra
2016   No-reference face image assessment based on deep features  G Liu, Y Xu, J Lan
2016   Face Anti-spoofing in Biometric Systems  Z Boulkenafet, Z Akhtar, X Feng, A Hadid
2016   Automatic Face Recognition Based On Learning to Rank for Image Quality Assessment  K Busa, G Tejaswi
2016   A Comprehensive Analysis of Deep Learning Based Representation for Face Recognition  MM Ghazi, HK Ekenel
2016   Robust Face Recognition with Deep Multi-View Representation Learning  J Li, J Zhao, F Zhao, H Liu, J Li, S Shen, J Feng, T Sim
2016   HyperFace: A Deep Multi-task Learning Framework for Face Detection, Landmark Localization, Pose Estimation, and Gender Recognition  R Ranjan, VM Patel, R Chellappa
2016   Gender Recognition from Face Images Using a Fusion of SVM Classifiers  G Azzopardi, A Greco, M Vento
2016   Stacked Face De-Noising Auto Encoders for Expression-Robust Face Recognition  CSN Pathirage, L Li, W Liu, M Zhang
2016   Face Recognition Despite Wearing Glasses  A Liang, CSN Pathirage, C Wang, W Liu, L Li, J Duan
2016   Input Aggregated Network for Face Video Representation  Z Dong, S Jia, C Zhang, M Pei
2016   Frankenstein: Learning Deep Face Representations using Small Data  G Hu, X Peng, Y Yang, T Hospedales, J Verbeek
2016   Learning Saliency Features for Face Detection and Recognition Using Multi-task Network  Q Zhao, SS Ge, M Ye, S Liu, W He
2016   3D Face Reconstruction by Learning from Synthetic Data  E Richardson, M Sela, R Kimmel
2016   Face Detection and Recognition Based on an Improved Adaboost Algorithm and Neural Network  H Zhang, J Xing, M Zhu, D Wu, Z Yang
2016   Regression-based methods for face alignment  I Gogic
2016   Large age-gap face verification by feature injection in deep networks  S Bianco
2016   A jointly local structured sparse deep learning network for face recognition  R Wu, S Kamata
2016   Convolutional Neural Network Super Resolution for Face Recognition in Surveillance Monitoring  G Anbarjafari
2016   FaceHunter: A multi-task convolutional neural network based face detector  D Wang, J Yang, J Deng, Q Liu
2016   Deep pair-wise similarity learning for face recognition  K Grm, S Dobrisek, V Struc
2016   ChaLearn Looking at People and Faces of the World: Face Analysis Workshop and Challenge 2016  S Escalera, M Torres, B Martinez, X Baró, HJ Escalante
2016   A Comparison of Human and Automated Face Verification Accuracy on Unconstrained Image Sets  A Blanton, KC Allen, T Miller, ND Kalka, AK Jain
2016   A Multi-Scale Cascade Fully Convolutional Network Face Detector  Z Yang, R Nevatia
2016   VIPLFaceNet: An Open Source Deep Face Recognition SDK  X Liu, M Kan, W Wu, S Shan, X Chen
2016   Bootstrapping Face Detection with Hard Negative Examples  S Wan, Z Chen, T Zhang, B Zhang, K Wong
2016   Thermal face recognition using convolutional neural network  Z Wu, M Peng, T Chen
2016   Enhancing computer vision to detect face spoofing attack utilizing a single frame from a replay video attack using deep learning  A Alotaibi, A Mahmood
2016   Face Alignment by Deep Convolutional Network with Adaptive Learning Rate  Z Shao, S Ding, H Zhu, C Wang, L Ma
2016   Performance Analysis of Pixel based Face Recognition Methods  U Jang, EC Lee
2016   Masked Face Detection via A Modified LeNet  S Lin, L Cai, R Ji
2016   Towards a Deep Learning Framework for Unconstrained Face Detection  Y Zheng, C Zhu, K Luu, C Bhagavatula, T Le
2016   Computational Face Reader  X Shu, L Zhang, J Tang, GS Xie, S Yan
2016   Emotion Classification on face images  M Jorda, N Miolane, A Ng
2016   Face Recognition Using Scattering Convolutional Network  S Minaee, A Abdolrashidi, Y Wang
2016   Learning deep representation from coarse to fine for face alignment  Z Shao, S Ding, Y Zhao, Q Zhang, L Ma
2016   A Recurrent Encoder-Decoder Network for Sequential Face Alignment  X Peng, RS Feris, X Wang, DN Metaxas
2016   Convolutional Network for Attribute-driven and Identity-preserving Human Face Generation  M Li, W Zuo, D Zhang
2016   Face Centered Image Analysis Using Saliency and Deep Learning Based Techniques  R Guo
2016   FaceNet2ExpNet: Regularizing a Deep Face Recognition Net for Expression Recognition  H Ding, SK Zhou, R Chellappa
2016   Emotion recognition from face dataset using deep neural nets  D Das, A Chakrabarty
2016   A Novel Pixel Neighborhood Differential Statistic Feature for Pedestrian and Face Detection  J Shen, X Zuo, J Li, W Yang, H Ling
2016   Different Feature Combination Rules in CNNs for Face Detection  Q Xu, L Zhang
2016   A Comparative Analysis of Deep and Shallow Features for Multimodal Face Recognition in a Novel RGB-D-IR Dataset  T Freitas, PG Alves, C Carpinteiro, J Rodrigues
2016   Template Adaptation for Face Verification and Identification  N Crosswhite, J Byrne, OM Parkhi, C Stauffer, Q Cao
2016   Improved RGB-DT based Face Recognition  MO Simón, C Corneanu, K Nasrollahi, SE Guerrero
2016   Landmark Perturbation-Based Data Augmentation for Unconstrained Face Recognition  JJ Lv, C Cheng, GD Tian, XD Zhou, X Zhou
2016   Dense 3D face alignment from 2D video for real-time use  LA Jeni, JF Cohn, T Kanade
2016   OpenFace: A general-purpose face recognition library with mobile applications  B Amos, B Ludwiczuk, M Satyanarayanan
2016   Face Attribute Prediction Using Off-The-Shelf Deep Learning Networks  Y Zhong, J Sullivan, H Li
2016   Cascaded Elastically Progressive Model for Accurate Face Alignment  W Yang, X Sun, Q Liao
2016   Computational Face Reader based on Facial Attribute Estimation  X Shu, Y Cai, L Yang, L Zhang, J Tang
2016   Pose Invariant Face Recognition using Gabor Jets Combined with a t-norm based Classifier  A Bhat
2015   Cascaded Regressions of Learning Features for Face Alignment  NT Tran, F Ababsa, SB Fredj, M Charbit
2015   Joint probabilistic approach for real-time face recognition with transfer learning  NTN Wi, J Botzheim, N Kubota
2015   Face frontalization for Alignment and Recognition  C Sagonas, Y Panagakis, S Zafeiriou, M Pantic
2015   DeepID3: Face Recognition with Very Deep Neural Networks  Y Sun, D Liang, X Wang, X Tang
2015   Hierarchical Convolutional Neural Network for Face Detection  D Wang, J Yang, J Deng, Q Liu
2015   A Deep Pyramid Deformable Part Model for Face Detection  R Ranjan, VM Patel, R Chellappa
2015   Deep learning and face recognition: the state of the art  S Balaban
2015   Unconstrained Face Verification using Deep CNN Features  JC Chen, VM Patel, R Chellappa
2015   When Face Recognition Meets with Deep Learning: an Evaluation of Convolutional Neural Networks for Face Recognition  G Hu, Y Yang, D Yi, J Kittler, W Christmas, SZ Li
2015   Iterative Deep Learning for Image set based Face and Object Recognition  SAA Shah, M Bennamoun, F Boussaid
2015   Face Recognition based on Deep Neural Network  L Xinhua, Y Qian
2015   Dense 3D Face Alignment from 2D Videos in Real-Time  LA Jeni, JF Cohn, T Kanade
2015   Learning Robust Deep Face Representation  X Wu
2015   Deep Learning on a Raspberry Pi for Real Time Face Recognition  O Dürr, Y Pauchard, D Browarnik, R Axthelm, M Loeser
2015   A Convolutional Neural Network Cascade for Face Detection  H Li, Z Lin, X Shen, J Brandt, G Hua
2015   Multi-view Face Detection Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks  SS Farfade, M Saberian, LJ Li
2015   Learning Structured Ordinal Measures for Video based Face Recognition  R He, T Tan, L Davis, Z Sun
2015   Deep Cascaded Regression for Face Alignment  H Lai, S Xiao, Z Cui, Y Pan, C Xu, S Yan
2015   Subspace learning with frequency regularizer: Its application to face recognition  Z Lei, D Yi, X Huang, SZ Li
2015   Large Margin Coupled Feature Learning for cross-modal face recognition  Y Jin, J Lu, Q Ruan
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